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Governors Ball x Disgraced Governors



Photo of Eliot Spitzer from HarvardEthics on Flickr

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In this weekly column, MC/DJ Hesta Prynn pairs pop culture stories with an original playlist.

This weekend is the Governors Ball, a music festival with an awesome lineup on Governor's Randall's Island here in NYC. From pro-wrestler Jesse "The Body" Ventura to the Governator himself, the gubernatorial position seems to attract candidates sordid, wacky and drunk with power. This week's Five 'n' Five matches some of the country's most recently disgraced governors with music from artists playing the Governor's Ball.

Mark Sanford (R - SC): Kings of Leon, "Sex on Fire"

Disappeared while on a supposed hiking trip with his family in 2009. Reappeared in Argentina, conducting a state-funded love affair. Current status: out of politics, engaged to his former mistress and living a "Buddhist Christian" lifestyle.

Rod Blagojevich (D - IL): Guns 'n' Roses, "Welcome to the Jungle"

Served a 14-month prison term for accepting bribes in exchange for political appointments. Current status: performs improv comedy, appears on reality TV shows including Celebrity Apprentice.

Eliot Spitzer (D - NY): Kanye West, "Gold Digger"

Caught pants-down with a 22-year-old escort-slash-aspiring pop singer. "Kristen" went on to pose for Playboy and rack up 12 million hits on MySpace. Current status: resigned from his talk show on Current TV after the network's purchase by Al Jazeera earlier this year.

David Paterson (D - NY): Azealia Banks, "212"

Spitzer's successor was accused of witness tampering in a federal abuse case involving an NYPD officer, and fined $62k for soliciting Yankees World Series tickets from said officer. Current status: occasionally appears on SNL.

Sarah Palin (R - AK): Nas, "Life's a Bitch"

This never gets old:

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