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Garbage Pail Kids, Joey Bada$$ and Last-Minute Gifts This Weekend in NYC


Friday, December 21 
LECTURE: Manuel DeLanda at Eyebeam 
Artist and philosopher DeLanda discusses his latest book, Philosophy and Simulation: the Emergence of Synthetic Reason (Bloomsbury) and the use of "genetic algorithms in architecture." 
Eyebeam Art + Technology Center, 540 West 21st Street, (212) 937-6580. 6-8 p.m. Free. 

MUSIC: Dum Dum Girls at Glasslands 
Dum Dum Girls' leader Dee Dee is one of our great contemporary melodists, as was evident on last year's album Only In Dreams and should be even more clear when she plays a solo acoustic set tonight. Also unplugging is Dee Dee's husband, Brandon Welchez of Crocodiles. 
Glasslands Gallery, 289 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, (718) 599-1590. 8:30 p.m. $12. Tickets here.  

FILM: The Garbage Pail Kids Movie at Nitehawk Cinema 
The gross-out answer to the Cabbage Patch Kids proved so popular that they spawned their own feature film in 1987, and what a mildly disturbing, pseudo-musical it turned out to be. Starring Mackenzie Astin, who would later play Jimmy Steinway in The Last Days of Disco
Nitehawk Cinema, 136 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, (718) 384-3980. 11:55 p.m. 97 minutes. $11. 

Saturday, December 22 
FILM: Anatomy of a Murder at Anthology Film Archives 
Equally treasured by law professors and film critics, Otto Preminger's 1959 courtroom drama stars James Stewart as the lawyer who must defend a man (Ben Gazzara) in the murder of his wife's rapist. The film features an original score by Duke Ellington (who also has a cameo). It screens this afternoon as part of Anthology Film's Gazzara retrospective.
Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Avenue, (212) 505-5181. 3:30 p.m. 160 minutes, 35 mm. $10. 

MUSIC: David Johansen at Bowery Electric
Between inspiring punk with the New York Dolls and punking lounge singers as Buster "Hot Hot Hot" Poindexter (not to mention his wild turn as the Ghost of Christmas Past in 1988's Scrooged), David Johansen released a string of underrated albums under his own name that showcase his outer-borough wit, broad melodies and bullfrog bluesman bellow. Expect songs from those and from the three 21st-century Dolls records as well as obscure R&B covers.
Bowery Electric, 327 Bowery, (212) 228-0228. 7 p.m. $25. Tickets here.

MUSIC: Joey Bada$$ at 285 Kent
Prodigious 17-year-old Brooklynite Joey Bada$$ drops multi-syllabic rhymes over boom-bap beats like it's 1995. He appears tonight with his crew, Pro Era (whose new mixtape drops Friday), including the new trio Super Helpful.
285 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn. 8 p.m. $12.

Sunday, December 23 
SHOPPING: Brooklyn Craft Central Holiday Market 
Really last-minute Christmas shoppers better get to Gowanus for this fair, which includes hot cocktails and pupusas as well as dozens of vendors. 
Littlefield, 622 Degraw Street, Brooklyn. 11 a.m.-5 p.m. 

ART: Inventing Abstraction at MoMA
This exhibition focuses on the new approach to artwork introduced a century ago by artists like Piet Mondrian and Kazimir Malevich. It includes not just paintings but books, sculpture, film, music and dance. 
Museum of Modern Art, 11 West 53rd Street, (212) 708-9400. 10:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. $25. Through April 15. 

Robert Altman's 1970 farce stars Donald Sutherland, Elliott Gould and Tom Skerritt as Army surgeons three miles from the front lines in Korea. Winner of the Palme D'Or and a commercial blockbuster, the film launched Altman's career (as well as his partnership with Gould) and spawned a long-running TV spinoff. 
IFC Center, 323 Sixth Avenue. 12 a.m. 116 minutes, 35 mm. $13.50. 

Bar d'O has its place as one of the seminal all live drag cabaret shows in NYC's nightlife history. It's so beloved that the crew that was behind its conception, including legendary performers like Joey Arias, Sherry Vine, and Raven O, reunites every year to celebrate the show. For the 8th anniversary celebration this Sunday, Arias and Vine will again be taking over former Bar d'O owner Jean-Marc Houmard's intimately classic Indochine for an anything-goes evening of music, laughs and the kind of top notch scandalous entertainment that's harder and hard to find in the city. 
$20. Indochine, on Lafayette. Sunday, December 23. 10 pm Reserve tickets: 212-505-5111

Morning Funnies: Here's Kim Kardashian In the New Tyler Perry Movie


Here's Kim Kardashian acting in the trailer for Tyler Perry's new movie, Tyler Perry's Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor. [Dlisted]

How will this man ever trust a trust fall again? [TastefullyOffensive]
Pizza Hut in Singapore is now serving "Double Sensation" pizza, which is basically a pizza WITHIN a pizza WITHIN the night terrors that wake Mario Batali screaming at 3 a.m. There are two crusts: One that is made of cheesy sausage and another that's just stuffed with a bunch of cheese. It's topped with turkey ham, sausage, smoked chicken, alfredo sauce, salsa, your endless, endless tears and a single maraschino cherry. [Gawker; BrandEating]

tumblr_mfc44jzIPq1qarjjvo1_400.gifDavid Gregory serving Aunt-Linda-dancing-at-your-sister's-wedding-after-four-martinis realness. HELL YES, MS. SEXY GURL! Give it to us. [LaughterKey]

tumblr_mfb6sfVjFf1qz4cuyo1_500.jpgMichael Stipe's gonna be raking in some sweet iTunes cash today. [afternoonsnoozebutton]

tumblr_mfc3byEjmp1qewacoo1_500.jpgHay, horse, hope you have plenty of apoca-oats in your foal out shelter. [TastefullyOffensive]

buzzedmakepage.jpgBehold, the buzzed buzzer: A party blower that only works when you're drunk. [LaughingSquid]

tumblr_mfczmuVyOE1qfvuj8o1_500.jpgThe crown jewel of ugly Christmas sweaters. [Coinfarts]

tumblr_mfd34lXXnj1qcqjd5o1_500.pngLay your weary head to rest on Cher's insane tweets. [Some-pig]

The best. Hope everyone gets their 210 empty water bottles this year. Morning Funnies will be back on January 2nd! [FYeahDementia]

Our Gift to You: Whitney Houston Performing "Do You Hear What I Hear" on the Tonight Show In 1990


We're winding up our year here at PAPER and spent the morning thinking about what oldie-but goodie video would be the right way to end 2012. We decided to use this version of  holiday classic "Do You Hear What I Hear," written back in 1962 by Noel Regney and Gloria Shayne and performed here by Whitney Houston on the Tonight Show in 1990. As the song says: "Pray for peace, people everywhere." Have a happy holiday and and a great new year!

Our Top 10 Year-End Music Lists

Let it be known that we have a particular distaste for writing year-end music lists, but we love to read them! Here are our picks for the top 10 year-end music lists of 2012, ranked in descending order...

10. Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone's year-end list usually reads like it was written by your uncle who plays bass in a Huey Lewis cover band, but keeps up with current music trends to maintain his cool. This year's no different. We're impressed that RS included Titus Andronicus and Dirty Projectors, but not surprised that they ranked Dr. John and Bonnie Raitt higher up on the list.

No. 1: Bruce Springsteen
Where Frank Ocean charted: No. 2

9. NME

Just understand that the writers at NME (our favorite trashy UK music rag) who compiled this list listened to nothing but Beady Eye this year. So take it with a grain of salt.

No. 1: Tame Impala
Where Frank Ocean charted: No. 3

8. Pitchfork

Animal Collective put an album out this year, and they're not on this list?! Who are you, and what have you done with the real Pitchfork???

No. 1: Kendrick Lamar
Where Frank Ocean charted: No. 2

7. Vibe

Since almost every year-end list in 2012 worships Kendrick Lamar, Miguel and Frank Ocean, the good folks at Vibe compiled this list of the "15 most slept on" artists of the year, i.e. musicians that didn't get enough love, not that you slept on top of. We were especially stoked to see PAPER's Spring 2012 cover girl Nicki Minaj land on this list.

No. 1: [no rankings]
Where Frank Ocean charted: [nowhere, which was the point!]

6. Decibel

If you're wondering how bands like Pig Destroyer, Satan's Wrath, Municipal Waste and Cattle Decapitation fared this year, check out this list by the excellent metal mag Decibel. Joking aside, it was an excellent year for metal, and releases by Converge, Baroness, Neurosis and Witchcraft deserve your attention!

No. 1: Converge
Where Frank Ocean charted: [not ranked]

5. Spin

Anytime we take a peek at a Spin year-end list, we half expect to see the Lemonheads and Tripping Daisy on there. But Spin has moved on from its '90s heyday (unlike others, ahem, Rolling Stone) -- their top two are the same as Pitchfork's, but flipped.

No. 1: Frank Ocean
Where Frank Ocean charted: SEE ABOVE

4. AV Club

The Onion AV Club, home to the most demented commenters on the Internet, wrote up an excellent hodgepodge of 2012's finest LPs -- although Jack White coming in at No. 6 is a little high for our tastes (or maybe we're still bitter about the $65 ticket we bought to see White play at Radio City Music Hall for 45 MINUTES). Not over that one quite yet.

No. 1: Frank Ocean
Where Frank Ocean charted: SEE ABOVE

3. NPR

You'd think an NPR year-end list would only feature Decemberists knockoffs. But NPR's favorite albums of 2012 achieves what a year-end list should. It presents a wide variety of excellent music that you're probably not familiar with, but should be. And it's the only list where you'll find the San Francisco Symphony listed alongside Ty Segall. Also, kudos to these radio geeks for not numbering the list.

