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Saint Laurent Taps Hunx and His Punx Frontman for Latest Collaboration

1560.jpgWith dresses called "Phone Sex" and tees called "Leather Daddy," we imagine that a reel of John Waters films are on a constant loop inside Seth Bogart's head. The Hunx and his Punx frontman and wacky wacko, prefers his poodles to be punk and his punk to be queer. That's why we're so excited that the young designer is now Saint Laurent's newest collaborator.

In the past, Hedi Slimane has tapped Grimes and Sumi Ink Club to revamp the brand and now Bogart -- who currently sells his designs in small, high-end boutiques and through his Big Cartel shop -- is bringing his punk ethos to the design house.

Bogart worked on an exclusive print for a Saint Laurent menswear capsule collection. The "Hunx Notebook" print is playful and reminiscent of a middle school skaterboy's classroom doodles. With Saint Laurent's minimal lines and crisp silhouettes, it's a surprisingly perfect pairing.

If that's just not enough Seth Bogart for you, visit his Wacky Wacko pop-up shop starting August 23rd at 1361 Sunset Blvd in LA.


8 Photos From Our New Favorite Instagram "Kanye Doing Things"

As a general rule, the Internet loves when Kanye West does things -- anything. It was only a matter of time until we were #blessed with an Instagram page solely dedicated to his best and most essentially Kanye moments. Check out eight of our favorite pics from @KanyeDoingThings.

"Kanye bathing in donuts"

"Kanye doing white people stuff"


"Kanye happily running"

"Kanye inventing the cell phone selfie"

"Kanye eating Captain Crunch Berries"

"Kanye about to lick a baby's head" 

"Kanye playing on the beach"

"Kanye checkin Kim's booty pic"

Jared Leto and Jimmy Fallon Have a Staredown On a Mountaintop

Jared Leto looks particularly Jesus-y in this Tonight Show segment in which he and Jimmy Fallon have a staredown on a mountaintop. Their inner monologues sound exactly like what that hot/dumb/stoned dude used to say in your sophomore year Intro to Philosophy class. [via Tonight Show]

tumblr_naj0qnDXJg1rn7bzro1_1280.jpgAnd they say romance is dead! [via Knusprig Titten Hitler]

Screen shot 2014-08-21 at 8.51.41 AM.pngPlease forgive me. [via Instagram]

tumblr_nakfvjgtEO1qe0wclo1_500.jpgCan you fix the roads, dog? Pleaseandthankyou. [via The Clearly Dope]

Here's a clip of Nick Offerman reciting lines from a sub-reddit thread called "Shower Thoughts." It's exactly as great as it sounds. [via Mashable]

tumblr_naiqtv2KNU1rn7bzro1_500.jpgDeep thoughts from Colby. [via Knusprig Titten Hitler]

Comedy/singing duo Garfunkel & Oates perform an ode to what goes through your head when you're giving a blowjob. Trigger warning at the very end. [via HuffPo Comedy]

MASTER BRUCE! Have a nice Thursday. [via Tall Whitney]

Meet Flan Emoji, the Newest Member of Odd Future

In The Daily Mail's attempt at reporting on Taylor Swift's cringe-worthy music video for "Shake it Off," the British newspaper stated that "two members of California hip-hop collective Odd Future have weighed in on the video."

Now we know that Earl Sweatshirt, verified Odd Future member, tweeted about T-Swift's questionable dance moves -- and he was definitely not a fan -- but weren't so familiar with the mysterious second member that weighed in. Reading on, The Daily Mail answered all of our lingering questions with a side-by-side picture of Earl Sweatshirt with his newest bandmate, Flan Emoji.

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 11.22.56 AM.png Hey, wait a minute... We know that face.
Screen-Shot-2014-08-20-at-1-12-44-PM.png Although we were really hoping that someone named Flan Emoji actually existed, it's just A-Trak. Clearly The Daily Mail has no idea how Twitter works.

Following the mix-up, the non-Odd Future member and DJ has since changed his Twitter handle from Flan Emoji to Bandmate Flan Emoji. We're keeping our fingers our crossed for an Odd Future x Flan Emoji collab.

We're Looking For Interns!

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 3.24.10 PM.pngHave you already watched Drake get a lap dance from Nicki Minaj approximately 23 times? Do you re-blog Tumblrs with names like Coin Farts? Did you watch the entire second season of Orange Is the New Black in a single sitting? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions then we probably want you to come intern for us. We're looking for the following types of interns:

Web Editorial
We're looking for a quick-learner with advanced research skills who's also pop culture obsessed. Good writing skills are a must and transcription experience is a plus. Web editorial interns will be responsible for assisting in researching online stories, transcribing interviews, and occasionally pitching and writing their own blogs. A familiarity with Paper is important (please don't email us asking for an internship at VICE).
Please send a resume, writing samples, and a brief cover letter to abbys@papermag.com.

Web Design
A web design intern will be responsible for assisting with photo editing, formatting magazine stories onto the website, making GIFs and occasionally Photoshopping someone's head onto another person's body. Photoshop skills a must and InDesign experience a plus.
Please send a resume and brief cover letter to abbys@papermag.com.

Web Public Relations
We're looking for a savvy, plugged in individual to assist with helping promote Paper content and events to other outlets. The PR intern should have strong writing skills, familiarity drafting and sending pitch emails, and a strong knowledge of other digital media outlets.
Please send a resume and brief cover letter to abbys@papermag.com.

