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Skrillex + the Doors'"Breakn' a Sweat' Is Our Music Video of the Day


Skrillex just released this new video for his collab with The Doors, "Breakn' a Sweat," directed by Radical Friend.  A post-apocalyptic couple go out joy riding on jet skis in shark-infested waters and land on a rocky shore where they discover she's knocked up. They steal a boom-car, but just when you think you'll see the baby....well, watch it and see. Skrillex also announced the December release of a special vinyl box set with a 12-page booklet and a download card to access bonus remixes. Where did he find the time to come to our 2012 Nightlife Awards?

Top of the Pops: Taylor Swift's Red Reign + Meek Mill


taylor-swift-red-album.jpgTaylor Swift hangs on to the top spot on the album chart this week. Her Red album has already sold 1.553 million copies!  Rapper Meek Mill's debut goes straight in at #2 while Kendrick Lamar slipped a bit from #2 to #5. There was little change over on the download singles chart, with PSY's "Gangnam Style" staying at #1 and Bruno Mars' "Locked Out of Heaven" at #2. In other music biz news, Mariah Carey just released a new track that celebrates President Obama called "Bring It On Home." Give it a listen HERE.

The Burch Trial is "A Drunken WASP Fest" + That Time Karl Lagerfeld Got Arrested In A Burqa In Today's Style Scraps

wenzel-working.jpgThis photo series by Isabelle Wenzel of "working women" pretty much sum up how we're feeling today. #ElectionHangover [via It's Nice That]

miadg.jpgPAPER Cover Girl M.I.A. is definitely doing a collaboration with Versace! We can't wait to see the craziness that's sure to come out of that. [via The Cut]

vogue-hommes-japan-announces-final-issue-1.jpgVogue Hommes Japan is no more! Nichola Formichetti took to his Tumblr to announce that the A/W 2012-2013 issue will be its last. :-( [via HypeBeast]

145224224.jpgCarine Roitfeld told a story about Karl Lagerfeld getting arrested: "Karl Lagerfeld decided to come to my ball in Paris [for French Vogue's 90th anniversary] dressed in a burqa so he wouldn't be recognized...he was arrested outside." To which we say, if only there were pictures. [via Fashionista via The Daily Beast]

Highsnobette-Puma-x-McQueen-6-540x413.jpgPuma is teaming up with Hussein Chalayan and (like always) Alexander McQueen for Spring 2013! We like these high-tops in particular. [via High Snobette]

a_250x375.jpgIn what must have been one of the most awkward interview moments of all time, Marc Jacobs CEO Robert Duffy announced that he's getting a divorce by snapping "I'm getting a divorce!" at a Telegraph reporter in an interview about the London opening of BookMarc. Oy. [via Telegraph UK]

154764574-300x458.jpgDerek Lam bought back his namesake label and is "excited to assume sole leadership of the company." Mozel tav! Independent businesses! [via Fashionista]

burches.jpgBy far our favorite thing to come of of the Burch-on-Burch trial thus far: presiding Judge Leo Strine called the the case "a drunken WASP fest" before asking, "Are they WASPs? Are the Burches WASPs? Do we know?" [via The Cut]

Listen to Jessie Ware and BenZel's New Track, "If You Love Me"


We've been digging Jessie Ware's mix of electro and 90s R&B for a little while now and the singer's latest song, a cover of Brownstone's "If You Love Me" produced by NYC-via-Osaka duo BenZel, shows off one of Ware's best traits -- her blend of quiet restraint with palpable vulnerability and emotion.  The track's great on its own but as an added bonus, the accompanying visuals by Kate Moross (who directed the Ware's "Wildest Moments" video ) -- featuring the singer's sock bunned silhouette set against marbled, lava lamp-esque floating liquids -- are a soothing antidote to any post-election excitement / mildly-crippling sleep-deprivation (why couldn't you have conceded earlier, Romney!?). It's also a great video to watch should you happen to find yourself hanging in Colorado anytime soon, if you catch our (herbal-tinged) drift. Check it out above.