No. 1: There isn't one.
Where Frank Ocean charted: He's on there, but it's not numbered.

2. Stereogum

Stereogum's list includes 50 artists, like others on this list, but in our humble opinion, it's the only one where all 50 belong on the list. Stoked to see PAPER fave Jessie Ware at No. 5.

No. 1: Fiona Apple
Where Frank Ocean charted: No. 2

1. Billboard

Who better to determine the best LPs of 2012 than the people who know exactly what you're buying? As much as you'd hate to admit it, Taylor Swift should be in any 2012 top 10 list. You're just trying hard to be cool if you don't include her. Billboard's list also includes Beach House, Cloud Nothings and Cat Power alongside Swift and the Boss. It's the truest sampling of the year's best.

No. 1: Frank Ocean
Where Frank Ocean charted: SEE ABOVE

More Year-End Lists:

Top 15 Celebrity Bulges of 2012
The Best and Worst Films of 2012

Note From David: After the Storm

davidphotodec.jpgIt was a dark and stormy night.

Of course, I'm talking about Sandy, that blowhard of a storm that surged into our lives and ripped us apart. Once again, downtown New York proved to have its own ecosystem, blacking out while the rest of Manhattan continued to bathe in its electric glow. But as hard as it was to make do without power, the aftermath will linger long after we're back in our heated apartments waiting for the takeout to arrive. From restaurants to law firms to galleries to boutiques to theaters, businesses were flooded, merchandise, art and food destroyed. Homes and livelihoods were lost.

After 9/11, a wave of introspection swept across the mediascape. One pundit famously declared the end of irony, and now, more than a decade later, we understand the epic failure of that prediction. Anyone been on Twitter recently? Will the lessons of Sandy also soon be forgotten, this teachable moment allowed to pass as if it never happened?

Maybe not. Like 9/11, whose post-bombing stench still lives in our consciousness, we will not soon forget the post-Sandy days of quiet desperation, reading by candlelight and combing the streets for a hot cup of coffee. At home with my wife and kids, we lived unplugged, playing cards and listening to a battery-powered radio, leaving us with nostalgia for the good old days and a hunger for the return of our comforts.

With the presidential election behind us, let's credit Sandy with helping to carry our flag bearer across the finish line. In a world -- not to mention an election -- dominated by corporate and oligarchic interests, Mother Nature came a-calling to remind us of our priorities, putting people over profits. Sandy brought the theoretical conversation about Obama versus Romney into stark reality. The storm, followed by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's resounding praise for President Obama's leadership and priorities, most likely helped hurricane-prone Florida fall to the Dems. Americans everywhere -- Democrats and Republicans alike -- impressed by their President's response, knew in their hearts that the man who would shut down FEMA was not the person you would want to lead us through a natural disaster. Gov. Christie, to his credit, recognized this.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg played the part of the competent executive to perfection, a calm and collected presenter talking to the media, only to stumble badly when it came to decide whether or not to postpone the annual New York City Marathon. Saying that the marathon was needed to bring money into the city, he set himself up for defeat. The race was another victim of Sandy's surge, swept away in the tide of public outrage against anyone who would put profits before people.

The Sandy aftermath is expected to play a significant part in city politics for years to come. Our next major exercise in citizenship will be the 2013 mayoral election. With the only clear-cut candidate being Democratic City Council Speaker Christine Quinn (Bloomberg's handpicked successor following a deal presumed to have been made when she did not oppose Bloomberg's third-term machinations). Feeling more vulnerable than ever, New Yorkers will be voting for the candidate who can best protect us from the elements, an issue that Governor Cuomo has already embraced, perhaps looking to the 2016 presidential ticket. Suddenly the door for the mayoral throne is cracked open and we can look in to see who will walk through it.

For a few minutes during Hurricane Sandy, as the waters, less than a block from my apartment, flowed like a river down Avenue C, I flashed on The Day After Tomorrow, the disaster movie that depicts a city wasted by floods. Fortunately, that did not happen in real life. The water stopped rising and people went back to piecing their lives together, rudely awakened to the new reality of extreme weather behavior. Inevitably, a semblance of normalcy returns, our concerns about the weather resolved by trips to the tropics or the ski mountain. Even the New Yorkers whose lives have been more severely uprooted -- those still struggling in the Rockaways, Staten Island or on the New Jersey coastline -- will one day return to the old normal.

The resiliency of New Yorkers was tested again, and it turns out we can take a punch. Even when living our anonymous existences, dependent on powers beyond our control, we can turn to our neighbors, relatives and even strangers to help us through the storm. Let's hold on to that feeling.

Photographed by Dan Monick

Gift Guide: Broadway Lovers Edition

Screen shot 2012-12-17 at 5.54.36 PM.pngBeing a Broadway baby ourselves, we've collected some gift ideas that are perfect for those family members of yours who have Broadway chorus boys dancing in their heads. *Warning: just because it's obvious to you that your Glee-obsessed nephew is in the closet, that does not mean he's ready to come out in front of Grandpa, so please use discretion when leaving a Les Mis tote in his stocking.

The Book of Mormon: The Testament of a Broadway Musical. $45 at amazon.com. This book, documenting the first year of the hit musical from the South Park guys includes beautiful photos of the show by Joan Marcus and exclusive interviews with the cast including its stars, Andrew Rannells and Josh Gad.

Broadway: The American Musical Blu-Ray. $39.99 at pbs.org. This six-part series about the history of Broadway hosted by Julie Andrews, which originally aired on PBS, is a Broadway Baby's Christmas miracle.

Playbill binder. $13.95 at playbillstore.com. For the Broadway lover in your life, who insists on saving every Playbill from every show, whether it's the ones the want to remember (Gypsy starring Patti Lupone) or the ones they're trying to forget (Wonderland).

a20791e1357de826746869_m.JPG Fiddler on the Roof music box. $6.00 at etsy.com. We're not sure what song from Fiddler this little guy plays, we love every song in the 1964 musical, so it's sure to be a good surprise.

il_570xN.367414428_gsb3.jpgOnce: A New Musical (Original Cast Recording). $9.99 at amazon.com. This sentimental cast recording of the 2012 Tony Award-winning musical is great gift for the one you love, who will always love Broadway more.

51ggmcGUd3L._SS400_.jpgLittle orphan Annie ornament: $40 at anniethemusicalshop.com and Gwen Verdon as Sweet Charity ornament: $55 at the playbillstore.com. If only these cute little ornaments played music... Oh the songs they'd sing! We are especially partial to the Gwen Verdon ornament because a portion of the proceeds goes to Broadway Cares Equity Fights Aids.

Screen shot 2012-12-17 at 5.15.57 PM.pngPhantom of the Opera and Christine 25 Yrs. figurine. $65 at sanfranciscomusicbox.com. The Andrew-Lloyd Webber musical is celebrating it's 25th anniversary on Broadway this year, so what better way to commemorate this milestone than with this limited-edition figurine that plays the Phantom of the Opera classic, "Music of the Night."

media.jpgLes Miserables "One Day More" tote bag. $15 at playbill.com.au. If you've turned on the TV in the last month you will know that Les Mis has become part of the cultural lexicon, thanks to the film version, starring every Hollywood star who can remotely croak out a tune, that is expected to clean up at the Oscars this year. So there's no better time than to wear your love of Broadway on your sleeve shoulder.

lesmis_bag_1__08907_std.jpgBroadway Tails by Bill Berloni. $19.95 at Theater Circle, 268 W 44th St., New York. This book by animal trainer Bill Berloni is for your animal activist and Broadway lover friends. From Sandy in Annie (including the current Sandy on Broadway) to Bruiser in Legally Blonde, Berloni rescues dogs and turns them into stars. In this updated version of his 2008 book of the same name, he recounts funny tales of the many tails he's saved and trained for a life on the stage, which includes his search of shelters throughout America for the current Sandy in the 2012 revival of Annie. With a special forward by dog lover and Broadway legend Bernadette Peters!
Screen shot 2012-12-14 at 4.05.16 PM.png

Eight Items or Less: Dieter Roth to Open at Hauser & Wirth

1. The bodies of the infamous killers who inspired Truman Capote's "In Cold Blood" were exhumed on Wednesday to check their DNA for possible involvement in another mass murder. (Live Science)

2. The first exhibit at the new Hauser & Wirth space in the old Roxy nightclub at 511 West 18th Street opens on Wednesday, January 23, 6 to 8 p.m. The show, "Dieter Roth/Bjorn Roth," will include over 100 objects created since the '70s by the German-born artist Dieter and his son. The gallery has also scheduled major shows in 2013 by Paul McCarthy, Roni Horn and Mathew Day Jackson.

3. The two-story building that housed PAPER's office from circa 1986 to 1996 was just sold for $150,000,000. It's at the corner of Broadway and Spring Street in SoHo and will now be torn down. (NYP, photo from Google Maps)

4. Nine buildings whose owners refused to sell out to developers, including this one in Chongqing.

5. "Gangnam Style" has become the first video to rack up a billion YouTube views.

6. Check out the trailer for The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, where Steve Carell and Jim Carrey play rival magicians. (via Pop Culture Brain)

GIFs of the Week: The End of the World Didn't Happen + How to Cut Pizza

Welcome to our Friday GIF roundup, featuring a collection of this week's most important, amusing and/or newsy GIFs and GIFsets by Mike Hayes of Buzzfeed and Gifhound.

iYwiJt7wI9LSN.gifStressed? Please sit back, relax, and enjoy the GIFs of the week. [via Imgur]

tumblr_mfdjo7ZrOt1qb72tfo1_250.gifThis GIF is mesmerizing and I have no idea what it means or is. [via Max Labor]

tumblr_mfbj793zmM1qakrdzo2_250.gifIn other news, something was supposed to happen today that didn't happen. [via Unalike]

tumblr_lmm9r5kC451qg51mgo1_500.gifWhoa. [via Change the World Laugh]

-1.gifThis was one of the best fake things that happened in 2012. [via 4 GIFs]

uPick Win - Trampoline Wall-Walking
When do you go from “like a boss” to “actually a boss”? Because he may have done it.

