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Paul Rudd and Adam Scott's '90s-Era Headshots Are the Best

tumblr_n950skDfYt1ta75xjo1_500.jpg'90s-era Paul Rudd and Adam Scott are your Tuesday morning pick-me-up. [via Tall Whitney]

Peyton Manning shows off some way sweet dance moves (and by way sweet, we mean hyper dad moves) while getting down to "Rocky Top" during a recent Broncos practice. [via Uproxx]

tumblr_n9drgxDTPK1rn7bzro1_1280.jpgNow this is a protest we can get behind. [via Knusprig Titten Hitler]

"Broom broom" gets some excellent remixes. [via Swagger New York and F You No F Me]

tumblr_n9035d8F5S1s8rvmyo1_500.jpgSorry/not sorry: the '90s Rock-wearing-a-fanny pack-meme just keeps getting better and better. [via Trill Adam Clark]

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 6.07.25 PM.pngStory of our life. [via Instagram]

Morgan Freeman's March of the Penguins narration is dubbed over scenes from the recent Gathering of the Juggalos. [via Dangerous Minds]

James Franco went on the Tonight Show last night and played a game with Jimmy in which one of them had to guess the name of a movie based on the other's 5-second summaries. It...did not go so well. [via Tonight Show]

A Night Out With the Maddens

madden_1new.jpg(L-R) Benji and Joel Madden

Benji and Joel Madden roll with the punches and, in this case, those punches involve not getting the sushi they've been planning on eating all day long. Outside the hip sushi eatery Sugarfish on La Brea Avenue, the Madden brothers learn that their dining companion/reporter doesn't eat fish. "No way, we're eating somewhere else," Benji says with conviction. "We're not going to eat somewhere you can't eat. No chance."

That's when the identical twins face one another, strike their signature cross-armed pose and brainstorm restaurant ideas. Eventually, they decide on a nearby favorite named Mercado. Their insistence feels much like older brothers making sure their kid sister gets enough to eat.



Over plates of sautéed shrimp, kale salad, guacamole, queso and grilled sweet corn, the brothers begin gushing about their newest project, titled the Madden Brothers, and the first record the duo will release as something other than the noughties pop-punk band Good Charlotte.

"This is the record we'll be remembered for," Joel says with dead-set confidence. They both cite all kinds of unexpected influences -- from Crosby, Stills & Nash to the Eagles to Phil Spector -- for the album, which they recorded in their Hollywood studio. Two-tracks were cowritten by their longtime friend Pharrell. "It honestly took a year and a half just to figure out the sound," says Benji.

madden_4.jpgAfter dinner, we relocate up near the Sunset Strip to a cozy British pub named the Pikey. There, the Maddens greet the owner, famed hotelier Sean MacPherson, with a hug, and we're ushered to a prime booth in the back of the main room, away from the hubbub at the bar. Once settled in, the brothers talk with excitement about the joys of adulthood that come with being in your mid-thirties. "You get to actually enjoy things," Joel says, emphasizing how productive their days feel and how nice it is to tuck his kids in at night. And with that, the Maddens tactfully bow out well before 11 p.m. and climb back into Benji's lifted Chevy Impala, riding off into the L.A. night.

The Beyoncé and Jay Z Divorce Rumors: A History of Gossip, Coded Instagram Pics and An Elevator

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 3.17.15 PM.png(Photo by Nicholas Hunt/PatrickMcMullan.com)

With soul-crushing rumors about an impending Beyoncé-Jay Z split heating up this week, we look back at all of the cuckoo gossip stories, cryptic Instagram photos, and strife (real and imagined) within the House of Carters that, collectively, bring us to the tea leaves reading everyone on the World Wide Web is doing today.

Early 2000s-ongoing: Since their relationship's beginnings in the early '00s, Jigga gets dogged by cheating rumors, love child rumors, and, well, basically all the standard rumor mill grist any famous person in a relationship with another famous person is 100% guaranteed to see written about them in the tabloids or on the Internet.

December 2008: Rihanna's former publicist admits to starting a false rumor that @BadGalRiRi and Hova are banging, telling the press that he and a business partner did it to drum up PR for Rihanna's hit "Pon de Replay."

November 2009: Trashy gossip blogs allege Bey is hooking up with her bodyguard, Julius.

September 2011: A pregnant Beyoncé says in an interview that Jay Z (or, rather, his cologne) smells bad.

November 2012: Beyoncé posts lyrics to Lauryn Hill's "The Ex-Factor" on Facebook. Uh, who cares?

November 14, 2013: Media Takeout runs a story on the Carters' attempt at a 'trial separation.' Their source was Star Magazine so you have to take this with a 2lb grain of salt.

February 2014: France's Le Figaro alleges that Beyoncé is having an affair with President Obama. An Illuminati fantasy for the ages.

April 2014: During a radio interview, Rita Ora slams down a reporter's reference to a rumor she'd cheated with Jay Z.


May 14, 2014: Everyone notices that Beyoncé removed her "IV" tattoo on her ring finger that she had inked when she and Jay got hitched.