All Eyes on South London Songstress Jessie Ware

Finally! The Outs' Finale Debuts Later This Month


Some happy news (other than, you know, THIS) on this otherwise cold and grey New York City day: the season finale of Adam Goldman's much-loved The Outs is finally here! The web series, which follows the interwoven lives of a group of Brooklynites as they date, make bad decisions, work and play, has proven to be a very funny, very honest show and you can consider us hooked. (Read our interview with Goldman about the Outs here.) There's been a huge wait for the last installment of the series, though there will apparently be a one-off Hanukkah episode released next month (how very Downton Abbey of them!) and the trailer for the finale, above, hints at trouble at work for the show's main character, Mitchell. (It also features some cute guys in their underwear, always a plus.) You can watch the finale when it premieres on November 20th, but if you can't wait to get your Outs fix by then, there's also a early screening happening Monday, the 19th at Public Assembly. That's like the equivalent of watching Girls in Greenpoint, with Lena Dunham... except better.

Our Top 10 Highlights From Election Night

We polled the editorial department for their highlights from last night's election coverage. Answers below!

156937_512x288_generated.jpg Mr. Mickey: The Most Fuckable Presidential Historian was Michael Beschloss on PBS. Not that there's much competition for that title.

Elizabeth Thompson: Somebody got hipster glasses alert! Tom Brokaw will be spotted brunching at Five Leaves, worrying aloud about having to 'really get serious' about his life and stop borrowing money from his parents when he turns 75, in 3...2...1

tumblr_md3upnxuaM1qzzjy9o1_500.jpgAbby Schreiber: When Obama referred to Joe Biden as 'America's happy warrior' during his victory speech. The name originates from a Wordsworth poem, echoes back to F.D.R.'s endorsement of Alferd E. Smith in 1924, and, as this Atlantic piece points out, was also used by Jim Messina to describe Biden's laughter-filled debate performance. (Obama has also used the phrase to describe Ted Kennedy.) Perhaps 'happy warrior' is the more flattering, respectful way for us to envision Biden, than, say, his prevailing persona as America's good-time drunk uncle who loves his biker babes and soft serve. But most of us are probably pretty OK with that version of Biden being our V.P., too.

Screen shot 2012-11-07 at 4.44.35 PM.pngJonah Wolf: I'm among many who fav'ed this silly Prince parody tweet. 

youngpeople_obama.jpgDavid Hershkovits: When ABC said 22-year-olds were running around screaming at Obama headquarters as a sign that Obama's people were expecting a win.

Alexis Swerdloff: When Karl Rove had his little on-air meltdown and would not budge on calling Ohio for Obama. Finally, Megyn Kelly of FOX News was sort of ordered by Bret Baier to get up from her desk and very awkwardly walk down an empty hallway to the number-crunchers room and inquire as to why they had called Ohio. It was such. weird. TV.

Elizabeth Thompson: Diane Sawyer. Judging by her loopy performance on ABC last night, Sawyer was either drunk, on meds or just deliriously tired. (Judging by the 'wut...are...you...doing' think balloon floating over co-anchor George Stephanopoulos' frozen mug through out the night, I'd go with the first option.) And. P.S. Diane saw every mean thing you wrote about her on Twitter and gives zero Fs.

Screen shot 2012-11-07 at 5.21.40 PM.pngcandy_peter_boston.jpgMr. Mickey: I hated Candy Crowley's hair. It felt like some network higher-up demanded she get a bad makeover. A lot of curling irons were used. (That evil automaton from Fox News also had badly curled hair.) Dana Bash and the girl who yells on CNN also had very bad hair and were very fraternal twinsy and annoying.

screen_shot_2012-11-06_at_10.55.26_pm.pngAlex Bedder: "Flaghead" lady, the woman seated behind Obama during his speech who had a flag sticking out of her hair, was a trending topic on Twitter in about two seconds.

