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Market Director Luigi Tadini's Top Shopping Finds

Market director and compulsive shopper Luigi Tadini scouts his favorite stores and Instagrams the season's best buys. Follow him at @papermagazine

his_fragrance.jpgHome fragrance by Le Labo. $125 at lelabofragrances.com

his_bag.jpgBackpack by Sandqvist $235 at Brook Farm General Store, 75 S. 6th St., Brooklyn.

his_givenchy.jpgCanvas pouch by Givenchy. By Riccardo Tisci. $365 at barneys.com

his_glasses.jpgGlasses by Warby Parker $95 at warbyparker.com

"I'm not super religious but this Givenchy pouch stamped with the Madonna makes a believer out of me." -- LT
his_burbshirt.jpgShirt by Burberry Prorsum. $595 at burberry.com

his_shoes.jpgShoes by Carven. $695 at Union LA, 110 S. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles.

Legs' Catchy, Woozy "Two Colours" (Premiere)


Oakland's Legs plays simple jangle-pop with a steady midtempo chug and a strong sense of melody that opens up after repeated listens. (The band attributes some inspiration to member Matt Bullimore's youth in Christchurch, New Zealand, where he absorbed the local hits released by Flying Nun and Creation Records.) Their video for "Two Colours," featuring guest singer Amelia Adams, starts slow but builds to an undeniable three-chord hook as flurries of confetti fall.

Legs' Pass the Ringo is out April 23 on Loglady Records.

Marc Jacobs Stars In a Diet Coke Commercial


Apparently, Marc Jacobs knew that we wanted to see him model one of his old looks once again. Enter Diet Coke's new ad, which centers around three women running into him in a photo booth. There's the requisite oohing and awing over Diet Coke's new look, as well as the "ladies are starstruck by Marc" bit, but the best moment of the commercial comes when they get transported in time -- first to the '80s, with its over-the-top makeup and Cyndi Lauper hair, then to the late '90s in all of its bodycon, big-haired supermodel glamor. It's sort of uncanny to see Marc revisit an old look of his -- namely the clear glasses and t-shirt combo that was a staple of his in the mid-aughts. But obviously he can still work it. And we're always glad to see Diet Coke fueling the "It's 11:30" nostalgia.


First Look: Julianne Moore in The English Teacher

Julianne_Moore_The English Teacher.jpg
Even with Walgreens brand, over-sized 80s glasses, Julianne Moore still looks smokin'.

Here's a first glimpse of Moore and Michael Angarano in The English Teacher, a new film out this May starring Moore in the title role as an unmarried high school teacher in a small Pennsylvania town who receives an unexpected visit from her former pupil (Angarano). Learning that the old student is about to abandon his playwrighting dream, Moore's character decides to produce his play at the high school. And, in a casting decision straight out of every theater geek's fever dream, Nathan Lane (as the high school drama teacher) directs the whole shebang.

11 Bands You Need to See At SXSW 2013

1. Waxahatchee

Though punk quartet P.S. Eliot's break-up was a bummer, singer and songwriter Katie Crutchfield's latest band Waxahatchee has made everything way, way better again. Awarded a "Best New Music" nod from Pitchfork (we agree with ya, 'Fork), Waxahatchee's album Cerulean Salt will rock your soul to the core. Crutchfield's songs about the trials and tribulations of youth are tinged with a punk rock sensibility, one that grabs you immediately and doesn't let go. You can catch Waxahatchee at:
  • Holy Mountain on Wednesday at 8pm 
  • Pitchfork's Day Party (1100 E. 5th Street) on Thursday at 12pm.

2. Majical Cloudz

Fronted by Montreal-based musician (and frequent Grimes collaborator) Devin Welsh, Magical Cloudz' ethereal electronic jams will help you chill out amid the sensory overload clusterf*ck that is SXSW. Welsh's crooning vocals combined with his experimental synths and drum kits make for really dreamy music. So majical! You can catch them at:
  • Easy Tiger on Thursday at 12pm
  • Urban Outfitters on Friday at 12pm
  • Swan Dive on Friday at 9:10pm
  • Mohawk on Saturday at 8pm for the True Panther Sound & Terrible Records showcase

3. Parquet Courts

Punk rockers Parquet Courts' music is angsty, danceable, and above all pretty damn funny --  any band that name-drops Swedish fish in a song is bound to win our allegiance. They're playing at:
  • Pitchfork Day Party (1100 E. 5th Street) on Thursday at 12pm
  • Red 7 on Friday at 12pm or Saturday at 8pm
  • Stubb's on Friday at 12pm for the SPIN Party
  • Mohawk on Friday at 8pm
  • Viceland on Saturday at 8pm


4. Icona Pop

This Swedish synth-pop duo has been making major waves in pop music after their song "I Love It" was featured on that relatively unknown, completely overlooked TV show Girls. Yeah, you know the one. Band members Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo have described their bubbly melodies as music that you can both "laugh and cry with at the same time." Count us in! Dance to Icona Pop until your legs fall off at:
  • The Belmont on Tuesday at 7pm
  • Pitchfork Interactive Party on Tuesday at 8pm
  • Urban Outfitters on Wednesday at 6pm
  • Viceland on Wednesday at 8pm
  • Lustre Pearl on Thursday at 3pm
  • Emo's East on Thursday at 10:50pm
  • Mohawk on Friday at 3:15pm


