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PREMIERE: Teeth and Tongue's "The Party Is You"


Going by the unlikely name Teeth and Tongue, Melbourne, Australia-based singer Jess Cornelius creates melodic, sludgy rock that's steadily gaining steam -- and growing its fanbase -- after successful stints at festivals-cum-band training camps like SXSW and CMJ. After releasing the beautifully yearning "The Party Is You" -- all gloomy guitar wails, cowbells and synths -- the artist has an official music video to accompany the track, which we're excited to exclusively premiere. Featuring a lonely anti-heroine in a leopard coat and pink wig á la Britney Spears during her "Bald Britney" days, the clip will cut to the quick for anyone who's had moments where they've felt like they're unwelcome somewhere. Of the video, Cornelius says, "Originally I thought the weird drunk girl would be me, but luckily we found someone else to do it so I didn't have to. The main idea was for her to be trying to get random strangers to dance with her. It morphed into her getting kicked out of lots of bars and parties, but I think she's still endearing." Watch the video above and decide for yourself if you agree with the singer's character assessment.

"The Party Is You" appears on Teeth and Tongue's forthcoming third album, out in 2013.

Friday Superlatives: The Best, Worst and Weirdest of the Week


superlatives_party_photo.jpgCraziest Thing We Saw at a Party This Week: These two (nearly) naked body-painted girls at the Dos Equis Academy Party at a Masonic Lodge in Chelsea. -- Abby Schreiber

Best Food Reading: As a lifelong Chinatown resident, I was thrilled at the arrival of Lucky Peach's Chinatown issue. I plan on flaunting my newfound knowledge of dim sum with friends this weekend. -- Jonah Wolf

olsenmavericks2-2.jpgBest Couple That Makes Us Feel Disgusting : Olivier Sarkozy and Mary Kate Olsen. -- Elizabeth Thompson

Biggest Broadway Disappointment Of the Week: The very funny and entertaining new play, The Performers, starring Alicia Silverstone, Cheyenne Jackson, Ari Graynor and Henry "The Fonz" Winkler is closing after only 7 performances on Sunday. Go see it before Sunday! -- Whitney Spaner 

Best Example of Making the Super-Confusing Petraeus Sex Scandal Less Confusing: "How Mean Girls Explains the Petraeus Scandal" by Ann Friedman for The Cut -- AS

Screen shot 2012-11-16 at 4.10.28 PM.pngBest Portrait Of An artist By Another Artist: "Portrait of Chris," 2012, a portrait of Chris Johanson by Barry McGee. -- ET

Best Drunk Read: I love Negronis, and I love Troy Patterson, so I knew even before I read it that I would love Patterson's "North Brooklyn Negroni Crawl." -- JW

Best Snack Discovery We Made This Week: That Gregory's Coffee on 31st and Sixth (and, presumably their other locations) has free doughnut holes that are actually really, really good (especially when you want something sweet but don't want to succumb to temptation and buy that apple fritter staring you in the face). -- AS

Screen shot 2012-11-16 at 3.53.46 PM.pngBest Office Find: This Hugh Grant Commemorative Plate. (Runners up HERE and HERE.) -- JW

Best Fake Invention We Wish Were Real: The bedazzled chicken nugget "Dipping Station" as seen on Hollywood Nailz. -- AS

Weirdest Twerk Video We Watched All Week: Lady Gaga and Terry Richardson's bizarre teaser for the singer's forthcoming music video accompanying new trap single, "Cake." -- AS

And the award for the 'Most Scathingly Bitchy, Pointlessly Cruel, Needless Takedown of Someone We Already Know Is the Worst and Also The Man Who Keeps the At-Home Blood Sugar Testing Kits Business Booming': Pete Wells' Review of Guy Fieri's Diarrhea Emporium American Kitchen and Bar in Times Square.

