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Porcelain Black Talks Rock of Ages, Going to Strip Clubs With Lil' Wayne and Dinner at Gloria Estefan's House



Porcelain Black shares "DNA" with Rye Rye, has been on dinner dates with Tom Cruise and hits strip clubs with Lil' Wayne.  She sounds like a fun girl!  The L.A.-based, Detroit-born pop-rock phenom has been charging full steam ahead with guidance from super-producer RedOne, who not only helped craft her debut album Mannequin Factory (out early Fall) but landed her a cameo as a hair-rocker in this summer's much-anticipated Broadway-to-big-screen-film Rock of Ages, which she shot last summer in Miami. Director Adam Shankman was so impressed with the young singer's energy and performance, he asked her to sing "Rock Angel," one of the film's two original songs. After stripping down and posing with a bevy of scantily-clad hunks, Black chatted with us:

What was the Rock of Ages set like?

Definitely surreal. I mean Katie Holmes was chasing after little Suri who was all over the set, Mary J. Blige is in some crazy-ass wig over in the corner and Tom Cruise's nephew is wailing on a guitar.  Not to mention all the punk rock zombie kids.  I've never see so much eyeliner. 

Did you get star struck on set?

Hell no!  But, my trailer was next to Russell [Brand]'s and we partied together once a while back, and I wanted to see him again.  So I did what any lady would do. I sat with a bottle of whiskey and chain smoked on his steps until he appeared.

porcelainblack1.jpgEnlarge image

Besides Tom Cruise, who would be some dudes you'd like to du-et with? Pun intended.


Easy: Trent Reznor, Eminem and -- what the hell -- Jane's Addiction!

You shot the film in Miami. Do you have a favorite restaurant there?

Yeah, it's called Gloria Estefan's house, bitches!  Tom, Russell and I were shuttled over to Gloria's house for a private dinner, where we met up with some other co-stars.  It was this crazy beachfront mansion with lots of jet skis.


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You recently walked in the Falguni and Shane Peacock show during New York Fashion Week. How was that?

I was just trying to walk as fast as possible down the catwalk. I kept thinking how crazy all those tall skinny bitches are backstage and I was like, 'Is that really Joan Rivers staring up at me?' Seriously though, Falguni and Shane Peacock make the illest clothes and they designed all of my outfits for the tour, so I'm very grateful. Joan caught me backstage and said, 'This outfit isn't for the average girl, but I bet you can clap your ass together for Detroit.'

What are some other crazy things people have said to you about your style?

After my performance on David Letterman, he came out and said, 'Now open your Bibles everyone.'

Any fashion aspirations of your own?

Actually I'm working on a clothing line that definitely goes back to my Detroit roots.  It will be trailer park couture with a flash of stripper flair.  I'm sure every daddy will want his little girl to be wearing it.

You must have seen lots of bling when touring with Lil' Wayne. Any extravagance you can share with us?


Lets just say 30,000 one dollar bills doesn't go very far when you go with Wayne, Baby and Drake to a strip club. We were at King of Diamonds in Miami, and when we left it was literally raining dollar bills and the strippers were two feet deep in ones. 


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What's the most flattering thing a fan has done for you?


My friends sent me this YouTube clip of a National Japanese Cheer Team, in full on gear; flipping, dancing and tumbling to "This is What Rock N Roll Looks Like."  Not only was I flattered, but also they must have made a lot of men happy.


Oh, and this chick got my face tatted on the back of her neck.  So I guess when her boyfriend is doing her doggy style he stares into my eyes.  How romantic.


What's the fastest way to your heart?

First of all, I fucking hate chocolate!  If he brings me any of that shit he gets a negative ten.  However, bring me a bottle of Zany and a pair of Alexander McQueen heels -- I might just fall in love.


Hair and makeup by Dawn Haley

Styled by Dechel Mckillian

Shot at Fuze It Worldwide Studios, Los Angeles

Beauty assistant: Ariana Sherman

Models: Alex Ulvsgard, Adam Dobbs, Matt Asaro, Michael Parisi, Tommy O'Reilly, Pontus Brandstrom, Adam J Casteel

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