5. Joey Bada$$

With a BET Hip Hop Award nomination for his debut mixtape already under his belt, 18-year-old rapper and Brooklyn native Joey Bada$$ is definitely one to watch this year at SXSW. Bada$$'s old-school brand of rap is tinged with chill trip-hop sensibilities, with his lyrics showcasing a darker poeticism.  Oh, and did we mention he's one of Paper's Beautiful People this year? You can catch Joey Bada$$ at:
  • The North Door on Thursday at 1:20am
  • Brazos Hall on Thursday at 9:45pm
  • Lucille on Friday at 12:30am

6. White Lung

If you're looking for super fast, no holds barred punk music, White Lung is for you. Fronted by writer Mish Way, whose defiant snarl harkens back to riot grrrl traditions, this Vancouver-based hardcore quartet is undeniably bold and even a little terrifying. Get prepared for lots of bruises and catch White Lung playing at:
  • The Parish on Wednesday at 11:30pm
  • Urban Outfitters on Wednesday at 1pm
  • Holy Mountain on Wednesday at 8pm    
  • Pitchfork Day Party (1100 Warehouse) on Thursday at 12pm
  • Thrasher Death Match (Scoot Inn) on Thursday at 12pm
  • Gypsy Lounge on Friday at 12pm
  • Bar 96 on Friday at 3pm
  • Long Center for The Performing Arts on Friday at 9pm

7. Blue Hawaii

Montreal-based duo Blue Hawaii makes laid-back, electro-pop songs. Lead singer Raph Standall-Preston's (also the lead singer of Braids) haunting voice paired with bandmate Agor's warped synth and vocal experimentation makes for beautiful harmonies. You can catch Blue Hawaii at: 
  • Pitchfork Interactive Party (Mohawk) on Tuesday at 8pm
  • Elysium on Wednesday at 8pm
  • Swan Dive on Thursday at 7:30pm
  • Hype Hotel on Friday at 12pm

8. Savages

English band Savages is reviving that sort of gothic 80's post-punk that acts like Siouxsie Sioux and Killing Joke made their own and they are really damn good at it. Heavy on the bass and even heavier on the brooding, Savage's creepy music will be worthwhile to catch live. You can see them at:
  • Brooklyn Vegan's Showcase (The Main) on Wednesday at 4:10pm
  • Pitchfork Showcase (1100 Warehouse) on Thursday at 8pm
  • Club de Ville on Thursday at 11pm
  • SPIN House (Easy Tiger) on Friday at 12pm

9. Mac deMarco

Mac DeMarco
's lo-fi, hazy rock jams (which include odes to both cigarettes and women) are lazy in the best way possible. Whether his music is meant for the beach-bound or couch-bound, we're not so sure, but one thing is certain: it will leave you feeling real, real chillaxed. You can catch DeMarco at:
  • Tillery Park on Tuesday at 11:30pm
  • Stage on Sixth on Wednesday at 12pm
  • The Parish on Wednesday at 4:30pm
  • Club de Ville on Thursday at 12:50pm
  • Pitchfork Day Party on Thursday at 12pm
  • Swan Dive on Friday at 7:30pm
  • Fader Fort on Saturday at 3:45pm
  • Urban Outfitters on Saturday at 5pm

10. Bleached

After their previous band Mika Miko disbanded in 2010, Jessica and Jennifer Clavin formed Bleached, whose catchy songs feature a modern punk spin on classic surf rock. These Cali girls also put on a memorable live show, dissing security guards and breaking all the rules are all part of Bleached's rebellious fun. See them and you won't be sorry. You can catch Bleached at: 
  • Red 7 on Thursday at 8:15pm
  • Scoot Inn on Thursday at 2pm
  • Hotel Vegas on Friday at 9:35pm
  • Bar 96 on Friday at 6pm
  • SPIN House (Easy Tiger) on Saturday at 12pm 

11. Autre Ne Veut

Autre Ne Veut (aka Arthur Ashin) is re-vamping traditional R&B with a synth-pop flare. With a voice like a gospel choir-leader, Ashin's music verges on the grandiose. Autre Ne Veut's dark music is soulful and is, somehow, vaguely spiritual. It's music to light a candle to, for sure. You can catch Autre Ne Veut at:
  • Empire Control Room on Wednesday at 8pm
  • Pitchfork Day Party on Thursday at 12pm
  • The Main on Friday at 12pm
  • Urban Outfitters on Friday at 5pm

Jimmy Fallon's "Ask A Grown Man" Is Charming (Duh.)


