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A Margot Tenenbaum-Themed Photoshoot + Yet Another Excuse to Look at David Beckham in Underwear in Today's Style Scraps

lag-ghes.jpgKarl Lagerfeld thinks that LVMH should invest in a Nicolas Ghesiquère line, telling Reuters: "Perhaps Nicolas wants to have his own label, which is not a bad idea. And it would not be a bad idea if somebody such as Bernard Arnault would invest in a new label because there are so many old labels (within the LVMH group)." [via Fashionista, image via Daily Beast]

tenenbaum-shoot.jpgThis shoot in French Glamour combines many things we love, including but not limited to: Margot Tenenbaum as inspiration, an approximation of Margot Tenenbaum's blasé-and-vaguely-scornful stare, and animals. [via Fashion Gone Rogue]

david-beckham-for-hm-christmas-campaign-3-413x620.jpgThere's a new excuse to look at David Beckham in his underwear Christmas campaign for David Beckham and H&M! [via HypeBeast]

cotillard-shoes.jpgMarion Cotillard had to remove her Dior pumps on the red carpet, a first for the actress. Those must have been some very uncomfortable shoes. [via The Cut]

Take a closer look at the absolutely mind-blowing looks (as well as the workmanship that goes into making them) in this backstage/behind the scenes look at the Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer '13 show, shot by Sean Frank. [via Press Release]

tyra-banks-arise-01.jpgBurning question: Is Tyra Banks smizing on the new cover of Arise? We're not sure, but she still looks great. [via Design Scene]

MN Wool P-Coat 82759.4416.1660.jpgTaschen is releasing a new book cataloging the best of industrial designer Marc Newsom's work with G-Star over the years. From the looks of the photographs (including the one of the jacket above), the book will leave us wishing we had a new wardrobe. [via Press Release]

Battle of the Boots! Which do you prefer: the Yuketen high-top 'Dress Hunt' boots on top or the Kris Van Assche high-top sneakers below? [via Upscale Hype]

Things We're Obsessed With: Online Zine Illuminati Girl Gang

Illuminati Girl Gang is a beautifully-designed online zine featuring work by female artists and writers and is curated by poet Gabby Gabby. IGG just came out with their second issue of the zine, featuring work by Bunny Rogers, Emma Dajska, Maggie Lee and many other rad ladies currently creating some of the best art on the web. You can pre-order a full-color bound issue of the zine online here, which ships November 26th. [via Illuminati Girl Gang]


The Raspberry Brothers Make a Scene at the Movies

Jerm Pollet, Michael Austin, Aaron Kheifets, and Johnny McNulty make up the Brooklyn comedy team known as The Raspberry Brothers. Their shtick: spoken comedy over movies. Screening nostalgic favorites (think Top Gun) at venues like Nitehawk Cinema, where they're now monthly regulars, the group performs routines that mock the action onscreen. Consider them Brooklyn's very own Mystery Science Theater 3000. It all began at Austin's Alamo Drafthouse Cinema where Pollet, now 41 and living in Greenpoint, performed similar sell-out shows for seven years with his troupe, The Sinus Show. Following their split, he headed to New York City and re-launched under a new name, eventually recruiting a few new comedy siblings. At Ella Café in Williamsburg a few nights ago, we met up with Pollet; Austin, a 28-year-old former pollster who now runs comedic events company Secret Formula alongside Pollet; and Kheifets, a comedian and cognitive science graduate student who isn't sure how old he is ("This is not a bit -- I'm pretty sure I'm 27"). McNulty, an Upright Citizens Brigade-er and freelance contributor to The Onion and Weekend Update, couldn't join the rest of the group ("I think I was in therapy at the time. Because comedians are fucked-up people.").

