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A Very Expensive Dinner Menu For Dogs

MO_dog_menu.jpg1.  This is too much: the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Paris offers this (expensive by human standards) menu just for dogs. [via Hotel Chatter]

2.  Azealia Banks released a new video for her Angel Haze diss track, "No Problems," and it doesn't contain any sort of lashing out at Haze on Banks' part. Instead it's full of superimposed footage from Ultra Music Festival. You can see Banks performing and hanging out with Diplo and Steve Aoki and generally being cool while fireworks and lazers flash in the foreground.

3.  Oh god, we forgot True Blood is coming back this summer. What is going on with Joe Manganiello's face in this clip? [via Towleroad]

20130401-ASYLUM-slide-2DAY-articleLarge.jpg4.  The state hospital where One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest was filmed is now going to be the Museum of Mental Health, a museum which the people who stayed there over the years. [via NYT]

51243608_custom-d38d9253d87a663d7833d47b4652fe42b1000d46-s40.jpg5.  New research suggests that Shakespeare was prosecuted for evading taxes and for hoarding grain to sell at inflated prices during a famine. He sounds like a real fustilarian. [via NPR]

smoking-child.gif6.  Style blogger Hart Hagerty found took pictures of a mother in Shanghai lighting a cigarette and letting her young child smoke it until he fell on the ground and felt sick. We would have had a complete and utter panic meltdown if we saw this as it was happening. [via Gawker]

lv-no-more-celeb-ads.jpg7.  On the same day that we featured two of Louis Vuitton ads in our weird celebrity fashion ad roundup, Louis Vuitton announced that it's planning to significantly cut back on star-filled ads. [via The Cut]

A Pineapple Express Sequel Trailer


ICYMI: The best/cruelest/most stoner-est April's Fool's Day joke was this fake trailer for a fake sequel to Pineapple Express. They even got James Franco to put on that sweatband! Watch Franco, Seth Rogen and Danny McBride be goofy and awesome and listen to M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes" for old times' sake. The trailer was really a stunt/promo for "apocalyptic comedy" This Is the End.  [via Hyper Vocal]

tumblr_mkj5bcExQA1r9ynhlo1_500.jpgEven though Easter is old news, these Hanksy eggs are "party time, eggcellent." [via Tall Whitney]

tumblr_mkfvmiSiCZ1qanm80o3_500.gifLegends of the Hidden Temple -- "it's three fucking pieces!" [via I'm With Kanye]

Wzfrmfw.jpgThe epitome of happiness is this photo of a dog eating a chicken McNugget. [via Uproxx]
tumblr_mk75tnqsjb1qee7ixo1_500.gifRyan Gosling mini stud winking. [via Tall Whitney]

snl-gallery-88-4.jpgThis print of Stefon from an SNL-themed art show at Gallery 1988 is the best. [via Splitsider]

dogue_funnies.jpgWe're getting major 1970s-era Veruschka vibes. [Thanks Max!]

tumblr_mgd50ftLFx1qmromro1_500.jpgHouse of Toms. [via 100 Years of Lolitude]

madmenxmas.jpgJingle Bell Rock, y'all! Based on these images, it looks like the Mad Men premiere will take place around Christmas. [via Vulture]

tumblr_mklfbhSuZB1rqgazso1_1280.jpgWhat happens when she gets up? [via Laughter Key]

Courtney Love Sticks It to an Old Matriarch in This NJOY Ad


Courtney Love is in a Bon Duke-directed video for electronic cigarette brand NJOY (who, didn't ya know, is one of the sponsors of our Beautiful People party tonight and is giving away a pair of tickets) where she gets the last laugh with her NJOY e-cig at a party. Watch a very glamorous-looking Love get confronted by an old sourpuss at a fancy party who's horrified that our favorite rock star is smoking inside...that is, until C-Love tells her it's a "fucking NJOY." Check it out above. Never change, Courtney.