1.  Here's the Jimmy Fallon edition of Rookie's "Ask A Grown Man." Jimmy definitely seems like the type to pass notes, but we're surprised he liked Mario Kart so much. [via Vulture]
tumblr_mjikzp3AU61qa42jro1_1280.jpg2.  After a brief hiatus for hip surgery, Lady Gaga rolled out of the hospital with a custom designed Ken Borochov wheelchair. It's made of calf leather and 24-Karat gold and comes with a removable leather canopy. Ah, to be Lady Gaga. [via MTV Style]

3.  Check out Earl Sweatshirt's new video for "WHOA" featuring a ballerina who's seen better days and a not-so-fun looking pool. [via Press Release]

pantone-pairings.jpegpantone-pairings-2.jpeg4.  Minneapolis-based designer and illustrator David Schwen has been doing an Instagram series called "Pantone Pairings." As soon as prints become available we're getting three. [via Laughing Squid]

2013-03-11-6a014e5f228375970c017d41950cd1970c800wi.gif5.  William Wegman, the great photographer of Weimaraners, made his first GIF and oh boy it's good. [via HuffPo Arts]

Title Tunnel Vision - Artist David Copithorne.gif6.  Speaking of GIFs, BAM's digital screen on Flatbush Ave will showcase Moving the Still -- an exhibition of GIFs chosen by notable people including James Frey, threeASFOUR, Michael Stipe and Rodarte -- from April 1st-June 30th.

7.  Empire of the Sun announced their new album, Ice on the Dune, via...this. [Pretty Much Amazing]

broken-angel-house.jpg8.  Longtime Clinton Hill resident Arthur Wood is going to be evicted from his famous "Broken Angel" house in Clinton Hill -- known for its asymmetrical towers, stained glass and odd editions made over decades -- on Friday. There will be a big block party to see him off. [via DNA Info]

Seals Yelling Like Humans


Goats schmoats, here's seals yelling like humans! [TastefullyOffensive]

Here's Paul Ryan accidentally saying he's "not going to give up on destroying the health care system for the American people" during his budget proposal press conference yesterday.  [DailyKos]

This video of a dancing nana has been making the rounds for the past few days, but it's SO excellent. May we all be this awesome some day. The 2:28 mark is pure gold.  [TastefullyOffensive]

Best dog snoring ever? [Gawker]
jtimbhair.pngJustin Timberlake's teenage ramen hair, always and forever. [KimJongChill]

tumblr_mj9xdhzYGu1rhxd21o1_500.giftumblr_mj9xdhzYGu1rhxd21o2_500.gifTumblr of our dreams = RickMoranisGIFs.

tumblr_mise9331e81qaw3d6o1_1280.jpgPhil, please. [RoboShark]

tumblr_mjkeypV6Hu1rggrn8o1_1280.jpgComics by Matt Dojny via the Rumpus.

tumblr_mc1q8bkCPZ1qa70eyo1_500.gifKthanxbai. [Vintagegal]

Anna Wintour Got a New Job


anna-wintour-promotion.jpegAnna Wintour got a promotion. On Friday she'll be the new Artistic Director of Condé Nast (while remaining EIC of Vogue). That means she'll basically be a consultant and/or counselor for any Condé editor that needs advice. [via The Cut]

john-malkovich-clothing.jpegJohn Malkovich is creating a capsule collection of men's jackets, swimsuits, shorts and accessories for Yoox, still inspired by "the appearance of a bohemian of a new millenium." [via The Cut]

Garage magazine has a new video out about street style which explores different fashion peoples' opinion on the matter. Tim Blanks wins for best quote: "In a funny way [the street style phenomenon] is empowering but it's empowering in the way that reality TV is empowering. It makes monsters. It doesn't make gods."  [via Fashionista]

spanx-yummie-tummie.jpgWatch out, there will be a war of the Spanxses. Spanx competitor Yummie Tummie alleges that Spanx copied their control top camisoles. Spanx claimed they they have been selling those styles for longer. Comparing the two tops (Yummie Tummie's is on the left, Spanx's is on the right), we see why there's some confusion. [via The Cut]

supremecdg.jpgChloë Sevigny and skater Jason Dill are modeling this season's lookbook for Supreme's collaboration with Comme des Garçons. [via Fashion Beans]

Screen shot 2013-03-13 at 12.05.10 PM.pngScreen shot 2013-03-13 at 12.05.32 PM.pngSo Sugarpills Cloth is our new favorite brand. [via High Snobette]

A Seoul Songtress Tells Us About Her City's Music and Nightlife

annie_ko_nosleeptil.jpgEach week in our new column, "No Sleep Til...," we'll be talking to cool kids around the globe, asking them to fill us in about the bands, DJs, music venues and night spots they and their friends are obsessing over. Next time you visit their home city, leave your Fodor's and Lonely Planet guides behind and go party like a local instead.


Annie Ko



Where do you live?

Seoul, Korea

What do you do?

I am the vocalist/keyboardist of my band Love X Stereo. I also work as a producer of SEOUL Magazine -- a travel and culture magazine for foreigners.

What type of music does your band play?

Basically, our music is alternative rock infused with electro elements. We like to create grand-scale, energetic, powerful, almost overwhelming sounds that contain majestic, futuristic vibes. We are very open to any type of genre, and like to mix all the elements into our own style.

How long have you been making music?

All of our members have been playing music for over 10 years. Our leader, Toby, is actually one of the pioneers of sk8 punk rock here in Korea.