How did you guys meet?
Jerm Pollet: I went to comedy clubs and sat in the back with a little pad and pen. If there was somebody who I thought might be a good fit, particularly made me laugh, I would approach them afterwards and say, "Hey, I just moved here to do this show, are you interested in auditioning?" I was some creepy guy in a trench coat in the back of these comedy theaters taking notes and that's how I found Johnny McNulty; he was doing improv comedy at Creek and the Cave. I was just teasing on the trench coat.
Michael Austin: I like that version better.
JP: Me too. It's more romantic. Aaron was, I think, someone that Johnny recommended.
MA: I had seen the Sinus Show many, many, many times. I moved up here and I saw a poster: Raspberry Brothers, comedy over movies. Oh, that sounds awfully familiar...to that thing I used to go to in Austin, religiously. And I read about it and found out it was this motherfucker from the original group. I immediately had to grab like two of my female friends and drag them. And then afterwards, I just went up to him and introduced myself.

How do you prep for a show?
MA: Get really drunk.
Aaron Kheifets: We just watch the movie a bunch of times -- more than you should -- both on our own and together. We plan a bunch of bits out but we leave a lot of room for improvisation.
JP: We usually watch it together once, just for fun. And then maybe discuss some motifs that come up or ideas that we have about it. Then we'll watch it again but this time more slowly: hitting pause and thinking, "Oh, what can we do with that scene?" Then we'll break and divvy up sections and we come back and teach our lines to each other. And then we watch it again.
MA: And then again and then again. And someone will have a joke, and someone else will tweak the joke, and someone else will have a different joke, and sometimes we're like, Absolutely not, that joke is terrible.

Do jokes ever bomb on stage?
MA: Oh, sure. Jokes that we love sometimes get very small reactions.
AK: But that's every live performance.
JP: But especially this one because there are maybe 500 jokes per show.
MA: Some just don't work at all. There's like shit we'll be doing in rehearsal and I'll be on the floor just losing my shit and then we do it and...just nothing. That happened with Die Hard.
JP: Are you talking about the fart explosion?
MA: Yes! John McClane jumps off this building and then behind him there's a giant explosion. When timed perfectly, it's a fart noise. It's so stupid but every time just made me smile.

Which movies don't work for this format?
AK: Comedies.
MA: Are there any comedies that we've done successfully?
AK: No, because the line is so blurred between what's their joke and what's our joke.

So which ones do?
MA: Eighties films are always really easy. And early nineties as well.

Favorite movie?
MA: God, I hate this question. I hate favorites. My favorite comedy is actually very easy to say -- I'm not going to say it's the funniest movie ever but I can literally watch it everyday for the rest of my life -- Groundhog Day.
AK: That's a funny thing to say about that movie.

What about onstage?
MA: I used to love doing Lost Boys because Lost Boys was actually also one of my favorite films ever. But in the process of doing it like 15 times, I now hate Lost Boys. It's totally ruined the movie for me because now I see it as a-piece-of-shit movie and now I can only think about the jokes and how bad this movie is.
JP: Is the difference that we've messed around with your childhood memories? Is that why you don't like Lost Boys?
MA: Possibly.
JP: It's like we told you the Easter Bunny isn't real or something.

What do you think works best onstage?
AK: I really like it when we have a thesis about a movie that arches through the whole film -- Home Alone, like, it's a really deeply fucked up movie, especially to show to kids. The end sequence when all of the traps are going off, I think I spend like two minutes just being like, That would kill you. That would kill you. This little kid would've murdered two men who are just like down on their luck, have stooped to stealing things. They're not proud of it. They're going to steal a TV from a kid for whatever reason, because they don't have a job. And he's going to murder them. Just like fucking murder them.
JP: The movie is asking you to root for this child of an extremely privileged family to mutilate and cause such incredible injury and pain to these people in the name of protecting the family's property.
AK: It's a lens through which to view the movie.

What do you think it is about your show that audiences enjoy?
JP: Something about seeing the familiar in a new way is enjoyable.
MA: Nostalgia is definitely a big part of it. Here's this movie that you've seen over and over and over again and most people have never really considered it in this way and it sort of blows their fucking mind.
AK: But in that way it's anti-nostalgic. Take this thing that you know and see it in new eyes. It's like a mind-fuck for people, I think they like that.