GIFs of the Week: Postmodern Edition

Welcome to our Friday GIF roundup, featuring a collection of this week's most important, amusing and/or newsy GIFs and GIFsets by Mike Hayes of Buzzfeed and Gifhound.

theme2.gifWelcome to GIFs of the week. Tonight's theme... [Mostly British Comedy]

Saddened by today's news that Hostess is going out of business. RIP, Twinkies. [topherchris]

But that's OK, because...it's almost Thanksgiving! Here's a GIF of a dude holding the best Turducken in the world. [BuzzFeed]

Here's one of the thin white duke. [shakespeare & shoes]

Being short sucks. [katzen-content]

This dude kicks ass. [Reddit]



Cats doing Gangnam Style. 'Bout time. [KITTEH KATS]

'80s Wheel. Never forget. [raffaroffa]

Azealia pissed off the seapunks with this one. [BuzzFeed]

Oh hey! The real GIF news of the week is "GIF" was named Word of the Year on Monday! This was the most popular GIF on the internet on the day of the announcement. [GIF HOUND]

Nationalized Twinkies + Donkey Politicians = Eight Items or Less

1. When memes collide (see here and here): petition to nationalize the Twinkie. [via Felix Salmon]

2. Check out one writer's attempt to source every ingredient in a Twinkie. [Twinkie, Deconstructed]

3. How much does "nothing" cost? MoMA acquires John Cage's original score for "4'33"." [NYTimes, second item]
sunshine_sandy.jpg4. Sunshine Cinemas is donating profits from this weekend's midnight showings (The Miami Connection and Hackers) to New York Cares. [via Bowery Boogie]

5. "Apple Now Owns the Page Turn." [NYTimes; image from U.S. Patent and Trademark Office]

6. "Marijuana-Dispenser Stock Gets Too High." [Marketwatch]


7. A donkey was barred from the legislature of Guayaquil, Ecuador. [Fox, photo by Victoria Reay on Flickr]

Tips for Today: METZ at Mercury Lounge + the CLMP Spelling Bee at the Standard

MUSIC: METZ at Mercury Lounge
Toronto pigfuck revivalists METZ filled the house wherever they played at last month's CMJ. Tonight they're joined by the local punks in Hunters.
Mercury Lounge, 217 East Houston Street. 9:30 p.m. Sold out.

MUSIC: EDM for Sandy at Gramercy Theater
Hear sets from the Crystal Method (DJ set), Drop the Lime, Tommie Sunshine, and Run DMT. All proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross.
The Gramercy Theater, 127 West 23rd Street. 7 p.m. $20

FUN AND GAMES: The Place to Bee! at the Standard Hotel
Test your orthographical skills against the smarty-pants likes of Jonathan Ames and Roseanne Cash. Emceed by the New Yorker's Ben Greenman and judged by Oxford English Dictionary editor-at-large Jesse Sheidlower, tonight's event benefits the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses.
The Standard, New York, 848 Washington Street. Third Floor. 7 p.m. $100 donation.

Morning Funnies: The Best Campaign Ad Ever + Taylor Swift Is Not Laughing


This SNL ad for visiting your hometown during the holidays is perfect.

18talk-articleInline.jpgTaylor Swift's interview with the New York Times this weekend got off to an awkward start:
NYT: At the CMA awards earlier this month, Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley cracked a joke about your reported breakup with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s son Conor Kennedy. But the camera never panned to you.
TS:They don't pan to you if you're not laughing.

tumblr_mdfv9t0BNy1rwk4quo1_250.jpgAccording to this, we were Depression-era baseball player Sheriff Blake. Who were you? [LaughterKey]

1103.jpgMmm, cupcakes that look like Thanksgiving dinner. [LaughingSquid]

tumblr_mdnpwhkFzl1qazdzlo1_500.jpgRomantic. [Pizzzatime]

tumblr_mbmni1mCBY1qjko1ao1_1280.jpgReal talk from Andre the Giant. [RatsOff]

For a cool $258, a Japanese company will make you a tiny figurine of yourself using 3-D printing. [TheDailyWhat]

tumblr_mbcxw0sjrN1qagb0go1_400.pngWe'll bring the "today was terrible and everything is just really hard and I have to go call my mom while quietly crying in the bathroom" cake.  [VampireVest]

enhanced-buzz-6555-1353099333-7.jpgStephen Colbert spends some quality time with his wax statue at D.C.'s Madame Tussauds. [ImWithKanye]

tumblr_mcmct7Ziqj1qb5gkjo1_250.gif16 Shades of Hugh. [FYeahDementia]

tumblr_mdldn89rJc1qe0wclo1_500.jpgEven if Pete Johnson doesn't win, he should still get a nod for Best Gainesville Mayoral Campaign Ad Ever. [TheClearlyDope]

For all of your Footage of Lady Gaga Humping a Counter Covered in Cool Whip Needs: The upcoming Terry Richardson-directed video for Gaga's weird new song "Cake" has another trailer.  NSFW, but you knew that. [ONTD]

Meet Top Female Skier Roz Groenewoud

RozG.jpgThe first time American Federation of Skiing (AFS) half pipe champion Roz Groenewoud ever won a competition, she spent her winnings on a plane ticket to Montreal to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs perform. The cross-country trip from her hometown just outside Vancouver to Montreal may seem like a long way to go to catch a concert, but Groenewoud is a seasoned traveler.  At only 22-years-old, the athlete has zig-zagged the globe to compete in tournaments everywhere from France to Japan and Switzerland to New Zealand.  

