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From the Archives: Extreme Aggression, September 1999

You know what? We're pissed.

We may or may not have just been yelled at. We also may be a tad hungover. And to top it all off, it's Thursday, and we can't believe we're going to go out tonight and will still have to come into work tomorrow.

OK, enough of our whining; our lives aren't that bad. But let's blow off some steam anyway, and have a good laugh at this aggression-themed shoot from September 1999, shot by Carlos Serrao and styled by Timothy Reukauf. Normally we'd say a word or two about the shoot, but we're pretty sure this one's self-explanatory. Wow, we feel better already!

aggression8.jpgCarolina wears a shirt by TO2 by Todd Oldham, Choker by Frou by Paige Novick.

aggression2.jpgCarolina wears a dress by Alexander McQueen, shoes by Miu Miu, stockings by Victoria's Secret, suitcase by Samsonite.

aggression3.jpgNico wears a suit and tie by Polo Ralph Lauren, shoes by Jeffrey West for Paul Smith, briefcase by Louis Vuitton. Kevin wears a suit by Emporio Armani, shirt by Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme, tie by Gianfranco Ferre, shoes by Polo Ralph Lauren.

aggression1.jpgLibby wears a sweater by DKNY. Keaton wears a top by Clements Ribeiro, pants by Kikwear. Judd wears an outfit by Jil Sander.

aggression7.jpg Marylene wears a dress by Anna Sui, shoes by Jil Sander. Tia wears an outfit by Jil Sander, shoes by Emporio Armani.

aggression9.jpgCarolina wears a suit by Tocca, bracelet by Erickson Beamon, bag by Ancela Natashi, M.A.C. nail polish.

aggression4.jpgAltie wears a suit and shirt by Paul Smith, tie by Polo Ralph Lauren. Anja wears a top by Moschino, blouse by Moschino Cheap & Chic. Benjamin wears a sweater and vest by Versus.

aggression5.jpgLien wears a sweater and turtle neck sweater by DKNY, skirt by Clemets Ribeiro, shoes by Fornarina. Joe wears a shirt by John Bartlett, pants by Dockers, seater by Sandy Dalal, shoes by D&G, belt by Polo Ralph Lauren.

aggression6.jpg Megan wears a sweater by Moschino Cheap & Chic, pants by D&G, shoes by DKNY, glasses by Matsuda Eyewear. Nik wears a shirt by Byblos, pants by Versus, belt by Moschino Uomo, shoes by Nike. Pearl wears a top by Sergio Valente, skirt by Orfi, shoes by Buffalo Boots.

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