Harvey Fierstein and Cyndi Lauper Team Up In Kinky Boots

ppv_kinkyboots.jpg"Now what's a nice girl like you wanna be a gorilla for?" The conversation between pop star Cyndi Lauper and Broadway legend Harvey Fierstein has turned to doomed jobs and unemployment -- two themes that pop up in the odd couple's new stage adaptation of the 2005 film Kinky Boots, debuting on Broadway this month. Lauper is talking about the time she got turned down for the Gorilla Girl job at the Great Adventure theme park. Fierstein, as it turns out, was lousy at selling encyclopedias door-to-door: "That lasted two days."

Lauper wrote the music and lyrics, and Fierstein wrote the book for Kinky Boots which also happens to be about an odd couple -- the straitlaced Charlie who's struggling to save his father's shoe factory, and Lola, the glamazon drag queen who convinces him to ditch the boring loafers and start making fetish footwear. Having labored over the production for the last four years, the two have the easy rapport of old friends. When asked how the collaboration came about, Lauper answers in her signature Betty Boop-by-way-of-Queens lilt: "Harvey called me on the phone. He said, 'What are you doin'?' I said, 'Nuthin.'"

ppv_kinkyboots2.jpgKinky Boots' years-long road to Broadway hasn't diminished Fierstein's excitement for the production process. Halfway through our interview, he grabs us by the hand and drags us from the lobby into the theater for a sneak peek. The number we saw was a big, brassy foot-stomper -- think Gilbert and Sullivan meets campy Studio 54 disco glitz. If you believe the film version of Kinky Boots, the best way to fix a crumbling manufacturing infrastructure is by adding a dash of drag fabulousness. And if you believe Cyndi Lauper and Harvey Fierstein, the best way to turn a small indie film into Broadway gold is to add even more.

Kinky Boots opens April 4th at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre, 302 W. 45th St., New York.

Watch the New Trailer for Greetings From Tim Buckley


There's a new trailer out for Greetings from Tim Buckley, the Jeff Buckley biopic which explores not-yet-famous Jeff's complicated relationship with his very famous (and absentee) father Tim Buckley. Starring 2013 Beautiful Person Penn Badgley, it interweaves vignettes from Tim and Jeff's lives. Badgley told us that he did all of the music and vocals himself and that getting the part brought about "the most electric chapter in my life so far." It debuts May 3rd. Check it out above.

Meet Raleigh-Based All Girl Punk Band Barren Girls

barrengirls_for_web.jpgRaleigh, North Carolina's rough-and-tumble, all-lady and all-out punk band Barren Girls are releasing their debut EP Hell Hymns today. We spoke to lead singer and guitarist Carla Wolff about inking a deal with Merge Records, cemeteries and the stupidity of mosh pits.

What was the reaction like when you realized the founder of Merge Records, Mac McCaughan, took notice of you guys at the Hopscotch Festival and wanted to sign you?

It was shocking. We definitely didn't expect it, especially after growing up listening to Superchunk. We were all really drunk at the [Hopscotch Festival] show and we barely remember playing so we thought, "I guess it couldn't have been that bad considering Mac liked it."

What's the punk scene like in Raleigh? Are you close-knit with bands from Chapel Hill and Durham?

The punk scene in Raleigh is super cloak and dagger. It's really weird and separate from Chapel Hill. Chapel Hill is where all the the skinhead and Oi music would be, and Raleigh is definitely more of a hardcore city. It's really weird how the scenes don't co-mingle, and how if there's a big show, everyone is there but it's really strange because we don't go to each other's shows.

Growing up in the North Carolina scene, what local bands did you look up to?

Definitely Double Negative, because they started when I was 17 and I spent every weekend at their shows. Corrosion of Conformity is from Raleigh -- that was a big influence to everyone who grew up here. Our band doesn't make hardcore music by any means but bands like Cherry Valence and Birds of Avalon were big influences because we knew people in them and they were the ones making stuff happen in the scene.

Did you set out with a goal to form an all-girl punk band, or was that just the way it happened?

It's really funny because I've always [found] the all-girl niche thing kind of cheesy, even though I've always respected women in music. It was more that me and my two best friends, [drummer Ash Van Eijyk and keyboardist Jenny Williams] who both happened to be girls, began talking about how we wanted to start a band. They were both rather inexperienced, so I told them I'd help them out, and then another one of our close friends wanted to join as well [bassist Fran Araya], and as soon as we practiced with the line-up, we realized how awesome it was.