Groenewoud is hoping to continue logging air miles when she heads to Russia with the Canadian National Team to compete in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Until then, the skier, who's recently landed a sponsorship deal with Target -- their first sponsorship of a Canadian athlete as well as of a female snow-sports athlete -- will continue her "balancing act" of participating in competitions while working towards a Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts and Science, with a focus on math and physics, at Quest University in Squamish, British Columbia. Though the physics lab might seem a world away from the ski slope, Groenewoud occasionally sees the two disciplines cross over. When her ski coach comments on her momentum during a maneuver, she often thinks, "actually that wasn't my momentum -- that was my inertia."

rozgaction1.jpgPhoto credit: Spyder

When not skiing or studying, the athlete is often listening to music, though she says that "skiing has definitely decreased my ability to keep up with the music scene." Groenewoud prefers getting ready to Florence and the Machine and practicing to "Jay-Z and Dre" but when it's go time, there's only one song that gets her blood pumping: "The Game Needs Me" by Seattle rap trio Dyme Def.

Set against this soundtrack, Groenewoud has had a big year, winning the superpipe competition at the North Face Open in Whistler and placing third in the Winter Dew Tour. Amidst these wins, however, 2012 brought one major loss: the skiing accident-related death of her close friend and fellow athlete, Sarah Burke. Hoping she will never again "have to do anything as hard as competing at the X-Games the week after Sarah's death," Groenewoud plans to honor her friend's legacy by continuing to set a positive example for girls interested in extreme sports. Urging girls not to change themselves to fit the mold of tomboy athletes she says, "You can be feminine and a really strong and powerful athlete. You don't have to change yourself or any part of yourself to pursue athletics."

R.E.M.'s "Blue" Is Our Music Video of the Day


Okay, Mr. Franco, we'll change your grade in Music Video Production 101 from an "incomplete" to a "C."  When R.E.M. released their final album, Collapse Into Now, in 2011, the band announced a "film project" that was supposed to see each track made into a music video by well-known directors, artists etc. including Albert Maysles, Sam-Taylor Wood, Lance Bangs and, yes, James Franco.  Well, a year and a half later, Franco has finally finished his contribution to the project with this clip for R.E.M/Patti Smith collab "Blue." So why the hell did it take him so long to finally deliver the video? Maybe he got lost while cruising around Los Angeles looking for iconic SoCal locations -- and waiting for the perfect Lindsay Lohan/Terry Richardson photo shoot? Franco was supposed to make a video for Collapse track "That Someone is You" as well, which has yet to materialize.

PREMIERE: Club Chrissie ft. Cory Kennedy


On today's episode of Club Chrissie, PAPER Nightlife Award Winner Cory Kennedy heads over to the crafting klatch to make some denim iPhone cases. The two have some funny exchanges (turns out Chrissie inadvertently turned a pair of Cory's jeans into scraps for her craft pile) and make some pretty darn cute cases (and certainly cuter than the two monstrous, armor-like cases Kennedy was rocking before). Watch the episode above and keep an eye out for an appearance by Miller's boyfriend, the artist and actor Leo Fitzpatrick, who explains the harrowing story behind a pair of goofy-looking jeans.