Elizabeth Thompson: Brian Williams schooling Donald Trump  like the human turd that he is was so, so great. I also liked that Williams used last night to really roll out his impressive,  boring knowledge of state nicknames! Who knew that Connecticut was 'the Nutmeg State?' Brian Williams knew.

gal1_home-potd_19467.jpgBonus highlight: Best-looking First Family in the game.

USB Guitars + More Sandy Benefits = Eight Items Or Less

squier-usb-strat-430-80.jpg1. Fender is releasing its first iPhone-compatible guitar. [Musicradar]

2. Milestone Film is working to restore Portrait of Jason, Shirley Clarke's 1967 cinema vérité cult-classic about a gay, black hustler. [Via Kickstarter]

3. Look at that!

Screen shot 2012-11-07 at 7.23.28 PM.png
4. Airbnb is partnering with the City of New York to help find lodging for those displaced by the hurricane.

s1.reutersmedia.net.jpg5, 6. New hurricane benefits: Kurt Andersen, Sam Lipsyte, and others will read at Littlefield in Gowanus next Wednesday, November 14, for the Red Hook Initiative. Jerry Seinfeld will perform a stand-up show for relief on December 19 at the NYCB Theater in Westbury, NY. Tickets go on sale November 30. See our roundup of Sandy benefits here. [Via Littlefield; NYT]

Screen shot 2012-11-07 at 7.28.06 PM.png
7. Sesame Street will air a special hurricane episode Friday.

Penny.jpg8. Jesus Lizard/Scratch Acid singer David Yow will draw your, or your cat's, portrait. (For more artist/rockers, check out the "Sound and Vision" feature in our November issue.) [via @Chunklet]

The Morning Funnies: Joe Biden on Parks & Rec + The Ham Dogger

J-Bizzle!! Joe Biden will appear on a Nov. 15th episode of Parks & Recreation. [via EW]

tumblr_md53rbf8vK1rpfk9qo1_500.jpgWe'll join you. [via Stoner Comics]

Screen Shot 2012-11-08 at 8.22.40 AM.pngDummies doing jokey, Internet-friendly write-in votes and photographing them (which, incidentally, is illegal) was a thing. [via Gawker]

tumblr_md44le88fL1qhdvp2o1_500.pngFOX News reporters learning Barack Obama was re-elected president = Grumpy Cat. [via Afternoon Snooze Button]
tumblr_md3q4fWR1x1r3egh8o1_500.pngHAHAHAHAHAHA. [via Suck My Dracula]

Screen Shot 2012-11-08 at 9.31.53 AM.pngZach Braff: 1. Olivia Loy: 0. [via Knusprig Titten Hitler]

The Village Voice has launched a petition to kick Donald Trump off of the Internet.

Champagne.jpg"It arrived, I drank it, and I was gayer." -- Marilyn Monroe [via Retronaut]

tumblr_md47ycwXGb1qjnhqgo1_500.jpg Cool kicks [via Citnee]

Our new favorite game: Duck Face, Duck Face, Goose. [via Foreveralone-lyguy]

Sleepy baby bat. [via Notkaela]

Tina Fey explains Liz Lemon's mysterious Emmy Award: "I've always sort of thought that it's a Daytime Emmy and that perhaps she got it for writing a really specific category, like Best Regional Promo for the show 'The Mommies' or something like that," Fey says. "[Or] for writing jokes for Joy Behar for 'The View' -- it's definitely a Daytime Emmy. It's a local, Daytime Emmy." [via HuffPo]

scarlett-johansson-fuzi.jpgScarlett Johansson got a new tattoo in Paris. [via The World's Best Ever]