What South Korean bands or DJs are you obsessed with and think more people should know about?

Hmm.. that's a hard question. Because honestly, our music scene is still in the developmental stages right now. We would so like to have a certain band or DJ that we could be obsessed with, but unfortunately we don't. We do have bands and DJs that we like, absolutely. We like dnb DJ J-Path, and experimental grunge band The Quip.

We performed a lot with The Quip. Their sound is very unique, noisy and pretty much 'drunken alcoholic' -- it's the opposite of our music. Their music is really, really raw and crazy, as opposed to our music, which is so, so elaborate and futuristic. J-Path is 'the best' dnb DJ in Korea. No doubt about that. His sound is very dynamic and rock-based. Actually, he happened to be at one of our shows and contacted us, suggesting a collaboration. Pretty stoked to work with him soon.

Where are the cool places to see live music in Seoul?

Obviously, Hongdae area. Hongdae stands for Hongik University, and they have the No.1 art institute in Korea. So you see, it's the most artsy area you can find in Seoul. The area is basically the birth place of Korean punk rock in the 90s. Not only punk, but all sorts of indie music is happening every minute in the area. There are a lot of live clubs here, and you can easily meet numerous musicians performing at these venues. But these days, a lot of dance clubs and lounge bars are [taking over]. Many people come here to simply dance, enjoy rock music, and get drunk all night long.

What are your favorite bars or nightclubs in Seoul?

My favorite spot these days is Col.l.age+. It's located in Cheongdam-dong (very far from Hongdae, right in the middle of Gangnam). It's a new multi-functional space (restaurant/bar/gallery/club), but the space itself is aesthetically mind-blowing. Check photos here. It's a place for someone who'd like to experience a whole lot of culture. Most days it's a hip restaurant, but whenever they have a party or a live show -- or an exhibition maybe -- it automatically transforms into something completely different. Illustrations of a blue sky with white fluffy clouds are all over the venue from top-to-bottom so it's visually very striking. I wouldn't call it a hipster place, but it's definitely the hottest place right now.

What do you think of Gangnam and what's its reputation among cool Seoul kids?

Hmm... I personally don't like Gangnam -- [the area on] the south side of the Hangang river -- that much. It is definitely a posh place, but to me, it lacks culture. Gangnam seems to be very wealthy, expensive, hip and posh; it has nice new buildings, posh boutiques, the best shopping places, pretty girls, huge new nightclubs, and all the fancy stuff. But the traffic is hell and the vibe seems to be a bit shallow. A cup of coffee could go more than $20 easily. On the other hand, Gangbuk (the north side of the Hangang river) has way more culture and history. There are lots of palaces and museums -- it's more old-fashioned but more authentic. I prefer Gangbuk over Gangnam. But a lot of hipsters and wealthy kids will disagree with me.

As a Korean musician, was it weird that Psy became the big K-Pop crossover artist who's popular in the U.S. and around the world?

Yes. He himself said that he kinda knew "Gangnam Style" would be a hit in Korea, but he never guessed that the rest of the world might like it. I'd have said that the song would've been on the charts for maybe a few weeks, but it could've been a hard fight with all these K-pop idol groups. So, yeah, it was shocking indeed.

Finally, what's a bar or nightclub you would NEVER go to in Seoul?

I will never perform at Woodstock again. Not that I don't like the venue itself, but that bar was one of the worst places we had to perform. We were already upset when we figured out that there was nobody in charge of the outboard mixer, but we really got angry when one of the customers deliberately and easily turned down the volume without even discussing us. At first, we thought that the guy was some sort of engineer, but turns out, everyone had access to turn up and down the volume at that bar. Wrong!

Check out Annie's band and DJ recs:

The Quip -- Live Performance of "Sickcho Strike"

J-Path -- Gazebal-"Wings"

And check out Annie's band!

Love X Stereo -- "Soul City (Seoul City)"

Check out Annie's nightlife listings:

Col.l.age+, 91-5 B1 Chundamdong Gangnamgu, Seoul

No Sleep Til...Paris

No Sleep Til...Sydney
No Sleep Til...Brussels
No Sleep Til...Bogotá
No Sleep Til...Copenhagen

Actor Cory Michael Smith Heads to Breakfast At Tiffany's

ppv_corymichaelsmith.jpgCory wears a jacket and shirt by Marc Jacobs and pants by Fendi.

"Every suburb in the Midwest looks the same -- when you drive down the main strip, every possible chain is on it and Walmart is the center. It's like The Hunger Games, and all the chains are trying to kill each other." With a worldview like that, it's no surprise that actor Cory Michael Smith left suburban Columbus at age 22 for New York City, where he started to make a name for himself starring in off-Broadway plays. He'll graduate to Broadway this month as the upstart writer and narrator Fred in Truman Capote's Breakfast At Tiffany's. (Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke plays breezy New York society girl Holly Golightly.) The stage adaptation is loyal to Capote's novella, which is darker and portrays sexuality more ambiguously than the 1961 film that Smith describes as "a romantic comedy, comparatively."