Taschen's New Rei Kawakubo Book Looks Awesome

Taschen is coming out with a new book exploring Rei Kawakubo's innovative vision and legacy in fashion and design, and if there was ever the perfect gift for the fashion freak in your life, this is probably it. As head of fashion house Comme de Garçons, Kawakubo continually challenged accepted standards of beauty through subversive clothing construction and playing with the human form. The book features images by photographers such as Paolo Roversi and David Bailey as well as interviews with Terry Jones, Josh Sims, and more. Coming in at 120 pages, the book is out this December. Above and below check out pictures from the book featuring some of Kawakubo's most memorable designs. [Taschen]

Screen shot 2012-11-09 at 3.35.08 PM.pngPhoto by Terry Jones


You Should Check Out ... ESP's Japan Tour Photo Diary

Welcome to You Should Check Out..., a new weekly blog in which Chris Black of Words For Young Men and Done to Death Projects tells you about something or someone he really likes and that he thinks you'll like too. Follow him on Twitter at @donetodeath.

ESP is a Los Angeles based classically trained trio composed of brother/sister Aska and Seiya Matsumiya and friend Bobby Evans. (Aska was featured in Paper's 25th anniversary issue in 2009.) They describe their music as "synesthetic, synth-laden dreamscapes, literally popping with hypercolored visuals, this is ESP, the sights, sounds and sensory overload of the West Coast cosmos." They have released two slightly trippy, excellent EPs and a split 10" with UFO2012 on OHWOW . The crew recently completed a big tour of Japan and sent me photos of the madness to share with the masses.

ESP_JAPAN_3 2.jpg
"Ask me for the final answer," entrance of a tranny bar

Powershovel gallery visual test #1

Pre-show hang with Verbal

Kitsune power visual test #2

J-wave radio before budokan with Sasha

Alex's (our visual master) genius moment visual test #3


Powershovel CD/DVD Box Set Layout

Sachiko Cindy Lauper

Powershovel CD/DVD Release Show

Lamp shades and latex openers

And the party goes on...

ESP on Facebook 
ESP on Tumblr 
ESP on Twitter

Ooh, Here's the Daryl K X Urban Outfitters Collab

Daryl K Silk Top.jpeg
Designer Darryl Kerrigan has been dressing a certain breed of Lower East Side cool girls since she launched her line Daryl K in 1991. After winning the CFDA Award for emerging talent in 1996 she went on to dress the likes of Kim Gordon and fashion editor Camilla Nickerson. Now, she brings her creative eye to Urban Outfitters, producing an exclusive 7-piece collection, which features pieces such as a knit-mesh sequined dress and a printed military jacket. The line will be available in Urban Outfitters stores and online later this month. Above and below catch a glimpse at some of the looks from the collection.

Daryl K Faux Leather Pant.jpeg
Daryl K Mesh Sequin Dress.jpeg
Daryl K Camo Jacket.jpeg
Daryl K Burnout Bomb#63F5F0.jpeg
Daryl K Animal Intar#63F5EE.jpgDaryl K Raw Hem Tunic.jpg

GIFs of the Week: Election 2012 Edition!


Welcome to our Friday GIF roundup, featuring a collection of this week's most important, amusing and/or newsy GIFs and GIF sets by Mike Hayes of BuzzFeed and GIFHound.

Don't worry. Not all election GIFs.


Let's begin with the guy who won... [IntrepidGirlBlogger]


This is actually a GIF commenting on Obama's remarks about Gangnam Style earlier this week. It has nothing to do with the election. [PixelFucks]


Also, nothing to do with the election. [OnlyLOLGIFs]


I was just 5 months old on election night '84. Looks like the coverage was pretty rad. [tophergrace]


The last campaign GIF of his last campaign. [GIFHound]


Breaking news! Kobe...I mean the 1-4 Lakers fired Coach Mike Brown after just 5 games! [GIFHound]


That's a new NBA record for fastest firing... [4GIFs]


The question remains: Now that he lost, how long will the Internet pick on Mitt Romney? [TheDailyDot]


There are no red states, no blue states, just one nation united under pizza. [Pizza]