Watch funny/endearingly dorky British comedian Simon Amstell riff on morphine and To Kill a Mockingbird ahead of his shows this weekend at San Francisco's Z Space tomorrow and Saturday. [via Simon Amstell]
Ham-Dogger-1.jpgWe've always wished we could eat a dorky hamburger while fooling our friends into thinking it was a cool hot dog. Now we can! Disguise your hamburger as a hot dog with the Ham Dogger.  [via Lost at E Minor

Family Guy's 200th episode, "Yug Ylimaf," airs this Sunday, and it looks amazing. "We just ate so much vomit!" [via Top 5 Funniest]

tumblr_md4trgU0zh1qa6z3eo1_500-1.jpgHey, bunny, it's your birthday, we're gonna party like it's your birthday. [via Bunny Food]

The Weeknd's "The Zone" ft. Drake Is Our Music Video of the Day


It's an all-Toronto supergroup as Drake joins Abel Tesfaye in this clip for "The Zone." The track first appeared on The Weeknd's "Thursday" project and will be included on the November 13 release of Trilogy -- the first official "debut" album -- with other re-mastered versions of all the previous material, plus three new tracks. Abel is undoubtedly the #1 customer at his local branch of Party City and we hear that balloons will be back in stock there sometime next week.

WWD Really Doesn't Like Obama's Look Right Now + Scarlett Johansson Channels Her Inner Psycho in Today's Style Scraps

man-of-the-week-obama.jpgWWD isn't really feeling President Obama's style right now, giving him a B- in their 'Man of the Week' feature. They proceed to note that he's "swimming in fabric" and sort of blame him for looking exhausted. Wow, WWD, that's harsh. [via WWD]

Conversely, here's President Obama in Terry Richardson's studio. [via Terry's Diary]

scarlett-johansson-v-winter-2012-01.jpg Scarlett Johansson is channeling Psycho on the new cover of V. [via Design Scene]

big-kiss.jpgWe're getting major "Paper Magazine c. 1985" vibes from this Charlotte Olympia 'Big Kiss' bag and we love it. [via High Snobette]

155739664.jpgThe Victoria's Secret Fashion show happened last night, and in addition to the bejeweled bras there were performances by Rihanna and Justin Bieber. We plebs won't get to see it on TV for a few weeks. [via Fashionista]

1352152752_rachel-bilson-article.jpgRachel Bilson, on harem pants: "All men hate harem pants, but I don't give a shit." Hear, hear! [via US Weekly]

Screen-shot-2012-11-07-at-5.06.12-PM.pngKarlie Kloss cut her hair! [via Fashionista]

NasOluDara-396x540.jpgLove that Gap's new Holiday ads feature Nas and his father Olu Dara. [via Examiner]

Silent Barn Signs Lease in Bushwick

After being robbed of its equipment last summer and subsequently raising over forty grand on Kickstarter, D.I.Y. venue Silent Barn has finally announced on their website that they will open a new location at 603 Bushwick. With concerts planned for late December, the Silent Barn crew is still looking for volunteers to help renovate the three-story, ten thousand square-foot space over the next month and a half.

Silent Barn's organizers posted the following to their website:

This space surpasses the wildest ambitions we ever had for what the Silent Barn can achieve. We are ecstatic. This past year has been grueling; we have been working so hard as spiritual hobos since we were forced to leave our former home. That made us stronger. As an team, Silent Barn is smarter and more organized than ever. Without exaggeration, this new space makes the entire ordeal of the past year worth the wait - if everything happens for a reason, then 603 Bushwick is the reason why 915 Wyckoff was vacated last June.

Krzysztof Wodiczko's "Abraham Lincoln: War Veteran Projection" Opens Tonight in Union Square


Just in time for Stephen Spielberg's biopic of our sixteenth president comes "Abraham Lincoln: War Veteran Projection" by one of Paper's favorite artists, Harvard professor Krzysztof Wodiczko. Each evening for the next month, fourteen American veterans of the Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq wars will appear as projections on the Lincoln statue in Union Square, narrating their experiences. The installation, organized by More Art, will be Wodiczko's first large-scale project in Manhattan since 1988's Homeless Vehicle Project. The opening reception will be tonight at 6:30 in Union Square North. Wodiczko will also appear in a panel on "War, Trauma, and Public Art" at NYU on December 4th.


