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    robyn hastyPioneer Works (159 Pioneer Street, Red Hook, Brooklyn) opens "Z" -- an exhibition of glass plate portraits by American photographer Robyn Hasty -- on June 11th, 6 to 9 p.m.  The works are beautiful images of individuals and pairs of  "transgender, cisgender, genderqueer and gender-nonconforming individuals."  On view until July 12th.

    cn_image_1.size.jenny-holzer-frida-kahlo-nybg-01.jpgJenny Holzer created a new work with "scrolling light projections" for the Frida Kahlo show up at the New York Botanical Garden.  Each evening from June 10 to 13, dusk until around 10 p.m., gigantic images of poetry can be seen on the building housing the current Kahlo exhibition "Art, Garden, Life."

    Olafur Eliasson -- he's the Danish-Icelandic artist that installed the 4 giant waterfalls in NYC in 2008 -- has an ongoing installation on the High Line called "The Collectivity Project."The public is invited to play with 2 tons of white LEGO brinks and add mini-constructions to several built by noted architects including OMA New York and Renzo Piano.  Check it out through the end of September on the High Line at West 30th Street.

    RH Contemporary Art (437 West 16th Street) opens several new exhibitions on June 11th, 6 to 8 p.m.: "Unknown Photographers" by Andres Galeano, "Lost Doubloons Rest" by Jorunn Hancke Ogstad and Tyra Tingleff, "The Studio Chronicles" with works by Alessia Armeni, Damien Flood, Nicholas John Jones, Aurora Passero and Daniel Schubert and "Random International" by Swarm Light.  All are up until September 5th.

    HA_2015_Im-as-close-to-you-as-your-eyelashes_Acrylic-on-wood-panel.jpgHaluck Akakce

    As part of their current exhibition of new works by Haluk Akakce, Richard Taittinger Gallery (154 Ludlow Street) is hosting a film screening on June 11th, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., featuring several of the artist's early (2002 to 2007) computer-generated video works.  The artist will be on-hand for a talk led by Kathy Battista, Sotheby's Director of Contemporary Art, New York.  The gallery's current Akakce show is up through June 21.

    Pace Gallery (508 West 25th Street) hosts a lecture on June 11th, 6 p.m., in conjunction with their current group show, "Eureka," which takes its name from Edgar Allan Poe's eponymous prose poem published in 1848.  Dr. Barbara Cantalupo, author of a new Poe monograph, will offer her insights.  The exhibition featuring artists who "observe and map the cosmological, metaphysical and scientific" remains on view until June 27th.

    Karaoke-Night-at-Red-Bull-Studios-New-York-581x387.jpgThe Gift Shop at Red Bull Studios (220 West 18th Street) hosts a release party for fashion photographer Ben Rayner's new book "Organized By Title" from 8 to 10 p.m. on June 12th.  And then, starting at 10 p.m., there's a multi-media, exhibition/performance by Chris Rice and Joe Kay called "CKTV."  The work includes unique karaoke videos by various artists which they'll perform live.  It's free, but you must rsvp to:

    On Friday, June 12th, 6 to 8 p.m., Marianne Boesky Gallery (20 Clinton Street) opens a group show called "Ordering Nature" that "explores the relationship between human beings and the natural world."  The artists are Bjorn Braun, Pier Paolo Calzolari, Spiros Hadjidjanos, Dmitri Hertz, Helen Mirra, Ryan Mrozowski, Kate Newby, Thiago Rocha Pitta and August Strindberg.  Up until the end of July.