May 14, 2014: Beyoncé goes on an Instagram binge, posting four photos of herself and Solange and one of herself with Rihanna at the Met Gala. It doesn't take a semiotics major to guess that she's hoping to quash rumors that she's both on the outs with her little sister and that Rihanna might have something to do with trouble in her marriage and that's why Solange lost it.

May 15, 2014: Beyoncé and Jay Z release a non-statement statement about what happened in the elevator. To paraphrase the statement: " ¯\_(ツ)_/¯"

Late May 2014: Divorce rumors, fueled by more speculation over why Solange lost her shit at Jay Z, heat up.

June 2014: A 1Oak hostess and Long Island Princess files a lawsuit against Bauer Publishing (InTouch, Life&Style) after they publish rumors about her being Jay's mistress.

June 26, 2014: The couple's On the Run tour opens.

July 21, 2014: A blind item -- widely guessed by blog commenters to be about the Carters -- alleges that their relationship has been a business arrangement the whole time and that they'll be split up by the end of the year. 

July 21, 2014: Beyoncé posts this cute photo on Instagram of her and Jay holding hands with Blue Ivy.

July 26, 2014: Page Six runs a lengthy story in which an unnamed source describes their marital stuff and describes the situation not as a matter of "whether they'll split, but how they'll split." Okay, "unnamed source."

July 27, 2014: Beyoncé posts a slew of Instagram pics ostensibly from some amazing vacay, including a shot that seems to show her and Jay enjoying sunset cocktails. Ok, we get it.

July 28, 2014: Page Six is back at it with a new story that alleges Bey is penthouse shopping without Jay Z, implying that she's in the market for 'bachelorette pad' she can share with Blue Ivy.

DMX Does Not Do Well On Roller Coasters


If you haven't watched this delightful video of DMX losing his damn mind on a roller coaster then you're really missing out. The grainy clip opens with the rapper shouting to a friend, "This is some scary shit! Scary shit!" before going "Whoa! What! Whaaaaaat! Ungghhhhhh!" and then trying to act like the whole thing was nothing.

He's not the first cool dude celebrity to nearly piss himself on a rollercoaster -- it was only last month that we got to see Kevin Hart screaming, crying, and holding on for dear life on a coaster with Jimmy Fallon.

So...what celeb can we see nervously clench the rails and screech next? How 'bout Joe Manganiello?

Listen to Sufjan Stevens' Cover of Arthur Russell's "A Little Lost"


The Red Hot Organization's upcoming tribute album to late avant-garde cellist and composer Arthur Russell won't be released until October 21st, but today we're getting a sneak peek of its offerings with Sufjan Stevens' gorgeous, expansive cover of Russell's "A Little Lost." Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell also features covers by Blood Orange, Robyn, Hot Chip, Jose Gonzalez, Scissor Sisters Cults, and more. If you pre-order the album on iTunes, Stevens' cover is available to download now.

Listen to the original below.

[Via Pitchfork]


The Roots React To the 50 Shades of Grey Trailer ... With an Extra Scene Added


The Roots react to the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer....with a very special surprise added to it. [Uproxx]
Someone removed all the jokes from Seinfeld, Friends and the Big Bang Theory and just left the plot. Here's the Junior Mint episode of Seinfeld. Still pretty good [TastefullyOffensive]

tumblr_n9hgviY5NW1qewacoo1_500.jpgHeyareyougoingtoeatthatHeyareyougoingtoeatthatHeyareyougoingtoeatthat. [TastefullyOffensive]

ZXQ1.jpgThe revolution will not involve eye contact. [Mlkshk]

Some dobermans are great at using slides. Others, not so much. [FYeahDementia]
Here's a glorious super cut of Samuel L. Jackson saying "motherf*cker" in just about every single movie he's ever done. [HuffPo]

Janelle Monáe Is the Coolest Sorority Girl We Know In New "Electric Lady" Video


Finally the title track off of Janelle Monáe's latest album, The Electric Lady, gets a video and in it, we see the singer like (almost) never before: in casual separates. She gets rid of the pompadour and suit in favor of pretty curls, a crop top, varsity jacket and black pants, playing a member of the "Electro Phi Betas" sorority. Like a scene out of Grease, Monáe's fellow Betas pick her up in a vintage ride (after a cameo by the singer's mom) and head to a house party where T.I.'s hanging out and framed photos of sorority alums like Estelle, Esperanza Spalding, Kimbra and T-Boz(!) come to life á la Harry Potter.

Watch "Electric Lady," above.

Lana Del Rey's "Ultraviolence" Video: Wedding Dresses and Finger Sucking


Never one to stray from her nostalgic fantasies and grainy daydreams, Lana Del Rey's new video for the title track off her latest album, Ultraviolence, follows the heartbroken songstress in a wedding dress, as she walks through a lush garden to an eerie, empty church. The fuzzy clip is captured by a faceless observer, whose presence is only made known when he reaches his finger out for Lana to uncomfortably lick -- it's a cringe-worthy interaction that falls way short of anything romantic. There's also a bizarre scene when Lana takes a break from her stroll to the alter to peel an orange and eat each slice slowly and, of course, seductively. The head-scratching moment is followed by more finger sucking, signature vintage leaky lights and Lana switching things up with the Spanglish lyric, "Yo soy la princesa, comprende mis white lines." Comprende mis white lines? Okay, Lana.