Hey, Check Out Our New Instagram Page


With the recent introduction of Instagram homepages for users, we wanted to take this opportunity to show off our slammin' 'grams. We've got 393 up there and more to come.

Paper's Guide to the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival

bemfbig.jpgClick to enlarge image

Exploring the ever-multiplying world of electronic music can be a daunting task, but with our handy guide to the 5th Annual Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival, your weekend journey should be a breeze. We've picked out a few of our favorites from each night's lineup. For the full lineup, schedule, and tickets, visit brooklynemf.com.

Friday, November 9

Brenmar has a love for hip hop, r&b, house, and bass music that runs deep. Having remixed the likes of Aaliyah, Cassie, Beyonce and Justin Timberlake, Brenmar brings a party wherever he plays.

Cameo Gallery, 10:45 p.m.

Kingdom runs the LA-based label, Fade To Mind (home to BEMF artists Nguzunguzu and Fatima Al Qadiri) but will be here this weekend to deliver heavy, night-oriented house music.

Glasslands Gallery, 1 a.m.

Gold Panda's music sits on the border between experimental and indie-pop. With its crisp melodies and clap-centric beats, fans of Four Tet and Caribou could very well enjoy Gold Panda's sometimes cheery, sometimes psychedelic tunes.

Music Hall of Williamsburg, 2 a.m.

Nguzunguzu is an LA-based guy-girl duo whose music is as eccentric as it is beautiful. Signees of Kingdom's Fade To Mind label, they've described their music as "sad sexy scary."

Glasslands Gallery, 2 a.m.

Saturday, November 10

Salva founded San Francisco left-field label Frite Nite and is a veteran of the scene, dabbling in electro bass, grime, and even trap music if the occasion calls for it (i.e., for a remix of Kanye West's "Mercy"). Be prepared for a few surprises, as a set from Salva is about as difficult to forecast as what we'll have for dinner tomorrow night.

Public Assembly (Front Room). 11 p.m.

Nicolas Jaar is a widely-adored musician and founder of record label Clown and Sunset. His music is as appealing to beatheads as it is to the casual concertgoer. After his being named one of Resident Advisor's top performers of 2011, it's no wonder Jaar will headline Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival this year.

Music Hall of Williamsburg. 1 a.m.

Shlohmo sticks to slowed down pop and hip-hop and his own breezy, experimental lo-fi. Fans of Star Slinger, Drake, and early 2000s pop music will certainly appreciate his set.

Public Assembly (front room). 1 a.m.

XXYYXX may still be a high-schooler, but his music is methodical and emotional, driven by heavy synths, innovative beatwork, and haunting vocal samples. XXYYXX's heavy rhythms definitely call for your best dancing shoes.

Glasslands Gallery. 1 a.m.

Baths is an LA-based singer and songwriter occupying ambient and chilled-out electronic pop territory while belting it out in the upper octaves.

Glasslands Gallery. 2 a.m.

Cameo Gallery, 93 North Sixth Street, (718) 302-1180.
Glasslands Gallery, 289 Kent Avenue.
Music Hall of Williamsburg, 66 North Sixth Street.
Public Assembly, 70 North Sixth Street, (718) 384-4586.

Paper's Weekend Guide


Aziz1-thumb-500xauto-41593.jpgThursday, 11/8

The New York Comedy Festival is under way with an impressive lineup of comedy heavy hitters including former Paper cover star Aziz Ansari, Patton Oswalt and Robin Williams. Shows range from Twitter dynamo Rob Delany's return to his alma mater at the Skirball, to special editions of weekly shows like the Gabe Liedman-hosted Big Terrific with Max Silvestri (members of the illustrious Goof Troop). See whose on the schedule and order tickets today! 