Club Chrissie Featuring Leah Dell
Club Chrissie Featuring Maxine Ashley
Club Chrissie Featuring Mr. Mickey and Susan Miller
Club Chrissie Featuring Pharrell

Emma Stone Is at the Top of Vogue's Best Dressed List + Who Would Play Grace Coddington In A Movie? in Today's Style Scraps

reg_634.vogue_.emma_.mh_.111412.jpgEmma Stone tops the list of Vogue's Top Ten Best Dressed Women. Other women on the list include Rooney Mara, Kristen Stewart and Solange Knowles! [via Fashionista]

Marc-Jacobs-SS13-Ruby-Wilson-Juergen-Teller.jpgLoving the new Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer '13 ads, photographed as always by Juergen Teller. We're slightly disoriented and we want that dress. [via Fashion Gone Rogue]

63afdc61b2d4beb2_0-kaneversace.xxxlarge_1.jpgChristopher Kane is leaving Versus after six seasons, amid rumors that he'll be taking over at Balenciaga. Kane's reps released a statement saying the rumors are "unfounded." [via Fashionologie]

Here's a cute, Paris-heavy video from Goyard, which gives us a glimpse into how their luggage is made. [via Selectism]

grace-coddington-movie.jpgGrace Coddington spoke to the New York Times and Telegraph about her new book and life in general. When asked who would play her in a movie, she replied: "Karen Elson is what everyone says, and Julianne Moore when I'm older -- in my dreams!" Please, someone make this happen! [via Fashionista]

erabrogue.jpgVans is doing a great job with these new 'California Era Brogues.' We may or may not have just bought a pair ourselves. [via Fashion Beans]

Screen shot 2012-11-19 at 12.08.22 PM.pngChanel is actually going to selling those 'Hula Hoop' bags from Spring/Summer '13, just in normal-sized form. [via High Snobette]

Le1f + Boody's New Video Pops


We've been waiting to see what Le1f would serve up after he turned it out with his video for "Wut", and the video for "Soda", his recent collaboration with Boody for their Liquids EP, has not disappointed. The video, produced in part by VFILES, features Le1f rocking purple braids and his own awesome take on the old "soda and Mentos eruption" experiment. The murky single is accompanied with candy-colored visuals including soda baptisms and vibrant, voguing dancers. Bloomberg be damned, we want extra-large servings of Le1f's concoction. (That sounded dirtier than we wanted it to, but we're just gonna go with it.)

An A to Z Guide of "Trapped in the Closet"

It's a testament to R. Kelly, perhaps the most wonderfully weird global R&B legend we have working today, that his batshit crazy "Trapped In the Closet" music video project -- a pulpy, soap opera that involves, among other things, cheating, revenge, guns, cigars, little people, double crosses, drugs and pimps -- isn't even the first thing you think about when you hear his name. It's been five years since we've heard from Kelly's Sylvester and an ever-growing cast of deceitful characters, but Kellz and the "Closet" crew are back and ready to unveil the saga's latest chapter on IFC on November 23. Before jumping back in, we've gone ahead and prepared a handy A-Z guide to get you ready for Chapter 23.

A is for Acting: Who knew Kelly had such chops? As Sylvester, he shows just how much mileage an actor can get out of a raised eyebrow, an incredulous double take and a long pull on a stogie. The fact that he wasn't offered a role on the "Dallas" reboot is a missed opportunity for the ages.

B is for Beretta: Always by Sylvester's side, it's the reason for, and the solution to, nearly every argument in the series. Kelly lets one go in the air to break up a fight between gay pastor Rufus and his cheating wife Cathy, because potentially killing someone in the apartment above was a risk that had to be taken.

C is for Cramp: When Sylvester's wife Gwen decides to distract him with some rougher-than-normal carnal knowledge, his leg locks up on him. Call us cynical, but we're pretty sure that the guy who wrote "Feelin' On Yo Booty" doesn't get cramped up after two bouncy minutes of cowgirl.

D is for Dixie's: The name of the club where little person Big Man dances. David Lynch was apparently an uncredited consultant.

E is for En Vogue: "Do I look like En Vogue?" Sylvester's brother-in-law Twan asks his homie on the phone. "Nigga, 'cause the way you got me holding' on!" Priceless!

F is for Flip Phones: Everybody rocks one. Jesus, 2007 was a long time ago.

G is for Greenscreen: It's not enough that any time someone's in a car it looks like an old episode of "Dragnet," but just wait for the helicopter in Chapter 15.

H is for Ho: Everyone gets called a ho at some point, men and women. Equal opportunity ho-callin'.

I is for "Ignition (Remix)": Which has literally nothing to do with this, but it's always good to remind people because it remains astounding.

J is for James: The cheating, quick-tempered cop (though everyone here could be described as "cheating" and "quick-tempered") played by The Wire's great Michael K. Williams. Still, "James comin'!" doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

K is Kitschy: Which it is. But if you're only watching this for some ironic chuckles, you're doing yourself a serious disservice.