The 13 Best NYC Clubs In History

I've been to a lot of nightclubs in my time -- and my time ain't over yet. So I've thought back on all the pomp and revelry and compiled a glittering list of the 13 greatest nightspots I've ever known in this town -- so far. I've gone this path before, but I'm using my increased knowledge and accumulated powers of discernment here, expressing more developed reflections. In any case, this should take away any bad taste left by my 10 Worst Clubs piece not long ago. I hope.

andy-jerry.jpg1) Studio 54 (254 W. 54th Street)
Was the ultimate '70s disco really all that? Um, yes. Of course, it helped that I was young and pretty fresh to the scene, so things had an aura of extra excitement about them. But the glitz and glory of this fabled disco was really something to gag for. Swirling up like a mirage in our then-depressed city, it transformed an old TV studio into a multi-level palace for glitter, dancing, and polymorphous cavorting. The snooty doorman would handpick a "salad" of celebs, attractive everymen, and the well connected (with the help of gregarious co-owner Steve Rubell), making for a true mix, everyone pumping the night away till "The Last Dance" signaled closing time. I'm still picking glitter out of my hair.

2) Mudd Club (77 White Street)

Opening in NYC courtesy of Steve Mass and other art lovers, this was at the opposite spectrum of 54--a skinny-tie-filled ode to rock and attitude, set in a divey street in the then-barely inhabited Tribeca. Mudd had a thrilling subversion to it, and so did the music (The Pretenders, Blondie) and the guests (a mix of rock stars, avant garde filmmakers, and pretentious dweebs). And that bathroom. Oy!

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 3.02.55 PM.png3) Area (157 Hudson Street)
In 1983, this large dance club caught on with the downtown crowd because the owners cared about artistic expression to the point where the club's entire theme changed every five weeks or so from top to bottom, complete with imaginative invites that were works of art unto themselves. The dance floor was hot, but you could always push right past it to the VIP room, where everyone air kissed and photographed each other in a Fellinesque swirl that was playful yet very grown up.

mailart_Danceteria_tomandamy.jpg4) Danceteria (30 W. 21 Street)

This rock club had a bunch of locations through the years, but the best was the one at 21st Street, where the four floors were populated by loud people with big hair and a lot to say. The whole thing felt raw, exciting, and ultra desirable.

5) Galaxy 21 (256 W. 23 Street)
As a young gay, I had a great time traipsing up and down the glitzy floors of this club designed for dancing, live music, and romance. We had choices then!

6) Jackie 60

A weekly party that ran in various locations through the '90s (ending up at the Meatpacking District club Mother), this was a frisky soiree with esoteric theatrical events, inspired themes, and brilliant references. Never has a club incorporated both historical awareness and forward-facing technology to the extent that Jackie did. And you didn't want to fuck with that dress code.

happyvalley2.png7) Happy Valley (14 E. 27th Street)

In 2006, the kooky duo of Susanne Bartsch and Kenny Kenny started throwing weekly parties at this sexy hangout, and the result magically brought back a pre-Giuliani aesthetic of fun and frolic to a large degree. The Jeremy Scott décor included ladies' legs akimbo behind the bar, and the place boasted a variety of other areas to frolic in, all rich in honky tonk ambience. The Bartsch/Kenny crowd consisted of a lot of nouveau club kids, but this time with a more ethical, composed feel to them. These kids weren't dangerous, though they were still electrifying.

8) The Anvil (500 W. 14th)
When being gay was still subversive and wild, this 1974-1986 club brought gogo boys, drag queens, and leather studs together for some extremely vivid raunch and mayhem. What a trip. But customers would definitely have to wipe their shoes before they got home.

9) CBGB (315 Bowery)
In 1973, Hilly Kristal opened this divey ode to mohawks, razor blades, safety pins, and punk. They did not play Donna Summer records--though maybe they burned them. [Side note: The true heyday of Max's Kansas City, alas, was before my time.]

10) The Roxy (515 W. 18th Street)
Shirtless muscle gays could compare chests with cartoony drag queens, all thumping to the beat on the gigantic dance floor, where the music became more and more like a synthesized dental drill. Upstairs, those that didn't fit in with the chesty bunch enjoyed a kitschier lounge ambience complete with K-tel-style music courtesy of DJ Andy Anderson. Either way, it was party time.

nightclubbing-pyramid-taboo.jpgTabboo at the Pyramid. Photo by Lynn Grabowski.

11) The Pyramid (101 Avenue A)

In its '80s heyday, this was the place for the off-center drag and performance art crowds to come together and celebrate their eccentricities via partying and/or various works in progress. That anything-goes mood of hungry creativity was very then, and is very missed.