And finally, the best part of the best Thanksgiving video you'll ever see. [Buzzfeed]

Mick Jagger's Letters For Sale + A Humanoid Radish = Eight Items or Less


1. Mick Jagger's love letters are up for auction. Meanwhile, his band has a new single.

2. Jermaine Jackson is petitioning to change the "o" in his last name to a "u". [image via WikiCommons]

3. This radish looks like a man. [@konsai_umemama, via SFWeekly]

4. Cymbals Eat Guitars are playing a free show at Brooklyn Bowl on Wednesday (11/14). RSVP here. [BrooklynVegan]

5. Philip Roth has announced his retirement after twenty-seven novels. [Les inRocks]


6. After being turned down by the Mayor, President Obama will visit New York on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the new gas rationing rules have occasioned a discussion of number theory. [City Room]

7. This is crazy (where's "Ante Up"?), but: the 100 Greatest Hip-Hop Beats of All Time.

Morning Funnies: Cowboy Squirrel + Mokiki


The weirdest, best part of this weekend's Anne Hathaway-hosted SNL was definitely this short about Mokiki, a zombified medical experiment who seduces women with his dancing, his Tevas and his radioactive vomit. [Hulu]

olsenmavericks2.jpgMary Kate Olsen is 26 and her boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy is 42, and while that certainly doesn't come close to hitting Creep Level Hutchinson on the Barf Index, this picture of them canoodling at a Knicks game over the weekend still makes us feel real weird. [Dlisted]

Magic happens at the 1:24 mark. [BobbyFinger]

This video of a snoring hummingbird is as cute as it sounds. [AfternoonSnoozeButton]

Fintan.jpgFrom the Irish exhibit "Sharp Suits: A Creative Catharsis," featuring art work based off the bad feedback advertising creatives, designers, art directors, etc. get from their clients. "Can we make the pig sexier" is the best. [Flavorwire]

youreracist.pngOur new favorite Twitter = @YesYoureRacist.

tumblr_mcruaaRbhk1ra4nnto1_500.jpgBetty White and Rue McClanahan behind the scenes of Golden Girls. Mewow! [EliotGlazer]

tumblr_mdcznes3Ay1qz6f9yo1_500.jpg7 major problems. [ThisIsntHappiness]

tumblr_mdc80uwPVm1qz4cuyo1_500.jpgIt's always funky time with the boombox watch. [LaughingSquid]

tumblr_md6wjfIAiv1qzfsnio4_1280.jpgTaxidermy usually bums us out, but we have to say that this cowboy squirrel riding a bucking rattlesnake is pretty sweet. [DailyDot]

tumblr_md944yHryO1qzy8n8o1_500.jpgIf this is tattooed on your arm, no it is doesn't. [ParisHiltonSexSlave]

Azealia Banks'"Atlantis" Is Our Music Video of the Day


Hey, it's that girl from the cover of PAPER's summer music issue!) Azealia Banks pops-out of this short, but hyper-animated clip for "Atlantis" from her Fantasea mixtape. The song was produced by O/W/W/W/L/S and the video directed by French artist Fafi --  wife of the late, great DJ/producer Mehdi.  Azealia's colorful world is packed with the usual underwater suspects as well as some purple, rotating crystals and flying euros with alternating "Prey" vs. "Pray" graphics shooting over a volcano.

Obama, The Pastry Chef + Anne Hathaway's Crazy Diet in Today's Style Scraps

fs-karl-obama.jpgKarl Lagerfeld did a sketch of President Obama as a pastry chef holding his White House cake for German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. The sketch is done with Shu Uemura makeup and is 100% confusing. [via Fashionista]

7533304.jpgAnne Hathaway revealed in the new issue of Vogue that for her role as Fantine in Les Mis, she went on a "near-starvation" diet and was down to eating two squares of dried oatmeal paste a day by the end. File this under: things no one should ever have to do for any job. [via Fashionista]

Michael Kors announced that the company is contributing $1 million to Hurricane Sandy hurricane relief efforts through The American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. [via Press Release]

