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The Best, Worst and Weirdest of the Week


Most Insane Invention: You know how in the future, we will be using flying discs to get around? Lexus has made that supposed fantasy a reality. With the help of scientists and engineers the car company has released the Lexus hoverboard: a skateboard sized device that can hover in mid air.  -- Juliette Kang

Best Tattoo:What do you do if you can't choose between two possible tattoo ideas? You combine them. A guy in Toronto recently got a tattoo of Bart Simpson as Drake running through the 6. -- J.K.

Most Outrageous Nightclub Act: A guy (possible performance artist?) at a Chinese nightclub in Hunchun lit a string of fire crackers off. Inside his pants. He was safe, but it looked pretty painful.-- J.K.

tumblr_npr1zllg0r1uy32gjo1_1280.jpgPhoto via Kim At The Museum

Best Art Crossover: A hilarious and brilliant museum goer combined images from Kim Kardashian's selfie book, Selfish, with paintings from  New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. The outcome was beautiful. -- J.K.

Weirdest Music Video Featuring Cats:
From Atlanta heavy metal outfit Mastodon, an animatronic cat battling the forces of evil amid a sea of epilepsy-inducing neon lighting.-- Victoria Lin

Sarah Palin.jpg
Photo via Vanity Fair

Most Ironic Headline
: An 811-word news item from Vanity Fair titled "Sarah Palin is Finally No Longer News." -- V.L.

Best Way to Avoid FOMO: Resident Advisor's new app, RA Guide, that gathers users' recommendations for the best concerts, DJ sets and warehouse parties around the world. -- Abby Schreiber

Rick Owens Protest.jpg
Photo via Style.com

Most Bizarre Fashion Moment
: Rick Owens punching a model at his Paris men's show after the model came on the catwalk with a sign that said "Kill Angela Merkel No."No, really. -- V.L.

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 1.26.06 PM.png
Best News Anchor: Sorry, Anderson. This pup pundit looks way better in a suit. -- Sandra Song

Chill Out Song of the Week:
"Round Whippin'" by A. Chal. Makes ya wanna grab a Camaro and ride down the Pacific Coast Highway. -- A.S.

Best Science Fair Project, Like, Ever:
Two British middle schoolers are developing technology for a condom that can detect STD's. Yes, MIDDLE SCHOOLERS. Even better, the condom would change colors depending on what disease it comes into contact with.-- Taylor Silver

kanye-west-zayn-malik-joe-jonas-2015-billboard-650.jpgMost Random Squad:
Kanye, Zayn Malik, and Joe Jonas sat front row at the Louis Vuitton show in Paris this week and it's delightfully confusing. -- T.S.

Coolest New Exhibit: The Museum of Arts and Design will unveil a new exhibit tonight called Night Paving: The Aural History of Jackie 60 & Motherabout the famed '90s club and its famous patrons like Marc Jacobs and Debbie Harry. -- T.S.

Best Excuse to Borrow Dad's Golf Shirt: Hulu just added all 9 seasons of Seinfeld to their catalog, and to help kick it off, they recreated Jerry's old apartment. If you don't head over to the exhibit before it closes this Sunday, no Instagram for you. -- T.S.

Most Attractive Primate: Apparently this good-looking gorilla's got game -- and more than a few fangirls. -- S.S.

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