Do a little good for others, and your stomach, at tonight's Dine Out Williamsburg Hurricane Sandy fundraiser. 10 to 20 percent of all proceeds made will be donated to The Red Cross, and participating restaurants include delish establishments like Diner, Marlow & Sons, and Pies 'n' Thighs.  [Brooklyn Based]

neverending2.jpegFriday, 11/9

BAM will be overrun with films that either delighted you or scared the living crap out of you when you were kid with their series, Puppets on Film. Tonight's installment includes a screening of The Never Ending Story with a Q&A with Allen Oppenheimer (better known as Falcor!) and a Labyrinth Sing Along. Other screenings include The Muppets Take Manhattan, Babe and Mel Gibson flop, The Beaver. [Brooklyn Based]

You can stay in town and still go off into "Deep Space" this weekend.  Your voyage will take you over to a big warehouse at 450 West 14th  Street for an art exhibit curated by Nemo Librizzi and Joseph Nahmad that offers a different look at street art through works by Chilean-born artist Matta and three of New York's most acclaimed artists Futura, Rammellzee and Phase 2. The exhibit opens tonight, November 9th, and runs until December 12th and it includes large-scale works by all four artists.

Rian Johnson's cult-classic Brick, an inspired neo-noir set in a bleak and troubled teen-age world, is the perfect match for a cold, blustery New York evening. The film follows high school student played my Joesph Gordon-Levitt, who navigates the seedy, drug fueled underbelly of his  school to discover who murdered his former girlfriend. It screens tonight at Landmark. [Landmark

Paper Guru interview Afrika Bambaataa celebrates one more year of his Universal Zulu Nation with a city-wide, three-day party at various NYC venues including SOBs, The Gramercy Theatre and the National Black Theater. It would probably be easier to mention who won't be appearing, but are a just a few of the many included in the lineup: Newcleus, S.T.R.A.F.E., Chuck Chillout, Rich Medina, Red Alert Soul Slinger, Nigel Richards etc. etc. etc. For the full rundown of locations, times and performers go here. Also note that Thursday's show at Irving Plaza has been canceled.

Brooklyn-Comics-Fest-Poster-lolo1.jpgSaturday, 11/10

Make your way to Brooklyn for stacks on stacks on stacks of comics during the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival. This festival will feature hundreds of comic and graphic artists appearing at evens including film screenings, readings, performances, Q&As and signings with artists including Adrian Tomine, Chris Ware, Roz Chast and more. Events will be held at Our of Lady of Mt. Carmel Church and the Knitting Factory in Williamsburg. [Flavorpill

Cornerstone Seattle band and Grunge royality Earth will be delivering their sophisticated drone tonight at Littlefield. [Flavorpill

PopRally and Recess collab on an "intervention" at MoMA tonight from 8 to 11 p.m. Eleven artists will interact with the museum's collection using objects and performances including a live restaging of Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon (1907) and agallery tour with giveaway trading cards. Artists participating include A.K. Burns, Molly McFadden, Julia Sherman and more. There's also a musical performance by Cory Arcangel, Howie Chen and Alan Licht. Tickets are here.

MoMA PS1 director Klaus Biesenbach is hosting another relief trip to the Rockaways this weekend. Volunteers are asked to bring supplies, wear work boots and to meet at MoMA at 10 a.m. Here is a list of more volunteer and donation opportunities this weekend to benefit the victims of Sandy. 


A reminder that the Olympics of thrifting and drinking, the Brooklyn Vintage Crawl, is going down! We let you know this was coming, and hopefully you've prepared yourself and your closet for a day of bargain hunting and intoxicated purchasing.  

