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Get In Bed with Cockyboys Porn Stars Levi Karter and Liam Riley

unnamed-1.jpgLiam Riley and Levi Karter, two of gay adult film company Cockyboys most adorable stars, spend a lot of their work hours in bed. And now they're about to show us just how versatile they are in the sack with their new talk show. In Bed With Levi and Liam premieres on Valentine's Day and the boys guest will be porn star James Deen (no relation to Paula). Who knows what can happen when these two raunchy rascals get rolling. The only way to find out is to log on to www.flirt4free on February 14th, from 6:00-8:00 pm EST.

Which celebrity would you most like to have in bed? Why?
Levi: Tom Daley,  because he's the hottest athlete alive and he sounds really cute on Vine!
Liam: Justin Bieber. He's so hot, I love the bad boy image he's going for now.

Which porn star would you most like to have in bed? Why?
Levi: Brent Everett because I love the way he branded and made a career for himself in the industry. He's also the first guy I watched when I started watching porn and his body only gets better with age. I don't know how he does it.
Liam: Max Ryder, being one of my favorite models he's the only one on my list that I haven't gotten to film with.

What do you wear to bed?

Levi: Commando in shorts or nude.
Liam: I love wearing boy-cut briefs with an over-sized shirt, preferably given by a hot guy.

Do you remember your dreams?
Levi: Almost every night.  Some times I write them down and text them to friends the next morning.
Liam: Sometimes. I'll lay in bed when I first wake up and try to recap what happened.

Do you have any tricks or remedies for falling asleep?
Levi: I don't necessarily have a problem falling asleep. A couple puffs of weed usually does the trick and gives you more colorful dreams.
Liam: A nice glass of wine and Desperate Housewives with Levi always does the trick.


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