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Tilly and the Wall Play the PAPER Kitchen


"Hey Rainbow"

"Static Expressions"

Cocktail of the Week: The Montgomery Slugger at Maison Premiere

walnutslugger.jpgWhen he was a kid, Jesse Carr would curb his hunger for Thanksgiving dinner by snacking on walnuts. "They were always around during the holidays," recalls the Maison Premiere barman. For his Montgomery Slugger cocktail, nostalgia inspired a drink featuring Nux Alpina liqueur, made with freshly picked green walnuts from the Alps that are steeped for months in grape brandy. Carr pours it into an absinthe-rinsed glass along with bourbon and sweet Velvet Falernum, and tops it off with Angostura bitters and a savory burst of Maldon sea salt. It's the addition of coffee, however, in the form of both Mexican liqueur Caffé Lolita and a subtle vermouth infusion that gives this digestif a bold, earthy heft and also pays tribute to Carr's youth. "My mom would put coffee in her sweet potato casserole," he says. Sip this one to gracefully ease your way out of your Stove Top stupor.


1½ oz. Four Roses bourbon
½ oz. coffee-infused Carpano Antica vermouth
¼ oz. Caffé Lolita coffee liqueur
¼ oz. Velvet Falernum
¼ oz. Nux Alpina walnut liqueur
2 dashes Angostura bitters
1 pinch Maldon sea salt
Absinthe rinse

Combine ingredients; stir for one minute. Before pouring ingredients into coupe glass, rinse with absinthe.

The Finale of The Outs Is Here!


Here's something to get you through your last grueling day at work or your mind-numbing train ride/bus ride/wait at the airport: the final episode of The Outs is here! Adam Goldman's series, which hilariously and touchingly chronicles the romantic lives of two gay twenty-somethings in Brooklyn, comes to a close in this newest clip -- although we hear that there's talk of a Hanukkah special and something much bigger in works. If you need a refresher on the show, read our interview with Adam Goldman or go and explore The Outs website. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy 28 minutes of bliss.

Lil B Raps With His Cat + Veggieduckens = Eight Items or Less


1. Lil B's adopted tabby cat KeKe becomes the alleged "first animal in hip-hop."

2. The Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne accidentally packed an (inactive) grenade in his luggage, inadvertently causing the shutdown of an Oklahoma City airport. [TMZ]

3. For your vegetarian Thanksgiving needs, the Cooking Channel's Dan Pashman explains how to make a Veggieducken.

4. Lenny Kravitz will play Marvin Gaye in a Julien Temple-directed biopic. [Evening Standard]

5. Walking Dead producer Scott Gimple left a note for the hotel laundry after shooting. [@ScottMGimple]

6. Bill Hader explains how SNL writer and PAPER Beautiful Person John Mulaney would sabotage his turns as Stefon by changing up the lines on his cue cards.

Director Jay Bulger On His New Documentary, Beware of Mr. Baker

Jay Bulger's Beware of Mr. Baker tells the story of legendary drummer Peter Edward "Ginger" Baker, from hiding out during World War II air raids to playing in the supergroups Cream and Blind Faith with Eric Clapton; performing with Fela Kuti in Lagos and opening a polo club in Colorado; playing himself on a Hollywood cop show and settling down in South Africa with his decades-younger fourth wife. After Bulger, a former international model and amateur boxer, saw the forty-year-old documentary Ginger Baker in Africa and resolved to track down the drummer, which he did under the false pretense that he was a journalist from Rolling Stone. When that publication ended up running Bulger's piece, he returned to South Africa to shoot more footage, developing a rapport with the fiery drummer.

Baker, a longtime heroin addict and absentee father who beat up Cream bassist Jack Bruce onstage, comes off as something of a selfish prick. And that's not to mention the endless drum solos. But Bulger somehow makes this prickliness compelling, showing how Baker's nomadism derives from his love of music, and including testimonials from expert admirers. The film opens and closes with Bulger leaving Baker's compound to track down other sources; the drummer, demanding these people be kept out of "my film," wallops Bulger on the nose with his cane. In the end, Bulger interviewed Baker's several wives; his Cream bandmates; rock drummers Stewart Copeland (the Police), Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), and Bill Ward (Black Sabbath); and one-time collaborator Johnny Rotten. The film also makes use of archival performance footage, and, when there isn't any, stop-motion animation. Beware of Mr. Baker won the Grand Jury Award for documentary feature at this year's South by Southwest festival. We caught up with Bulger yesterday at Film Forum, where the film opens November 28.