12) The World (254 E. 2nd Street), a large ballroom-turned-rec-room, where Dean Johnson's shiny head, black dress, and combat boots lit up the night at his weekly Rock and Roll Fag Bar. In the transitional '80s, the World was a mecca for edge.

13) Limelight (20th and Sixth)
This church-turned-disco started sizzling when club kids took over the joint and made it their hedonistic playpen. I'd host dinner parties in the chapel for various offbeat celebrities, loving the mix of has-been and wannabes. But it all felt a little icky--more so when things got truly rotten--and suitably enough, the place is now a mall where you buy get handbags and gelato.


And by the way, I wasn't a regular at Paradise Garage, but I could see the passion there, so let me include it on the list for all the people who found it heaven. Thanks. Off to a club.

A MTV China VJ Tells Us Where to Party In Beijing

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 3.22.09 PM.pngName?

Nik Wang



Where do you live?


What do you do there?

I'm an MTV VJ and a blogger.

What Chinese bands or DJs are you obsessed with right now?

I like Reflector, Gala, Omnipotent Youth Society and DJ Wordy. Reflector is punk, Gala and Omnipotent Youth Society is rock and DJ Wordy is electronic. I recommend listening to Gala's "Young for You" and Reflector's track, "Numb."

Where are the cool places to catch live music in Beijing?

Either Mao Live House or Dada. They always invite cool, underground local bands and DJs. And the crowd is fashionable, 'indie' people, which I like.

What is the cool neighborhood to hang out in?

Definitely the Sanlitun area.

Nik shows out a quick glimpse of a night out in Beijing

Describe your perfect weekend in Beijing.

It would start with brunch with friends and hitting the gym before picking a nice restaurant at the Taikooli shopping center in Sanlitun for dinner and then a concert at Workers Stadium in the area.

What's your favorite bar or club in the city?

d.Lounge. It's the oldest and best lounge in Beijing. You can always meet people who work in fashion, art, or entertainment here because they host lots of fashion events and after parties. They also have jazz and old movies shown but you can find DJs on the weekends, too.

What's a bar or club you would never go to in Beijing?

5F. It has outdated decoration and it's very boring.

Check out Nik's music recommendations:

Reflector -- "Zhao ke"

Gala -- "Young For You"

Omnipotent Youth Society -- "Kill the One from Shijiazhuang"

DJ Wordy -- "Lost in Space" mini mix

Check out Nik's nightlife listings:

Mao Live House, 111 Gulou E St, Dongcheng, Beijing

Dada, 206 Gulou Dong Dajie, Dongcheng, Beijing

d.Lounge, Sanlitun Nan Lu, Chaoyang, Beijing

Mac DeMarco's Oddball New Video Is Not For High People (Or Maybe It Really Is)


Our favorite Brooklyn-by-way-of-Montreal singer/guitarist/art punk party prankster, Mac DeMarco, has a new music video out today for his Salad Days track, "Chamber of Reflection." The '80s synth-heavy jam gets sludged up and zoinked out here, which works, we guess, because the whole VHS-style video is shot after shot of a chick wearing a Homer Simpson mask with a perma-high expression on its face. We see Homer Chick hang out in a hammock, ride the subway, and gyrate over a fire hyrant before taking a little drink. Just, you know, regular Tuesday afternoon stuff.

Warning: this video is not for high people.

Salad Days is out now via Captured Tracks.

Model Jamie Bochert On Moroccan Eggs, Internet Commenters and Kim Gordon's Pickles

JamieBochert1.jpgIn our new series, Ladies Who Lunch, cook, co-founder of catering company bigLITTLE Get Together and Marc Jacobs' personal chef, Lauren Gerrie, will be whipping up lunch -- and conversation -- with some of our favorite New York City gals.

Don't judge a book by it's cover... or go ahead, either way Jamie Bochert doesn't give a fuck. Her waifish frame, sunken cheekbones, and midnight black hair certainly drew me in, but it's her genuine and carefree spirit that left me wanting to spend the entire afternoon with the musician model extraordinaire. Originally hailing from the Garden State, Jamie lived in LA for six years until she was swept up to New York to embark on a modeling career. She instantly started booking jobs, her first being a campaign with Steven Klein for Furla Handbags. On hiatus for about two years to focus on her music (she is a self-taught guitar, harmonium and piano player), it was an introduction to Marc Jacobs who brought her back into the fashion world. Jamie came over to my Alphabet City apartment and we discussed our mutual love of dance and her obsessions with my Almond Butter Cookies (one of Marc's favorite showroom treats).

Roasted Crimini Mushroom Sandwich on 7 Grain with Mashed Avocados, Cucumber, Sriracha & Arugula
Baked Sweet Potato Chips with Feta, Mint, and Fried Shallot

What's your favorite meal of the day?

Breakfast. I love food and I love cooking and I love eating all the time. Moroccan eggs are my go to -- sauteed onions in argan & olive oil, ras el hanut with cinnamon and paprika, canned diced tomatoes. I make little wholes in the tomato and onion mixture and put the eggs in there. Top it with harissa and cilantro and a side of pita. I eat that almost every day.