You guys associate yourself with a lot of dark imagery. What do you find interesting about those goth-like details?

I've always been fascinated with that gritty stuff and the bands that we are influenced by, like 45 Grave, embraced that as well. I think cemeteries are one of the coolest places to hang out [in] -- I've always thought they were beautiful. Bad things are more fun.

Were the recordings for your debut EP on Merge, Hell Hymns, the cream of the crop of the songs you had, or were those the songs you knew you wanted to put down on record?

Yeah, the songs on Hell Hymns were recorded originally for a demo and we had other songs we liked more, but we felt those four songs best represented where we were at the very beginning. They were the four songs we were playing the longest, and the band was starting to evolve a little bit, so we thought "Let's get this recorded."

In what way was it evolving?

Just taking the creepy aspects and finding our niche with that. Not necessarily sounding like goth music, but we took goth elements and wanted to run with that. As for the hardcore stuff, we didn't want to completely shirk the punk songs and we wanted to get an EP out that still had that rawness to it.

Do your hometown shows get pretty rowdy?

Yeah especially recently because there are a lot of young kids at the shows, and they are very spirited. It's honestly gotten too violent for my taste. People at those shows, like the straight edge kids, are literally throwing punches in the pit...I don't really appreciate it. It's like, "My mom comes to these shows, dammit!" People should be able to enjoy the music as well as stand close to the stage without getting decked.

Our music is punk for sure but it's not angry music you have to mosh to. We played a show in Raleigh last weekend and kids got kicked out for moshing. And it's like, "Well, okay I enjoy your enthusiasm, but chill out." 

With the EP coming out today, what do your next few months look like?

We've been writing new music, trying to get enough songs together. We are taking a whole month to do a bunch of shows all along the east coast.

Hell Hymns comes out today via Merge

From Russia with Love...via YouTube


By now many of you have probably watched that ultra-violent video for "Bad Motherfucker" (or "insane office escape 2") and, thanks to it's 10 million+ views on YouTube, we might be hearing more Russian rock on the radio as a result. Russian four-piece rock band Biting Elbows released the clip -- directed by the group's singer --  and is now being pursued by several major record labels. Moreover, singer Ilya Naishuller is hoping his directing skills will lead to a side-career in filmmaking.

If Biting Elbows can make it onto the pop charts, they'll be one of the few (only?) Russian acts to do so. And it seems like we're in a bit of a Russian moment in other areas of popular culture here in the USA: Chekhov is already a hit on Broadway with Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike, plus Tolstoy is headed off-Broadway in May with Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 being staged in a big re-creation of a Russian nightclub that's going up in the Meatpacking district. In a short time, Belarus-born writer Evgeny Morozov has stirred up a bit of controversy and worthwhile dialogue with his two books -- The Net Delusion and To Save Everything, Click Here -- and numerous newspaper and magazine contributions. Of course New York City nightlife is up-to-date with its own periodic Russian Party organized by NYC promoter Seva Granik. Now if they'd let Pussy Riot out of prison, we could really celebrate.

OMG, Dolly Parton Has a Tumblr

Screen shot 2013-04-02 at 12.47.20 PM.pngDolly Parton has been pretty under the radar as of late -- she announced that she was making a musical about her life but hasn't spoken about it in over a year and her last movie, Joyful Noise, was a flop -- but now she's back with a Tumblr account! And our lives have been changed forever!  Below, some officialdollyparton.tumblr.com highlights so far.

So many GIFS...

tumblr_mjq2ceSNBt1r01usbo1_500.gifDolly and Donna Summer!

tumblr_mi2rdfLtfP1r1c3jbo2_r1_500.gifThank you, thank you.

"I'm Begging Of You Please Don't Take My Man Jolene."

Inspirational quotes:


tumblr_mjr9qkGfQr1s8yvijo1_500.jpgdolly-pdx-quote.pngVintage lewks:


And the truth:


Seven Random Hunks You Should Follow On Vine

Our resident admirer of fratty straight boys has made a list of seven beefcakes you should follow on Vine. It's only creepy if you want it to be!