Business Development
The Business Development team is looking for organized, creative thinkers with an interest in learning about brands' marketing initiatives and how they can fit in with PAPER. Ideal applicants are punctual, enthusiastic and proactive self-starters with good problem-solving and trouble-shooting skills who will bring positive vibes to the team -- bad 'tudes need not apply.
Please send a resume and brief cover letter to kates@papermag.com.

Social Media
-An inherent interest in pop culture -- you should have a borderline unhealthy obsession with fashion, music, film, tv, or art. Or all of those things!
-You should be on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Tumblr is a big plus.
-You should be a strong writer. We're more impressed by feeds that are well-written, witty and and engaging than ones that have tons and tons of followers.
- A strong appreciation for aesthetics.
- An obvious familiarity with Paper's social channels, website and magazine and a strong grasp on the Paper voice and sensibility

- Help monitor and track social behavior on all channels.
- Help gather data for weekly traffic reports
- Review analytics and identify notable activity and trends
- Present findings and strategies in editorial meetings
- Gather images from our archives.

Please send a couple of paragraphs about yourself and why you're a good fit for this job along with a list of websites and social feeds you love, a link to your applicable social media channels and a resume to elizabetht@papermag.com.

Events, Promotion and Fashion
We're looking for savvy, quick-learning folks to help out with everything from events to photo shoots. Enthusiasm and a flexible attitude are a must, a love of dogs is a plus (we usually have 2-3 scampering around the office).
Please send a resume and brief cover letter to kellyg@papermag.com.

"My Camera Is Like My Mechanical Emoji": Talking to Photographer Slutlust

OSVALDOCHANCEJIMENEZ1.jpgOsvaldo Chance Jimenez aka Slutlust, "Milana"

If in the past ten years you've ever found yourself in New York City partying from 4am on Saturday through Tuesday afternoon, chances are high that Osvaldo Chance Jimenez has photographed you or someone you know. Jimenez, who is also known as OJ and SlutLust, captures raw moments reflecting his experiences and moods. Using a $5 camera purchased at a 99-cent store, Jimenez chronicles his life through his photographs and writes accompanying stories about them, which he posts on his blog, SlutLust.

Jimenez, who is first generation American and says he "grew up dirt poor in Harlem and the Lower East Side," says he writes and photographs for no one other than his 13-year-old son. From August 21st-28th, Jimenez's work, alongside photographs by Mike Krim, PJ Monte and Harry McNally, will be showcased in a week-long exhibition, Never Too Young, at No Romance Galleries (355 Broadway) in downtown Manhattan. Graffiti and fine-art artists Mint & Serf, in collaboration with Good Peoples, are holding the exhibit to coincide with the publication of the seventh edition of their zine, SGU (Special Graffiti Unit), and honor the artists featured. In 2010, Mint & Serf included Jimenez in the inaugural issue of SGU and the three artists have been good friends ever since. Prior to the show opening, we talked with Jimenez about his various monikers, inspirations and techniques.

Where did the name SlutLust come from?

It comes from me being a 15-year-old always in love with the girl that didn't love me. It was always lust. I used to write these poems for all of these girls who would just look at them and see "secret admirer." When they found out who it was, they'd be like, "Oh, not that guy..." Then a friend of mine wanted to make t-shirts and use Lust as a brand, but I thought Lust alone sounded weird. I was thinking about a name and realized that lust and slut have the same letters. I was just like, "Oh! SlutLust!" It was one of those epiphanies. That was my entire life: I was always in love with sluts. Not to be slut shaming, but it was slut lust.

You've been referred to as OJ, SlutLust and Osvaldo. What do you prefer to go by?

To be honest, all of my close friends call me OJ, but people who know me from the Internet call me SlutLust, but for my professional art, I go by my full name. And as loud as I might seem, I'm an introvert. SlutLust is my letter to my son. If he searches me, he can see everything that I've written about my life -- good or bad. I try not to omit things. I am who I am. So my blog started off as a diary for my son about my life, but after a while I noticed it also became a diary for the scene I've been a part of for the last 10 or so years. It started to resemble my love story with New York.

So how do you feel when your photos are presented without your writing to accompany them?

I feel like that nightmare when you're in school naked. I'm not a professional photographer. I walk around with a $5 camera that I bought in a 99-cent store. You're getting things in the most raw sense. My camera reflects exactly how I feel in the moment I'm taking the photo. If the photo is blurry that means I was probably drunk. If it's out of focus, it means I was probably shy. If it's overhead that means I was probably really nervous about taking the photo. But if it's something that was beautiful and in-focus, it means that I was so in love with it I just had to take it, no ifs, ands, or buts. My camera is like my mechanical emoji and the writing helps explain it. Someone else might see it and go, "Yo. This guy sucks." And you know what? They're probably right.

Osvaldo Chance Jimenez aka Slutlust, "Borscht & Benches"

That's no way to think of yourself.

I mean, come on. The bulk of new media is self-deprecating. I don't try to sugarcoat myself. I love my life, everything I've done, and the people around me, but I wasn't always the best person. When I say stuff like that I'm being really honest with myself.

