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Kanye West Teams Up With Chief Keef for "Nobody"

Kanye West and Chief Keef have reunited for the autotune jam, "Nobody," off Chief Keef's independently released album of the same name, which drops tomorrow. The two previously collaborated for a Yeezus track and a "Don't Like" remix. Their latest track together, "Nobody" is an autotune ode to feeling alienated and alone (due to being so goddamn rich). With a 1973 Willie Hutch sample that's been previously borrowed by Chance the Rapper, the song is weird, but good. And if one thing has been made clear, it's that we're definitely not on Chief Keef or Kanye West's level.

Watch the Batsh*t Video for Skrillex'"Dirty Vibe"

As if he were assembling a Voltron made of global pop megastars, Skrillex put "Dirty Vibe" together with help from Diplo and then enlisted the vocal skills of two K-pop sensations: G-Dragon from BIGBANG and 2NE1's CL. The result is a three-minute spazzfest that's light on the dubstep stutters and generous with the Kanye drawl. In the above video, which premiered on redbull.com yesterday, the peach-colored Lamborghini and lines like "I'm your girl's lesbian crush" are the icing on this diabetic-coma-inducing cake. Find the song on Skrillex's Recess album.

Rihanna is Puma's New Creative Director


Good news for athleisure enthusiasts: Rihanna has been named as Puma's new creative director for the Women's Training Category. That means we'll be seeing the comfy chic trend (like this upgraded, socially acceptable sweatsuit) for a while.

Talking to WWD, Puma's chief executive officer Bjørn Gulden said, "Signing Rihanna is a fantastic step for Puma. Her global profile, her charisma and individuality, her ambition -- all these things make her a perfect ambassador for our brand. With a strong portfolio in football, running and motorsport, finding an inspiring partner for women's training was very important. Rihanna was a natural choice for us. We're delighted to have her as a partner, and we're looking forward to what's to come."

The singer, actress, and subject of Tom Ford's love letter's will also serve as the brand's global ambassador and it looks like she's already hard at work:

creep #puma

badgalriri (@badgalriri) tarafından paylaşılan bir fotoğraf ()

In a world where celebrities regularly moonlight as designers, Rihanna's style is one we can actually get behind and the bad gal's glam take on athletic wear only makes the allure of sweatpants that much stronger. At this rate, we'll never wear real pants again.

Watch Casey Jane Ellison Hilariously Take On Art Basel Miami Beach


Last we left What the F*shion and Touching the Art's very funny Casey Jane Ellison, she was lobbing her signature hard-hitters like "what is art? Who cares? Why?" at art world bigwigs including Catherine Opie and the New York Times' Jori Finkel. And now Ellison is back with five new Touching the Art episodes set at the rich-people-being-monsters clusterfuck that is Art Basel Miami Beach. Ellison and her character's perfectly toxic combination of narcissism, self-loathing and general obliviousness all delivered through a nasally Valley girl brogue is the best mirror possible for the absurdity of Art Basel -- and we say that as the people who threw a fancy dinner party in a parking garage this year. Ellison made five Art Basel videos in total, and we're featuring the fifth in the series because it made us deeply uncomfortable and features a cringe-worthy interview about pubic hair with an amused Marilyn Minter.  Watch them all in the player linked above.

Listen to Shamir's Jazzy New Track "In the Kill"

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 12.12.34 PM.pngShamir has enjoyed a much hyped year after signing to XL-records and coming out with the bubbly, shade anthem, "On the Regular." The 20-year-old singer is definitely one to watch.

On BBC's Radio 1, the rising pop-star performed a 20-mintute set in which he premiered a soulful new track, "In the Kill," which you can listen to below. He also performed "On the Regular" and "I Know It's a Good Thing" in between answering questions and confirming that his album is on the way in Spring 2015. 

The 10 Dumbest Things In 2014

All in all, 2014 was a very shitty year. But while it was a very shitty year, it was also a very stupid year. Lots of stupid things, and stupid people. Here is some extra stupid shit that happened this year.


1. Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie Bradshaw nightmare:

Look what I found promenading.