The remake is right up Smith's alley, with his previous roles revolving around sexual freedom and the problems it can engender. He got critics buzzing last spring for his role in Cock, in which he played a bisexual caught between the man he built his life with and a woman he's inexorably drawn to. This December, he finished a role in the off-Broadway production The Whale, playing a Mormon missionary who helps an obese gay man find his way. "Sexual ambiguity is exciting," Smith says. "I wish there were more people who were more outspokenly bisexual or gender-fuckers. I enjoy being in pieces that push that line." He also doesn't hesitate to complicate his own sexuality, musing, "I think I've labeled myself everything at this point. A psychologist would have a field day with me, which is why I'll never go to one."

While Breakfast At Tiffany's lets Smith continue to study characters grappling with sexuality, he's also ready to branch out a bit. "You know what I'm getting excited about? I heard they were doing The Nightmare Before Christmas on Broadway. I'll lose weight to play Jack Skellington. I'll get bony."

Truman Capote's Breakfast at Tiffany's opens on March 20th at the Cort Theatre, 138 W. 48th St., New York.

Styling: Luigi Tadini / Grooming: Camille Thompson

Fashion Editor Martha Violante's Spring Style Finds

Fashion editor-at-large Martha Violante is always on the move, but wherever she's at, she always makes time to shop and Instagram her favorite finds. Follow her at @papermagazine

hers2.jpgDiesel Vektr Headphones by Monster. $250 at Diesel stores nationwide.

hers4.jpgMaterial Girl Hoops by Kyle Hopkins. $378 at liberty.co.uk

hers3.jpgTop and shorts by Craig Lawrence. $472 for the tank and $550 for the shorts at doverstreetmarket.com

"Craig Lawrence's glow-in-the-dark tank and shorts were my favorite London Fashion Week finds." -- MV
hers5.jpgBoots by Modern Vice. $398 at modernvice.com

hers1.jpgCK One Shock for her 1.7 oz eau de toilette $42.00 at calvinklein.com

hers6.jpgBag by Valentino. $1,895 at Valentino, 746 Madison Ave., New York.

hers7.jpgCandle by Fornasetti Profumi Burlesque. $165 at barneys.com

Iggy Azalea's New Video Shows Us How to Work


Aussie-bred emcee Iggy Azalea is quickly proving that she has the look and flow to stand out in the male dominated hip-hop game. Azalea recently released the video for "Work," the first single off her debut album The New Classic (out this summer), and the track has a very apparent autobiographical tone. Amidst shots of Azealea writhing at a club and riding in a convertible are scenes of the rapper's journey going from rural Australia to the hot streets of Miami at the tender age of 16. Check out the video above.

The New Classic is out this summer

New pope!

The First Vine Art Piece Was Sold

Screenshot-of-Angela-Wash-001.jpg1.  God help us all, the first "Vine art" has been sold. The Vine, called "Tits on Tits" and made by Helsinki artist Angela Washko, was sold for $200 at the Moving Picture Art Fair. Curators hacked Vine in order to download the files, which were then transferred to a collector via USB and re-upload to Vine. Again, god help us. [via Guardian UK]

lirr-urinal.jpg2.  Our favorite local news of the day: the elevator at the LIRR station in Woodside, Queens has been peed in so many times that the pee has damaged the elevator irreparably. The president of the LIRR described it as a "vertical urinal problem." [via DNA Info]

gwyneth-paltrow-its-all-good-cookbook.jpg3.  Gwyneth Paltrow has a new recipe book out and people hate it for being so health-conscious. The Post calls it a "recipe for ridicule" and the Atlantic says it begs the question, "Can Gwyneth out-Gwyneth herself?"

willie-nelson-toast-art_n_2862259.jpeg4.  And here's a toast portrait of Willie Nelson, made for Whole Food's new magazine Dark Rhye. Clearly Whole Foods understands us. [via Laughing Squid]

5.  Virgin Mobile's new commercial with Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne is crazy. We're not surprised, but...woah. [via Pitchfork]

Screen shot 2013-03-13 at 2.45.26 PM.png6.  French photographer Phillipe Pétremant takes currency, folds and tears it into a collage-cum-portrait, and photographs it. His series can be seen at art festival in Parc de Bagatelle until March 31. [via Phaidon]

Ladies and Gentlemen, There Is a New Pope

tumblr_mjm408Z9U21qzmowao2_500.gifWe got white smoke! [via Fuck Yeah Dementia]

Screen shot 2013-03-13 at 6.18.29 PM.pngTRUE DAT. [via The Daily What]

Screen shot 2013-03-13 at 6.26.57 PM.pngHere's Dennis Rodman in his casual conclave look arriving at the Vatican ahead of the papal announcement. [via Hyper Vocal]

newpope.gifWe learned that the new pope is some guy from Argentina. [GIF by Isabel Alcantara]

tumblr_mi2qfv2UsT1qzr9qko1_500.jpgJust kidding! It's totally Beyoncé. Her papal name will be Pope Besus I. [via Dorsey Shaw Experience]

"There she is, Miss Bread America. There she is, your ideal. The dream of a million girls who are pretty, can come true in Gluten City." [via Coin Farts]

tumblr_mjmalnOw8U1qanm80o1_500.jpgMore sneak peeks at Mad Men season 6! Baby Gene is so sassy. So. Sassy. [via I'm With Kanye]