What inspired you to start shooting photos in the first place?
In 2001, when a friend gave me a camera, I would walk around and take photos of tags. My inspiration was New York and the streets. A little later, I broke up with the mother of my child and I couldn't see my son for a long period of time. I got really heavy into drugs. Then one day, about five years ago, I got hit by a car. Everyone who saw the accident was like, "Dude. You should be dead right now," because I flew across five lanes of traffic. But I got up from the accident without a scratch on me. I was able to walk away. The first day you're like, "I got hit by a car hahaha," and you take painkillers. By the second day, you're thinking, "Oh man. I should have been dead." During that time, me and the mother of my child weren't speaking and I hadn't seen my son in a couple of years. I was like, "What if as he gets older he decides to go online or look for me? What is he going to know besides whatever negative things his mother's gonna say?" [The photos and writing are] for my son. When I write, I'm not writing for anyone else. I'm writing for my son to understand exactly who I was.

What role does nightlife play in your work?

When I had my son, I gave myself to nightlife -- the drugs, the partying. I gave every aspect of my life. I found this new family of vampires and ghouls. But in the last 2 or 3 years, I rekindled my relationship with the mother of my child, so I see him more often. At the same time, I still have this nocturnal world, but me and my new girlfriend also opened a store and I manage two bars.

It's great and I love everything that's happening, but at what point do I stop doing cocaine and start managing my art career? Or if I stop doing cocaine, will my art be as good as it was when I was doing it? It's like the same issue that Basquiat had. He finally got clean and everybody said his art lost its edge. Sometimes I feel like I have the same battle.

So you're still involved in nightlife now?

Everyday. And you know what? As much as it bothers me, the sad truth is that I love nightlife and I love my life. I've probably saved more lives hanging out at night than a lot of people imagine. I'm the one person who actually has a cup of water to give to you when you're burning. I love being that person because for a really long time I didn't have anyone. I managed to hide from my entire family, living only one block around the corner. How do you hide from your family if you're only one block away? But because of that I found another family and I still love that family. They were there for me when I had nothing and I don't want to leave them when they have nothing.

Can you talk about the two photos in the show -- one of a girl eating a rose and the other of chairs that say Peter Pan?

The one girl eating the flower is a Russian designer. Eight or nine months ago, I flew to Russia to put out the book Mint & Serf did, Support Therapy & Instability. That girl and her friend were like our best friends, they took us everywhere in Russia. We were running all around Russia, tagging up everywhere with the cops following us. It was so invigorating. I'm an '80s baby, you know? I grew up during the Cold War with Reagan talking about Russia -- "if you have Levi's blue jeans and send them over there, they're worth a million dollars." To see where Stalin was and all of the World War II stuff was great and to tag it was even better.

How would you sum up your photography philosophy in one or two sentences?

I take photos of you, you being New York City and the people that I'm in love with -- the DJs and the writers and the artists, the people that I've come in contact with in the last 12 years. You're the picture -- I'm just the frame.

More photos from Never Too Young:

HARRY_MCNALLY2.jpgHarry McNally, "Collision"

PJMONTE2.jpgPJ Monte, "Got Milk"

MIKE_KRIM1.jpgMike Krim, "RAMBO"

The Twin Peaks Intro Gets an 8-Bit Makeover


No stranger to the 8-bit treatment, Twin Peaks' latest retro video game makeover comes from Portland-based artists/couple Filthy Frackers. The duo, who also gave us "8-bit Grunge," have redone the opening credits a la NES, complete with a tinny Casio take on Angelo Badalmenti's now-iconic theme song. We love this as much as Dale Cooper loves his damn fine coffee. Check it out above.

10 Street Artists You Should Be Following On Instagram

For many cities, the best art you'll find isn't necessarily in one of their museums but on their walls. But if you can't make it over to London or Cape Town to scope their street art scenes, the next best thing might be your Instagram. Below, we've rounded up ten buzzy street artists whose feeds you gotta follow. 

Judith Supine.jpg1. Judith Supine: @judithsupine

An artist living and working in Brooklyn, Supine dabbles in controlled chaos and salvages beauty from other people's trash. His creations often repurpose disparate images ripped from long-discarded porno and high-fashion mags.  

What to expect: Fluorescent-kissed collages that blend the sexy, the surreal and the monstrous.

Cleon Peterson.jpg2. Cleon Peterson: @cleonpeterson

An LA-based artist by way of Seattle, Peterson's steadily been killing it on walls and in galleries for years. His signature iconography is on the end-of-days tip where violence and brutality predominate in a battle between the supposed haves and have-nots.

What to expect: A savage dystopia where "law breakers and law enforcers are one and the same."

DALeast.jpg3. DALeast: @daleast

DALEast is a Chinese-born artist who now resides in Cape Town, South Africa, but the world's streets serve as his canvas.  Classically trained in fine arts, he's gotten his 3D creations up on almost every continent.  

What to expect: Works featuring perpetually disintegrating creatures whose bodies seem to be made of writhing shards of metal and coil.

Gilf!.jpg4. Gilf!: @gilfnyc

For Gilf!, a Brooklyn-based conceptual artist, the political is personal. (You might remember her collaboration with BAMN, in which she draped the whitewashed walls of 5Pointz in a "Gentrification In Progress" banner.) At first glance, her work appears playful before it wallops you with a deft left hook.

What to expect: Mazes of geometric perfection that karate-chop the status quo. Works for us.

Fumero.jpg5. Fumero: @fumerosim

Fumero is a NYC-based artist and SVA-alum that travels the globe spreading his art gospel: "Fumerosim." It's a merging of the fine arts with graffiti, cartooning and caricature. The result: a swirling symphony of unique, bright portraiture.