When you went the first time to interview Ginger Baker, were you filming him?
Yeah, I just recycled, I just dumped all of it and went back with more money and crew. It was really hard to shoot interview, do lights, do audio, and interview him, and he's a really difficult interview subject.

What were you trying to get when you went back?
A more professional version of the experience.

Did you have to go over the same material? Was that difficult?
Nah, it was okay, it was whatever. It was just making a film, you know. Paying someone and they do whatever the fuck, they participate. I paid him money. The first time I didn't, but then the second time I did. Maybe it was annoying that he had to say it again but he was excited about getting paid.

In the opening scene, Ginger warns you not to be putting his collaborators in "my film." How much is it his film?
I think it's my film that he's starring in. It's not his film, it's a film about his life. If it was his film, it would've ended up being like his book. Lacking objectivity. It's my film about his life. I took his life and decided what angles and parts of it I wanted to tell. If it was his film it would have been twelve hours long.

Did he try to control it more after that?
He hasn't even watched it. He didn't care.

How much Ginger Baker music do you listen to now?
How can you not listen to Ginger Baker music? It's defined music history. Cream, and Blind Faith, and Ginger Baker's Air Force, and Graham Bond. Fela Kuti. If you care about music, his story's important because he's always been at the forefront of experimentation. The bands that he's been in have gone on to define genres. And by that I mean there wasn't a genre or a name for it at that moment in time. In hindsight, you box them in with these other bands. You know, Led Zeppelin, they're not even the same conversation as Cream, but somehow in history they've been grouped together. [Cream] were way before them. Led Zeppelin watched Cream, Jimmy Page said, "I want to do that but it's gonna take having another member of the band." Three people? It's hard, to make that much noise and fill that soundscape. Cream is the best. But they're more of an improvisational band anyway. They never played the same music twice.

Why did you decide to use animations in the film?
Why did I decide to use the animation? I just did. It made sense. It was like out of my childhood, you know. Based on stuff that I grew up watching. The animation was like creating a through line, whatever, bringing it all together. There's the man and there's the myth. There's the legend. You've got all the different aspects. The animation was just one part of that. Showing him as a larger-than-life character. The juxtaposition of that versus the real-life version of someone who actually can get old and is destructible.

How long did you spend tracking down people?
Like a year? And a half? I don't know. It took me five years to make the movie.

Who took the longest?
Ginger, I guess. It took me a long time to find him. I thought he was dead. He's not.

How did you find him?
Just like in the movie, I googled and found this press thing about him being in this court case in Africa, offering to drop his pants in court. Demanding, rather. I just kind of stumbled into his still living, and then I spent a lot of time figuring out how to get in touch. Until I ran into Gary Clark, Jr., and Gary Clark, Jr.'s manager Scooter Weintraub, and he knew Eric Clapton's people, and the rest is history. I just called him up and was talking to him on the phone and shit for days. He wanted to talk, so I just went there and showed up.

Angel Haze's "Love Of My Life" Is Our Music Video of the Day


Angel Haze covers a hit song from 2002 by Erykah Badu and Common called "Love of My Life" in this clip for a track from her Classick mixtape. The Brooklyn-based 21-year-old poet/rapper recently released a powerful track about being sexually abused as a child and continues to be outspoken and honest about her past. After signing with a major label, Haze -- her real name is Raykeea Wilson -- has been working on an album that's expected to come out in the spring. If the original song was "an ode to hip-hop," then this is an ode to an ode.

Tips for Today: Moustache Man at UCB and The T.A.M.I. Show at MoMA

[Image by cuttlefish on Flickr]

COMEDY: "Moustache Man: Confessions of a Graffiti Artist" at Upright Citizen's Brigade
From 2006 to 2011, Patrick Waldo scrawled the word "moustache" on the lips of countless subway-billboard models before his arrest. Now that a year-long gag order has been lifted, Waldo is ready to tell his story.
UCB Theatre, 307 West 26th Street, (212) 366-9176. 9:30 p.m. $5.

