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From Cindy Sherman to Ghostface, the Best Specialty Emoji Keyboards

We've come a very long way since chat room emoticons and ClipArt. So long, in fact, that today marks World Emoji Day. And to celebrate our little unsung iOS heroes, let's look at ten of the greatest themed emoji keyboards.

broad-city-app-keyboard.jpgBroad City Keyboard
Although Abbi and Ilana won't return to our TV screens until 2016, feel free to text your friends emojis of the Judith Light dog and rotisserie chicken in the meantime.

Cindy Sherman-Icon
Who better than Cindy Sherman to supply us with a keyboard-full spectrum of feels? This is definitely a new medium for her.

After a grueling wait, WE FINALLY HAVE TACOS. This Texas-themed keyboard app has some other gems like a Red Solo Cup and an armadillo but...did you hear the part about tacos?

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 6.11.31 PM.png

MAKERS rallied for more inclusive emojis for women and created this feminist-themed dream keyboard. There's Oprah, Gloria Steinem, and Notorious RBG.

Emoji - Seinfeld Edition
Ah, finally! Emojis you don't have to explain to your dad. Included is the full cast, a puffy shirt, some Junior mints, yada yada yada.

toastface.pngGhostface Killah Emojis
For when cash rules everything around you.

Bitmoji allows you to create an adorable personalized avatar of yourself with fabulously cheesy catchphrases like "I'm worth it!" emblazoned across the top of them. Which, let's be honest, is probably a better option than that selfie you're about to send. Plus, they add new emojis every Friday afternoon --  a special treat before the weekend.

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