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Katy Perry Is STILL Trying To Kick Those Nuns Out Of Their Convent


katy-perry-80.jpgPeople's Choice Award-winning recording artist, Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (Katy Perry), is still locked in a bidding war with five elderly nuns of Los Angeles convent Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in the Los Feliz neighborhood.

Since July, Perry has been attempting to buy out the 8-acred, stucco-roofed building, with its hilltop perch, stately rooms, gorgeous views of the city, but also because it's so painfully obvious that Katy Perry would live in an old convent.

katy-perry-Sisters-of-the-Immaculate-Heart-of-Mary-convent-in-Los-Feliz-billboard-510.jpgThe sisters have not budged an inch in almost 4 months.

86-year-old nun Catherine Rose Holzman met with Billboard to discuss her convent's feud, stating that Archbishop Jose H. Gomez wants to sell it to Perry, while the nuns are favoring LA-based restaurateur Danna Hollisteer.

katy-perry-nuns-2015-billboard-510.jpgSister Rose, Sister Rita

Sister Rose also claims that Perry landed a deal with the archdiocese to pay $14.5 million, with 10 million paid IN CASH if the nuns aren't involved.

Katy fucking hates these nuns!

Rose worries that none of the money the pop singer shelves over will go to their convent, while Hollister has offered $ 15.5 million, with $100,000 going straight to the nuns.

The fact that people have this sort of money in 2015 is criminal.

There's more going into this stalemate than just $$$, though.

Holzman told Billboard that "Katy Perry represents everything we don't believe in; it would be a sin to sell to her."

giphy-6.gifOHHHH SHIT.

The nuns were apparently horrified when Katy had once joked that her success came from selling her soul to Satan.

Here's a video where the very obtuse male narrator calls her a "super skank from the synagogue of Satan." K.
During a meeting with Perry (who literally had to sing "Oh Happy Day" to prove her former gospel singing career), Holzman says that KT showed them a tattoo that says "JESUS" on her left wrist, and said that if she got the house, she would "sip green tea and meditate in the gardens."

Can you imagine during one of the meetings, Katy mouthing "Fuckface" to one of the quieter nuns when the rest weren't looking? I can!

I hope the sisters keep holding out until Katy and a task force team have to come in and raid the place...and even then, they stand their ground; that's the only Armageddon I'm interested in witnessing.


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