What to expect: A tripped-out melding of graff-tinged Abstract Expressionism (think: if Van Gogh's "Starry Night" had a baby with a subway burner from the '80s.)

The London Police.jpg6. The London Police: @thelondonpolice

Formed in 1998 and tagging spots in more than 35 countries, The London Police have counted many artists among their ranks. The current iteration are a duo that continue the TLP's legacy of iconic "Lads" characters and intricate mark making.
What to expect: The ceaseless smiles of the monochromatic "Lads" characters as they ricochet and bounce.

Biafra Inc.jpg7. Biafra Inc.: @biafrainc

Biafra Inc. currently calls the Twin Cities home but with more than 55,000 stickers up around the globe, his ultimate goal is, of course, world domination. Well, that and turning the whole look of the joint into one large comic book.

What to expect: Work that looks like something Roy Lichtenstein might make if he had been a skater with a spray can who bombed during the apocalypse.  

Jules L'Atlas.jpg8. Jules L'Atlas: @jules_latlas

French post-graffiti pioneer L'Atlas sprayed the city streets of Paris during the 1990s. In the intervening years since, he's traded spray paint for Sellotape (akin to Scotch tape) and has been creating work focusing on architecture, mysticism and handstyles.

What to expect: Labyrinths where calligraphy meets hypnotic, ancient patterns.

A1one.jpg9.  A1one: @A1oneakatanha

A1one, or Tanha as he is known in Tehran, is an originator in the Mid-East graffiti scene. Following a relentless game of cat-and-mouse with the Iranian authorities, he now resides in Germany, having risked life and limb for his art and the freedom of expression of others.

What to expect: Undulating nests of Arabic script, bright colors and super clean lines.

Welling Court Mural Project.jpg10. Welling Court Mural Project: @wellingcourtmuralproject

For the past five years, gallery/community space/self-described "social think tank" Ad Hoc Art has presented this public art project in which more than 80 graff crews and street artists from all over the world transform the walls in this Queens neighborhood.

What to expect:  A slew of different styles and flavor that's worth the trip to Astoria to see the walls IRL.

"Real Players Only": On the Road With Dillon Francis

TourDiary_Banner2A.jpgThroughout the summer, we're following around some of our favorite bands and DJs as they head out on tour. In each installment, these road dogs will be sharing a photo diary and sharing stories about what they do, see, and hear and eat while criss-crossing the country and the globe. Next up: white-hot DJ/producer Dillon Francis who shares photos from Coachella and HARD Summer Fest and introduces us to the "strawberry gang."

Dillon Paper 1.jpg
Here's me, A-Trak and Diplo at the HARD summer trailer shoot -- strawberry gang!!!

Dillon Paper 2.jpg
My Coachella trailer. Real players only.

Dillon Paper 3.jpg
Set me free with Martin Garrix.

Dillon Paper 4.jpg
80085. [Ed note: Type it on a calculator]

Dillon Paper 5.jpg
Posted with a strawberry on my head, a juice box, taco bell and A-Trak as a bloody mary.

Dillon Paper 6.jpg
Me and my best friend Taco.

Dillon Paper 7.jpg
Took one deeper -- even deeper.

Dillon Paper 8.jpg
Coachella as fuck.

Dillon Paper 9.jpg
Signing my contract with Columbia!!!

Dillon Paper 10.jpg

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 5.48.46 PM.png
Taco looking stupid.

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 5.48.59 PM.png
My baby...THE GARY.


Dillon's debut LP, Money Sucks, Friends Rule is out via Columbia Records on October 28. Pre-order a copy HERE.

ICYMI: This Staten Island Restaurant Commerical Will Melt Your Brain


Behold: A very real, very insane commercial for a Staten Island restaurant called Troy. What is happening, why is happening, who is happening, how is happening? Our brains. Help us! P.S. What does it mean that we think the guy in this is hot? [Gawker]

This Argentinian boy's parents gave him a wooden cutting board as a joke birthday gift, which backfires when he actually accepts the present kindly and with gratitude. Then they gave him his REAL gift and, well, grab 50 million Kleenex and hit play. [Uproxx]

Oscar the Vizsla hates the alarm clock. We feel you, buddy. [TastefullyOffensive]
Retro videogame sound effects added to Game of Thrones, because Internet. [Uproxx]

1094J.jpgHate you, Geese. [Mlkshk]

108X1.jpgPhew. [Mlkshk]

tumblr_nan028XiaK1tjiwazo1_500h.jpgMeet your new favorite tumblr, "Food that Looks Like Iggy Azalea."
tumblr_naombmEefq1qewacoo1_500.pngA++++++ [TastefullyOffensive]

109H8.gifWoo, Friday! Have a great weekend, everyone! [Mlkshk]

Scenes From Our Party With Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren and Macy's

Kiara Schwartz, Dylana Suarez, Anthony Urbano and Steven Rojas

Last night we threw a little party with our friends over at Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren and Macy's to celebrate RL's campaign star Avicii and the upcoming launch of his new single. Mr. Mickey was on hand to host the night, which brought out bloggers and assorted cute kids. Take a look at photos from the night, below, by Paper's Rebecca Smeyne.