When you go out, where do you like to eat?

EN Japanese Brasserie on Hudson & Leroy. In Williamsburge there is Bozu, a Japanese tapas place with really good drinks. Then there is Marlow & Sons, which I'm a big fan of. I lived across the street for a minute and I would always go there. Maison Premiere also has a great vibe with oysters.

Where would you go to eat anywhere in the world?

If I could find a really beautiful beach in Japan where I could eat really fresh fish, that would be amazing. A complete experience and fantasy.

If you could drop everything and escape somewhere right now where would you go?

Jamaica. I think it would open up my world.

Favorite condiment?

Do pickles count? I like eating pickles, my parents always have the bread and butter pickles and I will eat them straight out of the jar. You know who gets the best pickles? Kim Gordon! She gets the pickles from this farmers market in the Hamptons. I also love Salvatore ricotta. I had a fantasy, before I started working with Marc, that I would get a house upstate and get some water buffalo and I was gonna make buffalo mozzarella.

Jamie Bochert2.jpgHave you given up your mozzarella fantasy?

I thought it was brilliant, but now if I could do anything I would distill oil from flowers and plants. I always wanted to start a pharmacy with herbalists. I don't like pharmaceuticals.

Biggest misconception of who you are and what you do?

I don't know. These days I don't really think about what people think about me. I really don't give a shit.

As a model, though, have you ever gotten frustrated when people on the Internet make mean comments about your look or your weight?

I hate it when people make comments that I'm too skinny or anorexic. I am always trying to put on weight, but I am naturally thin. People are really really mean. It's fucked up. When I first started working with Marc, he asked me to open his show, which launched my re-entry to modeling. At the time the Internet was really taking off and on fashion forums people would write the most cruel things. "Is she a man?" "She is anorexic" blah blah blah. It was so hurtful. I can't imagine what it is like for kids in high school these days!

If you could be anything other than a model/musician what would you be?

I would run a daycare for animals. If I could work every day with cats and dogs I would love it. Actually any kind of animals. I'm not good with coming up with names, but it would eventually come to me.

If you could have anything created specifically for you -- and money was no object -- what would it be?

A tree house mansion on a private island and only I had the boat to go back and forth. That would be my dream.

If you could have lunch with any other woman, who would it be?

I keep thinking of men, like Victor Hugo. PJ Harvey, we would have to go out because I would be too nervous to cook. I love her. She is amazing and super cool. Authentic and honest. I've seen her at the Beacon and Terminal Five. 

NYC Nightlife Stars Get "Cunt"-y In New Hercules & Love Affair Video


"'Cunt' is basically like the highest compliment you could get -- if you're 'Cunt,' you're the shit," explains rapper Cakes Da Killa in Hercules & Love Affair's music video for the pulsing electronic track, "My Offence." The video, which is more of a mini-doc directed by Andy Butler, profiles the re-appropriation of the word within the gay community. Although it was once "the sharpest, derogatory term you could use against a woman," DJ Juliana Huxtable explains, the word has grown into a source of empowerment. Someone who's "Cunt," is "somebody who's confident with their femininity, someone who's confident with their craft of being a Faggot," says performer Robot Moon Juice. Check out the amazing clip above for a slew of cameos by NYC nightlife stars like Contessa Stuto, Jocelyn Saldana, Bailey Stiles and Richard Kennedy.

The Celebrity Cameos In Sharknado 2 Were Excellent


Big ups to the Sharknado 2 casting directors for making such an artisanally crafted, small batch, pickled potpourri of celebrity cameos. Some of the best have already been made in a supercut, including appearances by Kelly Osbourne, Andy Dick, Perez Hilton, Kelly Ripa, Michael Strahan, Matt Lauer and Al Roker. [via Time]

15-nobody-bites.gif18-1-jump.gifWhat the supercut leaves out, however, is the nostalgia castings of Biz Markie and Mark McGrath. Can't forget those dudes. [via Uproxx]

Here's a little-seen clip of Bill Murray doing a monologue from his 1980 Second City Chicago Show, Bill Murray Live from the Second City. [via Splitsider]

tumblr_mqmsl6bhzC1sch9a8o1_400.pngDo you know Jim Boonie? [via F You No F Me]

tumblr_n9353h09tL1snabguo1_500.pngThere's gonna be problems. [via Afternoon Snooze Button]

Chris Pratt did an amazing impression of trashy Brits on that reality show The Only Way Is Essex during a session on Buzzfeed Brews.

tumblr_ml591zGswF1rq9nqbo1_500.jpgExcellent Ramones Fan Club letter. [via Rats Off]

tumblr_n7ol1zctG91rzkuwco1_500.jpgThis is our new Summer Friday crop top. [via The Clearly Dope]

tumblr_mf238adrzr1r03eaxo1_500.gifHmmm...okay. [via Trill Adam Clark]

Warren G reads Warren G. Harding's sexxxy love letters. [via Jimmy Kimmel]

Here's a clip of a tiny mouse named Grisu ringing a tiny bell so his owner will open the door. Happy Thursday! [via Tastefully Offensive]

Bass Drum of Death's Tour Diary: "I Knew It Was Gonna Be Gnarly"

TourDiary_Banner2A.jpgThroughout the summer, we're following around some of our favorite bands and DJs as they head out on tour. In each installment, these road dogs will be sharing a photo diary and sharing stories about what they do, see, and hear and eat while criss-crossing the country and the globe. Next up: NYC-via-Mississippi garage rockers, Bass Drum of Death. Singer/guitarist John Barrett tells us about shitty bar food, pre-tour hangs with his cat, and driving by "Drake's house." 