A photo posted by SJP Collection (@sjpcollection) on

(Yes, she wrote promenading)

This summer, the clanking thespian decided to take a break from feigning humility to officially deem Carrie Bradshaw's West Village apartment building a holy spot. SJP adorned the front stoop of the building -- as well as the sidewalk -- with several of her famous heels, all for an Instagram advertisement for her shoe collection.

Oh no. Eek. Sorry. No. I was just talking about the shoes. Oh man. Geesh. Sorry. X Sj

A photo posted by SJP Collection (@sjpcollection) on

The owners of the building, apparently terrorized on a daily basis by Sex and the City fans making pilgrimages to see their mecca, wrote a note that basically told everyone, including Sarah Jessica Parker, to go fuck off.

That's a wrap ladies.

A photo posted by SJP Collection (@sjpcollection) on

Unfortunately Sarah didn't seem to get the memo.

2. Julia Roberts's Instagram

#selfie #regram #JR

A photo posted by Julia Roberts ✅ (@juliarobertsofficial) on

The actress's Instagram is a strange glimpse into her absurd vanity. While not active now, Julia spent the summer posting photos of herself that she probably found from Google images, and assured everyone that she truly has no idea what a "selfie" or "regram" means.

3. Michelle Rodriguez jumping off yachts in Ibiza

Had to leave That nightlife for some day life balance baby

A video posted by Michelle Rodriguez (@mrodofficial) on

Maybe sit Ibiza out next time, bb. Molly is not chic.

4. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's make out selfie

When they're not hating gay people, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are BANGING. A lot. They have so much sex. So much. Inspired by their daughter Jessa's make out selfie with her husband, Ben, Jim Bob and Michelle decided to show the world how they get into the mood. They TEXTED this photo to their daughter and had her post it on Instagram

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 12.05.33 PM.png5. The New York Police Department
Actually, make that every police department of every city and every town.


6. People Dancing In Every Car Commercial


7. "All About That Bass"

The first time I watched this I thought it was an Old Navy commercial. If you enjoy this song, may I also recommend: the "fun" girl from your office rapping "Lose Yourself" at a karaoke party for your work.

8. Paula by Robin Thicke

This album was supposed to prove he still loved his wife. All it proved is that Robin Thicke is the thirstiest f*ckboy to ever live. I've left 4 am voicemails with more dignity.

9. GoFundMy Alcohol Problem
Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 11.57.27 AM.png A woman identified on Instagram as "xoxogabbo" was surprised to find that the Uber she'd taken home while blacked out after her birthday party was subject to surge pricing... all $362 of it. But as the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, beg people on the internet to make you lemonade. She raised over 500 dollars in 12 hours, all of which I assume has since been spent on flower crowns.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 12.11.47 PM.png10. The United States Justice System
I think we can probably chisel the blindfold off Lady Justice at this point.

"The 12 Beards of Christmas" Proves That White Dudes Love Beards Way Too Much

The-Twelve-Beards-of-Christmas3__880.jpgPhoto by Stephanie Jarstad

Collectively, we must have been the absolute worst because this year Santa has cursed us all with "lumbersexuals." Despite the misleading name, a lumbersexual is not one who enjoys woodland coitus or straight up fucking trees. He's actually something far worse. The lumbersexual is the real life version of a Nick Offerman character. Ranging from "metrojack" to "advanced lumbersexual," the general gist of the look is brute masculinity signifiers with a dose artisanal twee and earth-tone Patagonia parkas. According to various lumbersexual experts, "he looks like a man of the woods, but works at The Nerdery, programming for a healthy salary and benefits. His backpack carries a MacBook Air, but looks like it should carry a lumberjack's axe." Basically, he's another mutation of the alt-bro that we've been complaining about for years. Now, he's back with a vengeance and a twist: tiny, festive beard ornaments. Enjoy or cringe at these holiday-ready lumbersexuals from "The Twelve Beards of Christmas," a photo project that somehow supports men's health and prostate cancer awareness, below.

See the rest of Stephanie Jarstad's photos here.