Mr. Mickey

Jenny Albright, Anthony Urbano and Isaac Hindin-Miller


Listen to a Remix of Katy Perry's "This Is How We Do" Ft. RiFF RAFF

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.43.48 AM.pngA few weeks after releasing her fizzy, pop art-referencing video for "This Is How We Do," Katy Perry's released a remix of the song featuring a verse from our favorite artist that kinda fascinates us and kinda scares us a little: RiFF RAFF. Here, JODY HiGHROLLER raps about being "Ted Koppel in Versace boxers" and "Larry Flynt with the candy blimp" and, well, we can't argue with that. Give it a listen, below.

(And as for KP's lewk, which appears in the video and simultaneously seems to reference Riff-y, Tumblr and even FKA Twigs...no comment.)

Pink Friday: How Nicki Minaj and Female Artists are Turning the Color into a Weapon

tumblr_nao639kb2Q1qje4xjo1_500.gifIn 2010, when Nicki Minaj released Pink Friday, everyone was expecting the much-hyped MC from Queens to go hard. Instead, she showed her softer, 'pinker' side. She released lyrical, pop hits like "Moment 4 Life" and "Your Love," leaving everyone wondering where the "Monster" Nicki had gone.

But Nicki Minaj is out to prove that it wasn't the color pink that turned her pop. For her second album she re-upped Pink Friday. On the cover Minaj's lips are curled in a posturing snarl. Like a version of Hole's manically messy prom queen on their album Live Through This, her defiant lip curl is behind the word "pink," in bold and written in a Barbie-like font -- but make no mistake, she's not playing. And with the upcoming release of her third album, she's sticking with that theme. The rapper -- don't confuse her for a singer or pop-star -- is calling her latest, The Pink Print. She told The Fader in a cover story interview that this album will be "the blueprint for female rappers to come" because for Minaj, Jay Z's Blueprint doesn't apply. As one of the biggest female rappers since Lil' Kim, she's navigating uncharted territory.

In this case, pink is Minaj's subversion and a resistance to the male dominated rap scene. Minaj wears pink to assert her femininity in male spaces. She wears it as armor and in solidarity with her girls, making it clear that she's not out here for the boys. Her newest songs, "Anaconda" and "Lookin' Ass" are decidedly dick-negative. Yes, she'll twerk in a pink thong but she'll also don a pink wig and cut bananas -- and other phallic shaped fruit -- with a vengeance.

Elsewhere online, female artists are taking a cue from Minaj and reclaiming pink. Androgynous silhouettes, workout chic, and minimalism are still trending, but don't discount femme just yet. Artist Grace Miceli designed a baseball cap that could fit into the normcore uniform except for one thing -- it's bright pink.

891A1315_3.jpgAs pictured, the cap is best worn with an eye roll or a Nicki Minaj snarl. You're an art baby, but you're no man's.

And like Nicki Minaj's gloriously abrasive Roman character, photographer Maisie Cousins likes to mix femininity with the grotesque and uncanny. She recently designed a capsule collection for UK-based boutique IRL London for which she distorts traditionally feminine objects to make her textiles.

Artists Liv Thurley and Aryana Hessami are also out to prove that pink is tough. They curated PINKD, a limited-edition art book that sold out within 48 hours of its release. The collection features work from artists "who are not afraid to use pink and bring with it new perspectives." These artists, including Samantha Conlon and Maja Malou Lyse, explore the constraints of femininity and push against them, using hyper-girlishness to their advantage.

PINKD.JPGtumblr_nakhdeQKxk1tgmp2ko3_1280 copy.jpgImages from PINKD, courtesy of the publisher.

The introduction to PINKD starts off with the now iconic Mean Girls quote, "On Wednesdays we wear pink..." But the hue isn't just for Wednesdays or Fridays anymore. In fact, it's no longer just a hue -- it's a weapon.

Girls As Weapon by Samantha Conlon.pngSamantha Conlon for PINKD

Do Not Throw Beer Cans at Courtney Love


Paper's September cover star Courtney Love (tune in on Monday for our cover story!) has no doubt dealt with a lot of shitty audience members in her time, and when a man at a recent show in Australia chucked a beer can at her she was having none of it. Stopping her performance to point out the offender in the crowd, tell him penis is tiny, and unleash an amazing barrage of profanity, Courtney said she hadn't had a beer can thrown at her in 20 years. "You wanna go back? You wanna fucking fuck me up? Do not do that again," she screams, telling the rest of the otherwise behaving crowd that they, on the other hand, are "sweet as fuck." While some have described the above clip as Courtney going "ballistic," this is nothing! Listen to Courtney tell a water-throwing girl who was taunting her at a 1995 Hole show in Amsterdam to "take your Bon Jovi shirt and go fuck yourself with Eddie Vedder's dildo." Epic. 

The Best, Worst and Weirdest of the Week

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 3.46.32 PM.pngBest Retrospective of the Week: This round-up of hideous fashion from the 2004 MTV VMAs courtesy of the Fug Girls. Wut in holy Baroque Liberace Hell is Beyoncé wearing? -- Abby Schreiber

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 6.27.23 PM.png Biggest Oh No, Why Is This Happening, Nooooo Of the Week:
The trailer for Lifetime's Brittany Murphy biopic is out and it's insane. Watch it over at BuzzFeed. This shit is definitely for virgins who can't drive  --Elizabeth Thompson

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 3.02.05 PM.pngSwishest New Sneaker of the Week: Valentino's new 'Rockrunner' model, designed exclusively for the label's new Fifth Avenue flagship. You can snag one of these unisex shoes for a cool $795. -- A.S.

