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Joe and Gigs Interprets Art With Stories



"If your roommate is a Satanist ..."

"I think he just likes philosophy..."

"...I don't know what I'm going to do about it."

- Satan Resting On A Mountain

Joe + Gigs collects short stories, poems and conversations, each accompanied by a specific work of art. A painting can become a character in a story or an abstract reflection of the paired text. "For me, art is hard to talk about," reads the website. "Here, we can get to know and creatively and originally interpret paintings that are important to us." It's Joe + Gigs's unique approach to art interpretation that makes this little website so great. They also accept submissions. Finally, a venue for my poetry inspired by George W. Bush's fantastic self portraits! Sometimes sad, sometimes funny, these art-inspired texts are some of our new favorite reads.

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