5 Reasons To Not Look Forward to Chanukah


Originally published on December 7, 2012

I used to be proud to celebrate Chanukah. I'd teach my friends how to spin a dreidel. I'd belt out the Chanukah songs (each one in D harmonic minor) at my grammar school's annual holiday programs. Christmas was, by comparison, so conventional. But this year, I couldn't muster any enthusiasm for the holiday. Here's why.

1. Nobody knows when it is. Seriously, did you know before clicking on this article that Hanukkah starts tomorrow night? Which means this year kids are in school for all eight days. Many are no doubt taking finals. (Next year, it starts before Thanksgiving, so at least you'll get class off.)

2. Nobody knows how to spell it. At least Google accepts different spellings, but I still had to pause and think each time I typed the holiday's name in this post.

3. Nobody actually gives eight days of presents. Do you know how much that would cost? It's usually more like three days of presents, by which time you can't remember how many candles to put in the menorah hanukiah, so why bother? [image via the Shiksa]

4. "The Chanukah Song." The most famous pop song about Hanukkah isn't even about the holiday, but is just a list of people who probably don't know a shamash from the Chumash. To put this in context, imagine if a Christian comic (say, Sandler's SNL castmate and proud conservative Victoria Jackson) had recorded something called "The Christmas Song."

5. The Hasmonean dynasty. As Christopher Hitchens pointed out, the same rebels whom Chanukah commemorates became vicious tyrants once in power.

Just something to think about when you're slaving away grating potatoes for the latkes that will just boost your cholesterol, and gambling away all your money at the dreidel.

Rae Sremmurd Take Over NYC in "Up Like Trump" Music Video


Rae Sremmurd keep their "No Flex Zone" party going with their new track, "Up Like Trump." Down to the ubiquitous Beats Pill product placement, the song's video could be considered pretty standard hip-hop fare, but the duo's charisma takes it to a thoroughly enjoyable level. The stylish young MCs clearly know how to have a good time, taking over NYC before throwing the ultimate house party, complete nunchucks and beyond endearing choreographed dance moves. Get a glimpse into the Sremmlife, above.

This Three-Minute Clip Shows You Every Guy You'll Ever Date on Tinder


"Did you show up to this pre-drunk?"

"Oh yeah!"

Writer and comedian Michelle Markowitz chronicles every guy you'll ever meet on Tinder (The Finance Guy, The Other Finance Guy, The Deceptively Old Guy, The Foot Fetish Guy, The Flaccid Dick Pic Guy and so on and so on) in this under-three minute clip. Watch her meet one squirm-inducing, self-obsessed deadbeat after another and think twice about finding a Tinder fling for New Year's Eve.

[via Jezebel]

Nicki Minaj's 2015 Calendar is Your New Year's Resolution Inspo

nicki-minaj-pinkprint-lines-2.pngGet ready for Nicki Minaj Bootcamp, b*tches.

We haven't even reached Christmas yet, but it's never too early to start failing at your New Year's resolution. Regardless of what your specific 2015 goal is, resolutions are always the same: "This year," you think, "I'm going to do that thing and finally be a better person!" How did that work out for you last year? If the answer to that question happens to be "not at all," don't worry. You didn't fail because you're failure, you failed because you didn't have a Nicki Minaj wall calendar to properly motivate you:

Thinking of skipping the gym?

Nicki-Minaj-Calendar-11.jpgHow about now?

You're really gonna eat pizza instead of an apple?

Nicki-Minaj-Calendar-10.jpgThat's right. Slowly back away from the Domino's pizza tracker. 

Oh, so you're too tired to go volunteer with the Fire Department even though you promised to do more charity work this year?


Really? Skipping out on your patriotic-themed pole dance work out class?

Nicki-Minaj-Calendar-8.jpgI. Don't. Think. So.

See? Thanks to Nicki Minaj, 2015 is going to be a breeze.

Flexing, Bonebreaking and a Mountain of Blow? Here's the New Pusha T Video


If there were a Paranormal Activity sequel with sick dancing instead of ghosts and creepy children, it would be this video. Except that, after two minutes of beats that sound distant or submerged, a guy shoots a mountain of white powder on a kitchen table -- and suddenly there's a slinky '70s groove and shirtless men dancing in the indoor snow. Kanye cowrote the track, which might explain its "Bound 2" level disjointedness and perplexing lines, like the one that references both 9/11 and the Ku Klux Klan.

