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Scenes From Ladyfag's Pop Souk

Ladyfag's annual fashion bazaar Pop Souk returned yesterday afternoon, this time taking over the entire four floors and six rooms of Webster Hall. The 90 vendors, Kiehl's-sponsored barber shop, and free Ladyfag tattoos (not the temporary kind) kept the hordes of rain-soaked club kids and fashion-lifers enthralled for hours. Check out some of our favorite booths and scenes from the event, below.

At the Stella booth

The scene near Alisha Trimble's selections

At the Badacious booth

Marzia Aloisi for Bad Brilliance

A customer tries on some pieces by Mandate of Heaven

Checking out the MOVES

The crowd

Tickets for Ladyfag and Seva Granik's next event, SHADE, were for sale -- in the form of cereal boxes.

The Bond Hardware table

Andrew Strasser aka Bad Brilliance, somehow having a conversation through that thing

Cazwell and Ladyfag strike a pose

Some shoppers, taking a break

The Sext Pixels rack

The scene in the basement, near the BCalla and Cunt(ees) booths

Guests had the opportunity to get free Ladyfag tattoos, which also entitle the wearer to lifelong free admission to Ladyfag events. Dick Van Dick took her up on the offer.

Triple Gemini Vintage

Viva Ruiz and Bunny Michaels

A guest with her SHADEY-Os ticket

A dancer models Tilly and William

Oh, hey, it's Mr. Mickey!

Pop Souk is a party as much as a shopping event


Heidi Lee



DJ Nelleke

Nightlife fixtures DeSe, Dev Hynes, Kyle Luu and friend in the DJ booth

The scene in the Grand Ballroom - the event spanned four floors and six rooms, with 90 merchants.

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