New sport, kids: Trampoline Wall-Walking. [via College Humor]

the-40-greatest-dog-gifs-of-2012-6z51-1.gifChill, bro. [via Buzzfeed]

Did you know that you've been cutting pizza wrong this whole time? [via Nedroid Comics]

Dachshund-Playing-With-Toy-Penguin.gifI'm terrified of this penguin, too. [via Gifrific]

hZYv9.gifAnd lastly, an inspirational moment... [via Imgur]

Kim Hastreiter: 10 Things That Inspired Me in 2012

1) Mission Chinese kung pao pastrami [Image via Yelp]

2) My H&M Margiela silver candy-wrapper bag [Image via High Snobette]

3) Playing "White Christmas" on the glockenspiel at Carnegie Hall this month with Pink Martini.

4) My three-year-old Dandie Dinmont terrier "Sweetie," whom I rescued last April.

5) Andy Cohen and his Bravo TV insanity especially Reza on Shahs of Sunset, Phaedra on Real Housewives of Atlanta and Martyn on Million-Dollar Decorators. [photo by Kevin Tachman]

6) The hi-tech L.E.D. flickering "candle" called "My New Flame" that designer Ingo Maurer gave me for my birthday (a colab by Maurer and Moritz Waldmeyer)

7) Joe Biden's balls when he spoke his mind and shamed the president into supporting marriage equality. I wish he'd do the same thing now to the president about addressing gun regulation.

8) The incredible Louis Vuitton escalator finale in Paris last Fall. [Photo © Catwalkpictures.com]

9) The extraordinary Barry McGee retrospective installation at the Berkeley Art Museum. [Photo by Sibila Savage]

10) The Humphry Slocombe ice cream booth at the crazy PAPER Super(Duper)Market I curated this past summer. My favorite flavors: Jesus Juice (red wine and Coca-Cola) and Secret Breakfast (corn flakes and rum).

Rebecca Smeyne's Favorite Photos From The Year

We asked PAPER photographer Rebecca Smeyne to share her favorite photos that ran on Papermag.com in 2012. Below, she shares some of her favorites and chats with us about her year.

peggybunnymuseum.jpgpeggydogshow.jpgPeggy Noland out and about in L.A. from Peggy Noland's La-La Land: Out and About in L.A. with the Wonderfully Weird Fashion Designer and LA Boutique Dog Show is Brimming With Bizarro Fun


breakinparty2.jpgFrom Liturgy (Almost) Plays a Break-In Party at the Old Secret Project Robot in Williamsburg

cartier2.jpgCouple dancing while James Murphy DJs. From Cartier Celebrates Aldo Cipullo's Iconic "Juste Un Clou" Bracelet & New Exhibition, "New York City in the 70s"

patfieldbbq.jpgPatricia Field's rooftop BBQ was memorable. That scene is club-kid-oriented, drag queen-oriented.  Usually you only see these kinds of looks well after midnight.To be able to see those people outside, during the day, on a sunny rooftop, is great. It's just a different setting. And there were lots of hot dogs and wiener jokes.

From Patricia Field's Global Warming BBQ was a Big Weiner, er, Winner

pussyriot.jpgDancing at the Pussy Riot benefit. From Permanent Wave's Pussy Riot Benefit With Ad-Rock, Shady Hawkins, Heliotropes + More

pride.jpgTaxi driver with a pride flag. From Scenes from Pride 2012


sensationAmsterdam.jpgSensation party. From A "Sensation" of a Party in Amsterdam (and It's Brooklyn-bound)

refused.jpg Refused on stage. From Refused and OFF! Play a Small Greenpoint Club After Waterfront Show Is Rained-Out

devhynes.jpgDev Hynes. From Dev Hynes and More at Suzanne Geiss Company's Blasting Voice.                       

creativetimesandTomSachs.jpgCreative Time had a sandcastle building competition with artists in Rockaway Beach,  and the photos are so much more special now since that area was wiped out by Hurricane Sandy. One of the artists, Dustin Yellin, had his entire studio devastated. A lot's changed since this took place. This was a happy moment with the creative community and that area of the Rockaways that's recently become a hot spot for the creative community. It was also cool to see these art world big wigs just hanging out, mixing with the locals. Tom Sachs, who is conceptually brilliant, decided to dig a hole to China for his sandcastle. To me, that was art happening in real time. It was conceptual, physical and totally in the public eye. And then you have these local children coming up to him and admonishing him for using a generator. They were like, "That's cheating!" Seeing Tom Sachs get yelled at by 12-year-olds kind of levels the playing field. That was a fun day.

From Tom Sachs, Dustin Yellin and More Compete in Creative Time's Artist Sand Castle Contest

bronycon.jpg I found about Bronies through Andrew W.K. when I was doing an at-hom shoot with him for PAPER. I knew it had to do with My Little Pony, but I didn't really understand what Bronies were. So Andrew W.K. helped me understand them (and he wrote about them for you guys, too). There was a Brony convention in New Jersey a few weeks later and I went. It was fascinating. I'm always interested in subcultures. And Bronies and Bronycon are different than what you see at Comic-Con. Comic-Con is all comic-book characters, and people have always been into comic-book characters. This is different. To see people embrace something which really wouldn't make sense to an outsider is always interesting.

From Scenes From Summer BronyCon 2012

javast.jpgThe 18 Java St. farewell party. From Pictureplane, Dope Body, Mykki Blanco + More Bid Farewell to 18 Java St


fashionsnightout.jpgFashion's Night Out is always a crazy thing. This shot is a portrait of two girls I saw on the street who were all dressed up. To me, the most interesting thing about Fashion's Night Out is just the physical hordes of people who come out in the SoHo area. It gives people who are interested in this world a shot to go to parties at boutiques or party with the designers, who don't have a connections or know the right people. And, you know, it's also because a lot of stores are giving away stuff. It's just a big, bizarre thing and the events get weirder and weirder every year. It's a spectacle on so many levels.

From Scenes from Fashion's Night Out 2012

betseyjohnsonbackstage.jpgThis shoot was a highlight of my year. Only a handful of photographers had access backstage and most photographers just don't get that access. You're really getting a behind-the-scenes look at Fashion Week. It was also one of the shows that's just more over the top. Just in terms of Betsey Johnson's style and that brand's style -- the colors, the accessories, the frilliness. It's big. There were 100 looks. Most fashion shows don't have that many looks, that many models. There's also not usually a pig backstage. Normally at fashion shows you get to shoot first looks, the first outfits that go down the runway, and then you get kicked out. You only get a few minutes and you're competing with so many other photographers. But here, I didn't get kicked out.

From Betsey Johnson's 70th Birthday Party + Massive Fashion Retrospective

openingceremonylilkim.jpgLil' Kim posing for photographers. From Opening Ceremony's Epic 10-Year Anniversary Party

bushwig.jpgDrag performance at Bushwig. From Bushwig, Bushwick's First Annual Drag Festival


nightspa.jpgThe scene inside Nightspa. From Getting Steamy at New Party, Nightspa

princerama2.jpgPrince Rama's workout session. From Prince Rama + More at Nuit Blanche New York's Autumn Bowl

malingerniguvula01.jpgThis was taken at a Malingering Uvula party at the Knockdown Center in Maspeth. The space itself is stunning. I've never been anywhere like it in New York. You feel like you're in Berlin on the outskirts of town. The fact that the people who own Knockdown Center are putting on interesting performance art and installations with basically no budget is really impressive. They don't have any funding for help with promotions and the fact that they can make this stuff still happen and bring people out there is impressive. It's only a 15-minute walk from the Jefferson L train stop, but it's a very desolate area.

From Mac 'n' Cheese Butt Plugs + More at Crazy Dinner Party/Art Installation Malingering Uvula

triphouse.jpgInside Trip House. From "Trip House" Gender Blender Mixes Up Bushwick Nightlife

freshbasel.jpgfreshbasel3.jpgfreshbaselmattstone.jpgArt Basel was amazing this year. Villa Vecchia was a highlight of my year. It was this beautiful estate -- who doesn't like beautiful estates? -- and the Hole filled it with artwork. The Hole was promoting the artist Holton Rower's work pretty heavily in Miami this year. I liked the work just in the booth at the fairs, but to see it installed in that setting was really cool. The fact that they were having parties there as well was cool. It wasn't like the stuck-up gallery crowd. It was more of the young, New York avant-garde scene -- the people are struggling to get there financially. Young artists and kids are shacking up in roach-infested motels and putting on their craziest looks just to go out every night and be a part of that scene. That's interesting to me.

From Night and Day at "Fresh Basel" in Miami Beach

art basel pool parties.jpgFrom Scenes from the Art Basel Miami NADA Pool Party + More ... 

What were some of the crazier parties you shot for Paper this year?
One of the crazier things this year was definitely the Opening Ceremony Party. I've encountered a lot of wild parties and shows over the years, but this was different. Usually when you're shooting a celebrity, like Lil' Kim, someone so famous that everyone wants to get close to, there's some kind of barrier in place. But there wasn't. It was just me right up against the stage with all of these models, and fancy industry people freaking out over Lil' Kim.

The same goes with the Alexander Wang after-party, it was like Die Antwoord jumping out into the crowd among all of these famous fashion people.They were getting champagne sprayed in their face and really getting wild. I'm used to those kinds of settings, but not those types of settings with that particular crowd.