This is in Oxford, Mississippi and is a shot of my old roommate, Andy's truck. I think Ford rangers are the funniest truck that exists. And of course Andy has one. When you think of a truck, you think of something big and hyper-masculine or whatever but the Ford Ranger is the opposite of that.

This photo was shot right before we left [on tour]. I live in New York now but this is the house I lived in for three years in Oxford, Mississippi. It was commonly referred to as the 'dude ranch.' It's a 5000 sq. ft. ranch house and I still pay rent on a practice space in the house because the other guys are still based in Mississippi. Before tours, I fly back and we practice for about a week. And that's our cat, Lily. She's a little baby angel who would always crawl up on that chair. I figured I would snap a photo for posterity's sake.

This was after a show one night in Cleveland, I think. The show went super well. I think we're probably going to the hotel in this photo -- we stayed in some weird Travelodge. It was a bit sketchy. Other than that, it was a pretty unremarkable tour night.

In general, we're pretty big drinkers and like to party and hang out with people so we do that as much as possible. The problem with that, though, is if you play at like 10:30 or 11pm and you're not loaded out until 1am and then you go out somewhere until 3 or 4am and get home, go to sleep and then need to be in the van by 11, it starts to take its toll. I've learned after a lot of experience that if you don't take care of yourself when you're on tour, it's no fun. We try to pick our tour spots [where we won't really] drink and instead go back to the hotel and watch Comedy Central and get a solid 8-10 hours of sleep. The guys like Comedy Central but I'll leave SportsCenter on 24/7 because it's something light that I don't have to think about.

This is a dumb picture -- I'm pretty sure it was taken at a truck stop somewhere in Illinois. Someone snapped it of me and we're in the middle of fucking nowhere Illinois and it's cold as shit. I'm just walking back to the van. Of course it snowed everywhere we were and being from Mississippi, none of us had proper coats so I'm wearing a denim jacket and t-shirt and hoodie. I did buy snow boots just for the tour because I knew it was gonna be gnarly. It was quite a good investment. I never got sick.

This is definitely in St. Louis. We have a friend who has a really, really sick apartment that he let us stay in while he was out of town. It's a loft apartment down this alley and the best way I can describe it is that it's like one of those apartments you used to see watching '90s sitcomes set in New York City. It's like 'no one actually lives in these types of places' but my friend in St. Louis actually does. So after our show at the Firebird, we were like, 'Let's go back to the loft and play PlayStation and drink beer!"

This shot is when were getting in the van the next day after having been to the Missouri Bar and Grill the night before. Everyone got bar food --  I got a patty melt, which was great -- but someone ordered something you should never order at a dive bar like pasta and it was the worst thing ever and they were very pissed.

This is in Toronto. During some of these tour dates, it only makes sense to get one hotel room because if a show goes late and we have to get up early in the morning, everyone is tired and it doesn't matter where you sleep. This is us just passed the fuck out ten minutes after getting to the room.

This is the CN Tower in Toronto, which we like to call 'Drake's house.' I'm super fascinated with tall buildings and have been my whole life pretty much. I pitter-pattered around the idea of going to architecture school when I was in high school until I figured out how much work you have to do so I was like 'fuck that, I don't like it that much!' But I hate heights, which I don't understand how that works. Recently we played a couple shows in Calgary and went to a smaller version of the CN Tower. It had  a bar on top and it had one of those clear, glass bottom viewing decks and I refused to go on it because the concept freaks me the fuck out. I can't do that.

593326-R1-08-15A.jpgI think we were in Minneapolis here.  We did a limited-run of snapbacks that had our logo on the front and then the outline of the state of Mississippi on the back next to the snap part. It's our brief foray into street wear, if you will. That was one of those nights where we were drunk and playing dress up and being stupid.

I don't know where this shot was taken. It could've been anywhere. I'm pretty sure this was taken during a break down after we were finished with our set. Our logo has evolved over a couple years. The source material is from this British football club called Sheffield United that one of my friends is a huge fan of. I thought their logo was fuckin' awesome and decided to put my own take on it. The Sheffield logo is a rose and blades and I wanted ours to be a Mississippi version with a magnolia and two daggers.

For more on the road shenanigans from BDoD, peep their short tour doc, "This Isn't Your Moms Game," below.

To see a list of more of the band's tour dates, go HERE.


