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John Waters Catches A Ride With RuPaul, Talks Hitchhiking Across America and Growing Up Weird

Filmmaker and professional weirdo John Waters, is used to catching rides from strangers. Though he wouldn't be opposed to riding shotgun with Ted Bundy, this time around he's hopped in the passenger seat of the Drag Race queen, RuPaul, to talk about his new book Carsick: John Waters Hitchhikes Across America.

When two of the most fabulous living legends of counter-counter-culture get together, it results in a highly-quotable nostalgia trip. The pair discuss queerness, being outsiders, loving Howdy Doody and hating disco.

Some of our favorite quotes include, John Waters on his core audience ("Minorities that don't even fit in their own minorites. They can't even get along with their fellow lunatics! And people in prison with a sense of humor.") and 21st century rebels ("If you're a rebel today, you're living with your parents. They haven't seen you in six months, they put food outside your door, and you're shutting down the governments of different countries on your computer. That's how you'd rebel today. You'd be a hacker. I always say I want a hacker boyfriend -- except they have bad posture.").

Watch the full interview below:

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