Do you like being in fancy settings like that? Or do you prefer more of the underground stuff you cover in Brooklyn?
I like variety in shooting things in general. But I think it's interesting to take a candid look at the more buttoned-up crowd, the museum crowds, the fashion crowds. Typically people shoot these things and it's posed and service-y looking. I try to get something a little more real than that. In terms of photography in general, that's my take, but I think it's especially interesting when it comes to these chic crowds who are used to posing. The big trick about it is waiting for the end of the evening when everyone has been drinking for a couple of hours, and then no one cares anymore. But I'm not trying to make anyone look bad. I delete things that I think are unflattering.

Do you ask people before you take their picture?
Not very often. It kind of depends on the situation. When I am shooting for you guys I'm asking less frequently, because you give me the freedom to publish more of the candid types of shots. But sometimes I like to get more portrait shots, like the Latex Ball, which I cover every year. I like to get portraits of the people on site and mix it up.

Are you ever like 'I'm so tired, and I really don't want to stay here and wait for this band to go on at 4 a.m.?'
All the time.

How do you find the energy to go out so often?
I'm usually fine once I'm out. Since I have a lot of freedom in what I shoot for PAPER and for other people, I'm usually shooting stuff that I'm already interested in on a personal level. It's not like I'm shooting a stranger's wedding or a corporate event. But at the same time I have trouble getting myself out of the house sometimes. You get worn out.

I saw a tweet you wrote about someone repeatedly trying to touch your butt while you were taking photos at a show. Is that something that you have to deal with often while you're doing your job?
No. I was shooting the band Japandroids at Bowery Ballroom and the crowd was mostly made up of these big, aggressive guys. It seemed like was just all guys in general; a crowd of entirely men. I'm used to shooting mosh pits, I'm used to that whole territory, but I'm not used to them trying to stick their fingers up my butt while I'm trying to do my job. They're just doing it because they're in a position to do it and know they can get away with it. The crowd is so heavy and moving around so much behind you that you can't know who it is. It could be one of several people. And when the crowd is really wild and moving around a lot, I'm just not trying to fall over while getting my shots at the same time.

It doesn't happen a lot. And it doesn't necessarily happen when I'm shooting, either. It's more about being in big crowds. I remember being at a temple in India once in a really heavy crowd of mostly men and teenage boys and I was getting felt up left and right. It's really just any situation where people think they have anonymity.

Do you ever walk into an event and think, 'This is going to produce great photos?' Or is it always a gamble?
You don't know. There's a huge element of discovery. You just have to go out there and explore and respond to things. In my work I get a lot of action shots, so I'm looking for people dancing and being wild. I gravitate toward people with crazy looks but there's also the quiet, solitary moments you can spot within the craziness.

What do you say when people say New York's not cool any more? Or that Brooklyn is becoming too much like Manhattan?
I'd say 'Go eat some mac and cheese butt plugs at the Knockdown Center.' Come to the jogging tour of Bushwick. There's more happening than I can get a handle on or go to. There's so much.

Paper's Insta-Walgreens Gift Guide

You know who has lots of last-minute gifts? Walgreens! Inspired by our Instagift guide, the Papermag.com staff stopped our local Wags on 34th and 5th to pick out some treats. Happy holidays!

Mickey's picks:
walphoto(26).JPGPrimi Frutti Semi Sparkling Aromatized Wine Product in Peach ($6.49)
The name sounded so horrifying, I couldn't resist.

walphoto(30).JPGSponge Bob Chia Pet ($19.99)
A Chia Pet seems like such an item for the time capsule, but make it a Sponge Bob Chia Pet  and it seems like the freshest gift in the store!

walphoto(34).JPGSlippers ($11.99)
I'd like to walk down to check the mail in these little leopard slippers. It would scare the neighbors and boost my fashion cred simultaneously.

walphoto(31).JPGJack Nicklaus Lemonade ($1)
The Golden Bear is golf legend Jack Nicklaus and I think Abby looks pretty cool holding this jumbo can of Golden Bear lemonade. It's the new malt liquor!

walphoto(36).JPGHarley Davidson Bag ($3.49)
I like putting the gayest of gay gifts into this bad-ass Harley Davidson gift bag. It confuses people.

walphoto(35).JPGMurray's Superior Hair Dressing Pomade ($3.99.)
The packaging is magnificent. I couldn't resist.

walphoto(37).JPGTaylor Swift Notebook ($3.99)
Even though we're never ever getting back together, I think Taylor looks cute on this notebook and it makes it look like I'm up to date with music trends.

Elizabeth's picks:
walgreensphoto(14).JPG Vibrator ($14.99)

walgreenswildthing.jpgWild Thing Pencil Pouch ($4.99)
I like these because you can also use them as makeup/toiletries bags.

wagsphoto(14).jpgBigelow teas ($3.19)
The boxes are bright and cheerful and everyone likes tea. Mickey says that this pick shows I have bad taste, but I think the red and green colors here are fun and festive.

Partyanimal.pngParty Animal Dancing Pet Speaker ($24.99)
This stuffed cat plugs into your phone or iPod and struts to whatever music you play. There is also a dog version that looks like a giant gerbil.

walphoto(20).JPGArctic zone skateboarder lunch bag ($7.99)
For the cool dudes in your life.

walphoto(19).JPGMagician's Cereal Marshmallows (2 for $3)
A lot of us are going on vacation for the next week and should be able to eat any garbage we want. Put these in your Kashi Go Lean and relaxxx.

walphoto(18).JPGFriendly Christmas unicorn. Price upon request.

Abby's Picks:

walgreens3.jpgIron Skillet Cookie Gift Set (Chocolate Chip; $9.99)

walgreens4.jpg"Dream Tones" Night Light & Sound Machine ($14.99)

walgreens5.jpgOrnament ($1)

walgreens9.jpgNyQuil 2 Pack (kinda a joke but it's also flu season!; $19.99)

walgreens10.jpgDog bone ($1)

walgreens16.jpgShimmer Glitter Tattoos (As Seen on TV; $9.99)

walgreens17.jpg"Leg Lamp" Hanging Clip with Sound ($6.99)

walgreens18.jpgPretzel Party ($3.99)

Jonah's Picks:

karaokemachine.jpgKaraoke Machine ($49.99) + Slow Cooker ($8.99):
Why bother going out on New Year's? For one-third the price of a Jay-Z Barclays ticket, your loved one can throw his or her own party with this slow cooker (mmm chili) and karaoke machine, which comes with a "microphone, demo disc & 5 bonus songs" but whose packaging makes sure to note "TV not included."

My Blueberry Nights DVD (price unknown):
I haven't seen Wong Kar-Wai's 2008 drama, but according to the packaging our film critic Dennis Dermody called it "beautiful, romantic and hopeful." Maybe that's why the soundtrack's been lying around our office.

Taylor Swift, Red CD ($13.99):
Because it made the year-end lists at Rolling Stone, Spin, and Billboard but isn't available on Spotify, Rhapsody or Rdio.

Tim McGraw fragrance collection ($19.99):
The namesake of Swift's first single gets into the fragrance market. Waylon Jennings must be spinning in his grave.

The TV Set DVD (price unknown):
This movie is dope. It's got a fat, bearded David Duchovny playing what seems like a Freaks & Geeks-era Judd Apatow (the film was written and directed by Freaks alum Jake Kasdan) and a fierce Sigourney Weaver as the antagonistic network exec. Also Judy Greer, whom everybody loves. Probably the best TV-industry takedown since Network.

Walgreen's gift card ($5-500):
Sometimes choosing one thing is just too hard.

Scenes From Sufjan Stevens'"Christmas Sing-A-Long Seasonal Affective Disorder Yuletide Disaster Pageant On Ice"

IMG_4266.jpgSufjan Stevens wrapped up a month-long Christmas tour billed "The Surfjohn Stevens Christmas Sing-A-Long Seasonal Affective Disorder Yuletide Disaster Pageant On Ice," last night at Bowery Ballroom. Stevens opened the show by welcoming the audience "to the Christmas insanity," and, well, that's exactly what followed. Like his recent 59-track Christmas music box set Silver and Gold, Stevens' two-hour show was all over the place: The evening featured a mix of seasonal hits determined by a giant spinning game show-style wheel to the side of the stage, odd re-vampings of classics (including an awesome vocoder-assisted deconstruction of "Do You See What I See?"), confetti, and general Sufjanian whimsy and silliness. Stevens closed the set with his 13-minute "I'm the Christmas Unicorn," an ode to the "mythical mess" that is The Holidays, wearing a balloon costume and dancing on his piano while inflatable unicorns and Santa Clauses rained down from the balconies. At one point Stevens told a story about dreaming of "normal" Christmases when he was young, but instead his hippie parents gave him and his siblings satchels of healing crystals. But despite our best efforts, Christmas is rarely a normal experience for anyone and few seem to embrace that more than Stevens. Check out our photos below.

IMG_4110.jpgRosie Thomas, who performed in Stevens' Christmas band, opened the show with a stand-up set as her spazzy alter-ego Sheila Caputo.


Chris Black's Favorite Blogs Of 2012

We asked Chris Black of Done to Death and Words For Young Men (and our "You Should Check Out" column) to tell us his favorite blogs of 2012. Here they are.

1) Post New

A well-designed site that covers fashion, film, architecture, culture and fashion. I guarantee you will see something you like.

2) Identical Eye 

Twin sisters Karen and Sara Brown fill their blog with beautiful images that cover a range of subjects from the southwest to their favorite interiors and editorials.

3) Into the Gloss 

A fantastic collection of images from the team behind fashion/beauty website The Gloss.

4) My Live Journal Sucks

Ryan O'Connell from Thought Catalog has kept his Tumblr a secret until very recently. You will laugh, you will cry, you will take Xanax.