Alexis Penney's New Video Is Bittersweet


Brooklyn performer and Chez Deep member Alexis Penney gets nostalgic with his newly released video for the moody disco track "I Remember," a song that rides along the same lane as Madonna's "Confessions On a Dance Floor," but with far more grit, grime and heartbreak. (Penney writes in Dazed that the video was inspired by the death of his "guitarist and soul-mate," Grant.) "When I'm singing, I remember, when I'm dancing I forget," moans Penney, who sits lonely on a couch before a projection of arresting drag queens lip-synching the lyrics and draped in bold, satin sheets. There's something both subtly comedic and eerie about the clip-- a beautiful juxtaposition.

Chance the Rapper Covers the Arthur Theme Song


Considering Chicago's current state of ceaseless warfare filling the streets, Chance the Rapper is exactly what the city needs right now. Although weekly headlines highlight the dozens of people injured or killed by gunfire, Chance seems thirsty to fight back with his music, delivering a message that falls far from fellow Chicagoan Chief Keef's repertoire. His latest release, "Wonderful Everyday," reinterprets the theme song for the '90s children's series, Arthur, which was originally written and performed by Christopher Cross.

He's recruited a number of collaborators on the sunny track, including Wyclef Jean, Jessie Ware, Francis and the Lights and Elle Varner, who riff over Chance chanting "Everyday, it could be wonderful." After a long, cathartic buildup, "Wonderful Everyday" finds its groove as Chance wails Cross' nostalgic lyrics. "Open up your eyes, open up your ears, get together and make things better by working together," sings Chance, who's become an activist for peace on the streets in his hometown. Check out the track above.

11 Menswear Bloggers Reveal Their Favorite New Brands

We've asked 11 of the world's top men's fashion writers and bloggers to each reveal the menswear brand they're most digging right now as well as offer some of their go-to fashion tips and tricks. From the U.S. to the U.K., these are the brands you should know to rev up your closet.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 1.43.41 PM.png
Marcel Floruss, One Dapper Street

New menswear obsession: W.R.K. -- Work. Rest. Karma. They're based in New York and create beautifully designed menswear collections ranging from waxed cotton touring jackets to fun printed shorts and bright blue suits. The aesthetic is very versatile, young but not "trendy," and the clothing is unique and impeccably crafted, fashion-forward but with a very solid core collection and aesthetic. The designer, Matteo Gottardi, used to work at Diesel and Armani, and I know him personally. W.R.K. is basically a reflection of his personality: a couple of rough edges (the good kind), very passionate and very masculine.

I'd spend any amount of money on: Shoes. Whoever said it's only women that splurge on shoes -- well, they lied. Often I stand in front of the mirror, dressed and all, without shoes on and it just looks horrible. Shoes can make or break a look, and are often what I look at first in an outfit.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 1.48.56 PM.pngJake Woolf, GQ

New menswear obsession: John Elliott has to be my favorite new menswear brand right now. Elliott is one of the best menswear designers in the game today because, simply, he just gets "it." He understands what young men are into these days in terms of aesthetics, but his clothes go much deeper than what they offer on the surface. John gives his customers the best in terms of quality because he cares about how his pieces will wear over time. Everyone has that hoodie or that pair of sweatpants they will never get rid of, and John Elliott is creating those pieces for a new generation.

I feel most confident in: Something brand new that I know looks really good on me. It's like walking out into the world in fresh armor. I'm sure other people are probably most confident in pieces they've had forever that they know they look good wearing, but for me, there's always something new on the horizon that could look better (is that messed up?).

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 1.54.37 PM.pngSabir Peele, Men's Style Pro

New menswear obsession: Michael Bastian isn't new, but he's finally getting his shine. He does something that reminds me of my childhood growing up in Philly when I used to rock Ralph Lauren (real or fake) all the time. He's reintroduced America to tailored sportswear, and he creates collections with a cohesive theme. There are a fair amount of pieces that can be worn casually, but he sticks to his tailored guns and that's crucial. Each fall season, when he drops a tweed suit with an exploded check pattern, I'm trying to cop it.

I wish more guys wore: A watch. When a beautiful young lady asks for the time and you're fiddling around in your pocket trying to find your phone, you've lost that moment of looking like a gent or impressing her with your timepiece.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 1.59.31 PM.pngChristian Law, Fresher Than Chris

New menswear obsession: I'm a really big fan of Brett Johnson Co.  They've only been around for a few seasons, but the brand has a clear point of view and great attention to detail. They produce out of Italy, sourcing the finest of fabrics including leather and cashmere. They're not afraid to push the envelope from a style perspective, but no matter the color, cut or even embellishments, the brand remains masculine.

I wish guys would stop: The leather-look outfit. Either commit to spending the money on a quality piece or let the trend roll by. Some faux leather moments work, but walking around in "joggers" that look like plastic is not fresh at all.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 2.03.25 PM.pngRocky Li, Third Looks

New menswear obsession: Definitely C.E. (Cav Empt). I grew up on streetwear, but it's been quite stagnant in recent years. It seems like the fashion world is constantly borrowing from streetwear and toning it down, but what I like about C.E is that they don't try to 'elevate' streetwear. C.E. is really based around really strong graphics pulled from a lot of weird 70's sci-fi, post-modern philosophy and internet culture/art applied to staples like jackets, hats, tees and hoodies. I'm a huge fan of the late 90s to mid-2000s era of Tokyo Harajuku streetwear brands, so I see his as an updated take on that with modern influences.