Screen shot 2013-03-13 at 6.25.21 PM.png"How many in your group, ladies? IDs out, IDs out. I said, get in line and have your IDs OUT or you're not getting in da club!" [via Afternoon Snooze Button]

Screen shot 2013-03-13 at 6.31.44 PM.pngA VICE reporter called a bunch of hate groups and asked them what they thought of Jennifer Lawrence. Sadly, most of them didn't know who she was. [via VICE]

Nick Offerman gets turned into a human vaporizer in this promo clip for his new film, Somebody Up There Likes Me, which also features Adam Scott, Megan Mullally, and Alison Brie singing about pussy and weed. Bonus cameo by Amy Poehler. [via Uproxx]

National Geographic Finally Has a Tumblr

Thanks to National Geographic's brand new Tumblr, you no longer have to sift through moldy boxes in your grandparent's "crawl space" to see beautiful archival photographs from the magazine. The foundation launched their Tumblr last week and have since been updating the site with images taken throughout the organization's 125-year old history. Check out nine of our favorites below and head HERE to see the rest.

tumblr_mjjz6eqKKF1s7f3fyo1_1280.jpgTwo girls wearing shawls pose for a portrait in Huwara, Palestine, 1926 / Photograph by Maynard Owen Williams, National Geographic

tumblr_mjd2lgLVMs1s7f3fyo1_1280.jpgMotorcycle club members wear studded leather jackets and rakish caps in London, England, June 1966 / Photograph by James P. Blair, National Geographic

tumblr_mjd2ya5hSf1s7f3fyo1_1280.jpgClub members on the ocean front are shaded by decorative parasols, 1930 / Photograph by Clifton R. Adams, National Geographic

tumblr_mjcqmegxET1s7f3fyo1_1280.jpgA student works at the Bezalel School of Arts and Crafts in Jerusalem, 1927 / Photograph by Maynard Owen Williams, National Geographic

tumblr_mjcqoxfaCZ1s7f3fyo1_1280.jpgDancing men brandish spears and palm-leaf shields in Fiji, November 1958 / Photograph by Luis Marden, National Geographic

tumblr_mjauhka41E1s7f3fyo1_1280.jpgChildren swim and play in oceanside pool, February 1955 / Photograph by Franc & Jean Shor, National Geographic

tumblr_mj9sbhrQb01s7f3fyo1_1280.jpgA cowgirl puts a nickel in an El Paso parking meter to hitch her pony, October 1939 / Photograph by Luis Marden, National Geographic

tumblr_mj9qvfbD7d1s7f3fyo1_1280.jpgA woman dressed for a bullfight stands in a doorway, August 1924 / Photograph by Jules Gervais Courtellemont, National Geographic

tumblr_mj9ktpGFIX1s7f3fyo1_1280.jpgPeople enjoying the Gellert Bath, an outdoor swimming pool on the banks of the Danube, January 1930 / Photograph by Hans Hildenbrand, National Geographic

Thoughts on Michelle Williams' Racist Magazine Cover

michelle-williams-another-controversy.jpgWe reported a while back that Michelle Williams was going to be on multiple covers of AnOther magazine, posting a teaser cover that featured Williams wearing lounge-wear and a veil. Now all of the covers have been released, and the one pictured above is stirring up some controversy. Taking Williams' hair and makeup out of the picture, you'd think that it was a fairly standard shot from a menswear (or forward-thinking womenwear) magazine -- just a shirt, high-wasted jeans, and oversize black robe. Most of us have seen crazier.

But then your eyes move up to Michelle Williams' face and hair. As multiple journalists and bloggers have pointed out, the long braids and makeup, the feathers, the Western shirt and the stoic expression take on the look of a high fashion portrait of a Native American woman (or, as Ruth Hopkins at Jezebel puts it, like "reservation nobility" in old American Indian Movement campaigns).

The style of dress isn't just what's under fire. Williams donned the cover in part to promote her new movie, Oz, the Great and Powerful, so a line like "There's no place like home" -- the famous quote from The Wizard of Oz -- makes sense as a headline in and of itself. But evoking the image of Native Americans, who were driven out of their homes en masse next to it is awkward if not outright offensive.

It's especially weird to see a parody of Native American garb in an English magazine. It's sort of a common thing we see here in the States -- from girls dressing in headdresses at Coachella to those stupid "Cowboys and Indians" costumes you see around Halloween time. Maybe people think they have a free pass to emulate Native Americans because you don't see the kind of outcry that something like black-face precipitates, or because we've all become accustomed to seeing images of "Indians" on TV and in movies.

Either way it's destructive. And it's just the latest in a long like of European fashion mags making racist editorials. Remember Lara Stone in blackface at Vogue Paris? The recent "African Queen" scandal at Numéro? The "Haute Mess" editorial in Vogue Italia? It's as if European magazines are perfectly comfortable channeling the cultures of American minorities when it suits them because they don't consider it part of European heritage.