The Diamond has added chili to menu and wants to see if you can concoct a better spiced dished at their Fight the Chill with Chili cook off. Grab your bay leaves, chili powder and jalapenos and get ready to rumble, or, if your there just to sample the goods, remember to show up with the admission fee of $12  -- proceeds will be donated to the Occupy Sandy Relief Fund.  [Brooklyn Based

This edition of the ongoing Spoons, Toons and Booze Saturday morning series at Nitehawk Cinema gets the Thanksgiving treatment, with special holiday-themed episodes of your childhood favorites. [Nitehawk

Now That The Election's Over, Here's How Nate Silver Should Bask In His Glory

If anyone deserves a much needed vacation, a Retta-style "treat yo' self" spree or just some chill time, it's Nate Silver. After correctly -- and amazingly -- predicting 100% of the electoral outcomes this election, the statistics guru has the right to do anything he wants. Below, we've made some helpful suggestions about how Silver should bask in his newfound glory. And, as a nod to the mathematician, we've even 'calculated' some statistics to assess each suggestion's probability of fun. Check them out below:

Buy a new pair of glasses
Screen shot 2012-11-08 at 4.29.25 PM.pngNow that he's an election celebrity (and geek heartthrob), Silver should take a cue from Tom Brokaw and head to Warby Parker for a new pair of specs. Shopping's pretty fun in and of itself but there's typically no instant gratification when you're shopping for glasses (since they have to make your prescription lenses and whatnot).
Statistical Probability of Fun: 47% 

Resuscitate Burrito Bracket
Screen shot 2012-11-08 at 4.44.43 PM.pngBefore he became an Internet meme, before he was accused of possibly being a witch, and before he started predicting elections, Silver was a humble man on a humble quest: to find the best burrito. Or, rather, to find the best burrito in his former Chicago neighborhood of Wicker Park. We think it's a minor travesty that his noble mission was interrupted by so-called "real-life work" and we'd like Silver to revive the contest and crown a winner in the Windy City. And, hell, he should launch a 2.0 Brooklyn Burrito Bracket since NYC is famously mediocre at providing authentic Mexican food. As for the probability score, it comes down to two things: eating burritos is super fun but massive heartburn, on the other hand, is not.
Statistical Probability of Fun: 73%

Send a big "Ha Ha Ha" to the douches at UnSkewed Polls
i-told-you-so1.jpgAfter questioning his methods (and using deeply inappropriate personal attacks), UnSkewed Polls deserves a big "FUCK YOU, MOTHERFUCKERS" from Silver. That said, getting the last laugh is always ego-boosting but wasting your time on scummy, homophobic freaks is less so.
Statistical Probability of Fun: 69.7%

Buy a first class ticket to Sun City, South Africa

Screen shot 2012-11-08 at 4.08.40 PM.pngAside from crunching election numbers and creating burrito tournaments, Silver's also a poker whiz. Given his hobby (and former professional pursuit), we think the next time he goes on vacay, he should ditch Vegas, Monaco or Macao in favor of Sun City, a massive (and slightly terrifying) fantasy world casino in the middle of the South African savannah. All the usual gambling suspects are offered and, if Lady Luck is not on his side, Silver can always hitch a safari ride and track the super-rare, Red-Faced Rove from the Giant Douche Gorilla family.
Statistical Probability of Fun: 84.3%

Spend a day in his underwear eating Wheat Thins and peanut butter out of the jar and watching all six seasons of Num3ers.
Screen shot 2012-11-08 at 5.12.49 PM.pngThis is never not fun.
Statistical Probability of Fun: 100%

Sound & Vision: Behind the Music...There Is Sometimes An Artist


The idea that many of our favorite musicians are also visual artists should be no more surprising than the fact that much of the best art is made with great tunes playing in the studio. There is a long legacy of the artist-slash-musician in the history of popular music, from the bands that made up the British Invasion in the '60s and the subsequent rise of Britpop (where it was de rigueur to attend art school before forming a band) to the D.I.Y. ethos in punk that inspired subsequent generations of musicians to take artistic control over every matter of their identity, including record covers. Sound and vision go together--so well, in fact, you can almost taste it. The aesthetic topographies these musicians explore go past the limits of mere perception, opening up a synaesthesia of expansive possibilities. We hear you, and it looks great. -- Carlo McCormick

Within each group of artworks is one image that each musician chose (or created) as his or her self-portrait. These images are seen above the interviews.


