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How to Dress Your Entire Squad as Kim Kardashian For Halloween

Thinking of Halloween costumes, especially for a group, is one of the worst tasks imaginable -- it's vaguely creative, so you feel like you're getting something done while batting around ideas, but it's for a decision that ultimately no one will adhere to, and that won't change your night too much. Worst of all, it's really difficult to find a group costume with relevance, thematic coherence, and that will make you look good when it's time to go out on Halloween. 

Thankfully, we've got you covered here, with the best possible way of organizing your crew -- several iterations of different celebrity looks, each of which will give you a full, historically accurate* portrait of the life of a particular person. We'll be giving these to you all week, starting with some of the most iconic Kim Kardashian looks, and how you and your friends can successfully say "Oh, we're all Kim K."

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Platinum Motorsport Kim
The year was 2007. Debuting in its first season on the E! network was the shaggy, feel-good reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians -- a slice-of-life look at an L.A. showbiz family with vague fame, five crazy daughters, their put-upon brother, and their momager, Kris. That same year, Rihanna's "Umbrella" was a chart-topper and There Will Be Blood would win Daniel Day Lewis a best actor Oscar. And there was Kim, already drinking all of our milkshakes, posing for car magazine Dub.

These are some of my favorite photos of Kardashian, because they capture the early flickerings of "yes, I have my own fucking money"-Kim, which have lead her to her current status as an empowered, savvy business woman who has made her own millions through strategic business dealings. She learned at the alter of her cunning momager and will likely lead North and her future brethren to their own entrepreneurial greatness. Daniel Plainview would be proud.

You need:Pink track suit, Adidas Superstars (or any sneaker), swag and 'tude

Crying Face Kim

One of the most endearing qualities about Keeping Up With the Kardashians is the deep emotional connection and openness the family has for another. This is perhaps felt the most in Kim's frequent crying, most recently seen on the season premiere of the show's current season (Kardashian wipes away steady tears as she listens to her mother weep on the phone over Caitlyn Jenner's unflattering comments to Vanity Fair). Other, more notable Kim crying jags have simply had fear, panic and anger at their root -- just like yours and mine! There was the time she lost a pair of 175K diamond earrings while swimming in the ocean, and her then-fiancee Kris Humphries half-heartedly assured her they'd find them if they just looked carefully. There was also a memorable scene in which she cried to a reaction-less Kourtney about the shame she felt over the disintegration of her marriage to Humphries. 

Later, in a heart breaking moment that same season, she wept over the death of her father Robert while her stepdad consoled her. Then, in a classic KUTWK scene, she sobbed at the release of her W Magazine cover, which she felt was a gross violation of her body and looked like "porn." (A scene revisited over and over again by the media when our Break the Internet issue came out.) Kardashian is in touch with her emotions and shows no shame in wearing her heart on her sleeve. So, cry on, criers of the universe. Kim K feels you.

What You'll Need: Missing earrings, a bathrobe, tears.

Herve-Leger-Kim-Kardashian-Red-Cutout-Bandage-Dress_01_LRG.jpgBandage Kim
Probably one of Kim's most iconic looks to date is her bandage/body-con dress -- a look she single-handedly revived from the dead when she began always wearing socially-acceptable Spanx as outerwear. It's an incredible look that's not for the faint of heart though, because once you commit to the cling, you never come back. 

What You'll Need: A latex or knitwear bodycon dress (preferably in a neutral color) and a pair of nude heels.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 2.13.27 PM.pngKim's Wedding Dress c. Kris Humphries Era 
While Kim's Riccardo Tisci-designed wedding dress for her marriage to Kanye may have gotten more critical praise, her over-the-top Vera Wang-designed princess explosion that she wore to her 2011 nuptials with Kris Humphries is so much more epic. An avalanche of lace, silk, chiffon and whatever else goes into a wedding dress, topped off by a jeweled headband and dangly earrings, this dress makes us nostalgic for a simpler time, a different time, a "more is more is more is YES, MORE LACE, MORE JEWELS, MORE TRAIN YESSSS" time before Kim's style got Yeezified and became all about those asymmetrical hemlines and bold neutrals.

What You'll Need: While most of us can't afford a tens of thousands of dollars wedding dress, this costume doesn't have to be as expensive as it seems: just buy the pouf-iest wedding dress you can find at Goodwill, a crystal headband (easy has a few), some dangly rhinestone earrings and call it a day.

kkcover1(rgb)watermar.jpg#BreakTheInternet Kim
The classic Kim, and the one most likely to be the leader of your squad -- it's the Kim Kardashian from the cover of PAPER's Break the Internet issue. (Without tooting our own horn too much, we'd say this is probably one of Kim's most iconic single moments, if not the most.) Get your champagne bottles ready to pop, your hair perfectly styled up top, and a long black dress that declares to the world that you are, in fact, worthy of all of the attention you're about to get.

What You'll Need: A bottle of champagne, a black dress, pearls, and an ass.

Chipotle Kim
So it's down to the wire, everyone else in your crew has picked an acceptable Kim outfit, and you're feeling left out/lazy? Try the classic Chipotle Kim, which doesn't require you to do anything other than carry a bunch of Chipotle cups during their early KUWTK days, when they were all more willing to be filmed eating Chipotle (and maybe also have lunch with Kanye, but that part is optional). Remember, Chipotle always gives out free burritos for people who show up in costume, so putting this one together is vastly easier than anything else you could do to dress up as Kim.

What You'll Need: A Chipotle cup, water, exhaustion.

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