5) Everyday Workshop

Everyday Workshop is a creative studio based in New York City and their Tumblr is a study in smart and intriguing design.

6) Coverjunkie -

Magazine covers from all over the world, organized for your perusal.

7) The Quietus 

"Here to give music ranging from dubstep, death metal and post punk to hip-hop, pop and spacerock the coverage it deserves."

8) Dear Coquette

My favorite advice column. Brash, to the point and almost always right.

9) Wax Wane

10) An informative look at men's clothing and style from writer Jake Gallagher, who is wise beyond his years.

11) Maggie Harrsen 

Serene photos that explore the relationship between nature and self from the Amagansett-based photographer Maggie Harrsen.

12) The Lively Morgue 

A Tumblr showcasing photographs from The New York Times's archives. Doesn't get much better.

Screenshot via Into the Gloss.

The Top 10 Dishes I Can't Get Out of My Head

20120215_REST-slide-57V2-blog480.jpgI've eaten so many good meals this year, and while some of them are a blur, a few dishes haunt my dreams. In no particular order:
1. The soft-as-a-whisper braised beef tongue with aioli at M. Wells Dinette.

2. Tingly tea-smoked chicken that almost blew my head off at Mission Chinese Food.
3. Unbelievably creamy black beans with avocado leaves at Fonda.
4. Full belly Ipswich clam rolls at Littleneck.

5. Super-tender short ribs crisped up in the wood-burning oven at Il Buco Alimentari (pictured above).

6. Kung pao chicken sandwich with a spicy, juicy kick at Northeast Kingdom.

7. Handmade burrata with black fig & smoked chili -- oh, and the organic chicken liver mousse with dried cherries and Marcona almonds -- and also the butter drenched in honey served with warm bread at Arthur on Smith.
8. Fried pig tails (yes, pig tails) with hush puppies at Brooklyn Star.
9. Smoked trout spread, fresh herbs, saltines (the nation's most underrated cracker), cornichons and smoked salt at Extra Fancy.

10. The wonderfully weird shrimp and bison with pickled wild grapes at Acme.

Alia Akkam: The 10 Best Cocktails I Drank This Year

tumblr_md57u5UkkQ1qf6jy9o1_500.jpgBarraged with cocktails all year long, many of the libations I sipped over the past 12 months have faded from memory, completely unremarkable. While a few were downright deplorable, a whole lot were delicious, some of which I've already featured in past Cocktail of the Week write-ups, and some of which I've singled out here as among the best drinks I savored in 2012.

1). It's hard not to swoon when a cocktail is placed before you on the NoMad's sexy mahogany bar. Leo Robitschek's creations are a delicious work of art, but it is the Morning Glory Fizz I revere for its simplicity: the mélange of Scotch, absinthe and lemon juice underneath a crown of frothy egg white (too) easily glides down.

2). Hissing liquid nitrogen is commonplace at Booker & Dax, Dave Arnold's chemistry lab of a bar. In the bright green Bangkok Daiquiri, Thai basil is frozen with it, then muddled into a powder and melded with lime juice and white rum. Like all proper daiquiris, it is tart and refreshing, yet this version is heightened by the basil's herbaceous allure.

3.) Mexico meets Spain in the Palo Negro, an elegant, autumnal tequila aperitif softened by Palo Cortado sherry that bartender Ivy Mix dreamed up for Clover Club. Blackstrap rum and Grand Marnier keep a spectrum of flavors unfolding.

4.) Pouring Ribbons, from the talented men behind Alchemy Consulting, is undoubtedly the most captivating new bar to make its mark on New York this year; I've yet to sample any drink less than thrilling. One favorite that has graced the menu since it opened its doors is Death & Taxes. Dorothy Parker gin is masterfully balanced by a swirl of fruits and florals in the form of Clear Creek Blue Plum brandy, lavender-infused vermouth and grapefruit bitters.

5.) You can't go wrong with a gin quaff at the Shanty; its Dorothy Parker and Perry Tot varieties are made on the same grounds at New York Distilling Company. The cocktail my thoughts return to, however, is the boozy Half-Fool: robust rye whiskey accentuated by aquavit, amaro and bitters.

6.) In September, Franky Marshall, bartender at the Tippler and Monkey Bar, participated in a cocktail competition. Her 53 Souvenirs -- which I fell for that evening -- snagged second place for its heady blend of Louis Royer Force 53 Cognac and Pedro Ximenez sherry, deepened by a daub of walnut oil and Angostura and chocolate chili bitters. While it's not on the menu at the Tippler, Marshall is happy to whip one up for curious imbibers.

7.) The unlikely combination of fresh kale juice and tequila, along with lime juice, agave nectar and smoked sea salt, finds its triumphant groove at the Wayland. Here, Jason Mendenhall's Garden Variety Margarita, with its vibrant green hue and spicy ginger bite, could double as a cold-zapping elixir. 

8.) Murray Hill, a neighborhood I usually flee from, is increasingly becoming more interesting, thanks to the arrival of boîtes like Middle Branch. On a hot summer night I grew besotted with the crisp Star Daisy, which slaked my thirst with applejack, gin, curacao and lemon juice.

9.) At first I was skeptical of Empellón Cocina's Sweep the Leg, thinking its mix of jackfruit, shochu and Xtabentun -- a honey-flavored Mayan liqueur -- would be too sweet for my palate. But the gloriously smoky Ilegal mezcal rescues it with its intriguing depth.

10.) It may not contain any booze, but the effervescent tamarind drinking vinegar at Pok Pok NY, equal parts sweet and sour, is so fitting a companion to Andy Ricker's fiery food, it's a satisfying excuse to detox.

GIFs of the Week: GIFs of the Year Edition!

Welcome to our Friday GIF roundup, featuring a collection of this week's most important, amusing and/or newsy GIFs and GIF sets by Mike Hayes of Buzzfeed and Gifhound.

It was a good...no, great year for GIFs. Maybe the best. Below, my top 10.


1.) Dog GIF of the year. Definitely. [IRaffIRuse]


2.) The Best Frank Ocean GIF on Tumblr, brought to you by Frank Ocean, the man who won Tumblr in 2012. [hanzohasashigunzo]


3.) The Best/Worst Moment of Andy Cohen's year is one of the best GIFs of 2012. [realitytvgifs]


4.) Obama stumping in the rain was Obama's best GIF from the 2012 campaign trail. [gifhound]


5.) McKayla Maroney's perfect moment. Sporting GIF of the year, clearly. [buzzfeed] 


6.) Hillary Clinton GIF of the Year. [buzzfeed]


7.) Remember this storm that hit the Bahamas hard, delayed the RNC for a day -- creating one the great GOP herp derp moments of 2012? Storm GIF of the year... [flickr]


8.) Best GOP GIF? Eastwooding. [buzzfeed]


9.) Mitt Romney gets a GIF of the year, too. Jenga! [brooklynmutt]


10.) And last but not least...possibly the pinnacle GIF of 2012: Felix doing Felix. [@buzzfeedsports]

The Best + Worst Films of 2012
Listen to PAPER's 2012
The Top 15 Celebrity Bulges of 2012
Our Top 10 Year-End Music Lists
Kim Hastreiter: 10 Things That Inspired Me in 2012 
Rebecca Smeyne's Favorite Photos of the Year
Chris Black's Favorite Blogs of 2012
Julie Besonen: The Top 10 Dishes I Can't Get Out of My Head

Alia Akkam: The Top 10 Cocktails I Drank this Year

Our Top Picks For New Year's Eve Fun In NYC


Le't be honest: New Year's Eve is really a night to reflect on the fact that you're A.) young, full of 23-year-old energy and don't give an F; B.) not-so-young but still full of energy and still not giving an F; C.) past caring about New Year's Eve and just want to do something fun and low-pressure or D.) just want to eat some good food and go to sleep because all of NYC will become a nightmarish Meatpacking District-hellscape of the worst people in the world. Below, we've included some options for everyone.


Dinner and Tennis Concert at Isola
Head to the Mondrian Soho to enjoy an open bar, dinner and music by indie popsters Tennis while you count down the New Year. With views of their glass greenhouse while you sip champagne, you can't get more better ambiance than this.
Mondrian Soho, 9 Crosby St.; $125 (General Admission), $175 (Dinner at Enoteca), $225 (Dinner at Isola) -- all guests will be able to see the music performance; Call 212-389-0000 for reservations

Party With GrandLife
The GrandLife gang has two big parties in store for New Year's Eve revelers who prefer something on the fancier side: Soho Grand will be hosting its annual Black & White Masquerade Ball (where masks are strictly required) featuring a four-hour premium open bar and special music acts (as yet unannounced). Meanwhile, over at Tribeca Grand, the party skews toward la vie boheme with go-go and burlesque dancers, contortion and aerial acrobats and their very own ball dropping from the hotel's atrium. Tennessee Thomas, Mia Moretti and Caitlin Moe will provide the tunes.
Soho Grand, 310 W. Broadway; $175-$350/ticket, 10 pm - late; Purchase tickets HERE
Tribeca Grand, 2 Sixth Ave.; $150-$300/ticket, 9 pm - late, Purchase tickets HERE


Amanda Palmer at Terminal 5
If you're reading this now, the human race has averted yet another feared apocalypse. Celebrate the earth's continued existence with the prophet Prince Rogers Nelson's classic millenarian tract Purple Rain, as performed by Amanda Palmer and her Grand Theft Orchestra. The former Dresden Doll received plenty of flak this year for trying to recruit unpaid volunteer musicians (talk about grand theft!) for her tour after having raised over a million Kickstarter dollars for her new album, Theatre is Evil. In the end, she agreed to pay everyone onstage and released a collection of solid new wave tunes that demonstrates -- contra the album title -- all the theatricality needed to put this show over the top.
Terminal 5, 610 West 56th Street.; $50 advance/$60 day of, 9 pm. Purchase tickets HERE.