FILM: The T.A.M.I. Show at the Museum of Modern Art
According to legend, Mick Jagger picked up James Brown's dance moves after sharing the stage with him at the 1964 Teenage Awards Music International. Steve Binder's long-bootlegged film was finally released on DVD in 2010; it screens tonight as part of the Rolling Stones: 50 Years on Film retrospective. Other performers include the Beach Boys, Chuck Berry, and the Supremes.
Museum of Modern Art, 11 West 53rd Street, (212) 708-9400. 7:30 p.m. $12 or free with admission.

MUSIC: Jeffrey Lewis and the Junkyard at Knitting Factory
East Village fixture Jeffrey Lewis has been putting his verbose, self-deprecating anti-folk to tape for over a decade. Tonight he shows up in New York with his bassist brother Jack as well as openers Juan Wauters (of the Beets) and Fishermen Three.
Knitting Factory, 361 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, (347) 529-6696. 7:30 p.m. $12.

Morning Funnies: Jennifer Lawrence Has a Cat Named 'Chaz Bono' + T.Hanksgiving


We hereby present Jennifer Lawrence with the Kristen Stewart Medal For Excellence In Interview Awkwardness. Here, Lawrence tells Ellen about how she thought her female cat was male for the first week she had her because "she has such masculine energy" (and because there is absolutely no other way to determine an animal's gender) and therefore now refers to her as "Chaz Bono." You know it's bad when you get wan laughter from an Ellen audience, which is filled with moms who just want you to great, honey. [ONTD

Fidgety Lindsay Lohan tells Jay Leno why she cancelled her interview with Barbara Walters. It's all good.

tumblr_mdsincrWtC1r9ynhlo1_1280.jpgA very special T.Hanksgiving message from Hanksy.

lydia_nouveau_by_kishokahime-d5imif3.pngStrange and unusual Lydia Deeds art nouveau by Kishokahime via Flavorwire.

Insert cartoon slurp sound effect here. [Reddit]

tumblr_mdt4heBRLK1r84iplo1_500.gifThe Chaplin scrunch. [OldFilmsFlickr]

tumblr_mdlw9qdQYm1rkcgk2o1_500.pngSriracha sent from above. [Tumblr}

Basset hound taking a shower wins second place for best bathing dog ever. (Casper the bath-loving dog is still number one.) [TheClearlyDope]

tumblr_mdamkyN1y11qzznnqo1_1280.jpgWas Justin Timberlake totally t-shirt shopping from the Signals catalog circa 1999? [MattStopera]

Mick-Jagger-getting-his-hair-done1.jpgOh no, photographic evidence that Mick Jagger was once not very cool at all. [ThisIsNotPorn]

tumblr_max3o5ctPo1r4w6ufo1_500.pngTPTP. [4rtF4art]

Happy Thanksgiving from when the Brady Bunch turned into the Brady Bunch Variety Hour and Eve Plumb was replaced. Dark days. [ThisIsntHappiness]

Jenna Lyons, Retta, Derek Blasberg + More Share Their Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes

Ahead of Thanksgiving tomorrow, we asked some of our friends to share their favorite dish on the gut-busting Thanksgiving menu. You might be surprised to hear that even fashionistas and downtown kids like those deliciously gross green bean casserole onion straws, too... 

jennalyons_thanksgiving.jpgJenna Lyons, President and Creative Director at J. Crew

 I am [also] a cranberry sauce devotee! Always have proportionally more [of it] than anything else and the best part is putting it on Thanksgiving leftovers and just about everything else I can find in my refrigerator.


derekblasberg_thanksgiving.jpgDerek Blasberg, Writer
"Green bean casserole. When I was little, I thought I was being healthy by eating green beans. Nevermind they were covered in cheese, butter and topped with fried onions."

jdsamson_thanksgiving.jpgJD Samson, Musician
"My favorite Thanksgiving food is probably mashed potatoes. My grandma's are the best you've ever had."

mikeq_thanksgiving.pngMike Q, DJ
"I love everything! It's my favorite holiday of the year and I could eat that food all year round!" [Photo by
Benjamin Lozovsky/Billy Farrell Agency] 

alexandra_richards_thanksgiving.jpgAlexandra Richards, Model/DJ
"The desserts.  All the women in my family bring their own specialty, as tradition, and my favorite is the custard. And side of vanilla ice cream -- definitely the last thing you can squeeze in before you pass right out!"

maxsilvestri_thanksgiving.jpgMax Silvestri, Comedian
"My favorite Thanksgiving food is mopping up the leftover gravy and mashed potatoes with a buttered Parker House roll. It settles the stomach to have 3 or 4 buttered rolls at the end of a huge meal, before moving on to three desserts."