Watch Kendrick Lamar Shut It Down On the Colbert Report


Last night Kendrick Lamar stopped by the Colbert Report, which airs its last episode Thursday, to deliver the show's final music performance ever. Lamar debuted a jazzy new untitled track, backed by Thundercat, Bilal and Anna Wise. Whether or not you're a fan of Lamar's recent shift in sound, his lyricism and delivery are still nothing short of a-mazing. Plus, that flask. Check it out above.

See his interview with Colbert below:

Watch Highlights From Our Indiepreneur Panel with American Express


We recently teamed up with American Express to host a panel that brought five creatives and small business owners together to discuss the rise of the indiepreneur. In this clip, above, see what they have to say.


David Hershkovits, Founder and Co-Editor-in-Chief of PAPER Magazine
Fab 5 Freddy, Artist and Musician
Tanya Selvaratnam, Author
John Cafarelli, Founder of Ernest Supplies skincare
Ilhan Ersahin, Musician and Owner of the East Village's experimental music haven NuBlu
Avani Patel, Founder of Trendseeder

Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon Make the Perfect '90s-Era Campers


Jimmy & Justin are back in a delightful little Tonight Show clip in which the two play adolescent boys away at a summer camp in the '90s. They do all the requisite things Clinton Era hormonal tweens away from home would do: play Truth or Dare, talk about pubes and belt out lyrics to "Jumper" by Third Eye Blind. Take a look, above.

St. Vincent's "Birth In Reverse" Video is a Gorgeous Trip to Outer Space


St. Vincent's Annie Clark serves up some serious, otherworldly goddess vibes in a new video for "Birth In Reverse," a track off her self-titled album. In the video, Clark's silvery mane whips back-and-forth as she shows off her guitar skills amid gorgeous visuals and graphic backgrounds. Watch, above. 

Our Favorite Instagrammers of 2014

We've been fans of Daniel Arnold's stirring, slice of life street photos for a while now -- not to mention his Instagram account @arnold_daniel -- and could think of no one better-suited to turning us on to ten Instas whose feeds are beautiful, demented, thought-provoking or all three. Take a look at his list of his favorite Instagrammers of 2014.

Whenever I talk about Instagram lately, my eyes start rolling and the grumbling sounds coming out of my mouth aren't even words, but I would never pass up an opportunity to exclude/offend my friends, so I decided to round up a list of my favorite accounts of the year. I'm not saying they're the best. I'm only saying that you should follow these folks, too, and then we'll have something to talk about next time.

A photo posted by Jud (@gh0sts) on

An unsung Instagram great. Steadily subtle and haunted and timeless in a way that reminds you what that word means. See also: @internetfamous

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 4.31.25 PM.png[Photo via Tumblr, her account is currently private]
Here is a big nasty pulsing fucklight of a human. Nasty being a compliment. A walking sexual revolution in the mother of all sheep suits, out to crush the mystery and raise up the mucusy vulgarity of what gets worshipped. Like it or not, the energy that comes off her is flooring. Also a gateway to all kinds of challenging new girls. If she's banned by the time you get there, you can re-find her via her Tumblr. See also: @jasonnocito666

A photo posted by Troy Holden (@troyholden) on

Just a great, great street guy. Softest touch and sweetest tones. Quality over quantity. A refined palette in a garbage world. See also: @martin_cartagena, @colorinthecorner, @anabb, @mariamoldes, @lulaore, and more people than I can think of off the top of my head.


A photo posted by Meriem Bennani (@meriembennani) on

Meriem is human cilantro except nobody thinks she tastes like soap. She has the strangest hornball cornball imagination and the most excellent execution of her ideas. So special that she makes everyone in her company better, like cilantro would do if other people were avocados. Meriem is perfect. Go to her website too, somesillystories.com See also: @ryaneugenekelley


A photo posted by Nick Horton (@chronicholas) on

He never posts anything but when he does, he's the funniest funny guy on Instagram. See also: @jokemichaels

A photo posted by Lula Hyers (@lulahyers66) on

It is a newfangled treat to so intimately watch a teen stranger open her eyes and discover her power.