House of Bushwig Present N.Y.E. at Secret Project Robot
The team behind the self-proclaimed "Bushwick's First Annual Drag Festival" returns to Secret Project Robot for an all-ages multimedia bash emceed by local performers Horrorchata and Babes Trust (both veterans of this summer's Tranny Olympics in London). Eight drag queens, five (mostly electro) musical acts, four deejays, live visuals by Ariele Hertzoff and more. Get there early to take advantage of the free champagne fountain.
389 Melrose St., Bushwick; 9:30 pm, $10

Ad Hoc NYE at 285 Kent
No fancy food or drink at this showdown, just bands. Endless boogie from guitar-drums Montréal duo Tonstartssbandht. Deadpan Twilight Zone pop from Vermont duo Blanche Blanche Blanche, with friends. Uplifting major-chord goth from Tampa's Merchandise. Plus a "speciial guest" -- the spelling hints at Diiv, but that could be a red herring.
285 Kent Ave., Williamsburg; 8 pm, $20. Purchase tickets HERE.

After the party it's the after-party. After you make out with someone regrettable at midnight, head over to this Bushwick bash with DJ sets by Ghetto Gothik's Venus X, Gavin Russom, Jon Santos and Safety Scissors.
305 Ten Eyck, Bushwick. 1 a.m., $10


Four-Course Prix Fixe Dinner at Reynard
If you're gonna go the prix fixe route, then at least make sure you're picking someplace good -- For $95/person, you'll be treated to sumptuous classics like diver scallops, caviar, beef carpaccio, Maine lobster and Meyer lemon pudding cake.
Reynards, 80 Wythe Ave., Williamsburg; $95/person (beverages, tax and gratuity not included); Call 718-460-8004 for reservations

Five-Course Prix Fixe Dinner at Talde
Dale Talde will be whipping up dishes like foie gras banh mi, lamb shank pho, black bean lobster and something called the 5G Cookie that features a potato chip and pretzel tart with salted caramel ganache and milk ice (and, incidentally, has us wiping a spot of drool off our chins) at his five-course prix fixe NYE dinner. Early birds pay $65 to dine between 6 pm - 7:30 pm (with a two-hour dine limit) while the later crowd pays $85 to be seated between 8:30 - 10 pm (no dine time limit). Wine pairings run at $40 and $60 respectively and late diners will also be given champagne to toast at midnight.
Talde, 369 7th Ave., Park Slope; $65 - $85/person; Call 347-916-0031 for reservations

Six-Course Prix Fixe Dinner at Seersucker
Ring in 2013 at this cozy Carroll Gardens spot with a six-course, $95 menu that includes sea bass, cauliflower soup a meyer lemon tart (and, obviously, much more.)
329 Smith St., Carroll Gardens; $95 per person; Make reservations here. Parties of six or more should call (718) 422-0444.

Andrea Fella's Favorite Spreads In PAPER This Year

We asked Paper Design Director Andrea Fella to pick her favorite spreads that were included in our print editions this year and featured the most compelling design work that couldn't be re-created in our online versions of the stories. Below, she picked her favorite opening spreads (the designs that introduced cover stories, themed features and fashion stories to the readers) as well as her favorite layouts within those stories as well as others.

Opening Spreads

opemerScreen shot 2012-12-19 at 12.18.21 PM.png
From "Being St. Vincent," photographed by Jacqueline Di Milia.
Click to enlarge image

opemerScreen shot 2012-12-19 at 12.33.37 PM.pngFrom "Culinary Cool Kids," photographed by Jacqueline Di Milia.
Click to enlarge image

openerScreen shot 2012-12-19 at 1.03.29 PM.pngFrom "This Is Not a Story About a Wallflower," photographed by Autumn De Wilde and styled by Shirley Kurata.
Click to enlarge image

openerScreen shot 2012-12-19 at 1.12.08 PM.pngFrom "Am I Dreaming?" photographed by Autumn De Wilde and styled by Shirley Kurata.
Click to enlarge image

openerScreen shot 2012-12-19 at 1.16.10 PM.pngFrom "Seuss It Or Lose It" photographed by Coliena Rentmeester and styled by Martha Violante.
Click to enlarge image

openerScreen shot 2012-12-19 at 1.45.15 PM.pngFrom "Giving It," photographed by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders and styled by Timothy Reukof. 
Click to enlarge image

openerScreen shot 2012-12-19 at 1.50.22 PM.pngFrom "Mixed Signals," photographed by Jacqueline Di Milia and styled by Andrew Mukamal.
Click to enlarge image

openerScreen shot 2012-12-19 at 1.53.20 PM.pngFrom "Bad Girl," photographed by Jessica Craig Martin and styled by Tom Manaton.
Click to enlarge image

openerScreen shot 2012-12-19 at 12.09.21 PM.pngFrom "Dog Days," photographed by Emily Shur and styled by Martha Violante.
Click to enlarge image

openerScreen shot 2012-12-19 at 12.31.31 PM.pngFrom "Voice Male," photographed by Dan Monick and styled by Djuna Bel.
Click to enlarge image

openerScreen shot 2012-12-19 at 12.41.00 PM.pngFrom "Aural Fixation," photographed by Emily Shur and styled by Brett Bailey.
Click to enlarge image

openerScreen shot 2012-12-19 at 12.48.12 PM.pngFrom "Just a Few Wild and Crazy Guys," photographed by Eric White
Click to enlarge image

Screen shot 2012-12-19 at 1.49.24 PM.pngFrom "Rainbow Bright Nights." Colin Self photographed by Rebecca Smeyne.
Click to enlarge image

openerScreen shot 2012-12-19 at 12.49.53 PM.pngFrom "Get Busy, Get Dizzy," photographed by Emily Shur and styled by Martha Violante.
Click to enlarge image

Screen shot 2012-12-19 at 2.21.10 PM.pngFrom "'Tis The Season." Icky Blossoms photographed by Atisha Paulson.
Click to enlarge image

Inside Spreads

Screen shot 2012-12-19 at 1.04.52 PM.pngFrom "This Is Not a Story About a Wallflower," photographed by Autumn De Wilde and styled by Shirley Kurata.
Click to enlarge image

Screen shot 2012-12-19 at 1.06.13 PM.pngFrom "The Cult of Jennifer Herrema," photographed by Dan Monick for our "New Cults" feature.
Click to enlarge image

Screen shot 2012-12-19 at 1.06.58 PM.pngFrom "The Cult of House of Ladosha," photographed by Rebecca Smeyne for our "New Cults" feature.
Click to enlarge image

Screen shot 2012-12-19 at 1.08.13 PM.pngFrom "The Cult of Grimes," photographed by Eric White for our "New Cults" feature.
Click to enlarge image

Screen shot 2012-12-19 at 1.15.03 PM.pngFrom "Am I Dreaming?" photographed by Autumn De Wilde and styled by Shirley Kurata.
Click to enlarge image

Screen shot 2012-12-19 at 1.19.19 PM.pngFrom "Seuss It Or Lose It" photographed by Coliena Rentmeester and styled by Martha Violante.
Click to enlarge image

Screen shot 2012-12-19 at 1.21.18 PM.pngFrom "An Oral History of X-Girl," featuring stills from Phil Morrison's video look book for the brand's second season.
Click to enlarge image

Screen shot 2012-12-19 at 1.46.39 PM.pngFrom "Giving It," photographed by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders and styled by Timothy Reukof. 
Click to enlarge image

Screen shot 2012-12-19 at 2.06.40 PM.pngFrom "Bad Girl," photographed by Jessica Craig Martin and styled by Tom Manaton.
Click to enlarge image

Screen shot 2012-12-19 at 2.22.26 PM.pngFrom "Shrine On," photographed by Raphael Ouellet.
Click to enlarge image

Screen shot 2012-12-19 at 12.07.33 PM.pngFrom "Dog Days," photographed by Emily Shur and styled by Martha Violante.
Click to enlarge image

Screen shot 2012-12-19 at 12.15.36 PM.pngFrom "Brady Corbet" and "Zosia Mamet," both photographed by Douglas Adesko for our "2012 Beautiful People" feature.
Click to enlarge image

Screen shot 2012-12-19 at 12.42.37 PM.pngFrom "Iggy Azalea," photographed by Jessica Craig Martin.
Click to enlarge image

Screen shot 2012-12-19 at 12.45.48 PM.pngFrom "Rave On," photographed by Rebecca Smeyne
Click to enlarge image

Screen shot 2012-12-19 at 12.47.47 PM.pngKayvon Zand and Mr. Muthafuckin' Exquire in our "Just a Few Wild and Crazy Guys" feature, photographed by Eric White.
Click to enlarge image

Quote, Unquote: The Best Of What Was Said In PAPER and PAPERMAG All Year

nickiminajcoverquotes.jpgSimon Doonan: "What are you wearing?"
Nicki Minaj: "Right now? Just a pink T-shirt and a pink thong."
Simon Doonan asking Nicki Minaj what she was wearing during their interview. From "Hey Nicki, You're So Fine," February/March 2012.

"I saw a big Hells Angels funeral ride by me and I thought, I want to be that."
Chrome Hearts co-founder Richard Stark on realizing he wanted to be a biker at age nine. From "Scissor Sisters Lead Singer Jake Shears Interviews His Idols: Chrome Heart Designers Richard and Laurie Lynn Stark,"
February/March 2012.

"I'm not sure that Ai Weiwei has it figured out yet. But the way he sees it, you always have to find a new way to play the game."
Filmmaker Alison Klayman on her documentary about dissident Chinese artist, Ai Weiwei and what's next for the artist. From "Playing the Game with Ai WeiWei." February/March 2012.