@Nick Mastodon

Minnesotan Nick Mastodon has mastered the art of dubbing a pop song over a completely unrelated Disney meme -- he's also mastered the art of sexy facial scruff and Buddy Holly glasses. In response to many, many questions from commenters, he is sadly not single (but we will still be watching).

@Rudy Mancuso

Rudy Mancuso often features his adorable mom in his Vines and hilarity ensues. A highlight: when he asked her to read a statement announcing his 4,000 Vine follower and then promptly set it on fire.

@Greg Cleveland

Oh, Greg Cleveland, what you do to us, you'll never know. The fact that he's a hunky construction worker who is usually shirtless in his videos and is an absolute stud, assures him a place on this list.

@Nick Confalone

Hot dad Nick Confalone uses his adorable baby boy as his Vine partner (with some incredibly cute voiceover work) to create some funny six-second skits worth cooing over. Nick seems to be taking his stay-at-home dad duties very seriously... or is it not seriously? We don't know, but we love it.

@Josh Clark

Josh Clark happens to be Greg Cleveland's partner in his construction work, but they also collaborate on their Vines. Though he has less tattoos, and is not shirtless nearly as often as Greg, his Vines are just as good.

@Taylor Burkhalter

University of Arkansas student Taylor Burkhalter has dreamy blue eyes and some funny vines. Our particular favorites are his #Casual (I'm currently working on a 30,000 piece puzzle) and #Awkward (steam squats, donkey clam) series.

@Colin Young

Hunky singer Colin Young uses most of his Vines to capture the relentless pranking of cute girlfriend Carrlyn. We love the shenanigans but mostly love the rare times we get a glimpse of the rocker.

Say "Yoyo" to Standish/Carlyon


In this era of nineties nostalgia, some of us are starting to feel nostalgic for the days when we were nostalgic for the eighties. Thankfully, we've got Australian duo Standish/Carlyon (those are their surnames) to revive Spandau Ballet synth pads and Avalon-era Roxy Music bass lines on "Nono/Yoyo." In the suitably retro video, color fields float across a dancing midriff and a pale face straight out of a Patrick Nagel print.

Adele's House Sounds Like the Best


SNF02ADELE-620_1702620a.jpg1.  Adele's house sounds like it's the best. People are abuzz because she just bought two new rare Warhol prints, but we're more excited about her £15,000 splurge on '80s pinball games Pac-Man and Space Invaders for her game room. Invite us over, Adele! [via The Sun]

2.  The video for "Famous Friends," the new song by Teddy Blanks' (who scored Lena Dunham's feature Tiny Furniture) is very tongue-in-cheek and we like it. It's all about everyone you know being more famous than you -- and Blanks' friends include Dunham, Audrey Gelman and Alex Karpovsky, so fair point. The video is directed by filmmaker Casey Neistat and features Teddy channeling some serious 80s pop (albeit with an ironic sheen).

Alanis+Morissette+Alanis.jpg3.  Alanis Morissette is writing a book. A recent WSJ article revealed that "she's focused at the moment on writing a book, which she calls 'transpersonal psychology meets autobiography, with a little humor thrown in, I hope.'" [via NPR]

biggie-apt.jpg4.  The Notorious B.I.G.'s childhood apartment was put on sale yesterday with an asking price of $725,000. While Biggie talked about growing up in a "one room shack" in Bed Stuy, the building has been renovated and its neighborhood is now considered part Clinton Hill. [via Daily Intel]

5.  Every new trailer for This Is the End -- the movie starring every actor ever playing themselves as the world ends -- makes the movie seem more and more stupid, but I'm still really looking forward to watching it. This red band trailer features Mindy Kaling saying saying some very sexual things about Michael Cera while he tries to hit on Rihanna. [via PCB]

amy-poehler-rumored-dating-nick-kroll.jpg6.  Amy Poehler and Nick Kroll were seen on a maybe date. [via Jezebel]

Relive 1997 in Nine Minutes


We didn't realize what a pivotal year 1997 was until we saw this 9-minute video which covers every pop culture moment that year. So many jams! So many good movies! [via Mashable]

bcoopperm.jpgNow we know why Bradley Cooper was wearing those pink hair curlers. [via Dlisted]

tumblr_inline_mkmynexVu71qz4rgp.gifThis would explain so much about the state of the world today. [via the Whoa!]