Screen shot 2012-11-21 at 10.51.20 AM.pngLadyfag, Nightlife Personality
"I love being a Canadian on Thanksgiving. It means everyone wrongly feels bad that you have nowhere to go you and you end up being invited everywhere! Pumpkin pie is to me as cherry pie is to Twin Peaks. I'm going to enjoy [Thanksgiving] even more this year since my whole life I thought I hated brussels sprouts because of Rudy on The Cosby Show. I just found out I love them, now if only the Huxtables would invite me..."

retta_thanksgiving.jpgRetta, Actress/Comedian
"My favorite thing is my mom's mashed potatoes. They're obscene. There's butter, evaporated milk, cream cheese, something called whipping cream... Ob. Scene. We usually have between 20-30 peeps for Thanksgiving so mom makes A LOT to satisfy all tastes: turkey, baked chicken, ham, crab-stuffed red snapper (Dad only eats fish on the big holidays -- I have no explanation for it).  One year a cousin brought some random dude. They were sooo late we were starving by the time we finally sat down to eat. The random dude insisted on saying grace. He prayed for about 7 minutes and then proceeded to eat the entire tray of Red Snapper. Ever since then, my mom prepares two red snappers so my dad isn't forced to choke someone out at Thanksgiving."

AndrewAndrew_thanksgiving.jpgAndrewAndrew, DJs
"Champagne. We are completely inept in the kitchen so people always ask us to bring the wine. They seem to think you need red and white but everything goes better with champagne. Andrew likes to sabre it at the table. Sabreing champagne is a Napoleonic method of opening champagne with a sword and it tastes better and gives us an excuse to bring a weapon to a family function."

julieklausner_thanksgiving.pngJulie Klausner, Comedian
"Stuffing, obviously. Chestnuts, celery, bread crumbs, DO IT!"

bevysmith_thanksgiving_joeschildhorn.jpgBevy Smith, Gal About Town
"I guess it would be my famous mac & cheese, baked with a golden brown crust!" [Photo by Joe Schildhorn/Billy Farrell Agency]

peterdavisthanksgiving_carlyotnessbfa.jpgPeter Davis, Writer/Editor
"The whipped cream that comes with the pies. I scoop it into a bowl like ice cream and dig in. Needless to say, I have been a serious sugar junkie since I was a toddler. I still am. Someone should call Candy Finnigan of Intervention and intervene and make sure I never touch a gummy bear again." [Photo by Carly Otness/Billy Farrell Agency]

Your New Favorite Model-Grandpa + Yoko Ono X Opening Ceremony in Today's Style Scraps

Screen shot 2012-11-21 at 12.31.03 PM.pngYoko Ono is designing a menswear collection for Opening Ceremony, inspired by John Lennon's "sexy bod." (Yes, she said that.) [via Refinery 29/Styleite]

Screen shot 2012-11-21 at 12.38.59 PM.pngLindsay Lohan wore this regrettable dress to the premiere of Liz and Dick. [via Fashionista]

Andrej Pejic who? Meet Casey Legler, a male model for Ford who is a biological woman. She shares fascinating insight into her work, the industry, and gender roles. [Time via Styleite]

Screen shot 2012-11-21 at 1.03.30 PM.pngAnd, while we're on the topic of gender-bending models, we cannot get enough of this 72-year-old Chinese grandfather who's been modeling tween clothes for his granddaughter's fashion brand. [via Stylebeast]

Manolo-Blahnik-011.jpgCongrats to Manolo Blahnik, who will be presented with the British Fashion Council's Outstanding Achievement Award! [via Style.com]

Screen shot 2012-11-21 at 1.07.31 PM.pngLove these Carven platform wedges from their Resort collection. [via High Snobette]

PAPER's Weekend Guide: Post-Thanksgiving Edition

Friday, November 23
PARTY: Father's Day 2 at Steel Drums
Sweat out the tryptophan at this warehouse techno rave hosted by Ladyfag with a back-to-back set by L-Vis 1990 and Jam City (both of the Night Slugs label) as well as Parenthood, the joint project of Michael Magnan and Physical Therapy. Expect lasers and smoke.
Steel Drums, 35 Beadel Street, Brooklyn. 11 p.m. $7

MUSIC: Peelander-Z at the Knitting Factory
This summer, Peelander-Z described their style to us as "Ramones and Devo meets the Power Rangers playing pretty music on the stage -- plus human bowling." Tonight they perform with Japanese compatriots Electric Eel Shock and local synth-rockers Infinity Shred.
Knitting Factory, 361 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, (347) 529-6696. 8:30 p.m. $12.