Most Interesting Long Read of the Week: This GQ story about a Maine hermit named Christopher Knight who lived alone in the wilderness for almost thirty years without talking to a single other human being. -- A.S.

mojo-251-kate-bush.jpgBest Kate Bush Cover of the Week: Nite Jewel's. To mark the elusive singer's return to the stage, MOJO Magazine commissioned 15 tracks of Kate Bush-inspired Dream-pop. Nite Jewel's RnB interpretation of "Hounds of Love" is magical. -- Gabby Bess

Best Beef of the Week: 50 Cent has promised to donate $750K to the charity of boxer Floyd Mayweather's choosing if Mayweather can read one page of a Harry Potter book aloud without messing up. -- Elizabeth Thompson

tumblr_n92c4suseg1tzfpqao1_1280.jpgBest Tumblr of the Week: Complements. A project between artists Leta Sobierajski and Wade Jeffree, Complements pokes fun at the awful and embarrassing couple photos that are proudly posted to the Internet. But unlike those Facebook pics, you'll actually want to look at these portraits. -- GB

Bill Murray Nail Decals, or How to Celebrate Bill Murray Day the Right Way

Bill Murray, one of the best comedic actors and internet trolls of our time, finally has the day he deserves.

Thursday it was announced that the Toronto Film Festival named September 5th Bill Murray Day. To commemorate the actor's career there'll be public screenings of Stripes, Groundhog Day, and Ghostbusters, leading up to the screening of his new film, St. Vincent. We're personally bummed that they're not screening Space Jam but we'll live.

If you can't make it to Toronto to celebrate Bill Murray Day with the man himself (yes, he'll be there for a Q&A) we've picked out seven items from Etsy to fill the Bill Murray-shaped hole in your life.

1. Bill Murray Nail Decals

il_570xN.568185039_qj26.jpgNothing says "I LOVE Bill Murray and I'm potentially a threat to his safety" more than wearing Bill Murray's face on each and every one of your nails.

2. Bill Murray Tote Bag

il_570xN.516009464_ercz.jpgFor the insecure Bill Murray fan.

3. Bill Murray Mustache T-Shirt

70's porn-star, mustached Bill Murray is arguably one of the hottest Bill Murrays.

4. Bill Murray Onesie

For the Bill Murray fan that's also a baby.

5. Bill Murray's Space Jam Jersey 

jersey.jpgA MUST HAVE.

6. Bill Murray/Wes Anderson Wall Calender

il_570xN.397625328_7qui.jpgFour Bill Murrays for the price of one!

7. Original "16 by "20 print of Bill Murray riding a Unicorn in outer space

il_570xN.584205646_i4g3.jpgThis masterpiece is titled, "To Parts Unknown..." and there will never be anything better than it.

Morning Funnies: VMAs Edition

Miley watching Taylor Swift's performance was everything we've ever wanted and more. A face that launched 1,000,000 Tumblr reaction reblogs at least through 2016. [Buzzfeed]

mileytay.pngAnother shot. [Noisey]

Chelsea Handler saluted Taylor Swift for giving the whitest performance ever in VMAs history. [Uproxx]

An En Vogue-biting hellscape called "5th Harmony" won for Artists to Watch and Katy Perry threw glorrrious shade. [TKyle]

Ariana Grande left Riff Raff hangin when she won. Also, Katy Perry's face through out the entirety of this Vine. Not having it. [Uproxx]

tumblr_naucr5YTYA1qf0ojko1_500.jpgGet that pic of J.Lo, Katy. [SimplisticMan]

tumblr_nauefoxpop1qh9nffo1_500.gifBlue Ivy doing a "Single Ladies"-like wave and headshake during Beyonce's performance, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHH!. [TKyle]

Blue Ivy singing along to "Flawless." Holy shit. [Vine]

tumblr_nau8n9VObj1qh9nffo1_500.gifU mad, bro? [MTV]

Unless you've got buns, hun. [Vine]
 Bv2K9tyCIAEDWQr.jpg Rita Ora and Jeremy Scott's reactions during Nicki Minaj's performance were priceless. [Buzzfeed]

Laverne Cox dancing to Beyonce, SLAAAAAY. [MTV]

Katy Perry and RiffRaff wore denim outfits, a la early-aughts Britney and Justin and it was awesome. Let's not forget that this is a fake awards show for 12-year-olds. Katy and Riff know. [MTVNews]

And, finally, here's Iggy Azalea falling off the stage at a benefit VMAs pre-show on Saturday night. [Gawker]

Watch Charli XCX Run the School with Her Badass Girl Posse in the Music Video for "Break the Rules"


The video treatment for Charli XCX's latest track "Break the Rules" is a total teen dream. Set in a magical universe where being in high school is actually cool -- and the unofficial, official school uniform is a crop top and mini skirt -- the video is fun nod to all the mean girl cliques of the 90's. Jawbreaker's Rose McGowan even makes a cameo appearance and, of course, it all leads up to prom night. 

Watch the video for "Break the Rules" above.