    Dia: Chelsea (545 West 22nd Street) opens a sound and light installation called "Dia 15 VI 13 545 West 22 Street Dream House" by La Monte Young, Marian Zazeela and Jung Hee Choi with a special performance on June 13th, 9 p.m., then running from June 16th to October 24th.  On the 13th, all three artists will lead the Just Alap Raga Ensemble in a tribute to Pandit Pran Nath.  The work was originally presented at Dia from 1979 to 1985, but this version includes a new site-specific environment and configuration.

    just alap

    The ongoing Welling Court Mural Project in Queens continues to add incredible murals to their collection.  The official opening and block party for the 6th year is this Saturday, June 13, noon to 7 p.m. at 11-98 Welling Court @ 30th Avenue and 12th Street.  Almost 100 artists have contributed over the years including Abe Lincoln, Jr., AM, Alison Buxton, Beau Stanton, Billy Mode, Bishop, Cake, Caleb Neelon, Cern, Christopher Cardinale, Chris RWK, Chris Soria, Chris Stain, Chuck Berrett, Col Wallnuts, Dan Witz, Damien Mitchell, Danielle Mastrion, Dennis McNett, Depoe, Don Leicht, El Kamino, Elle, Ellis Gallagher, EpicUno, Eric Richardson, Esteban delValle, Free5, Fumero, Garrison Buxton, Gilf! and Greg Lamarche.

    pianosIf you're wondering what's up with the colorful pianos seen around New York City recently, they are part of a city-wide project called "Sing For Hope Pianos" that placed 50 artist-designed pianos throughout the 5 boroughs until June 21st.  You can go ahead and play your fave tune, attract a crowd and interact with the community -- at the end of the project, the pianos will be donated to local organizations.  Here's a list of locations and the names of the artists.

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    Spectre-Poster-1_0.jpgBond theme songs are one of the most peculiar aspects of one of the most peculiar cultural franchises in modern history. Moving beyond the iconic Bond music itself, each theme presents an opportunity for a song to set the stage for the upcoming film, with all of its unearned, ridiculous bravado and crazy special effects. Like the movies themselves, with a several decade history, it's unsurprising that some of them are iconic, some of them are terrible. Here's a really good one:

    Apparently, Sam Smith is doing the theme for SPECTRE, the upcoming movie (due for a November release) that appears to delve even deeper into old-school Bond than Skyfall, and definitely does not feature Cristoph Waltz as Ernst Blofeld. Watch the trailer for SPECTRE, then imagine "Stay With Me" playing over it.

    Is there a chance Sam Smith will do a good Bond theme? Sure -- there are maybe even odds on it being better than Jack White and Alicia Keys'Quantum of Solace theme, which is as forgettable as, well, pretty much everything else about that movie. But Adele's "Skyfall" was just such a great Bond theme that following it up is kind of a gargantuan task. Can we just have her do it again? What if we just change all of the words to "Skyfall"? Are you guys cool with that?

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    Before you roll your eyes and click away, just know that former celebrity Shia LaBeouf can now help you power through those 50 unchecked tasks, 10 calendar events and 7,999 unread emails...thanks to a new Google Chrome extension developed by college student Erik Taheri.

    Aptly named "DO IT!" (all-caps, exclamation point), our newest metaphysical motivational app utilizes a sonic snippet from LaBeouf's (painfully gratuitous) #INTRODUCTIONS video performance below -- namely the juicy bit where he screams "JUST DO IT!" to, uh, encourage you forth. Just install, wait for your next productivity slump and click on lil' LaBeouf when you feel the need for a masochistic wake-up.


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    If you've ever seen an interborough "Showtime" subway session, you probably already know what Litefeet: Sound of the Subway is about.

    A short documentary co-directed by writer Ezra Marcus and filmmaker KJ Rothweiler, the 20 minute-long feature profiles some of the originators, dancers and key producers of the musical movement and accompanying dance style that's come to dominate New York's underground scene.

    And while this Bronx and Harlem-born dance has already gotten attention from big names like Nike and America's Got Talent, it isn't particularly well-known outside of certain circles -- though that's soon to change, as the genre's break-optimized hooks and skyrocketing BPM means that it's something you can't help but pay attention to. Watch the film below and see for yourself.