"Gay people are the bloodhounds of fabulosity."
Simon Doonan on his new book, Gay Men Don't Get Fat. From "Simon Doonan Has a Moment With Us," February/March 2012.

"We love all kinds of movies. I'm interested in a Spider-Man movie where he gets his feelings hurt."
Filmmaker Mark Duplass (of Your Sister's Sister, Safety Not Guaranteed and the League) on whether he sees himself and his filmmaker brother Jay branching out from their 'adult relationship-type stuff' forte. From "Mark Duplass: The King of Unhollywood,"
February/March 2012.

"It's really hard, emotionally, to sell your friends' art. Everyday I battle with these demons -- what would Mother Teresa do, and what would Larry Gagosian do?"
Davida Nemeroff (owner of L.A.'s Night Gallery) on navigating being both an artist and a gallerist. From "Davida Nemeroff: Art Star,"

"That was a completely ridiculous review, the dumbest thing I ever read. There might have been a few clunkers on the menu, but it was an insult to my restaurant, to my chef, to my industry. He was mad because he got sat in what he thought was Siberia. Go fuck yourself, buddy."
Michael's owner Michael McCarty on the devastating review Frank Bruni gave the restaurant in 2008. From "Michael McCarty to Frank Bruni: 'Go F*ck Yourself, Buddy,'" January 2012
"Listen, layering is a yes. Anything with a drop-crotch, yes please. But I'm really not particular. I'll sleep with anyone. Is that what you're asking me? It doesn't really matter what you're wearing. If you have okay teeth, I'm fine with it."
Fat Jew on what he thinks of women's fashion trends. From "Chatting With Mia Wasikowska, Willem Dafoe and Harry Brant at Miu Miu," February 2012.

Screen shot 2012-12-20 at 4.58.08 PM.png
"I was kind of aching to talk to anyone because I wasn't plugged into technology. So I'd come back from the studio and I turned into that lurky person, who's like, 'Hey, what're ya doin'? Wanna chitchat?'"
Annie Clark (aka St. Vincent) on holing up in Seattle's Ace Hotel to write her 2012 album, Strange Mercy. From "Being St. Vincent," April 2012.

"I went down to Brazil. I stayed down there for 10 days and did this thing called the diéta, where you just don't eat anything for 10 days except rice and you drink different herbs from the Amazon, one of them being ayahuasca. Total spiritual cleanse. You see things about yourself, and you see how you relate to everyone around you and the universe."
Cobra Starship's Gabe Saporta on his "spiritual cleanse." From "Being Gabe Saporta," April 2012.

"I've seen episodes where Vinny and Pauly D crawl into the bed with each other and joke about being boyfriends -- that's great! They're dropping a not-homophobic bomb in the middle of what can be a very homophobic culture."
Dan Savage on Vinny and Pauly D's "homosocially intimate" relationship. From "Dan Savage Talks New Show, Homosocial Antics on Jersey Shore and His Own 17-Year Relationship," April 2012.
"It's really the calm before the storm, even though we're not exactly sure what the storm is going to be."
Zosia Mamet on what she was feeling before Girls premiered. From "Beautiful People 2012: Zosia Mamet," April 2012.

"One guy came in recently and goes, 'Oh, I saw Bridesmaids last night!' And then he just stood there, silent. I said, 'So, did you like it?' And he goes, 'Well, I saw it.' Does he really think he's going to get cast in the show now? And also, who didn't like Bridesmaids?"
Rebel Wilson on casting her new TV show. From "Beautiful People: Rebel Wilson," April, 2012.

"I flew straight from London. I didn't even have time to wash," she remembers. "When I shook Jay's hand I was like, 'Oh. My. God.' We went to the studio, and that was it."
Singer Rita Ora on her career-launching whirlwind meeting with Jay-Z. From "Beautiful People: Rita Ora," April, 2012.

"Aliens are attacking Earth. I'm an obituary writer. The first celebrity killed by the aliens is Albert Pujols, then Stephen Hawking. I'm trying to do justice to their careers but as the deaths increase I resort to copying their Wikipedia pages."
Mr. Dream's Adam Moerder on a recent dream. From "In Mr. Dream's Dreams," April 2012.

"I think that the number one thing that I didn't understand when I was younger was that everything would change constantly. I think there was this misconception that the moment is forever and therefore when things weren't going well, I was just in a state of active despair and I feel like I suffered more than I needed to during years when, in fact, I was unfettered and should have been having the time of my life! What was the big deal? Looking back, I'm just like, 'Why didn't I read 50 more books instead of spinning my wheels the way I did?''"
Author Jennifer Egan on advice for twentysomethings...including her twentysomething self. From "Jennifer Egan Talks Awful Temp Jobs, Writing from the Subconscious and Her Pulitzer Prize," April 2012.

"I have an almost unquenchable thirst to be the center of attention."
Adam Levine on being the frontman of Maroon 5. From "Voice Male," May 2012.

"Oh my god, I'd run for the hills."
Twitter personality Jenny Johnson on what would happen if she met Chris Brown. From "Chatting With the Funniest Person On Twitter: @JennyJohnsonHi5," May 2012.

"I need to write beautifully, and I just can't on a Mac. I can sit down with a pen and write a beautiful letter. But if I get on a Mac, it's just all one long sentence. It reads like Spy magazine from 1987 with commas. I've read like three pages from The Elements of Style and it said, "Omit unnecessary words." I ignored that. So then I got a book called The Elements of Fucking Style, a parody. That book, I finished."
Courtney Love on her writing style. From "Finding Love On the Internet," May 2012.

"I don't delete things. You look like such a little punk when you delete things.. Our brother Rob deletes almost every tweet, and follows people and then un-follows them. If he's in the mood to just date random people, he follows them, then un-follows. He un-follows me like once a month. He's bipolar on Twitter."
Khloe Kardashian on why she doesn't delete the tweets her followers bristle at. From "Kardashians Dot Kom," May 2012.

"As soon as you believe you have figured something out, you stop being open to things."
Buzzfeed founder Jonah Peretti on learning new lessons about how the Internet thinks. From "Viral Visionary: Jonah Peretti," May 2012.

"Right now, the biggest challenge is just believing in myself... and not shitting my pants."
Mission Chinese's Danny Bowein on bringing his popular San Franciso restaurant to New York City. From "The Food Networks: Mission Chinese," May 2012.

"My generation, that's just what we're into...When we got home from school, that's how we kept up with each other: AOL, Zynga, Angelfire, Napster, shit like that...You'd be on there and you'd go to, like, sex.com! You're mad obvious with it when you're a kid. You know how many times they probably sold sex.com? It's like the go-to URL."
Azealia Banks on the Internet. From "Aural Fixation," Summer 2012.

"Channing's dancing in this movie is, I mean, it defies the laws of physics. It was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen."
Matt Bomer on Channing Tatum's Magic Mike moves. From "From the PAPER Archives: Magic Mike Edition, With Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello," June 2012.

"The ceiling was always on the verge of caving in. There was a large Puerto Rican family on the first floor who'd stay up late partying, which created the perfect symbiotic relationship with us, because we could do whatever we wanted. None of this could have happened if it wasn't for that Puerto Rican family who'd party around the clock. We'd put a tape recorder on top of the television, and Malkmus and Berman would physically jockey for position to get closer to the recorder."
Bob Nastanovich on the SIlver Jews' early days in an apartment in Hoboken, New Jersey. From "Bob Nastanovich Of Silver Jews + Pavement on the New Early Times LP," June 2012.

"One time she told me to 'smoke 'em if you've got 'em.' I say that to myself every morning when I wake up."
Aubrey Plaza on getting advice from Amy Poehler. From "Aubrey Plaza On New Film Safety Not Guaranteed and What's In Store For April on Parks and Recreation," June 2012.

"I mean, I was sucky, but that doesn't stop someone from getting in the cipher circle. Everyone starts out as crap no matter what."
Iggy Azalea on the early days of her career. From "Iggy Azalea: The Australian Rapper Is O.K. Getting a Little Dirty," Summer 2012.
"Everyone asks, 'How do you sleep with your hair like that?' And I say, 'How do you wake up with your hair like that?'"
Performer and Nightlife Personality Kayvon Zand on his coif. From "Just a Few 'Wild and Crazy Guys' (Plus One Girl)," Summer 2012.

"I worry about Ray's Candy, of course, and all the bookstores. I worry about Hector's diner in the Meatpacking District and Manatus diner on Bleecker Street. They are an endangered species in hostile territory."
Jeremiah of Jeremiah's Vanishing New York on NYC businesses in danger of closing. From "Jeremiah Moss of Jeremiah's Vanishing New York On Peep World Turning Into a Hooters + Other Businesses In Peril," August 2012.

"Donovan has a lyric in one of his songs -- 'wear your love like heaven' -- and that's how Tom, in every way, carried himself, from clothing to posture, light and easy, an aura of love and acceptance -- of heaven -- about him."
Jonahthan Ames on legendary NYC performance artist and our beloved theater critic Tom Murrin, who passed away in March. From "Goodnight Moon," Summer 2012.

"My immediate spark reaction was, oh my God, what are they doing that?...Nooo -- no, don't do it. Why you gonna do it? Oh no, begone!"
Ezra Miller on his initial skepticism about The Perks of Being a Wallflower movie. From "This Is Not a Story About a Wallflower," September 2012.

"I met Flo [Rida] once. He's so nice and he's a really good hugger. And [David Guetta is] very sweet. He's like Big Bird from Sesame Street. He's the sweetest little geeky geek. He's very tall. He's a geek burger."
Sia, on hanging out with Flo Rida and David Guetta. From "Sia Tells Us How She Went From 'Retirement' to Making Songs With Flo Rida and David Guetta," September 2012.
"We're 50 bitches deep and growing like mildew."
House of Ladosha's Antonio Blair on the brand's growth. From "Life Styles," September 2012.