FILM: Black Christmas at Nitehawk Cinema
For those who miss Halloween, are over the warm fuzziness of Thanksgiving, but are having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit, Nitehawk Cinema will be hosting a 35mm Black Friday screening of arguably the original holiday-themed horror film, Bob Clark's cult classic Black Christmas. The landmark slasher, featuring a crazed killer who terrorizes a sorority house over Christmas break, debuted four years before John Carpenter made his mark on the same territory with Halloween. It features early performances by the likes of Olivia Hussey, Margot Kidder and Andrea Martin. You won't listen to "Carol of the Bells" the same way again, ever.
Nitehawk Cinema, 136 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn. (718) 384-3980. Friday and Saturday at 12:15 a.m. $11.

Saturday, November 24
SHOPPING: Gifted at Skylight One Hanson
The Brooklyn Flea's holiday market returns with new vendors including Blue Hill Market and Big Sur Bakery (serving German-style stollen fruitcake), as well as Brooklyn's first dessert-cocktail bar.
One Hanson Place, Brooklyn. Every Saturday and Sunday through Christmas, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

MUSIC: Personality Crisis at Shea Stadium
Local punks SHAPES have been hosting this monthly all-ages blowout for the past four years. For their last show before an indefinite hiatus, they're joined by Life Size Maps, Slonk Donkerson and Butter the Children.
Shea Stadium, 20 Meadow Street, Brooklyn. 8 p.m. $8.

FILM: George Méliès at Anthology Film Archives
See the classic "Voyage to the Moon" and four other silent shorts from the inventor of special FX.
Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Avenue, (212) 505-5181. 5 p.m. $8

Sunday, November 25
FILM: The Central Park Five at the Maysles Cinema
The latest documentary from Ken Burns (in collaboration with his daughter Sarah and with David McMahon) takes up one of New York City's most famous trials, which brought five wrongful rape convictions. The convictions were vacated in 2002, but the fight for redress drags on: city lawyers have just subpoenaed the film's outtakes. Tonight's screening will be followed by a question-and-answer session with Sarah Burns, David McMahon, and four members of the Central Park Five: Raymond Santana, Kevin Richardson, Yusef Salaam, and Korey Wise.
Oberia D. Dempsey Auditorium, 127 West 127th Street. 4 p.m. $10 (suggested).

COMEDY: Pretty Good Friends at the Bell House
The supreme comedy show Pretty Good Friends will be relocating from its usual spot at Union Hall for a special collaboration with the Bell House to benefit the Brooklyn Recovery Fund. Regular Eugene Mirman will be hosting, with a line-up of top-notch funnymen including Sleepwalk With Me's Mike Birbiglia, Parks and Rec's Jon Glaser, The Daily Show's Wyatt Cenac and up-and-comer Michael Che.
The Bell House, 149 7th Street, Brooklyn. (718) 643-6510. 8 p.m. $30

MUSIC: The Festival of the Unknown at Public Assembly
Secaucus-based metal promoters Signature Riff are hosting this event with a surprise line-up.  Our money's on the Beatles.
Public Assembly, 70 North 6th Street, Brooklyn, (718) 384-4586. 7 p.m. $15

Here Are Some Restaurants That Still Have Reservations For Thanksgiving

REYNARD THANKSGIVING FINAL.jpgThere's still hope for procrastinators looking to go out for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. Here are some restaurants who can, as of now, squeeze you in (but definitely call them to confirm first). 

-- Reynard at the Wythe Hotel
Can take six people at 4:15, all other availability is for parties of two or three around noon

-Red Rooster/Ginny's Supper
Red Rooster has a few openings for small parties around 11/11:30 a.m., 1 p.m., 1:30 p.m. and 9 p.m.; There's availability for larger parties around 8:30 p.m. and 9 p.m. at Ginny's.