    [h/t Fact]

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    Continuing the long cycle of icons eroding pieces of their own reputations, Jerry Seinfeld has recently gone on a tear complaining about the kids these days. They're too politically correct, says the comedian who refuses to use curse words, and "creepy," says the man who "dated" a 17-year-old when he was 39. It makes my jokes unfunny, says the creator of Bee Movie (no link, because we have a sense of mercy). This is just a sad story for everyone (except, perhaps, for Larry David, the perpetually gloating genius behind Seinfeld, who often does legitimately needling comedy that works). But it's especially depressing for some minor characters from Seinfeld who would have made much better (and funnier) crotchety old people with a smaller Porsche collection (and longer fuse) than Jerry Seinfeld. Here they are, with just a slight taste of the recognition they deserve:

    Uncle Leo
    Jerry might be fussy and particular to the point where his disdain for disagreement would become obvious, but Leo is the true old (and old-thinking) soul of Seinfeld. Oblivious, obnoxious insistence is just a much better look on him than on Seinfeld himself.

    Tim Whatley
    Tim Whatley converts to Judaism for the jokes, uses laughing gas with abandon, and is basically a Teflon human, unwilling to let any insults or slander stick. In other words, he's a perfect troll, practically designed for voicing garbage opinions without personal consequence. Also, he's played by Bryan Cranston, which doesn't hurt.

    Crazy Joe Davola
    Crazy Joe is just so intimidating and, um, crazy, that it'd be tough not to listen to him if he was threatening to put the "kibosh" on your complaining about his bad, homophobic jokes. Watch out, kids! Crazy Joe is coming for you!

    This is a pity pick, because as passionate as Newman is about all of his opinions, no one ever, ever feels compelled to take him seriously. Maybe he would make college students so sad they would feel guilty about booing him or protesting at his comedy shows.

    Does anyone on Seinfeld have more reason to be cranky than dead Susan? Casually letting George murder (or accidentally kill) his fiancee was one of the boldest thing Seinfeld ever did, and one of its best moments overall. But that's just a reminder of how much paler the kind of comedy Jerry Seinfeld is defending to the death. Just let Susan do what she wants!

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    Free-porn peddlers Pornhub a really fucking (pun intended) good at gimmicks (see: Pornhub Records, the Pornhub-sponsored NYC Porn Film Festival, etc. etc.) -- and their latest endeavor is no exception. 

    Titled Sexplorations, Pornhub is turning to the masses to crowdsource $3.4 million to make "the first sex tape in space" with pornstars Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins -- and it's offering a whole bevy of naughty prizes to potential donors, including punny packages like "Apollo 69,""Black Hole" and..."Uranus." One big leap for mankind, right...?

    Watch Pornhub's pitch video below:

    h/tDaily Mail

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    Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester just did a cover of The Cardigan's 1996 neurotic-cute hit "Lovefool"...and it's really, really good.

    A part of The A.V. Club's Undercover feature, the former Miss Waldorf lends her airy vocals to the loony tune and, weirdly enough, sounds eerily similar to lead singer Nina Persson. Delicate, endearing and completely enchanting, we're willing to forget about that iffy folk pop-esque LP she did last year in the hopes that she maybe has a few more karaoke anthems up her sleeve instead. XOXO.

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    buffy1.jpgThere's an interesting TV industry thing happening right now that might seem boring, but will have a pretty serious effect on your channel surfing (if that's a thing you still do) -- the syndication channels for certain shows are changing. The most high-profile example of this is Seinfeld, which is going exclusively to Hulu, but it also means that you'll be able to find Dawson's Creek and Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the same place! Thanks, ABC Family.

    These syndication runs -- starting the week of June 22 with voted-upon fan favorite episodes, then commencing properly the follow week -- aren't just news because everyone loves an excuse to talk about these shows (though there is certainly an element of that). There's something special about seeing these shows air the way they were intended, cut up by cheesy commercials and airing in order over a certain period of time so that you can't just watch all of Buffy in three weeks (not that I, uh, did that). It might seem archaic, but give it a shot -- it just might be magical.