Researchers at UC Santa Cruz have taught a sea lion named Ronan to keep a beat to Backstreet Boys and Earth Wind and Fire songs. Does this mean that sea lion bands are scientifically possible? A dream come true. [via Laughing Squid]

FFN_Hamm_Jon_EDG_040213_51055716.jpgAfter telling Rolling Stone that he wears panties 24/7 and is sick of people talking about his ever-present bulge, Jon Hamm's pants ham is back for round 4,000. Jon Hamm is just fucking with us now. [via Dlisted]

tumblr_mknek5rZ5U1r5bvcto1_500.jpgWhoever made this, marry us. [via The Clearly Dope]

tumblr_mkixg0UGLM1rjg9kyo1_500.jpgGreat buns! [via The Clearly Dope]

Unsurprisingly, watching Cadbury Easter Eggs and Peeps getting ripped apart by a bullet in slow motion is riveting. [via Mashable]

PSWM.jpegLike looking in a mirror. [via mlkshk]

Exclusive: the Next Episode of "Ring My Bell" with Yara Sofia + RuPaul


We're proud do bring you the next episode of "Ring My Bell," the web series which connects callers to the queens from RuPaul's Drag Race. This week's Ring My Bell host is Yara Sofia, the Puerto Rican queen who's obsessed with all things fashion, makeup-related and offers an excellent new take on the lyrics to Rihanna's "Diamonds." The big surprise this week comes in the form of guest stars: Yara is visited by Alaska, Sharon Needles (with a new short pink 'do that we love) and the queen of queens himself, RuPaul! Check it out above while we spend the next week creating a "Drag Race or Crabs Fighting" Tumblr.

Previously: Ring My Bell: Willam

Majical Cloudz's Stark "Childhood's End"


Director to watch Emily Kai Bock is back with this clip for "Childhood's End" by fellow Montréaliens Majical Cloudz. In her interview with Papermag, Bock described her inspiration as follows: "Often, for me, I'm thinking about people I see on the subway and I would love to follow them home. Everyone has an insane life story and it's hard to break through to that." The new black-and-white video testifies to that interest, literally following home an elderly janitor through his post-work ritual of church-grocery store-canned soup before exposing strange facets of his inner life. Fun facts: the video's star, Kenneth Welsh, is the father of Majical Cloudz singer Devon as well as a veteran actor perhaps best known as Twin Peaks's Windom Earle.

A Local Tells Us About the Exciting Music and Nightlife in Sweden's Second City



Mahyar Noghani


20 years old

Where do you live?

Gothenburg, Sweden

What do you do there?

I'm currently a student at Borås Högskola in Sweden and getting my B.Sc. in International Business Engineering. I'm also working as a bartender at El Corazon, a night club and restaurant, which is located in the heart of Gothenburg -- Avenyn (the Avenue).

What bands or DJs native to Sweden are you obsessed with (bands/DJs that Americans might not know about)?

Presuming that Americans already know of Avicii and Swedish House Mafia, my top favorites would be Adrian Lux, Rebecca & Fiona and Hoffmaestro.

How did you discover these acts?

By Google/YouTube, by going out to clubs and from other friends of course!

What does their music sound like?

Adrian Lux is electro/house. He's a great Swedish DJ from Stockholm and what makes him different from other house DJs is that his songs have more vocals and not just beats. Unfortunately I haven't seen him live. I bought tickets for a small concert he did in Gothenburg but a cold got in the way. But my friends said that he is pretty awesome live!

Rebecca & Fiona are also electro/house and Hoffmaestro is "skank-a-tronicpunkadelica" or rock/party-ish. 

Where are the cool places to see live music in your hometown?

Other than our big arenas, Musikens Hus, Pustervik, Nefertiti are smaller clubs that offer live music from bands/DJs that are not so well-known. Musikens Hus (or House of Music) has more of the rock/indie bands and crowd and is like a local-cultural keepsake place for music-folks. A lot of successful bands first started their career there so it's a real cool place.