When I die,

A photo posted by 💕Benjamin R. Nold (@thewets) on

My brother is a genius. My mother worries that maybe that's not enough. She is right but she is wrong. See also: @lsdworldpeace

People are quick to dismiss Mae because people are lazy. People say "Cindy Sherman," imagining themselves to be champions of knowing things, and then they stop thinking. First of all, by that line of thinking, you will miss out on cherries because they look like grapes, idiot. Second of all, if you don't care about things that remind you of Cindy Sherman, uhhhhh, what things exist that don't remind you of Cindy Sherman? Calculators? Anyways, Mae takes pictures that leave you wondering about the next one. That's actually a pretty rare thing on Instagram, right? See also: @kalen_hollomon


A photo posted by DAVE (@_singley) on

Dave is the secret wizard son of Don Johnson and PeeWee Herman. He is California in New York. A guy whose hands are always busy making something, which somehow never seems to get in the way of his mind thinking of what to do tomorrow. He says "mon" instead of "man" in a non-joke way. Are you beginning to see what I mean about Dave? See also: @jasonpolan


A photo posted by sahara borja (@saharaborja) on

Sahara does not set out to be a crowdpleaser and she doesn't do a thing that grabs you, or that you'd even necessarily notice if you didn't hang around for a long time and let her happen to you. With no trace of pretense or hipness or shallow ambition, Sahara is a woman who goes through the world and simply looks at things and keeps track of them and makes up nicknames and little jokes to herself and shows them to you and doesn't care if you look, in a way that is refreshing and intimate and inspiring. A great representation of a person. See also: @timobarber

blue is the warmest color 💙🏈

A photo posted by schwartzberg (@schwartzberg) on

BONUS: @schwartzberg
Only because nobody wants to be followed by you more than she does.

Why We're Into This Clip of Nick Jonas Singing "Jealous" In FAO Schwarz


While we're obviously fans of the new, penis-grabbing, shirtless Nick Jonas, all his racy photos, gay nightclub appearances and questionable interviews have made it easy to forget that he was once a purity ring-wearing teen heartthrob that graced the cover of Seventeen Magazine with his brothers wearing pastel v-necks. But this new clip of his Tom Hanks-in Big-inspired rendition of "Jealous" inside an FAO Schwarz definitely serves up the best of both worlds. Just like when Drake goes on SNL and sings about his bar mitzvah, this clip is a nice reminder that despite Nick's recent Marky Mark homage, there's still something sweet about him and you know your mother would probably love him if you brought him home. Like Drake, part of Nick's appeal is that he's becoming kind of like the male equivalent of what Ludacris rapped about in 2003 anthem "Yeah" (you know the line -- "lady in the street but a freak in the bed"). Yep, Nick Jonas can still melt hearts with a shirt on (even if we're not sure if we want him to).

Wiz Khalifa Turns Mac Demarco's "Chamber of Reflection" into an Ode to Weed

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 1.54.44 PM.png
Mac Demarco's excellent track, "Chamber of Reflection," from this year's Salad Days has been given the Wiz Khalifa treatment. The result is "Smoke Chambers," a moody freestyle in which weed is Khalifa's only real friend. (We feel you, Wiz.) The track is available as a free download via SoundCloud and you can give it a listen, above.  

Spooky Black Changes His Name And Releases "Worn"


Spooky Black is dead! Long live Corbin! The teen R&B sensation out of Minnesota is now going by his own name -- he announced in a series of tweets -- and released a new song via Soundcloud yesterday.

The track, "Worn" retains the lonely-boy vibes we all expect after "Without You" stole our hearts, but his sound has matured with assistance from producers Shlohmo, D33J, Bobby Raps, and Psymun. Corbin has shed the ironic do-rag and injected emotions other than "pining after a girl" in his new sound without losing the lo-fi honesty that made him a viral hit. These are all good things and the song itself feels like how we imagine a Minnesota Winter to be: grey, beautiful and, a little angry in a nice way. It's definitely worth a listen.