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    ghostbusters2.jpgPaul Feig's lady Ghostbusters is taking its gender-swapping to new heights -- because in addition to the new team of Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones replacing the original Ghostbusters, Thor himself is standing in for Annie Potts' Janine Melnitz, one of the most underrated parts of the original movie. Feig made the announcement on Twitter:

    Apparently, the new Ghostbusters' receptionist demanded that his role be expanded in the script before accepting the part, which was accommodated. Hopefully that just means that this version of the team will need to raise some money by doing an extensive calendar shoot with Hemsworth and the next-generation version of Slimer showing off their proton six-packs.


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    Nicki Minaj Paper 5617_RGB.jpg
    As if you weren't already convinced of Saint Nicki's legitimacy, yesterday she took to Twitter to defend herself against her salty ex's (mediocre) single, in which he pretty much calls her an ungrateful cheater who didn't appreciate him, all while throwing out lines like "Life revolves around a bitch show me a man that won't cheat." 

    Thankfully, Madame Minaj responded via (a now deleted ◕︵◕) string of tweets in the best way possible -- by telling him to just grow up and get over it and pointing out that she deserves to enjoy the bounty of her hard work. (Including Meek Mill.)

    photo via Jezebel

    All we can say is "YASSS CALL IT." People change and grow, after all, and seeing as how she got to this point by herself, it's kind of shitty of Safaree to throw shade and downplay her agency re: her grand rise to public consciousness, which is also something that definitely isn't solely based on the lukewarm support of your significant other. Universal lesson: you are the only one who defines your success. Take pride in what you've accomplished and don't let anyone try to take that away from you.

    However, our heroine did end things on a softer note, acknowledging that in terms of their relationship (as opposed to her fame), they both did preeeety well.


    h/t Jezebel

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    Feel some sweet summertime sadness with 20-year-old Zella Day's new music video for her song "Jameson." In this heartfelt track from her second album, Kicker (out now via Pinetop Records/Hollywood Records), the singer-songwriter explores the perils of falling in love with an alcoholic. Hailing from Pinetop, Arizona, Day wanted to to shoot this video in a scenery like the one she grew up in and you'll get to see Day drive to Mammoth Mountain in her vintage Land Rover and explores the scenic plains in her old-school overalls. Of the shoot, which she did with cinematographer Dana Morris, Day tells us: 

    We packed up my Subaru and his 60's Land Rover with a couple of outfit options, camping gear, all of the camera equipment, and left for the mountains at the crack of dawn. After long hours in the car we decided that our first stop was to be the hot springs at sunset, little did we know this was going to be the single shot we got of the whole trip. It was a rough back road to our destination but we hurried to catch the light. I had driven six hours in my hand-me-down overalls but there was no time to change clothes as the sun was darting across the sky running from the moon. We shot for a matter of 20 minutes, me in my overalls with the vast mountain range on the horizon, but while we were getting the shot the Land Rover decided to leak all of its oil. The whole trip took a turn for the worst at that moment, because of the broken down car we couldn't camp and because we couldn't camp we had no way of getting the shots we needed. The rest of our time was spent in Mammoth waiting for the mechanic to call us back; we were bitter about our loss commiserating about another trip for the future.  A week after the trip I received a surprise email from Dana with a video attachment, what you are about to watch is the same attachment I received in my inbox that day...I call it my little miracle.

    Give it a watch, above. You can catch her at NYC's Mercury Lounge on June 22nd.

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    In our new column, "The Coolest Person In the Room," we're asking our favorite nightlife pros (hosts, DJs, door people, promoters, bar/club owners, club kids, bartenders, socialites) to tell us about who they think is the one party person whose look is always on point, whose energy is contagious, and whose scene is worth checking out -- basically, that person at the club who they've got their eye on and think we all should know. In each installment, the previous "coolest person in the room" will pass the baton and nominate someone else. 

    Last week we featured Queen Sateen and she's been kind enough to nominate our next 'Coolest Person in the Room,' Sussi Suss.
    Tell us about Sussi Suss.