L is for Lucius: Pimp Lucius, that is. Played by R. Kelly himself, Lucius' story has yet to really take off, but from the couple of minutes he gets in Chapter 19, he's already cemented his status as one of the greatest pimps in screen history.

M is for Midget: Who goes by the name of Big Man, on account of his being "blessed." We should all be so lucky.

N is for Ninety: Which is roughly the number of cigars Kellz has gulped down so far.

O is for Over-The-Top: Which is part of this thing's charm, obviously, but by the time that old man Randolph -- played again by R. Kelly, looking like Fredrick Douglass in a MadTV sketch -- winds up in a closet spying on Rufus (don't ask), you can't help but feel a little exhausted. Maybe five years was long enough to wait for more.

P is for Philandering: No one keeps it in their pants. To which, thank God.

Q is for Quick Draw: It doesn't take much for someone to pull a pistol. For example, the sight of a half-eaten pie. Or a knock at the door. Or an arm-wrestling match. 

R is for Rosie the Nosy Neighbor: Bringing a spatula to a gun fight, God bless her.

S if for Southern Accent: As narrator, the one Kelly does for James' wife Bridget is so wonderfully appalling, it should be trademarked.

T is for Twan: Played by the hunky Eric Lane, Twan is Sylvester's hot-headed, weed-loving brother-in-law, fresh out the pen. Just a guess here, but he probably works out.

U is for Under the Sink: Which is a totally fine place to hide, depending on how tall you are.  

V is for Vibrate: It's a pretty useful setting on your phone! Had you used it in the first place, we wouldn't be in this mess!

W is for Women: Neither Bridget or James seems to understand how their bodies work. She uses the old "It must be that time of the month" to distract James, only for him to reveal that she's three months pregnant a few minutes later.

X is for X-Rated: Sure, there's cursing and some mature situations, but hopefully these new installments take it to that next level. IFC's pretty cool with that stuff.

Y is for "You crazier than a fish with titties": "You crazier than a fish with titties." [Image by Mike Dominic]

Z is for Nothing, because give us a break already and tell us: What's in the package?!

FriendsWithYou's New Print + Kenan Thompson's New Show = Eight Items or Less

1. FriendsWithYou's "I am Malfi" poster is available today in a limited edition of 150. [Poster Child Prints]

2. Now that you've looked up who died on your birthday, you can look up which records came out on that day. (We got Manheim Steamroller.) [via @WFMU]

3. The MTA is bringing cell phone service to thirty more New York subway stations. [City Room, photo by Orin Zebest on Flickr]

4. Lorne Michaels and PAPERTV correspondent Kenan Thompson are developing a primetime comedy for NBC. [TV Guide]

5. "UK man gave cocaine to trick-or-treaters by mistake." [Reuters, photo by Michael Ocampo on Flickr]

ACDC-Hughes-long_ago (2).jpg
6. Let there be rock! AC/DC is releasing their back catalogue on iTunes. [NME]

The Crystal Ark's "We Came To" Is Our Music Video of the Day


The aliens have landed and they want to party. From the ashes of the disbanded LCD Soundsystem comes Crystal Ark with this 8-minute cross between Joey Arias and the B52s. "We Came To" is an Off-Off Broadway sci-fi epic shot in a dragonfly-shaped space ship on its way to pre-Sandy Coney Island. The genius behind it all, of course, is frontman Gavin Russom, along with a fluctuating back-up troupe that includes Viva Ruiz -- one of the incredible Dazzle Dancers -- who also directed the clip.

Tips for Today: Gary Shteyngart Roast at BAM and Joey Arias & Sherry Vine at XL

CABARET: Joey Arias and Sherry Vine: Looking Back at the Future at XL
PAPER pal Joey Arias reunites with former "SINsation" and "StarLust" collaborator Sherry Vine for their first full-length New York performance in a decade.
XL Nightclub, 512 West 42nd Street. 8 p.m. $25-40.

MUSIC: The Dreebs at Death by Audio
Local noise trio the Dreebs cap off their east coast tour and celebrate their new 12", "Humiliation." Joining them are boogying Montreal brothers Tonstartssbandht and self-proclaimed "powergaze" outfit Heaven's Gate.
Death by Audio, 49 South 2nd Street, Brooklyn. 8 p.m. $7.

