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Peter Davis: My 10 Ten Party-Hard Moments of 2012

We asked PAPER contributing editor and man-about-town Peter Davis for his top 10 party moments of 2012. Below, he tells us about his year in partying serious.

1. The Margiela for H&M extravaganza -- I not only scored a faux fur coat I have yet to wear (among three gigantic bags of other stuff), but I also spotted Stella Tennant in her knickers trying on disco ball tights. And they had champagne, supermodels and movie stars. What more could one want at a party?

2. The Quentin Tarantino tribute at MOMA was one of those 'why am I here nights?' Especially when I was taking a wee-wee in between a very petite Harvey Keitel and a ghostly Steve Buscemi while Jamie Foxx (who I now know from his full frontal Django Unchained scene) has a lot to pull out in the bathroom. Sorry, no iPhone photos taken.

3. Becoming Twitter BFFs with Courtney Love and having that tweet affair turn to real human contact at a party at Julian Schnabel's crazy-huge palazzo where we straddled each other to the thrill (and jealousy) of all my friends. Love to love you, La Love.

4. The return of my beloved bombshell Amy Sacco with her boite No.8 and seeing my favorite doorman, the aptly named Disco, back in action. 

5. The premiere of Hunger Games (Andrew Saffir's Cinema Society is still the golden party ticket in New York). I must have been living under a rock, or on too much Xanax, but had no clue about those books or that the film had scenes where everyone dresses like the late, great Anna Piaggi. And I got to meet the super talented, stunning Jennifer Lawrence at The Boom Boom Room afterwards. 


6. Having dinner with Spike Lee and his gorgeous wife Tanya. I was right across from Spike and he told me all about the scene in Summer of Sam where John Leguizamo and Mina Sorvino leave Studio 54 and Plato's Retreat and drop the F bomb like 100 times.

Stephen C, PD_2.jpeg
7. More starfucking: meeting Stephen Colbert, another hero, at Brooks Brothers, where he hosted his book party. I was speechless, which is rare as I usually can't shut up, so I let him do the talking and I did the laughing.

8. Any night where I see Michelle Violy Harper who's daredevil style always is mega eye-candy, smart and chic. And Michelle is one of the most interesting and sweetest of all my NYC glam gal pals.

9. My other favorite nightlife Zelig: photographer Hanuk Hanuk. If Hanuk hasn't snapped his signature photo of him kissing your cheek (and posted it on Instagram), you really should just never leave the house again.

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