               Devendra Banhart


            Antony Hegarty


             Bianca Casady


               Adam Green


Cassie Ramone

Screen shot 2012-11-07 at 6.42.54 PM.png



             Swizz Beatz         

Screen shot 2012-11-08 at 12.24.14 PM.png

             Lizzi Bougatsos

The L Train Is Back + Professor Bambaataa = Eight Items or Less

1. Photographer Martin Parr has selected twenty-six shots (one for each letter in the alphabet) for Lifelovers ABC, a new booklet put out by Spanish shoe house Camper. The book will also include essays by novelist Barry Gifford (Wild at Heart), philosopher Fernando Savater (Complutense University, Madrid), director Isabel Coixet (My Life Without Me), and writer Donna Leon (Death at La Fenice). [Image: Tokyo, JAPAN. © Martin Parr / Magnum Photos]

2. Don't tell Trump, but Barack Obama was born in Kenya! Barack Obama Owuor that his, whose mother Millicent gave birth on Election Day and named her twin sons after the 2012 American presidential candidates. [Standard]


3. Forty Lower East Side merchants who were without power on October 31 will be giving out candy to trick or treaters this Saturday. [NYPost, photo via WikiCommons]


4. L train service has resumed between Manhattan and Williamsburg, where participating restaurants are donating a portion of tonight's proceeds to the Red Cross. [photo via WikiCommons]

5. Afrika Bambaataa has been named a visiting scholar at Cornell. [Village Voice]

6. Reconstruction efforts continue apace on Sesame Street. [Sesame Workshop]

tumblr_md6j34JiqB1qzptwgo1_500.jpg7. PSY won a 2012 Guinness World Record for making the most liked video ("Gangnam Style") on YouTube. [PopCultureBrain]

Morning Funnies: Jonah Hill and Don Lemon's Twitter Slap Fight + David's Pizza Commercial

jonahhilldonlemon.pngJonah Hill and CNN's Don Lemon got into a weird Twitter slap flight about who is ruder. Though ending a dismissive comment with 'peace' is always funny, Don gets major bitch points for his 'stardom is fleeting' comment. We're calling this a tie and deem them both 12-year-old girls. [Gawker]

Start your Friday right, with this video of a Great Dane and baby deer who are best friends. Too much, too much. [TastefullyOffensive

tumblr_md6fwx5Et11rqgjz2o1_500.jpgFYI, Beyonce was the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland for Halloween. [ButtSexington]
 tumblr_md654fIw9n1ru3ibuo1_500.pngWe're all about croutons, but this is waaay too much crouton. [TallWhitney]

Watch Aziz Ansari, Momofuku chef David Chang and Joe Beef chefs Fred Morin and David McMillian eat fried bologna sandwiches on Chang's new PBS show. [PopCultureBrain]

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W840S.gifDon't see me. [Reddit]

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Aerosmith's "Dude (Looks Like A Lady)" Is Our Music Video of the Day


Taking a break from bickering, boozing and TV-hosting, Aerosmith returned this week with their first studio album in eleven years and self-professed sobriety. While we generally watched their career from a safe distance -- and, in fact, don't own a single album -- we did admire their keen ability to pop out timely hit singles. Today's oldie-but-goodie video, "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)," for example. The band's career was at a low point in 1986, but was revived by the success of Run-D.M.C's cover version of "Walk This Way." Aerosmith quickly followed-up with a hit album and this single, released in 1987.