-Prime Meats and Frankie's Spuntino
Both restaurants are booked but will have tables set aside for walk-ins.

-The Tribeca Grand Hotel
Can accommodate parties up to 8 and have availability through out the day.

-Jack's Wife Freida
Availability through out the day, reservations necessary for parties of 6 or more.

-The Standard Grill
Serving a three-course a la carte menu for $50 per person. Availability for parties of six from 10:30 p.m. and on.
-- Colicchio & Sons
Can take parties of four at  2:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.

-- Cafe Boulud
Can take a party of 4 at 11 a.m., 12 p.m.

-- The Breslin
Taking reservations for parties of 7 or fewer for an a la carte menu, which will include Thanksgiving themed specials, but will not include turkey.


Rihanna's Apology + Slayer's Christmas Sweater = Eight Items or Less


1. Rihanna has apologized to the 150 journalists who were trapped on her tour jet for a week: "I know you guys got barely any dirt." [US Weekly]

2. Protect flooding subway stations in this goofy 8-bit game. [Pump Train]


3, 4. Which hard rock band has the better Christmas sweater: Slayer or the Descendents? [Slayer, Epitaph]

5. Tom Wolfe makes the shortlist for this year's Bad Sex (in fiction) Awards. [Guardian]

Your Guide to Art Basel Miami Beach 2012: Part VI

Welcome to the sixth edition of our ongoing guide to Art Basel Miami Beach (check out editions I, II, III, IV and V HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE respectively).  Let's get started:

cancelledur1.pngBreaking News: It looks like the UR1 Music and Arts Festival scheduled to take place in Miami on December 8th and 9th has been canceled due to poor ticket sales. 

Fab South Beach boutique The Webster (1220 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach) is hosting several  events this year including: a "Tea Party" with Stella McCartney, a breakfast for Stefanie LaCava to celebrate her new book An Extraordinary Theory of Objects, a sunset cocktail party in honor of Webster co-founder Laure Heriard Dubreuil and a launch for Pools Reflections -- the latest photography book by Kelly Klein. If you didn't make the invite list for those events, stop by the The Webster for a little shopping during the week and be sure to check out the hotel's new cafe and bakery, Crumb on Parchment.  It's a spin-off of acclaimed Miami chef Michelle Bernstein's Miami Design District spot.

1-475x316.jpgThe Standard Hotel Miami (40 Island Avenue, Miami Beach) is jam-packed with cool soirees during AB/MB. The hotel is hosting the annual SPiN Galactic Ping Pong Tournament on Saturday, December 8, from 3 to 6 p.m. and the Lazy Sunday BBQ during the afternoon of the 9th with The Hole Gallery and Andre Saraiva -- who'll sign copies of a book created for his "Andrepolis" art exhibition. Terry Richardson celebrates his latest, Terrywood, with a book signing and afterparty on December 7th and Bruce Weber will by signing copies of his new book on December 6.  New York-based artist Jose Parla is opening a pop-up Cuban cafe called Cafecito Neptuno next to the Standard's gift shop from November 26 through January 3.

Kurt_Cobain_Thurston_Moore_Art_Basel_Miami_Beach1.jpgNirvana fans can look forward to a unique, three-part performance and exhibit called "KURT" at Miami's Gusman Center for the Performing Arts (174 E Flagler Street, Miami) on December 6. The tribute to the late Kurt Cobain includes an appearance by Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore, a short film by Adarsha Benjamin and a 15-minute live version of the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" music video directed by Los Angeles choreographer Ryan Heffington. Tickets are HERE.

BASEL+CASTLE+2012+BC_icon.jpgOne of the week's biggest and best parties, Basel Castle (41 NW 20th Street, Wynwood, Miami), returns on Saturday night, December 8. This year's combo of art + music includes performances by Purity Ring, Twin Shadow, Brenmar, a Dave 1 (Chromeo) DJ set, Jacuzzi Boys, Nick Catchdubs and tons more. On the visual-arts side, look for works by Anthony Lister,Buff Monster, Ron English, Anthony Ausgang, Mike Bode and more. A $25 ticket gets you guaranteed admission all night, but there are also a limited number of FREE and "early bird" tickets available. Go HERE for more info and tickets.

