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The Best, Worst and Weirdest of the Week

anigif_enhanced-21581-1436466144-8.gifPhoto via Buzzfeed

Weirdest Sex Toy: There is a new uncomfortably realisitic "twerking butt" released by none other than the beloved Pornhub. Coined the "first 3D cybersex experience" this twerking butt is even body heated at 96.8 degrees blurring "the line between peak fantasy and passionate reality." There is the classic butt for $500 or the deluxe butt, which twerks on its own, for $800, but don't worry -- both come with virtual reality glasses. -- Juliette Kang


Restaurant News That's Better than Some Damn Good Coffee:
There's a Twin Peaks-themed pop-up restaurant opening in London called "The Owls are Not What They Seem." It will offer themed menu items and cocktails as well as "interactive elements," whatever that means. Fingers crosses everyone gets to take home a slice of cherry pie in a take-out bag as a parting gift. --Elizabeth Thompson

Most Horrifying Wedding Theme: For both of their second weddings, Sam Finan and Bob Thomas apparently wanted to make their guests never want to attend a themed wedding again, let alone leave their houses, so they made their wedding minion themed with a minion cake, cufflinks, place cards and more. When will the minioncalypse END?-- Paper
Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 5.56.57 PM.png

Best Emmy Snub Reaction: Abbi Jacobson took to Twitter this week to voice all of our concerns over Broad City not getting an Emmy nom. Somehow this is all Bevers' fault.- Taylor Silver

pinkprint-grindr-1.jpgBest Advertising Strategy That Would Likely Disgrace Sterling Cooper: Nicki Minaj popped up on Grindr this week to promote her upcoming Pinkprint Tour. Truly genius. -- T.S.   

Most Unexpected Receptionist: What would you expect Daniel Radcliffe to be like an a receptionist? Slightly anxious but overly polite? That's exactly what happened when he spent in hour filling in for a NYLON receptionist. He freaks out at not knowing what to do, then plays it real cool as Joe Jonas strolls in at the end. -- J.K

T in the Park reveller's brilliant 'Bruno Mars-style' dance in front of cheering crowd at festival from you tube.

Posted by Jonathan Bowman on Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Best Viral Festival Video of the Week: There are some crazy festival dance videos, but this guy's impromptu dance to "Uptown Funk" at T in the Park is pretty insane and has already been watched 2.2m times on Facebook. He even does one of those spunky jazz splits during the chorus!! -- J.K

Best Viral Dad Dancing Video of the Week: Dad-dancing-at-a-Vamps-show will see "Uptown Funk" man's Bruno Mars dance and raise him a tucked in polo shirt and the enthusiastic clapping of a man who dropped his fucks off at the door. --E.T.

Dance Song of the Week: Iconapop released another single off their upcoming EP "Emergency" that will be coming out July 17. It's exactly what you need to get your groove on this weekend. -- J.K

Hotel of Our Nightmares of the Week: Japan's new robot hotel. -- A.S.

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