Nefertiti is a legendary jazz club/restaurant/nightclub. The crowd there is pretty mixed-up, to be honest, but it is really neat -- everyone is there for the the live jazz and blues performances. There are too many clubs that just play the same old radio hits, which means that Nefertiti sticks out in the crowd. It's like going back in time...listening to someone who is brilliant at playing the saxophone is just a real pleasure. They also play some blues and "classic" hip-hop.

Pustervik is a restaurant/theater/nightclub, which [attracts] all kinds of people, all kinds of music and offers everything. The diversity that exists there makes it a sweet place to be.

And what about your favorite bars/nightclubs?

Park Lane and Yaki-Da! Park Lane is probably the biggest and most popular club in Gothenburg located at the top of the Avenyn (our avenue is just like one long big road).It's nothing extraordinary [but] it's a real fresh place with lots of people (for being in Gothenburg, that is). [It has] one huge dancefloor in the center of the place with the "untz-untz" music and two other bars that offer rock and hip-hop/house music where you can chill and talk a bit. It is where most of the "restaurant" folks and people with "cash" go. [They're] about 60%, and the other 40% are dancers, casual people, Norwegian people on vacation.

Yaki -da is almost located in the center of Avenyn. It's three levels with different kinds of music and has a really chill and happy atmosphere. They play a lot of cool hip-hop music. There's nothing too special with the décor -- it's where laid-back people who just want to get drunk, dance and have a good time WITHOUT getting stepped on your toes or showered with champagne by a spoiled brat, can hang out.

What's a bar or nightclub you would NEVER go to in your hometown?
Rockbaren. Ugh. I would never go to Rockbaren because in general the place is monstrously sloppy. Everything in there is trashed, the people are practically alcoholics who sit on their bums all night and drink until they get so hammered they'll get thrown out. There is no dance floor. They play the crappiest rock music and the people are dressed like shit. Just ugh.

Check out Mahyar's band and DJ recs:

Adrian Lux -- "Burning" (ft. Dante)

Rebecca & Fiona -- "Bullets"

-- "Highwayman"

Check out Mahyar's nightlife listings:

Musikens Hus, Djurgårdsgatan 13  414 62, Gothenburg 

Pustervik, Järntorgsgatan 12  413 01, Gothenburg

Nefertiti, Hvitfeldtsplatsen 6  411 20, Gothenburg

Park Lane, Kungsportsavenyn 36  411 36, Gothenburg

Yaki-Da, Storgatan 47, Gothenburg

No Sleep Til...Paris

No Sleep Til...Sydney
No Sleep Til...Brussels
No Sleep Til...Bogotá
No Sleep Til...Copenhagen
No Sleep Til...Seoul
No Sleep Til...Oslo
No Sleep Til...Johannesburg

The Official Trailer for The Bronies Doc Is Here


We've been deeply fascinated by the micro-culture known as bronies -- or males who have a deep and abiding love for My Little Pony -- for a while (our photographer Rebecca Smeyne shot a brony convention for us and Andrew W.K. covered this fascinating group of people for our Cult issue) and now we're finally getting to learn more about them. The unconventional fanbase is the subject of a new documentary that shines a light on the cultural phenomenon, interviewing self-proclaimed bronies about why they love a cartoon about candy-colored ponies so much and how they deal with disapproval from those who find fault in the idea of grown men loving a TV show meant for young girls. Word of warning, however: don't be surprised if you start to tear-up at the end of this -- we were not prepared to hear such nice testimony about how My Little Pony could be so radically life-changing.

Karen Elson Thinks Jennifer Lawrence Is a Brilliant Role Model

lawrence-elson.jpg1.  Karen Elson applauds avowed non-dieter Jennifer Lawrence for her healthy relationship with food, telling Harper's Bazaar: "I don't want my children to ever think that food is taboo. I don't ever want to heap my baggage on them. I think Jennifer Lawrence is a brilliant role model for young girls, not some of the models that I see on the runway." We feel you, Karen -- Jennifer Lawrence is our role model for many, many reasons. [via The Cut]

donut-sandwich.jpg2.  It was bound to happen: Dunkin' Donuts is debuting a new "Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich" (bacon and egg in a glazed doughnut) in select stores in Massachusetts. [via Eater]