533539_444042078985470_2016826264_n.jpgWorks by 22 artists have been selected to be part of Art Public -- an outdoor exhibit in Collins Park (Collins Avenue between 21st and 22nd Streets, Miami Beach). Produced as a collab with the Bass Museum, the works include large-scale sculpture, video, installations and live performances.  It all starts with a big opening night party on December 5, open to the public from 8 to 10 p.m. with performances by Jason & Alicia Hall Moran, the Broke People's Baroque Theater and Alex Israel. Also look for an "art-bar" installation called "Guiro" that's open daily from 5 to midnight and is sponsored by Absolut. The oval-shaped bar was created by the artist collective Los Carpinteros.

Donna Karan hosts a book signing for Stephan Weiss: Connecting the Dots on Friday, December 7, in the beach club at the Delano Hotel (1685 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach).  The book is a tribute to Karan's late husband and proceeds from the book benefit the Urban Zen Foundation.

PUPM_SaveTheDateWEB.jpgSteinway & Sons' "Pop-Up Piano" is back this year with a big fundraiser at the Perry Hotel (2377 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach) on Wednesday, December 5, 8:30 to 11:30 p.m.  The party benefits Miami's New World Symphony and includes performances by Elew, Yuna and DJ YSL and there's also a silent auction. Tickets are available HERE.

_JRH0230_SWAROVSKI_BLOG_3-400x267.jpgSwarovski collab'd with UK-based architect Asif Khan to create "Parhelia" -- that's Greek for "beside the sun."  The immersive installation incorporates over one million crystals in a structure that's almost 20 feet tall and "explores the relationship between crystal, light, architecture and nature."  Check it out at Design/Miami from December 4 to 9 inside the Swarovski Crystal Palace.

Odds & Ends:

Nicolas Jaar is at Bardot (3456 North Miami Avenue, Miami) on December 6.

Davidoff, an associate sponsor of AB/MB, is expected to announce details on its upcoming "Art Initiative" during a press conference on December 6th.

The University of Miami hosts their fifth annual exhibit of works by their Masters in Fine Arts students with an opening reception on December 8, from 2 to 10 p.m. in the Wynwood Building (2750 NW 3rd Avenue. Suite 4).

Ruinart Champagne will unveil their "Miroir" ice bucket, a new work by French designer Herve Van der Straeten in a limited edition of 50.

Paradox Designs hosts a Wearable Art Gallery on December 6 and 7, 6 to midnight, at Zen Loft (1233 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach)

Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all!

Steely Dan's "Black Friday" Is Our Music Video of the Day


Other than its title, this "Black Friday" has absolutely nothing to do with today's big shopping orgy. The song was originally released in 1975 on Steely Dan's fourth album, Katy Lied, and our oldie-but-goodie video features the band performing live at Sony Studios in New York City in January of 2000. So what's the song about? Supposedly it refers to Friday, September 24, 1869, when the feds uncovered a plot by greedy investors to artificially inflate the price of gold and then upset the scheme by dumping tons of gold into the market and forcing the price down. So there you have it. Ha

Morning Funnies: Turkey Hangover Edition


Jimmy Fallon and Rashida Jones' holiday medley is amazing. Hey, sexy ladle! [Buzzfeed]
 tumblr_mdy48hV8B11qzqoygo1_500.jpgBono in a Turducken is the reason for the season. [Flavorpill]

533738_4997739346286_700105379_n.jpgOh dear. [H/T Rebecca Smeyne]

tumblr_mdx19dyU1I1qa5z1ro1_500.jpgWhat ... is ... "turkey basting playing?" [AfternoonSnoozeButton]

tumblr_mdwhf0bSgg1qiavcao1_500.gifMmm, Kramkey. [DailyDot]

tumblr_mdt182QXnG1qzydh2o5_r1_250.gifThanksgiving with friends. [PopCultureBrain]

tumblr_mdv12aXPAe1qa0uujo1_500.pngThis is where food babies come from, kids. [LaghingSquid]

stop_pooping2.gifStop. [DailyDot]

enhanced-buzz-14852-1353543769-0.jpgThis Thanksgiving dinner has everything. [Buzzfeed]

1S7Kp.jpgPleasedropsometurkeypleasedropsometurkeypleasedropsometurkey. [Reddit]

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Handsome Coffee's Michael Phillips on Cheap Coffee, Blade Grinders + Keeping Beans in the Freezer

handsomecoffee.jpgThe supremely delicious, Los Angeles-based Handsome Coffee Roasters became available in New York this year at places like Iris Café and Marlow & Sons in Brooklyn and at Joe Pro Shop in Chelsea. One of Handsome's owners, Michael Phillips, formerly of Intelligentsia Coffee, won the U.S. Barista Competition in 2009 and 2010 and then took home the top prize at the World Barista Championship, the first American to do so. On a recent visit to New York he offered some helpful coffee tips.