Screen shot 2012-11-12 at 11.41.52 AM.pngThe eBay Holiday Collective has arrived at the eBay Fashion Vault! You can snag items made by Chris Benz, Billy Reid, Jonathan Adler and more, all for under $100! We've seen the collection and trust us, you'll want to snag some of this stuff while it's still available. [via Press Release]

kloss.jpgVictoria's Secret officially apologized for this sexy, Native American-inspired outfit and will remove it from the broadcast of the show. Karlie Kloss (who was wearing the outfit) supported their decision, Tweeting: "I am deeply sorry if what I wore during the VS Show offended anyone. I support VS's decision to remove the outfit from the broadcast." [The Cut]  

Screen shot 2012-11-12 at 11.23.48 AM.pngMissing the old days of Yves Saint Laurent, before it ditched the "Yves" and before it became the center of an awkward fashion critics vs. Saint Laurent kerfuffle? Resurrection and 1stdibs.com are selling lots of old YSL pieces, made by the master himself. The sale starts on November 21st, so prepare your credit cards. [via Press Release]

Cute bag alert! Two brands we love -- YMC and M. Hulot -- partnered to make this collection of bags. [via High Snobette]

PAPERMAG Premieres Club Chrissie Featuring Pharrell Williams


We've been waiting for Pharrell to step inside Club Chrissie since we first watched the web series' teaser (after all his i am OTHER YouTube channel hosts the show), and finally the multi-multi-hyphenated man dropped by to jazz up some ear buds. Chrissie teaches the producer-singer-rapper-designer how to use embroidery thread (or, as we remember it, "friendship bracelet string") to wrap headphone wires and create fun, rasta-themed or rainbow-colored speakers that don't get tangled in your bag. In the midst of all this, the two talk about Lauryn Hill's involvement in selecting the name i am OTHER, geek out over A&E's Duck Dynasty and share some real special, double entendre-filled moments that mostly revolve around Chrissie's wire-wrapping technique. Watch the episode above.

Club Chrissie Featuring Leah Dell
Club Chrissie Featuring Maxine Ashley
Club Chrissie Featuring Mr. Mickey and Susan Miller

New Club Bow Opens on the Bowery

On Friday Night, PAPER attended the "soft opening" for Bow, the new Bowery (get it?) spot from Travis Bass, of Red Egg and Madame Wong fame. The club takes over the underground space from Crash Mansion, which had spent a few years providing a space for the crappy bands no longer served by CBGB. One enters through the faux-graffiti'd (by Alec Monopoly) scaffolding that's been up at 199 Bowery for several months; the stairs are accessible via a candle-lit interior of unprimed walls, corrugated metal, and exposed beams. Downstairs, the rough look gives way to a pretty nondescript black interior, decorated only by a couple palm fronds and colored lights. PAPER's own May Kwok spun club hits by the Lykke Li and Gotye. A smoke machine doubled the apparent size of the dance floor, where we watched two men reattach a disco ball, one holding a flashlight for the other. The men's bathroom walls were still unpainted.

In addition to Bow, the space will eventually include another nightclub called Finale (a joint venture with Pascha) and a 300-seat restaurant called the General. (The scale is entirely foreign to this Lower East Side native.) Local blogs have fixed on comments part-owner Eugene Remm made in the Post: "[T]he neighborhood is definitely up-and-coming. It's similar to the Meatpacking District." On its first night, Bow practically split the difference in terms of demographics: the crowd in the four-deep line for the open bar ranged from Opening Ceremony models to Ivy League bankers. As we left, a crowd was swarming the entrance.