Regardless of the culture, Michelle Williams, the editorial staff at AnOther, and any other editorial team should know better than to showcase the appropriation of Native American (or African American, or Latino) culture by someone white, privileged and enormously rich. Slavery and systematic oppression are a part of all our history. You don't need me to tell you that.

In this day and age, where everything that makes it to the web is analyzed over and over, it makes you wonder what's at work. Or, in this case, who's not speaking up at work. Not a single person, from the editorial assistant to the Editor In Chief at AnOther magazine to Michelle Williams' PR team, looked at this and thought: "Oh shit, this is really offensive?" Did someone see it and not say anything for fear of getting in trouble? Or are people simply trying to make headlines?

Either way, something needs to be done. I think it's time for magazines large and small -- whether AnOther or, yes, even PAPER -- to consider the Public Editor model set up at larger publications (such as Margaret Sullivan's role at the New York Times). While it's unrealistic to expect smaller outlets to be in a position to hire someone as a full-time Public Editor, that doesn't mean there aren't alternatives. Many magazines have countless contributing editors and editors-at-large whose day-to-day (or month-to-month) involvement is sporadic and who can offer a more objective and fresh set of eyes.

Maybe it will do something, maybe it won't -- either way, we're fucking tired of seeing racist editorials.

Justin Timberlake's Expansive Length


Justin Timberlake's third album, The 20/20 Experience, will see its official release next week after a juggernaut PR campaign that culminated in iTunes' streaming the album, all seventy minutes of it, for free starting Monday night. In the days since the album was made available, many have commented on the record's expansive length: if you divide by ten tracks, the average song-length is over seven minutes. Pushing that average is single "Mirrors," a ballad that debuted at number 24 on Billboard's Hot 100, probably thanks to a recent reformulation that accounts for YouTube plays in addition to radio rotation.

Timberlake's expansiveness seems to be a bid for the respect accorded Frank Ocean's channel ORANGE: that album's centerpiece and second single was the ten-minute "Pyramids." It also shows the influence of the dance floor; songs ebb and shift in the manner of DJ mixes. (He's also sanctioned a series of official remixes of first single "Suit and Tie.") But will the songs' lengths torpedo Timberlake's chart potential? We rounded up some of the longest, biggest hits. (Note: the YouTube versions are often shorter than the actual songs.)

Don McLean's "American Pie" topped the American charts for four weeks in 1972. Centered on the plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper, the song is probably one of the earliest examples (after Sha Na Na) of Baby Boomer nostalgia. Madonna trimmed it down for a single that went to number one in several countries around Europe but was held back on the US charts by the absence of an official US single release.

"The Message" by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five topped the UK Singles chart but only made it to number 62 in the US.

Meat Loaf's "I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)" went to number one as a seven-minute single culled from the twelve-minute album version. The song starts with nearly a full minute of motorcycle noises; a piano riff repeats for another minute as a guitarist solos. Mr. Loaf's vocals finally enter two minutes in. This song doesn't really seem to have verses, just choruses alternating with different kinds of bridges. A female voice enters at 9:30. God, this song is terrible.

Oasis' "All Around the World" reached number one in the UK at 9:38. The song pretty much ends three minutes in, after which point the same hook is repeated over and over, then repeated in another key, then in another key. This is pretty much just a ripoff of "Hey Jude."

That seven-minute Beatles chart-topper perhaps inaugurated the trend of long singles. Lore holds that the song's addressee was John Lennon's son Julian, who had to put up with his parents' divorce when John fell for Yoko Ono.

10 Non-Douchey Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day In NYC

Screen shot 2013-03-14 at 3.15.53 PM.png
St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner and for all of you who want to celebrate the luck of the Irish without guzzling pitchers of green beer 'til you puke or scarfing down enough corned beef and cabbage to feed an entire junior high school cafeteria, you're in luck. We've rounded up ten festive ways you can celebrate in NYC without having to get a passport to doucheland.

Pre-St. Patrick's Day Dance Party at PH-D
Head to the Dream Downtown to pre-emptively dance off a few of those liquid carbs you'll surely be ingesting the next day. Aside from the usual smattering of Top 40 and electro, the NYPD Pipe and Drum Band will serenade guests and march through the party with a leprechaun. Really.
PH-D at Dream Downtown, 355 W. 16th St., Manhattan; 5:30pm-late

St. Patrick's Day For Sinners
On Sunday all your kinky Saint Patrick's Day fantasies can come true thanks to the lovely ladies of the Wasabassco Burlesque show. Come enjoy contemporary stripteases performed by voluptuous vixens with some whiskey on the rocks. Let these seductive gingers be an amazing alternative to a night of green beer guzzling and cover bands.
The Bell House 149 7th St., Brooklyn, NY; 7:30 pm; $20 Free for Redheads

St. Patty Scissoring With Frankie Sharp
Nightlife guru and PAPER fave Frankie Sharp is getting into the holiday spirit with Saint Patrick's Day Scissor Sunday at the Rusty Knot. Experience some of the sickest DJs, an amazing $2 shot special, and, did we mention a free vodka giveaway betwen 4-5pm?
The Rusty Knot, 425 West St., Manhattan; 4-10pm; Free