Are you planning on opening a Handsome Coffee bar in New York?
We are looking around but don't have a location just yet. It's certainly one of our longtime goals.

When you worked as a barista did you get a lot of burns?

Baristas don't burn. We're a special type of people. We've killed off the nerve endings in our hands. I still work the bar at Handsome sometimes. It's fantastic to make someone happy with something as simple as a cup of coffee. I'm very much into hospitality. I'm not one of those people who's disgruntled.

What do you think of people who keep coffee in the freezer?
It's not a great idea. Coffee is a dry, porous material, so if you put it in the fridge or freezer where there's humidity, coffee will take on moisture and flavors of whatever else is in there. It's best to keep it in an airtight canister at room temperature.

Drip or French press?

I tend to prefer it poured through a paper filter. The French press is too muddy and sedimentary. But if I do a French press I give it four minutes. If coffee is fresh it'll rise to the surface and form a little crust at the top. If you break that crust with a spoon after a minute or two and skim it off, and depress the plunger very, very slowly, it will help mitigate the sediment. Whatever you do don't pour out every last drop. Leave three or four ounces.

What about blade grinders?
They should never be used. Extracting or brewing a cup of coffee is a pretty scientific process. If you use a blade grinder it produces a range of particles from gigantic and coarse to tiny. Pour water over it and you get a very uneven profile. A burr grinder is much more consistent.

Your coffee sells for $17-$22 for 12 ounces. What makes it so expensive?
If you're into buying a pound of coffee for $6.99, chances are it's being sourced at a level that's horrendously achieved both socially and environmentally. There's a very large gap in terms of flavor, quality and sustainability. For us, the raw product itself costs more than $6 a pound. Even at $20 for 12 ounces coffee is one of the best bargains you have going. It's removed from trees by hand multiple times throughout the season as the beans ripen. Climate change is pushing the amount of available land where it can be grown farther and farther up the mountain. As temperatures rise the land keeps shrinking. Coffee production has a big carbon footprint and its cost should be significantly higher than it is. Let's say you have to pay $6 for the best cup of coffee in the world. Where can you go anywhere in the world and get the best of anything for $6?

Your packages list where the beans come from but you don't have a house blend per se. What does 'house blend' really mean?
It's sort of tricky. Historically it represents a flavor profile a company is trying to consistently produce. But it's less than fantastic in some cases. Your very common insider knowledge of the practice is that it's a way to hide cheaper beans. The darker you roast the beans to cover it up, you break down the organic components and reduce them to a char until there's a carbon quality not unlike burnt rubber. It's actually to some extent beneficial if the coffee is horrific. Blends have a very prominent place in our society and large roasters create these brands that people can latch onto and then they try to find the cheapest way to produce it without driving away their base.

Is your coffee organic or direct trade?
We're definitely supporters of organic products but we're simply too small to be able to be certified. There's a lot of regulation that makes it difficult for small producers in Ethiopia or Colombia. We look for coffee that's sustainably produced in regards to the farmer's health. But the thing that we look for most is amazing, delicious coffee. Organic has no bearing on the flavor.

How did you decide on the name Handsome?
Our partner Tyler Wells thought it up. The big problem coffee has is being associated as a fancy lifestyle product, built up by people who are intolerably rude and ill-mannered. We wanted to create a more accessible experience but still great in terms of quality. The word 'handsome' goes back to when thing were handcrafted. It adds a touch of class.
How much do we need to pay attention to the expiration date on a bag of coffee? Can you keep it around for three months?
Whoa! Would you eat three-month old bread?

What about buying coffee from bins?
Bins don't seal in freshness and you don't know how old it is. With our coffee, we pull it off our shelves after seven days. You're going to get your best flavors within two weeks. Once it gets older than two weeks you definitely start to see the intensity fade.

So you're not a fan of buying a bunch of coffee on sale and keeping it in reserve.
Buy small amounts and buy fresh.

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