BOOKS: Gary Shteyngart Roast at BAM
With his generous blurbiage and masterful book trailers, it's sometimes easy to forget that Gary Shteyngart also writes books. Tonight, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of The Russian Debutante's Handbook, Kurt Andersen, Jay McInerney, Sloane Crosley, and others will try to come up with insults Shteyngart hasn't already used on himself.
BAM Harvey Theater, 651 Fulton Street, Brooklyn. 7:30 p.m. $20.

Live: METZ at Mercury Lounge

Heavily-hyped Toronto punk trio METZ packed the Mercury Lounge Monday night, the first of two consecutive New York dates. METZ can probably best be described as "muscular," both for the way their combined playing flexes as one and for the actual muscles required to play it.

Drummer Hayden Menzies and bassist Chris Slorach are both improbably beefy; singer/guitarist Alex Edkins probably is, too, behind his glasses and button-down. "We get through a number and we're ready to pass out," announced Edkins, who spent the whole set screaming at the top of his lungs, seemingly destroying his voice.

A lot of METZ's songs stay on one note for a measure or two, then bend up a half-step on the last beat. This is also what a lot of Lex Luger's beats do. It also reminded me of the Vines' decade-old hit "Get Free." Unlike "Get Free," none of METZ's songs have noticeable vocal melodies.

Floorlights enhanced the drama of the band's headbanging. I wrote down the phrase "dude drumming on my back" in my notes, then the dude who had been drumming on my back started rubbing it. Then he started drumming again.

METZ plays tonight at the Knitting Factory, 361 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn. 8:30 p.m. $12.

Next Big Thing: Designer J.W. Anderson

JW_ANDERSON_PAPER_.jpgOften clad in blue jeans and a simple white T-shirt, designer Jonathan William Anderson does not immediately look like the man responsible for leading a London-based fashion revolution. The 28-year-old designer, whose eponymous line J.W. Anderson has consistently wowed editors and buyers in recent years, can be credited alongside other Brit designers like Meadham Kirchhoff and Martine Rose as a member of the next-gen brigade. "Fashion needs to be violent," says Anderson of his deeply experimental collections. For his Spring '13 menswear show, he sent down the runway asymmetrical, billowing, neon-pink peacoat-dresses, futuristic dental hygienist-like ensembles and lace-adorned get-ups that recalled a little boy playing dress-up in his mom's closet.

Anderson's career trajectory has been roundabout. He grew up in Northern Ireland and came to the U.S. in 2001 to pursue acting at the Studio Theatre in Washington, D.C. This sparked an interest in costume design that eventually led to a degree in menswear at London College of Fashion. In 2008, after working as a window dresser for Prada, his androgynous menswear label was born. Two years later, he launched his first women's line. "I feel modernity lies within blurring the lines," he says of his signature ability to break gender codes. "I use men's as the stepping stone for women's and vice versa." This ongoing symbiosis has landed his duds into avant-garde-loving emporiums like Colette and Opening Ceremony.

His Spring '13 women's line, filled with frilly, distinctly girlish touches, is considered to be Anderson's most commercial to date (it's accompanied by a coquettish TopShop diffusion line), and makes for a surprising follow-up to his most audacious menswear runway show, which incidentally, he claims was inspired by mothers sleeping with their sons. Explains Anderson: "I want to keep challenging myself every season but I think people are becoming more aware about the brand and the risks we take. I don't feel what I do is to shock, but rather to engage."

J.W. Anderson Mens SS13 4.jpgRunway photographs by Rory van Milligen.

Lena Dunham Gets Her First Fashion Mag Cover + Some Bad News About All of Those Beautiful, Cheap Clothes We've Been Hoarding In Today's Style Scraps

322-COVER_LENA_DUNHAM_TODD_COLE-640x820.jpgToday in 'Dammit, why didn't we do that?': Lena Dunham covers i-D (for one of 8 covers including the amazing Grace Coddington cover we wrote about earlier this week). This is the first -- and not the last, we're sure -- fashion magazine cover she's landed. [via Fashionista]

Screen shot 2012-11-20 at 10.30.45 AM.pngSpeaking of Grace Coddington, if you have any questions for her, she'll be answering questions via Vogue's Twitter account today at noon. [via Vogue]

fb35afacbabf47cf_0-reiwide.xxxlarge_1.jpgRei Kawakubo has some things to say about increasing conservatism in fashion: during a rare interview with WWD she said "many parts of the media have created the situation where uninteresting fashion can thrive," and then, of the business end of fashion, that "it's weakening the power of creation." [via Fashionologie]