    Sussi Suss is a club kid in the NY and Brooklyn nightlife scenes. He can be found frequenting all of the fun weeklies, like Westgay and DUH! at Up and Down. He hosts these parties from time to time, but even when he isn't working he goes out almost every night with gusto! 

    Why do you love him? 

    Sussi spares no expense when it comes to the looks that he serves. He is extravagant in every sense of the word. When you see him in the club, he is this massive presence -- literally, he is close to 7 ft tall in his platforms and he has this lumbering physique. He piles on the tackiest clothing and accessories, slathers on some face paint and it is honestly gold. 

    What makes him unique in nightlife? 

    In nightlife, people tend to take themselves and their looks very seriously. Sussi is less of that school of thought and more of the belief that color and fun gimmicks make the best looks. One time, he came over before going out and I literally fell on the floor hysterically laughing because he had so many offensive accessories on. He was wearing a green wig in braids with a head microphone (a la Britney Spears), flowers on his tits, two garter belts (a black and a white one), a pink bondage tie around his chest and a holster with little, pink plastic guns in it. Like Coco Chanel before us, [my husband] Exquisite and I insisted that he take at least one item off before he left the house. 

    When was the first time you met? 

    I remember seeing Sussi back when he went by "Babyfagg" at a party at the Museum of Sex. We were familiar with each other, but we had never chilled in earnest. I remember saying to him, "You know, I Googled you and the first thing that came up was your Bar-Mitzvah video...and I watched it!". He let out a shriek and ran across the room. After that, we all went back to his lavish hotel room where his posse proceeded to order silver trays overflowing with Babybel cheeses from room service -- eventually everyone ended up in the bath tub. We have been besties ever since. 

    What is your favorite memory of Sussi? 

    The moment that really stands out to me is when Exquisite, Sussi and I all threw a party together called "Female Trouble." It was at China Chalet, this Chinese restaurant turned nightclub, and everyone was there. Exquisite and I were wearing angel wings and our band "Sateen" performed and premiered the music video for our song, "Treat Yaself." Sussi ran around dressed as a pink poodle. We all swirled and we twirled all night on the dance floor as Gabriel Held, De Se and Mess Kid DJ'ed. It was a magical evening!

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    open-mike-eagle-special-episode-e1425052623403-700x423.jpgOpen Mike Eagle is one of the best artists alive. Last year's Dark Comedy was a bit of a breakthrough moment for his unapologetic art-rap, featuring lyrically dense, funny, and moving music about everything from the fear of ubiquitous technology to loneliness to Adventure Time. Today, Eagle released the video for "Ziggy Starfish," the final track off excellent follow-up A Special Episode of EP.

    Produced by Gold Panda, the track captures much of what makes Mike Eagle so great -- raw emotion, existential crisis, and a sharp eye wrapped in a package of strong rapping and infectious, understated beats. The video, directed by Kris Merc, features a club romance gone wrong, quiet in the midst of a party, and a cameo from frequent Mike Eagle collaborator Hannibal Buress. 

    [Click here for more]

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    Here is a photo in which Billy Ray Cyrus looks like the love child of David Foster Wallace and Fabio, staring forlornly at the ground. "Much to think about," he notes, accurately gesturing at the vastness of the world and the possibility of engaging with some of its contents intellectually.

    Hm. What could he be thinking about?

    miley_papermagazine_10.jpgTo be fair, it's not like he has a bad relationship with his daughter. In our cover story, Miley affectionately refers to him as a "cool hippie psycho freak." Maybe the real answer is that Billy Ray also wants to be on the cover? Give us a call, buddy.

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    A new creation myth about Drake has surfaced via an interview by the Fader with Rap-a-Lot label heir/artist promoter Jas Prince, aka the dude who's trying to sue Cash Money for serving them the monstrously-successful Drake on a silver platter.