The 20 Best and Worst Celebrity Looks at the MTV VMAs

RiFF RAFF and Katy Perry

"I love that RiFF RAFF and Katy Perry went to the VMAs dressed as JT and Britney c. 2001. That said, Riffy's ring that looks like a fetus is really tweaking me out. Ditto for Katy's really long thumbnail." -- Abby

"I appreciated that they did this as well because it's just the stupid VMAs. Aren't you always sort of embarrassed for people who take an award show targeted at 13-year-olds seriously and show up in couture? My only issue with this was that RiFF RAFF also had a denim cowboy hat, a la Justin, and just held it dumbly when they first got on the red carpet in what was likely a compromise with a frozen-smiled stylist. He would not wear the hat, but, FINE, he will hold it. Then the hat just disappeared. You know there was an issue with the hat." --Elizabeth 


"This is a pretty dress but feels a little 'same old/same old' to me. I like that she kept her makeup pretty au naturel though." -- Abby

"I like that the lacy part kind of looks like black seaweed." -- Elizabeth

vmas9.JPGPhoto by David Crotty / PatrickMcMullan.com

Taylor Swift

"While the VMAs are basically the Halloween of awards shows and celebrities know to wear really fugly stuff, that still doesn't give Taylor a pass for this weird romper/leotard thing. She looks like she's going to a gymnastics competition sponsored by Nickelodeon." -- Abby

"At first I didn't mind this, but the more I looked at it, the less I liked it. I think what threw me off most about it was the fact that its sleeves are long and the neckline is so high. And, pretty much always, you're going to have a whisper of camel toe or some such crotch situation going on when you wear tighter playsuit things. No matter what. I guess my response to this outfit is "Vdcsqg, sqgs, gsvcd." -- Elizabeth

vmas5.JPGPhoto by David Crotty / PatrickMcMullan.com

Nicki Minaj

"I love the bobbed hair on Nicki and that she's sticking with the toned down makeup. The dress is fine -- not super exciting but totally fine." -- Abby

"I have never met a nude stacked heel I liked or think looks chic, but the rest of this is yes, yes and yes." -- Elizabeth

vmas10.JPGPhoto by David Crotty / PatrickMcMullan.com

Miley Cyrus

"The fit of this bandeau-pants combo is just so frickin' weird. The top looks like it has extra material on the bottom that just shouldn't be there and the baggy, harem pant-like pockets are weird." -- Abby

"People were raving about this on Twitter last night but no. No! I guess I kind of appreciate the overall Z Cavaricci playful fugness of it all, but I wanted this to be a single jump suit, not a weird bandeau top (I agree that it looks extra weird, Abby) thing plus pants. And those shoes are not doing it for me, either." --Elizabeth

vmas3.JPGPhoto by David Crotty / PatrickMcMullan.com

Iggy Azalea

"This is what 2002 imagined the future would look like." -- Abby

"I like the vague Art Deco-ness/alien priestess vibe of it all. But that hair. It's just...wet? It's wet hair? And it's chic? To me, it just looks like "hanging at the snack bar at the public pool in a bitchy Body Glove one-piece, talking to Cody." But Cody was hot, so I guess the slicked-back look has its merits. -- Elizabeth

vmas8.JPGPhoto by David Crotty / PatrickMcMullan.com

Ariana Grande

"The streetwalker boots are a really classy touch, no?" -- Abby

"Aww, baby's first leather thigh-high stilettos." -- Elizabeth

vmas16.JPGPhoto by David Crotty / PatrickMcMullan.com

Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner

"Kendall: B+, Kim: B-, Kylie: D." -- Abby

"I liked that Kim stood head-on with her arms to side. It's the new Paris hand-on-cocked-hip. And her boobs didn't move once. No jiggle, no nothing. They are spectacular cartoons." --Elizabeth

vmas6.JPGPhoto by David Crotty / PatrickMcMullan.com

Solange Knowles

"I bet these looked pretty smokin' in person but this photo makes the pajama cut of this suit just look sloppy. But bonus points for Solange's red feathery-y fake eyelashes." -- Abby

"Oh, I liked this. She looks like a cool, '70s milky way." --Elizabeth

vmas11.JPGPhoto by David Crotty / PatrickMcMullan.com

Jennifer Lopez

"This year, J. Lo decided to surprise us and wear something totally unexpected. Just kidding!" -- Abby

"This is definitely what a 45-year-old woman envisions teenagers today might think looks cool." -- Elizabeth

vmas14.JPGPhoto by David Crotty / PatrickMcMullan.com


"Eh...okay. I'll take it." -- Abby

"Nice dress, but dumb hair. This could have been so pretty. I am turning into my mother." --Elizabeth

vmas15.JPGPhoto by David Crotty / PatrickMcMullan.com

Charli XCX

"This is very 'Fran Fine'-chic." -- Abby

"The shoes are stupid, but I like everything else." -- Elizabeth

vmas4.JPGPhoto by David Crotty / PatrickMcMullan.com

Gwen Stefani

"Now this is a VMAs lewk." -- Abby

"She looks like a million damn dollars. She's just a girl in the world." --Elizabeth

vmas18.JPGPhoto by David Crotty / PatrickMcMullan.com

Jessie J

"I'm really not vibing with the draping of the dress but as for hair and makeup, I think this is the best Jessie's ever looked." -- Abby

"Why is a Jessie J?" --Elizabeth

vmas7.JPGPhoto by David Crotty / PatrickMcMullan.com

Amber Rose

"Two words: Subtle Elegance." -- Abby

"The dress J.Lo didn't have the guts to wear." --Elizabeth

vmas2.JPGPhoto by David Crotty / PatrickMcMullan.com

Demi Lovato

"Not loving this. The dress is flattering but looks very 'Kris Jenner Kouture' to me and the shaved side of the head looks dated." -- Abby