Screen-Shot-2012-11-20-at-10.15.13-AM-300x426.pngBad news: Green Peace just released a study which showed that fast fashion companies -- in particular Levi's, Zara and Calvin Klein -- use a lot of cancer-causing dyes and fabrics. They're asking brands to ditch the harmful materials and be more transparent about their manufacturing process. We couldn't agree more. [via Fashionista]

Watch this new video featuring Iris Apfel and Ari Cohen for The Avant/Garde Diaries. Apfel talks about working in the White House, age-obsession in America, and her drug of choice (hint: it's caviar).


Rihanna wore menswear -- an Acne shirt and top with a Raf Simons coat, specifically -- to switch on the Westfield Stratford City Christmas lights yesterday in London. We'd hem the pants a bit, but other than that we're sold. [via The Cut]


Just as they did to great success for their S/S '13 show, Dolce & Gabanna took to the streets of Sicily to cast and shoot their new menswear campaign. [via The Fashionisto]


Nightlife Awards nominee and Friend of PAPER Chloe Nørgaard is in the latest issue of Metal Magazine, shot by Enrique Badulescu. Nørgaard dons some punk outfits and generally looks great. Seriously, how do we get that hair? [via Fashion Gone Rogue]

"The Hook Is That There Is No Hook:" R. Kelly on the New Episodes of "Trapped in the Closet"

"I'm so nervous, but I'm at the same time so excited," said R. Kelly, in a black tuxedo jacket and sunglasses, holding an unlit cigar in his red-leather-gloved hand. Before a theater of journalists and friends, he was about to unveil the first installments since 2007 of his serialized R&B opera, Trapped in the Closet. (Read our A to Z guide to the series here.)

"Five long years, I had to save up my money, dollar by dollar," he joked. Trapped in the Closet is an alien, and I'm an astronaut. Now let's get this ball on the road." The lights dimmed and the camera came up on a Chicago skyline. Someone in the back yelled: "Cathy! Rufus!" The audience was shown into a book-lined study, something out of "Masterpiece Theater," where Kelly's narrator summed up the story thus far: "Everybody's got a closet."

We won't go much further to spoil the narrative developments before they become available to the public (this Friday on IFC). There are two new characters, both played by Kelly, named Dr. William T. Perry and Beano. There's another reference to En Vogue.

Just as notable are the musical developments. Reality show-style confessional scenes occasion a rock guitar version of the "Trapped" theme; Pimp Lucius sings over a funky "Theme from 'Shaft'" pastiche; a chase scene is soundtracked by an uptempo disco beat.
Afterwards, Kelly stuck around to answer questions about his process. "I don't have a job, I just sit in the studio all day and think of stupid stuff to do. I get me some cognac and I get me a stogie." He confessed to familial inspiration for certain characters; Randolph and Rosie were based off of a grandfather and aunt, while Pimp Lucius was modeled on a stuttering stepfather of Kelly's. "When I was writing Pimp Lucius, I went in the closet and put on old-school clothes. The hardest thing in the world is to stutter and sing." He admitted that he had wanted to act since seeing Star Wars at age 9.

According to Kelly, his record label had been confused when he first showed them "Trapped": where was the hook, they wanted to know. "That is the hook, the fact that there is no hook," he told them.

Kelly discussed the future of the still unresolved series, promising "85 chapters sitting in the studio," and discussing the ongoing negotiations over his appearance in a planned "Trapped" musical on Broadway. "'Trapped in the Closet' is pretty much forever. I'm not gonna leave you guys hanging five years again," he told the crowd. Then he led an a capella sing-along of "I Believe I Can Fly."

Check Out Ingo Maurer's Futuristic Digital Candles

Take a look at "My New Flame," fantastic digital candles by engineer Moritz Waldemeyer 
for legendary lighting designer Ingo Maurer. Primarily composed of a thin strip of circuit board, the "candle" uses 128 tiny LED lights to create a realistic-looking flickering flame image. They launched in New York last week at Maurer's NY showroom -- where the designer himself was even in attendance -- and are currently available for purchase. If you're aiming for a futuristic Thanksgiving this year, we've found your table centerpiece! [via Ingo Maurer]

MyNewFlame_MW_A5241 Klein-1.jpeg