I learned the hard way not to: Spend too much on 'luxury' basics. It's definitely not worth overpaying for a simple designer shirt just for the label. Look for items that are both practical but also unique enough that you'll look forward to wearing it again and again.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 2.06.23 PM.pngAlejandro Lopez, Adentro Style

New menswear obsession: One of my favorite menswear brands is from Honduran designer, Carlos Campos. His style is sophisticated and masculine, and he's all about the subtle details that make a huge difference once you take a closer look. Every collection tells a story, like this spring's soccer theme or next fall's Modern Gaucho. I love where his collections take you.

Most underrated men's accessory: During the summer, the no-show sock probably gets dismissed or overlooked by most. I recently found the Mack Weldon no-show socks with the rubber lining on the back heel. It doesn't come off as I'm walking and that's changed my life for the better.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 2.10.21 PM.pngWill Taylor, Bright Bazaar

New menswear obsession: I've always been an accessories guy, so I was thrilled when I discovered Daniel Wellington watches while on a trip to Stockholm in Sweden last year. The brand embraces a classic preppy style that I just can't get enough of -- their range of watches manage to feel sophisticated and gentlemanly, while maintaining a laid-back and unpretentious feel. I love the Scandinavian feel to the designs; a look that's brought about through their effortlessly minimalistic approach.

I'd spend any amount of money on: a good bag.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 2.14.51 PM.pngAnthony Urbano, Closet Freaks

New menswear obsession: I've really been into the latest collections from Carven. After seeing the Fall '14 collection from Paris I was hooked on the sharp tailoring and clean aesthetic. The all-neutral color palette -- blacks, grays, tans -- felt very accessible but still modern and fresh. Fast-forward to Spring '15 and you get more of the same subdued palette but also some playful silhouettes. Blousy tops with boxy sleeves paired with slim trousers but then a chunky sandal -- I love that juxtaposition. It's definitely a brand I could see a lot of guys appreciating.

The best thing in my closet is: My beige mac raincoat. I picked it up at an APC sample sale last year and it has proven to be the most versatile jacket I own. There's a removable fleece lining so I can still wear it well into the rainy spring season or even layer it over short jackets when it's really cold. It's just a classic piece and it goes with everything.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 2.21.12 PM.pngDan Trepanier, TSBMen

New menswear obsession: My friend Alejandro Rodriguez is nailing it with his line Beautiful Fül in downtown LA. Everything is made in America using quality ingredients and the aesthetic is the perfect blend of high-fashion and streetwear with a "retro rebel" feel. It provides an accurate narrative to the resurgence that's currently happening downtown.

I learned the hard way not to: Multitask while ironing.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 2.25.14 PM.pngRyan Charchian, The Fashionisto Diaries

New menswear obsession: Dot BK started as a Kickstarter -- they reached out to me to try out a shirt and I've been obsessed ever since. The cut, quality, and style are all what I look for in a shirt. The contrasting pocket is fun and makes the shirt more chic. I like brands that have a history, and even more so if they are a total Internet brand. You can see and feel the passion of the brand in each piece.

The secret rule to looking good is: wearing clothes you would wear when you aren't with your friends. It sounds strange, but I wouldn't wear anything to work or with my fashion friends unless I would also wear it while running errands. You have to be confident in yourself and in your clothes to pull off an outfit.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 2.27.33 PM.pngJustin Livingston, Scout Sixteen

New menswear obsession: W.R.K. is a really great brand -- they're two seasons old, but they're gaining momentum at this point. I'm a big fan of utility wear, and they make really awesome khaki chino jackets, they have great jeans, and overall, the company is on a good path right now. They have such clean stuff, and their pieces are pretty neutral, but they'll always add a pop of red or yellow. They're super classic.

I wish more guys wore: I love jogger chinos -- chinos that are cinched at the ankle. It falls more into skater style, but I wear it all the time on my blog, and I've had so many people say, "I've never thought to buy those!" It's being pushed outside of the skater culture into mainstream, and they're comfortable but also look really nice.

Katy Perry's "This Is How We Do" Video Is a Pop-Art Spectacular


Katy Perry's new video for the Prism standout, "This Is How We Do," is an amazingly campy collection of pop art references, retro fashion statements and summer staples like twerking ice cream cones, a group of sharp men dressed like Pee-Wee Herman and a very important pizza-printed bathing suit -- only the essentials for Ms. Perry. Complete with a spot-on Mariah Carey impersonator and a shot of Aretha Franklin framed on the wall, this Joel Kefali-directed clip is Perry at her finest -- tongue-in-cheek and effervescently technicolor. Keep an eye out for "Dark Horse" co-writer Sarah Hudson and "Prismatic Tour" opener Ferras -- as showy as Perry comes across, she's also refreshingly genuine when it comes to supporting her friends.