St. Patty's Day Feast at City Grit
Skip the lukewarm corned beef and cabbage buffets you find mid-pub crawl in favor of more gourmet grub at the Nolita perma-pop-up City Grit. Chef Sarah Simmons will be whipping up her take on that requisite corned beef with braised cabbage, garlic confit potatoes and Irish soda bread pudding.
City Grit, 38 Prince St.; 7pm; $55 can be purchased HERE

A Low-key Affair at The Woods
Not the type who enjoys a mass of drunkards or those creepy leprechauns during the holiday? Well, The Woods has a yummy alternative just for you. Come dine on Guinness- braised chicken with mashed potatoes in a casual, South Willyburg atmosphere.
The Woods, 48 S 4th St, Brooklyn; 4 pm-late; Free

Whiskey Fest at Dead Rabbit
If you haven't had enough Irish tunes and drunken fun, the Dead Rabbit bar is hosting a Whiskey Fest where you can partake of Jameson Black Barrel cocktails and traditional Irish tap. The bar will also be serving complementary beef stew.
The Dead Rabbit, 30 Water Street, Manhattan; 5 pm

St. Patrick's Day at Bill's Food and Drink
If you're the type who thinks of of "Daphne" or "Sir Alec" when you hear "Guinness" rather than the beer, head uptown to swanky Bill's Food and Drink (owned by the folks behind Crown and The Lion) where you'll find holiday-themed sandwiches, Shamrock Soft Serve (vanilla and creme de menthe) and an Irish whiskey tasting.
Bill's Food and Drink, 57 E. 54th St, Manhattan

Black 47 St. Patrick's Day Concert at B.B. King's
Head to B.B. King's Blues Club & Grill to hear celtic rock band Black 47 (named for the most dire year of the Irish potato famine) play a mix of rock, reggae, and jazz.
B.B. King's Blues Club & Grill, 237 W. 42nd St., Manhattan; Doors at 5pm; Tickets are $25 in advance, $30 day of show

Patrick McMullan's St. Patrick's Day Extravaganza
Grab a complimentary Stoli Shamrock Martini at celebrity photographer Patrick McMullan's festive St. Patty's day bash. With Lady Bunny as DJ and live performances from Irish dancers, you'll be getting your jig on all night long.
XL Nightlclub, 512 W 42nd Street, Manhattan; 10pm-4am

Invitation to a Beheading St. Patrick's Day Edition
Head to The Stand comedy club for a special St. Patty's day edition of their dark comedy stand-up night featuring an all-Irish American roster that includes Bonnie McFarlane, Colin Jost and Sean Donnelly.
The Stand, 239 Third Ave., Manhattan; 8pm; $15

Design is Heating Up Across the Pond

Cape by Burberry, t-shirt and skirt by Michael Van Der Ham, shirt by Palmer//Harding, hat by Charlie Le Mindu and ring by Yunus & Eliza.

newlondon_leftA.jpgSweater by Sister by Sibling, skirt by Giles, boots by Thomas Tait, collar by Ostwald Helgason and belt by Fred Butler.

Dresses by Paul Smith and Mother of Pearl, turtleneck by Mother of Pearl, shoes by Meadham Kirchhoff, belt by Palmer Harding, bag by Yang Du, sunglasses by Bernhard Willhelm, necklace by Kirsty Ward and ring by Kyle Hopkins.

newlondon_leftB.jpgDress by Yang Du and headpiece by Sister by Sibling.

Jacket by Kinder Aggugini, shirt by Christopher Kane, harness by Fannie Schiavoni, hat by Piers Atkinson and rings by Hannah Martin London and Kyle Hopkins.

newlondon_leftC.jpgJacket by Holly Fulton, t-shirt and socks
by Meadham Kirchhoff, skirts by John Rocha and ring by Hannah Martin London.

newlondon_rightC.jpgVest by Meadham Kirchhoff, bustier Top by John Rocha, shirt by Paul Smith, skirt by Holly Fulton and hat by mother of pearl.

newlondon_spread1.jpgT-shirt by Vivienne Westwood Gold Label, bra top and skirt by James long, veil by Piers Atkinson and bracelet by Yunus & Eliza.
Click for full size image Right and Left

Jacket and skirt by Simone Rocha, t-shirt by david longshaw, vest by Unconditional, veil by Piers Atkinson, choker by Maria Francesca Pepe and ring by Hannah Martin London.
Click for full size image
Right and Left

newlondon_leftE.jpgJacket, turtleneck and boots by Thomas Tait, dress by Mary Katrantzou, bag by Charlotte Olympia and gloves by Meadham Kirchhoff.

newlondon_rightE.jpgTop by Peter Pilotto, turtleneck by Thomas Tait, jeans by Ashish and necklace by Kirsty Ward

Styled by Martha Violante / Hair by Liam Curran using Kevin Murphy, assisted by Rachael Dove / Makeup by Celia Burton at CLM using NARS Cosmetics, assisted by Alex Reader / Stylist's assistant: Chudi Obiora / Models: Kriss at IMG and Malaika at Premier / Casting by Ben Grimes / Photographed at Complete's Studio in London