Cocktail of the Week: the Smokey Buffalo Manhattan at Sparrow Tavern

sparrow drink.jpg
While at this summer's Tales of the Cocktail, the annual hedonistic booze convention in New Orleans, Jena Ellenwood attended a tasting of George Dickel Tennessee whiskey. "They were pouring cocktails through smoked wood chips--delicious but impractical--serving them on one giant rock," recalls the bar mistress of Sparrow Tavern, Astoria's pre-eminent tippling joint. The memory of the drink stayed with her, and for Sparrow's fall cocktail menu, Ellenwood was determined to re-create "that flavor and aroma combo. I tried four bourbons before I realized Buffalo Trace would be ideal -- smooth, not too sweet, easily blended, and enough body for a good Manhattan." Now, before devouring the likes of pulled pork tacos and one of the city's best burgers, patrons can unwind with Ellenwood's warming Smokey Buffalo Manhattan, layered with sweet vermouth, whiskey barrel-aged bitters, and a hint of hickory-flavored liquid smoke. "The brandied cherries," she points out, "are my own addiction."


2 oz. Buffalo Trace bourbon
2 dashes Fee Brothers whiskey barrel-aged bitters
2 drops hickory flavored liquid smoke (available via Amazon.com)
Splash sweet vermouth
Combine ingredients in a mixing glass with ice. Stir gently and pour strained mixture over brandy-soaked cherry in a chilled cocktail glass.

AndrewAndrew Insta-Review The Heiress, The Whale and Obskene

The Heiress: The Heiress, now playing at The Walter Kerr Theatre, has an all-star cast plucked from super-successful period pieces from the screen, both big and small (Downton Abbey, The Help), but can they revive this stodgy script and make it relevant to todays audiences? Find out in our full review!

The Whale:
What do the only good Mormon, the fattest gay, the last nurse to make house calls, and the brattiest teenage girl in the world have in common? They share the stage in The Whale now playing at Playwrights Horizons Peter Jay Sharp Theater. Charlie is set on eating himself to death in the wake of his lover's demise, but before he goes he has to wrap up a few loose ends. Is it worth the weight? Watch the full review to find out!

An ancient messenger describes one gruesome death after another, then a number of reporters from the future sum up the end-game of every hot-button issue from the recent election. Obskene takes it's name from the greek term for "off-stage", but does it belong on one?

Antony's Turning Premieres at DocNYC


Last night, Paper attended the premier of Turning, Charles Atlas's film of singer Antony's 2006 European tour of the same name. Based on a performance at the 2004 Whitney Biennial, the tour brought Antony and group together onstage with thirteen women who appeared consecutively on a rotating platform and in video projections by Atlas, a former Merce Cunningham collaborator. The film intercuts musical performances with emotional interviews, conducted by Antony, where the women discuss coming of age and coming to terms with their femininity. There is no narrative explanation or voiceover; Antony addresses the camera only once, to correct a Le Monde preview that used the phrase "Transsexual Manifesto." (Several, but not all, of the women involved identify as trans, as does Antony; it is tempting to read the film's title as a reference to the process of becoming a woman.)

The enthusiastic audience regularly broke into applause, as when performance artist/musician Kembra Pfahler, covered in yellow body paint, explained that she and her companions were "womanizers" for "bringing woman" wherever they went. When filmmaker Ira Sachs, moderator of the post-screening Q&A, described the artists as "two very sensitive men," Antony -- leaning against the screen in a black sweater and khakis -- smushed together his lips, zagged his head downwards, and mimicked a game-show buzzer. (He later apologized, explaining that he didn't identify as a man.) The singer remained vague in describing what the film was about: "[M]y idea was everything moving towards the feminine. It's been a theme in my life and in my work for a long time."

Atlas, in a pale goatee, orange sneakers, and a Rorschach-blot-like shirt, had even less to say. "I sort of entered into a world of beauty," he announced, but declined to elaborate. "I don't know how to say it exactly, but straight beauty. So direct. In that way, it was a challenge for me to do something so...direct. That's the only word I can use."

Afterward, the audience was invited to an after-party at Bowery Electric DJed by Turning model Johanna Constantine. Her fellow cast member Nomi Ruiz (of Hercules & Love Affair) performed soulful torch songs accompanied by electric guitar. "This is one I wrote around the same time we were turning," she said with a laugh before starting her final song, based around a refrain of "I'm still a girl."