"I'm like, 'Trust. I Will.'"
Parks and Recreation's Retta on fans repeating her catchphrase from the show, "Treat yo' self" to her. From "A Real Treat," September 2012.

"Ponies are amazing and special creatures. They're strong and stocky beasts with hearts of gold. They have flowing manes, lush tails and thick dusty coats of the fluffiest fur."
Andrew W.K. on My Little Pony. From "Pony Up: The Cult of Bronies," September 2012.

"You could hear the chanting. It was like the Beatles waiting to go on The Ed Sullivan Show, but not really, because Ringo never humped a fridge."
Comedian Jake Fogelnest on attending a late-night screening of Wet Hot American Summer. From "Camp Classic," September 2012.

"I was working at Burberry, Carol was working at Bally of Switzerland. One day we met on our lunch break, on 57th street, and I said, "Hey,I have $10,000 in my bank account." Carol said, "I have about that too." And we said, "Let's quit our jobs and open up a store and travel the world." It was very naïve."
Humberto Leon on starting his influential New York City store Opening Cermony with partner Carol Lim. From "Guru: Opening Ceremony," September 2012. 

"I don't think we thought we were doing anything important or different. I think we just thought we were making really bad clothes."
Kim Gordon on her mid-90s streetwear brand, X-Girl. From "An Oral History of X-Girl," September 2012.

"Feminists hate me for sure! I'm always like, 'I'll do anything for you!'"
Ellie Goulding on her relationships. From "Ellie Goulding's Mixed Signals," October 2012.

"Nightlife is cool because it cross-breeds these insane, weird niche communities and it lets us network in a way we couldn't during the daytime."
Colin Self on the importance of nightlife for making connections. From "Colin Self: New York's Underground Drag Impresario," October 2012.

"There are these guys dancing naked behind a screen. You stick your hand in a hole and one will come over and let you hold his penis."
Designer Peggy Noland on her friend Johnny Makeup's gay party at Rasputin in L.A. From  "Peggy Noland: L.A.'s Most Outlandish Designer," October 2012.

"We were very strict. We'd tell people to fix their tie if it's too loose. I told Mick Jagger once to fix his tie. I told Ted Turner. To this day, he comes to the door and says, 'My tie is okay?'"
'21' Club doorman Shaker Naini on the restaurant's strict dress code. From "Chatting With Shaker Naini, '21' Club's Fashion Policeman," October 2012.

"It would be history, what even predated hip-hop; soul, country-western, rock, and all that. We need our own thing in the Bronx where it all started, that the world can come to. "
Afrika Bambaataa
on his plans to open a hip-hop museum in the Bronx. From Afrika Bambaataa: A Supreme Force, October 2012.

"It's just amazing what dancing can bring people together to do."
Voguer Chi Chi Mizrahi Unbothered-Cartier on New York's thriving ballroom scene. From Giving It, October 2012. 

"I think that when you're younger, you expect there to be this moment of 'Oh, I got it! I know what I'm doing. I finally know how to handle myself.' I think that the big secret is that that never happens."
Filmmaker Ry Russo Young on seeing her recent movie, Nobody Walks, as a coming of age film. From "Director Ry Russo Young On Her New Movie, Nobody Walks," October 2012.

"I simply fill myself with beetles and become THEIR costume. It is important to let your limbs go slack, give the beetles full power. When you are finished, lay with all your orifices gaping and let the beetles pour out of you. EXCEPT FOR ONE. Keep him inside you forever."
@NotTildaSwinton on her Halloween costume this year. From "Azealia Banks, Andrew WK + More Share Their Halloween Costumes," October 2012.


"Even though kids embraced [my art], and people started making crappy fashion GIFs on the computer and disgusting websites and wearing weird leggings, there never was a place where people could go to be like, 'This is where it came from.'"
M.I.A., on the inspiration for her book. From "Bad Girl: M.I.A. Won't Play By the Rules," November 2012.

"I have to say I do prefer Brooklyn to Manhattan. It's more like a European city. It reminds me of when I lived in London. It feels like a village, and you can walk around and you can actually see the sky."
Bjork on preferring Brooklyn to Manhattan. From "Bjork's Vision Quest," November 2012.

"Street art is a term I hear often... It scares the living daylights out of me. Street artists need to get back to actually doing things on the streets, instead of in the galleries where they all seem to be ending up. I hope this term street artist falls from the face of the earth, in my honest opinion. They are taking up precious space outdoors, which is normally reserved for tagging and thoughtless vandalism."
Artist Barry McGee in conversation with Chris Johansson. From "Guru(s): Arists Barry McGee and Chris Johanson," November 2012.

"Fashion needs to be violent."
Designer J.W. Anderson on his deeply experimental collections. From "Next Big Thing: Designer J.W. Anderson," November 2012.

"They were not physically expressive at all. Kurt basically stared at his shoes. They didn't play any of their better new material. They were lacking in material and stage presence."
SubPop founder Bruce Pavitt on Nirvana's lackluster performances early in their career.  From "Nirvana vs. Mudhoney! Sub Pop Founder Bruce Pavitt Dishes About Grunge's Heyday."

"There are a lot of sexual things Santa can be to people -- he could be a silver fox or a polar bear. There's always something new you can think up about sex and Christmas."
John Waters on Santa's sex appeal. From "John Waters Chats With Us About His Christmas Show...And Dildos," November 2012.

"To this day we don't know why that happened. I was skeptical. Everyone was skeptical...I signed up to go down in flames. It's like if you don't do this, you wasn't made for this shit if you can't take on something like that. So it was kind of a challenge. It was like, 'Fuck it, let's go.'"
Bruno Mars on his stint as host and musical guest on SNL. From "The Dark Side of Mars," December/January 2012 - 2013.

"We not only lied and didn't go to Galveston, and went to Colorado where we camped in a tepee around the corner from a prison, but we then drove directly to an incredibly dangerous part of Mexico where we hung out for the day and went to strip clubs."
Comedian Tig Notaro on running away as a teenager. From "Tig Notaro: The Great Escape," December 2012.

"In an attempt to discredit what they view as gentrification competition, the fear-mongering Park Slope baby boomer cyber collective known as brownstoner.com and other post-yuppie media outlets have willfully distorted the Trip House situation."
Nightlife promoter John Barclay on the "Trip House Controversy." From "Promoter John Barclay on Trip House-Gate and His New Bar," December 2012.

"Tumblr is really obsessed with butts right now."
Internet Artist Adam J. Kurtz on Tumblr. From "Internet Artist Adam J. Kurz: "Tumblr Is Really Obsessed With Butts Right Now," December 2012.
"Being on the campaign trail for a year, you get to see the real America. And when I say "real America," I don't mean it in the way Sarah Palin means it -- with political valiance. The issues in Colorado are completely different from the ones in Ohio and the people in Florida are not the same as the people in New Hampshire. Going from one place to the other in one day gave me a sense of this country that I've never had before."
NPR White House correspondent Ari Shapiro on spending a year traveling with the Romney campaign. From "My Year With Mitt," December 2012.

"I realized that I had bought horse meat. We were eating my favorite animal."
Jane Fonda on accidentally buying horse meat instead of steak while living in Paris. From "Jane Fonda: An American in Paris," December 2012.

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Peter Davis: My 10 Ten Party-Hard Moments of 2012

We asked PAPER contributing editor and man-about-town Peter Davis for his top 10 party moments of 2012. Below, he tells us about his year in partying serious.

1. The Margiela for H&M extravaganza -- I not only scored a faux fur coat I have yet to wear (among three gigantic bags of other stuff), but I also spotted Stella Tennant in her knickers trying on disco ball tights. And they had champagne, supermodels and movie stars. What more could one want at a party?

2. The Quentin Tarantino tribute at MOMA was one of those 'why am I here nights?' Especially when I was taking a wee-wee in between a very petite Harvey Keitel and a ghostly Steve Buscemi while Jamie Foxx (who I now know from his full frontal Django Unchained scene) has a lot to pull out in the bathroom. Sorry, no iPhone photos taken.

3. Becoming Twitter BFFs with Courtney Love and having that tweet affair turn to real human contact at a party at Julian Schnabel's crazy-huge palazzo where we straddled each other to the thrill (and jealousy) of all my friends. Love to love you, La Love.

4. The return of my beloved bombshell Amy Sacco with her boite No.8 and seeing my favorite doorman, the aptly named Disco, back in action. 

5. The premiere of Hunger Games (Andrew Saffir's Cinema Society is still the golden party ticket in New York). I must have been living under a rock, or on too much Xanax, but had no clue about those books or that the film had scenes where everyone dresses like the late, great Anna Piaggi. And I got to meet the super talented, stunning Jennifer Lawrence at The Boom Boom Room afterwards. 


6. Having dinner with Spike Lee and his gorgeous wife Tanya. I was right across from Spike and he told me all about the scene in Summer of Sam where John Leguizamo and Mina Sorvino leave Studio 54 and Plato's Retreat and drop the F bomb like 100 times.

Stephen C, PD_2.jpeg
7. More starfucking: meeting Stephen Colbert, another hero, at Brooks Brothers, where he hosted his book party. I was speechless, which is rare as I usually can't shut up, so I let him do the talking and I did the laughing.

8. Any night where I see Michelle Violy Harper who's daredevil style always is mega eye-candy, smart and chic. And Michelle is one of the most interesting and sweetest of all my NYC glam gal pals.

9. My other favorite nightlife Zelig: photographer Hanuk Hanuk. If Hanuk hasn't snapped his signature photo of him kissing your cheek (and posted it on Instagram), you really should just never leave the house again.