"I agree that everyone needs to pack up their shaved-head looks and toss them out the nearest window but I thought the color and cut of this dress looked great on her." -- Elizabeth

vmas19.JPGPhoto by David Crotty / PatrickMcMullan.com

Jordin Sparks

"The dress' material -- which looks like cotton? -- combined with the zipper makes this look like something you'd find in a fancy Equinox gym pro shop." -- Abby

"Yeah, this was maybe not the greatest material for a dress." --Elizabeth

vmas1.JPGPhoto by David Crotty / PatrickMcMullan.com

Rita Ora

"Rita looks like someone who lives in Hugh Hefner's grotto." -- Abby

"Again with this wet hair/slicked back foolery. I liked this dress on her. It' s way too revealing and fun and skimpy. Who cares, so what?" --Elizabeth

vmas13.JPGPhoto by David Crotty / PatrickMcMullan.com

Ireland Baldwin and Angel Haze

"Angel looks cute and I like that she didn't compromise her style at all. Ireland looks pretty but she's spilling out of her dress! And no me gusta the leather fringe on her skirt." -- Abby

"Everyone looks fine. I agree that Ireland's dress is not the most flattering cut and the shoes are wrong, wrong, wrong, but that's fine." -- Elizabeth

Photo by David Crotty / PatrickMcMullan.com

Fifth Harmony

"This is what happens when marketing executives google 'Girl + Group.'" -- Abby

"Still, I like it. They're not trying to be anyone except for Fifth Harmony AND En Vogue AND Danity Kane AND a cool girl who works at Deb. Stay true to yourselves, Fifth Harmony." -- Elizabeth 

Top 10 Highlights From FYF Fest

We stopped by FYF Fest over the weekend and rounded up our top 10 highlights from the weekend.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 3.20.04 PM.png1. Trains Yo!
Parking is tough around Exposition Park and the neighborhoods are even tougher. FYF is a great excuse to try out the mythical LA Metro. But if you're like me you need a soundproof car to scream your favorite HAIM lyrics in before the show. I made sure to drive a straight up hoopty. That way no one would waste their time trying to steal it. Shiiiiit, hobos would be embarrassed to use my car as a toilet.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 4.04.23 PM.png2. The Line to Get In
To get into the festival I had to wait in a three to twenty-nine mile line (approximation). I was in this line for most of August. If you go next year make sure to wear sunscreen! Also don't take your ecstasy until you get into the show. The last thing you need is to be peaking when security is patting you down. Just kidding! That's the best time to be rolling -- the security folks have stern yet caring hands.

FYF Schedule.jpg3. Beer Lines
You planned your schedule for weeks. You know you'll be able to catch at least six songs by The Bronx before heading to Blood Orange for exactly 25 minutes then rushing over to catch Earl Sweatshirt. Okay now throw all those plans out the window because you ended up spending twenty minutes in a line for beer every time you got thirsty.

FYF Waldo.jpg4. People Finding People
Did you know that 85% of people at FYF are looking for their friends? At any one time you can see thirteen people raising their hands and screaming into their phones, "Do you see me? I'm right here! I'm raising my hand!" I personally missed all my favorite bands and my mother's birthday while searching for people.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 4.07.22 PM.png5. Kanye
Yeezus Himself was in the crowd at Run the Jewels. He went bananas in the pit and got a shout out from El-P and Killer Mike. A young man wearing a Mexican flag as a cape safely guarded him. Killer Mike dubbed him the Prince of Mexico.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 4.09.04 PM.png6. Beer Gardens
Due to a law in LA, at many outdoor events you can only drink in designated booze zones known as boozones. While the beer gardens at FYF were somewhat close to the music, they weren't nearly close enough to fully enjoy the concert. This forced me to make some tough decisions. Instead of chugging my fancy $10 beer I simply convinced myself that I didn't like Future Islands after all.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 4.13.34 PM.png(Photo via)
7. The Craft Tent
There's a craft tent? Why the fuck is there a craft tent?? Wait this craft tent has a bunch of cute girls in it?? There's a DJ playing jams? That's right, there is a craft tent at FYF. It was like someone sprinkled Molly all over a Michaels. It was bumping hard as hell and when they shut it down everyone booed as if the teacher said recess was over. 

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 4.14.35 PM.png
8. Recycling
Make sure to recycle kids. Just kidding, throw it on the ground! There are people like my friends April and Jonathan who will gladly pick it up for you. FYF gave away tickets and prizes to those friendly recyclers who collected empty bottles. Basically, it turned Highland Park-dwelling bass players into vagrants with fest passes! I'm not sure if April and Jonathan won the tickets. I hope they did. At one point April dumped out a water bottle that was filled with something that was not clear.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 4.15.28 PM.png9. Corn Hole
If you couldn't decide what band to see there's always corn hole! But since no one ever was playing, it begged the question, "What dude decided this would be a good idea? At least the gals that planned the Craft Tent got a DJ." The Corn Hole Station was just further proof that girls are smarter than boys.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 4.16.29 PM.png10. White Guy Pad Thai
Caption contest! Winner gets free Lard Na and that awful feeling you get when you laugh at your uncle's racist jokes.

But all in all it was a great weekend of great music. My hips hurt from dancing and my feet hurt from strutting. I can't wait to see what FYF has in store for us next year.