Click here to see Antony's artwork in the story "Sound and Vision" from our November issue, featuring pieces by artist/musicians.
Turning opens Friday at the IFC Center, 323 Sixth Avenue.

Your Guide to Art Basel Miami Beach 2012

Screen shot 2012-11-12 at 5.03.30 PM.pngWelcome to the fourth edition of our ongoing guide to Art Basel Miami Beach (check out editions I, II and III HERE, HERE and HERE respectively).  Let's get started:

Art and hip-hop collide on December 5th at the Miami Beach Convention Center. While half of the building hosts the VIP opening of Art Basel Miami Beach 2012, the other half booked a mega rap concert starring Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Wale and Machine Gun Kelly.  We're tempted to go to both, but expect total gridlock in South Beach. Tickets are available for this Maybach Music Group concert HERE. We also hear that Rakim from the '80s rap group Eric B & Rakim is playing at The Stage (170 NE 38th Street, Miami) on Friday, December 7th.  

locustprojectsmain.jpgCool Miami gallery Locust Projects (3852 North Miami Avenue, Miami) is presenting a big installation by Chicago artist Theaster Gates called "Soul Manufacturing Corporation" that will be up from December 3 - 8 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.  For the work, Gates plans to "create a factory consisting of four pavilions occupied by skilled makers who will produce 'things' throughout the week."  At the same time, a yoga instructor, a DJ and a reader will entertain the "makers" and the viewers.  Locust Projects will be celebrating their 15th anniversary in 2013.

The Fountain Art Fair Miami (2505 North Miami Avenue. Miami) is back for their seventh go-round with over 35 exhibitors and a "visual display of installation heavy artworks" in a 25,000-square-foot warehouse.  Fountain is always a blast with lots of parties and hip art, plus this year they're hosting a spin-off of Brooklyn's Tiki Disco party on Saturday night.

California artist Dickson Schneider is on Kickstarter with a cool idea to give away art.  He wants to raise $800 to build a portable 'Free Art Cart' to push through the streets of Miami and hand out 300 works of art.  Schneider explains: "Participating in this project illuminates the distortions of the art world.  It connects all of us who engage the project to the biggest art fair in the world. I might even meet some of you there."  Looking forward to meeting you, too. Go HERE to contribute.

Superstar DJ Tiesto is spinning at LIV in the Fontainebleau Hotel (4441 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach) on December 8.  It's the last night of his 8-city world tour sponsored by GUESS.

The Standard Hotel Miami (40 Island Avenue, Miami Beach) is hosting a party for The Wrinkles of the City: Havana Cuba. It's the latest book published under their Standard Press imprint run by the hotel's creative director Claire Darrow. "Wrinkles" documents the recent collab between French artist JR and Brooklyn-based artist Jose Parla that resulted in a huge mural installation in Havana, undertaken for the Havana Biennale, for which JR and Parlá photographed and recorded 25 senior citizens who had lived through the Cuban revolution.  There will also be a screening of a documentary film about the project.

ArtSpot Miami is a new fair-within-a-fair that will pop-up in the Red Dot Art Fair  tent in Midtown Miami from December 5 to 9.  Organized by Chicago gallerist Aldo Castillo, it will include 12 galleries in a unique environment.  Per a quote from Castillo in the press release: "Given the current world market fluctuations and ever expanding nature of the art fair business model, my mission is to maximize art fair exposure and productivity to forward thinking galleries and artists in top global markets such as China and the U.S."

Madonna Visits the Rockaways + Lightsaber Popsicles = Eight Items Or Less


1. After signing an open letter, circulated by MoMA's Klaus Biesenbach, in support of Mayor Bloomberg's hurricane relief efforts, Madonna toured the Rockaways today in the company of Biesenbach, who keeps a home in the area. [Gothamist, photo by Masako Takagi]


2. Jean-Marc Houmard of Indochine and Acme, PAPER's "best restaurant with a nightlife scene," is taking over the Lucky Cheng's space on First Avenue. (The East Village drag institution is relocating to Times Square.) Meanwhile, Acme and Indochine are donating half of tonight's proceeds to Hurricane Sandy-related charities. [EV Grieve]