    There are many interesting tidbits in the feature, including the fact that everyone thought Drake was the worst at first. Jas said he slid into Drake's DMs after discovering him during a cursory search on Myspace for unsigned artists, which led to a pass from his father (legendary Rap-a-Lot founder J. Prince), as well as friend Lil Wayne, who didn't want him for Cash Money. And apparently he disliked it so much, he said, "Jas, don't ever play this for me again. He sucks!" Wanye eventually came around, though, when Jas played him more Drizzy songs on a drive through Houston -- which led to Drake flying down to Texas, where Wayne proceeded to...ignore him the entire time like a 13 year old boy at a school dance. An action that Jas chalked up to him being "timid because Drake was so dope, he was competition." Damn.

    Bonus: There are also screenshots of Drake's poop-colored Myspace page from back in the day. Does it surprise you that in 2006, Drake already had "30 registered fan clubs, more than 80,000 topics on message boards and a collective attendance of over 20000 fans for mall tours"? Does this mean there's possibly footage of Drake crying in a Chattanooga Hot Topic floating around the Internet? Only time will tell...

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    OITNB.gifGIF by Austin Moore

    The latest season of Orange is the New Black is upon us, which means it's time to sort out the garden roses from the weeds. Here's a non-comprehensive power ranking of some of the show's current main-players from least to most powerful, along with vague predictions for season 3.

    tumblr_nps8zgTr5U1urzgi7o3_500.gif10. Alex Vause: Vause struck a deal in the beginning of Season 2, screwing over Piper and enabling her to get out of jail on probation. But hiding from a drug lord in Queens is its own kind of prison, am I right? The shit cherry on the cake is, thanks to Piper's uncanny ability to exact justice on pretty much everyone, Vause will be behind bars once more in Season 3. She had the most to lose this season, and she did.
    Season 3 prediction: No more I Love You's for Alex and Piper.


    9. Vee: Let's assume Vee is still alive -- because If TV has taught me anything, it's that a dead-presenting person is never out of the game just because they got blasted by a van. So, Vee: she blew her power load in Season 2, causing a mutiny. When she learned the OG squad had reunited despite her attempts to destroy them, she threatened that she'd find a new family. Squad was like, "Yeah you will, because you're insane, but it won't be us." Here's where Vee loses her power: instead of cultivating a new cult, she ran. If she had any power left to give, she would've stayed and manipulated some extras into doing her bidding, not fled. Then there's the fact that she's possibly not alive -- the anti-power position.
    Season 3 prediction: Vee returns to prison a childless mother. Or dead.

    tumblr_inline_n7sqqmKWWz1rpeg0s.png8. Pennsatucky: In Season 2, Pennsatucky lost her goof troop, gained Mr. Healy, lost Mr. Healy, and gained an unlikely friendship with Boo. While Pennsatucky has proven more resilient than a feral cat, Boo is the least trustworthy ally she could have. Will Boo sell her out as is her way, or will the two do the gay agenda proud?
    Season 3 prediction: Some sort of musical number that earns the disapproval of Mr. Healy. Don't ask me why, I just feel it.


    7. Crazy Eyes: Poor Crazy. Every relationship she invests in turns to dust. Suzanne can't be too low in the power hierarchy, because she's capable of handing out some memorable ass kickings and everyone is sort of endeared to her. No one wants Crazy to be punished for being crazy. But she's the only prisoner who might not bounce back from Vee's evil-doing. She already had a brush with maximum security prison, and one more violent outburst might send her there for good.
    Season 3 prediction: Crazy Tears.


    6. Sophia Burset: Sophia was criminally low-key last season, but she still holds a ton of power as the resident cosmetologist. The person with access to scissors and bleach is a person you don't want to cross.
    Season 3 prediction: Sophia's got beef brewing in the kitchen, so we'll be seeing more of her this season.


