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Our 10 Record Store Day Must-Haves

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 3.54.21 PM.pngRecord Store Day returns tomorrow, and the annual celebration of indie music stores has been getting lots of traction in the last few years, especially since vinyl became the only physical format that's actually increasing in sales -- rising 38% in 2014. The full run-down of releases is HERE, but we've already picked our faves:

1. Joan Rivers -- The Next To Last Joan Rivers Album
Sorry, it's not on vinyl, but this re-issue of the late comedian's classic 1968 album will be available for the first time on CD. Plus there's an 8-page booklet.

2. ESG -- The Moody EP 12-inch colored vinyl 45rpm
Besides "Moody," the record includes two more great tracks: "You're No Good" and "UFO."
3. J Dilla -- Fuck The Police 9-inch vinyl "badge-shaped" picture disc
The late, Detroit artist's out-of-print track -- originally released in 2001.

4. The Jesus & Mary Chain -- Psychocandy  red vinyl LP
A limited-edition, live version of the band's debut studio album, recorded last year in Glasgow.

5. Run The Jewels -- Bust No Moves 12-inch vinyl
That's a new track, plus the B-side includes "Love Again" and "Pew Pew Pew."

6. The Shoes -- Primal Vinyl 12-inch vinyl
The '70s indie band from Zion, Illinois has a record featuring unreleased live versions and other tracks out for the first time on vinyl.

7. Metallica's cassette reissue of their 1982 demo tape, No Life 'Til Leather
And there's Lars Ulrich's original handwriting, too.

8. Various Artists -- Northern Soul: The Soundtrack double 12-inch vinyl
Vinyl, gatefold, limited edition of the UK film soundtrack, featuring classic tracks from the '60s.

9. Sun Ra -- Planets of Life or Death 12-inch vinyl
This is the first release of a 1973 live show in Amiens, France, and was recorded direct from the soundboard.

10. The White Stripes  -- Get Behind Me Satan
Double LP, first time on vinyl -- one record is red and one is white! 

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