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Tara Subkoff's New York Art Guide: Richard Phillips, William Wegman, Justin Lowe, Jonah Freeman & More

Imitation of Christ designer, actress and multimedia performance artist, Tara Subkoff, made a splash at Bortolami Gallery earlier this month with her amazing piece, "This Is Not a Fashion Show." Now that she's all up in the art scene, we've asked Ms. Subkoff to send us a series of dispatches from her adventures wading through the wilds of the New York art world. Here, in her first installment, are the shows Subkoff checked out during New York Fashion Week, most of which are up through the end of October.

e97df7949e05b6ab7c3de891633ea10c.jpgImage courtesy of Gagosian Gallery.

Richard Phillips at Gagosian Gallery

"Mind blowing. It was relevant and surreal and I can't stop thinking about it.  Paintings bigger than billboards of Lindsay Lohan and Sasha Grey, and corresponding films by Phillips, were haunting and striking."

Through October 20th.

EP.jpgEP, Elizabeth Peyton. 2012. Image courtesy of Bortolami Gallery.

Now I am Quietly Waiting for the Catastrophe of My Personality to Seem Beautiful Again, and Interesting and Modern at Bortolami Gallery  

"The title for this group show curated by Tom Burr was taken from Frank O'Hara's poem 'Mayakovsky' and suggests that 'the self is dependent on who we surround ourselves with.' Burr examines how personality takes on external form and otherness. An incredible mix of important work and strange relationships, the show features works by many of the artists Burr shared studio space with or went to school with, including Elizabeth Peyton, Sarah Lucas, Charline Von Heyl and Ull Hohn. Additional artists in the show include Dan Grahm, Gordan Matta-Clark, Kaucyila Brooke, Jean Cocteau, Hilary Lloyd, Lucy McKenzie, Ken Okiishi, Josephine Pryde, Mary Simpson, Dash Snow, J St Bernard, and Emily Wardill. I want to go back and see it again!"

Through October 27th. 

b4f4ac516f9544634bf1e3e40c3136e5.jpgImage courtesy of Salon 94.

William Wegman's Drawings for a Better Tomorrow and a Worse Yesterday at Salon 94

"Funny, brilliant drawings and videos from the 70's. I  loved the 'Dog Duet,' showing the 'human-ness of animals and the strangeness of humans.'"

Through October 27th.

slginstall-15.jpgJustin Lowe and Jonah Freeman's Stray Light Grey at Marlborough Chelsea

"Though there was lots of hype about Thomas Hirschhorn's 'Concordia Concordia' at Barbara Gladstone, it wasn't as powerful or strong as Justin Lowe and Jonah Freeman's Stray Light Grey at Marlborough Chelsea. The show was totally brilliant and inspiring. The show focuses on 'the preservation of the materialist surroundings of a certain bygone era so as to recreate a time locked simulation of life as it was,' which, in layman's terms, can be translated as the following: 'In 100 years, this is all of what might be left of where we are at now.' Go see this show  -- and make sure you see the second floor, too."

Through October 27th.

kusama_jasonschmidt_600.jpg© Yayoi Kusama. Photograph by Jason Schmidt. Courtesy of the Whitney.

Yayoi Kusama at the Whitney

"I had to go and see Yayoi Kusama at the Whitney before it closes at the end of this month.
Her installation 'Fireflies on the Water' consists of 150 tiny lights suspended over a reflecting pool within a small mirrored enclosure. Space appears infinite, with no beginning or end. Pure magic."

Through September 30th.

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