3. Now that George Lucas has sold the Star Wars brand to Disney, we assume he has forfeited all earnings from these "Glowing Lightsaber Popsicle-Makers." [Thinkgeek]


4, 5. Two new albums to stream: Oneida's A List of the Burning Mountains and the Evens' (wonderfully titled) The Odds. [EVR, NPR]

6. A documentary about former Stooges, Ramones manager Danny Fields. [Kickstarter]


7. Roberta's Third Annual Beer Masters Winter Classic will take place Sunday, December 2 at Warsaw.

Jane Mount and Thessaly La Force's My Ideal Bookshelf Is Out Today

7729e465c5f8cca937c02488d6c8310d.jpgMy Ideal Bookshelf, editor Thessaly La Force's new book with illustrator Jane Mount, asks celebrities and creative types including Miranda July, Judd Apatow, Maira Kalman, David Sedaris, Jennifer Egan, Alice Waters and more to tell them what books have shaped them the most over the years. Mount's illustrations of contributors' perfect shelves are paired with anecdotes about why the books they chose are important to them. (Mount also does custom original Ideal Bookshelf paintings, if you're thinking about a potential holiday gift for the bibliophile in your life. They start at $250.) Below, some images from the book, which is out today. What's on your ideal bookshelf?  

Miranda July

tumblr_mcns1wjD9a1qj5cfg.jpgJudd Apatow

RV-AI558_VISUAL_G_20121026021159.jpgAlice Waters

Niemann-Christoph-LO.jpgChristoph Neimann

Auerbach-Tauba-LO.jpgTauba Auerbach

Wegman_William_1-600x438.jpgWilliam Wegman

Cash_Rosanne_1-600x315.jpgRoseanne Cash

Morning Funnies: Grace Jobama + America's Word of the Year

tumblr_mdclqh3zao1qcagvlo1_500.pngWe'd prefer to picture the Biebs getting over Selena by watching a marathon of Real Housewives of Atlanta while eating a family-size, duty free Toblerone but, hey, that's just us. [via Paris Hilton Sex Slave]

Screen shot 2012-11-12 at 6.36.37 PM.pngBest.Facebook.Profile-Timeline-Photo Combo. Ever. (And, actually, Best.Tumblr.User Name.Ever.) [Christian Mingle Tumblr via Pleated Jeans]

tumblr_mdatckwaRH1qbcb48o1_500.gifJudd Apatow just spilled the beans that Girls has already been picked up for a third season. [via Perez Hilton]

Speaking of, we are deeply intrigued by the Judd Apatow-inspired art that'll be on display at a new tribute show at L.A.'s Gallery 1988 Melrose. [via Pop Culture Brain]

tumblr_mbxkb4rFCp1qceh5uo1_500.jpgThis seductive crocheted banana thinks you look a little lonely tonight (er, this morning). [via Laughter Key]

tumblr_mddgz8kKVh1r3p4vco1_500.jpgGrace Jobama. [via Im With Kanye]

barneythumbs.gifThe Oxford English Dictionary crowned "GIF," America's Word of the Year. [via Daily Dot]

tumblr_mcj3s7reAe1qgh9d0o1_500.jpgAubrey Plaza just needs to shoot a quick email at Starbucks, don't worry about it. [via Lindsay Christ]

tumblr_mdcqrfQnWR1qzcv7no1_500.png"Don't mind me!" [via Pleated Jeans]

Here's Meryl Streep perfoming in a theater production of Alice in Wonderland c. 1981, singing "Eating Mushrooms." That hair! Those overalls! That voice! [via Hyper Vocal]

Screen shot 2012-11-13 at 8.11.01 AM.pngSnooki just dyed her hair the color of a Starbucks holiday cup. [via People]

Screen shot 2012-11-13 at 8.32.36 AM.pngTobias Fünke is apparently running for political office in Bern, Switzerland. #Nevernude2012 [via Hyper Vocal]

So...this is why MTV doesn't play music videos anymore. [via Pop Culture Brain]