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Mr. Mickey: The Top Eight YouTube Videos That Always Make Me Smile

We have been hounding Mickey for weeks to turn in his annual year-end "Guys I'm a Little Embarrassed to Admit I Want To Have Sex With" list and, today, we got an email from him saying he can't think of any men from this year that he's embarrassed he's attracted to (OH PLEASE) and submitted this list of his favorite YouTube videos instead. While we know in our heart of hearts that Mickey could easily think up at least 50 completely inappropriate men that he said he wanted to sleep with this year, reading this dashed-off roundup of his favorite, completely untimely videos makes us remember just how much we absolutely love and adore Mr. Mickey. Number 8 really seals the deal.

1."Hollywood Hoarder: Judy to the Rescue" by Punchy Players
Punchy Players have done a whole series of these montages videos often featuring Judy Garland, Ann Miller and Lucille Ball. The first one I saw was the Judy and Liza Cream of Wheat video which is a legendary classic. Being a bit of a hoarder myself, my current favorite is this clip where Judy (usually portrayed as a victim) comes to the rescue of tap-dance Queen Annie Miller.

2. "Acompaname" by Rocio Durcal and Enrique Guzman
The late Rocio Durcal is one of my favorite Spanish singers. She was sort of the Annette Funicello of Spain in the 1960s, a spunky girl-next-door cutie. I'm just crazy for this love song she sings with Enrique Guzman. So romantic in a goofy old-school way. Rocio's always adorable.

3. Autograph Annie and Celebrity Lu
Despite that fact that she's a big Republican, I really can't get enough of Ann-Margret. I love an old-school Las Vegas-act type star and, back in the day, Ann did fabulous variety show-style TV specials with guests like Lucille Ball. I don't always love Lucy (she ruined the movie Mame for me) but she is so relaxed and irresistible in this number that I can't stop watching it.

4. Carol Channing & Pearl Bailey, "Elegance" (Starting at 1:26)
In other TV specials of yesteryear news, one of the nuttiest shows ever had to be the special that Carol Channing and Pearl Bailey did together. Carol played the original Dolly Levi in Broadway's Hello, Dolly! and Bailey replaced her in an all-black version of the show. "Elegance" is a song from Hello, Dolly! that Jerry Herman wrote special lyrics for in this hilarious 'battle' style duet. It's pure heaven.

5. Gloria Swanson and Janis Joplin on the Dick Cavett Show.
They don't make stars like these two any more. Not to be an old fuddy-duddy but God the 60s were cuckoo crazy!


6. "Let Go" by Mitzi Gaynor
I'm not generally a huge Mitzi fan but I do worship Bob Mackie and this dress he designed for her is one of the most gorgeous things I've ever seen. Also, Mitzi was SUCH a pro that you have to hand it to her. And, hello, a chorus line of 1969 gays in tuxedos is heavenly.

7. "Pretty Girl Rock" by Keri Hilson
Just to prove I'm not totally stuck in the 1960s, here I am being fresh and au courant with a pop hit from 2010.  I think this video is so fun and well done. I'm a fan of every artist Keri pays homage to and the song is so upbeat and dancey it always puts a big goofy smile on my face.


8. "It's Our Time to Shine" from Mad Monster Party
I saw this animated monster movie when I was a kid and recorded this song from the TV using my old-school cassette recorder with a handheld microphone. I thought it was the MOST glamorous and chic thing I'd ever seen: a red-haired vixen in a gold lame cheongsam and a tap-dancing vampire? Pure Magic!

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