    5. Gloria Mendoza: If you don't know who Gloria is off-hand, exactly. That's part of her power. She's the silent engine behind Spanish Harlem, running the kitchen and casting Santeria spells in her spare time. Do we think it's a coincidence that Gloria helped Norma voodoo-ize Vee mere hours before she got struck down by Rosa?
    Season 3 prediction: That beef Sophia's got brewing? Gloria's serving it. Pray for their souls.

    tumblr_n8ywqn2RkW1qd1rtlo1_500.gif4. Poussey: MY GIRL. Poussey had a rough time last season :( But her scrappy self proved she could make it on her own, barely. Now that her team is behind her again, Poussey is untouchable, and unlikely to find herself in the line of fire. Who would mess with Poussey? She is a German-speaking, book-reading goddess.
    Season 3 prediction: A well-deserved girlfriend, please! (More of a request, but whatever.)

    tumblr_n9ginwiRVt1rr2k9ko1_540.jpg3. Daya: Daya got Pornstache arrested, and while she's too moral to get high on that, the prison is a safer place because of it. She's also got a baby on the way with a sexy guard who just got promoted. She's got no enemies, she's smart, her mom is close by... she's really living her best prison life. Sure, she's made some mistakes, but she's mostly hell-bent on doing the right thing. In prison, this would normally be a weakness, but it hasn't caught up to her yet. 
    Season 3 prediction: A baby named Frank.

    tumblr_n7dvpexvMz1qzpinmo3_540.jpg2. Rosa: Miss Rosa escaped from prison and left us on a joyful note -- Blue Oyster Cult blaring on the radio, a flashback to her bank-robbing days, a maybe-dead Vee on the side of the road. Sure, cancer's probably caught up to her already, but what a way to go.
    Season 3 prediction: A shrine in remembrance of Rosa's final good deed.

    Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 5.26.38 PM.png1. Piper: It's an unfortunate cliche that the show's main character is also the most powerful, but there it is. Piper flexed some serious power moves this season: she became the prison's fourth estate, destroyed Fig, canceled all those prison transfers, ordered a flaming bag of shit to Polly's doorstep, and most impressive, got her ex-finance to assist in her ex-girlfriend's arrest and eventual return to jail. She got more done from prison than I've done all year. Vague season 3 prediction: This winning streak has to end sometime, right?

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    Superstar photographer Steven Klein and superstar makeup mogul Francois Nars decided to celebrate their upcoming makeup collaboration with a dark, sexy, quintessentially Klein party in Yonkers. Models in various states of undress, undies and military looks posed languidly as a crowd of nightlife personalities and fashion addicts wandered the historic Alder Mansion in Yonkers. Our photographer Marco Ovando was there to capture the glamour! See his photos, below.

    Amanda Lepore

    Honey Dijon

    [Click here for more]

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    A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

    Our new cover star has thoughtfully saved us the trouble of turning her photos into a meme à la Kim K by doing it herself. Thanks, Miley! Over the last 24 hours, she's posted three 'shopped versions of pics from our shoot, including a head-swap version starring newly (semi?)- rehabilitated Nice Guy and frequent object of hair comparison, Justin Bieber. Add a meta sense of humor to your list of reasons to love Miley.

    A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

    A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

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    photo via Lucky Peach

    Apparently summer's hottest #sadgirl trend is looking like you just stepped out of a late-'60s food advert and this amazing new Lucky Peach tutorial on how to make a ham rose flower crown is here to help. 

    The instructions are easy -- make a tight roll, sub the baby's breath for parsley sprigs, wash your hands of ham juice and then you too can get your dose of Summertime Sadness courtesy of some cold cuts. After all, plants wilt, but salt-preserved pork is forever. 

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    sacai is spreading that gospel of "Real Women Sweat" with their (super cute) summer collection of athletic apparel for Nike's NikeLab offshoot.

    The label of former Comme des Garçons designer Chitose Abe, sacai is an eccentric, layer-chic line -- but apparently Abe was so inspired by the Nike archives palette that she couldn't help but try to express it "in a new way."

    As such, ample pleats and paneling help update the classic gym look, with the result being a perfect blend between high-brow and brow-sweat -- think Alexander Wang's collection for H&M. An alternative workout encouragement, sacai has created an empowering collection that just also happens to be a powerful Planet Fitness membership motivator. After all, who says fashion means frail? 

    The NikeLab x sacai collection launches on June 11.

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