About-3.jpg3.  The Fort Green Flea, Williamsburg Flea and Smorgasburgs (in Williamsburg and DUMBO) all return this weekend! [via BKFlea, thanks Gary!]

value-of-hogwarts-castle.png4.  A real estate blog calculated how much Hogwarts would cost and they estimate it would be worth a little over $204 million (click on the image to expand). [via NPR]

a_560x0.jpeg5.  Oh no, Tom Hardy with a boy dressed as Bane! Too much cuteness for a Wednesday afternoon. [via Vulture]

archive_2030_ParkersBox-1.jpg6.  Parker's Box in Williamsburg is closing after its 100th show. Alun Williams, the gallery's director, explained the decision in an email: "As Williamsburg becomes clothing boutique-land by day and party-land by night, it's feeling less and less appropriate to be trying to survive here as any kind of gallery, and at the same time, we've become increasingly disillusioned by what ultimately is a conventional commercial gallery formula." [via Gallerist]

7.  Charli XCX's new video for "What I Like" is basically a big slumber party we really want to attend.

PREMIERE: Body Parts'"Rest While You Sleep" Video


There are two pretty remarkable things worth mentioning about the video for "Rest While you Sleep" by L.A.-based, self-described "experimental pop" band Body Parts: 1) the clip was filmed on location (no green screens) in Death Valley, Santa Cruz and Venice Beach, places that provide backdrops as dramatic as those that you'll find on a Planet Earth DVD for 2) band members Ryder Bach and Alina Cutrono to practice... tai-chi. Watching glaciers crash as Bach and Cutrono bend and lunge into synchronized poses makes it feel as if they're meditating and exercising while something ominous or apocalyptic -- yet beautiful -- takes place around them. And, interestingly, we hear that the something ominous nearly did happen even before they started filming -- the band was trapped in an icy mountain pass on their way to Death Valley. Fortunately for all, they made it out alright and got to work on their tai-chi. Watch the video above.

An American Psycho Parody Starring...Huey Lewis!


Remember that scene from American Psycho where Patrick Bateman puts on Huey Lewis and the News before he kills Jared Leto's character? Well here's a meta-y, parody version starring...Huey Lewis! And Weird Al! Just go with it. [Funny Or Die via Hyper Vocal]

medea_oprah.jpgMedea and Oprah in character as Sofia from The Color Purple just kicking it together. Cute couple alert! [Thanks Rashard!]

tumblr_mh5ornoXDt1rt3hwko1_500.jpgFun and festive Yom Kippur balloons. [via Coin Farts]
A map of area codes in which Ludacris "claims to have hoes." [via Afternoon Snooze Button]

tumblr_mkoxdeiFEp1r0wqrdo1_500.jpgObviously. [via Humor Train]

tumblr_mkol1p01U71rn7bzro1_250.gifWe could stare at this GIF of Marlon Brando putting on his shirt all day, every day. [via Knusprig Titten Hitler]

tumblr_mkp0axzTAO1qanm80o1_500.jpgArtist Jason Mercier created this portrait of Lindsay Lohan. 10 points for whoever can correctly identify all of the junk objects he used. [via I'm With Kanye]

tumblr_mkjm9ibgmP1qdm5ngo1_500.pngJust a goose and her goslings. [via Bunny Food]

Screen shot 2013-04-03 at 7.23.14 PM.pngIt's official: Jimmy Fallon is replacing Jay Leno as host of The Tonight Show. [via NY Times]

arrested-development_612x906.jpgIn other official news, Arrested Development has a premiere date: May 26 at 12:01 am. [via Hyper Vocal]

Liars Embrace New Technology with "The Exact Color of Doubt"


Liars are back with a cool new video for "The Exact Color of Doubt" from their WIXIW album. Directed by Markus Wambsganss, the clip uses a new open source RGBD tool kit and, you're right, we don't have a f****n clue what that means. But it looks nice and and you can go ahead and whip one up at home too. (Check it out here.) Anyway, before the band heads off to Europe for the summer festival circuit, they're doing a little "2 Temples Tour" of New York City with stops on May 18th at the Temple of Dendur in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and then over at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple on the 19th.