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Carrie: The Musical -- an AndrewAndrew Insta-Review


One of the biggest flops in Broadway history, Carrie: The Musical, based on Stephen King's first published novel, is a theatrical disaster of legendary proportions. Opened in 1988 and costing a whopping 8 million dollars to produce, the show ran for only 5 performances. A badge of honor for New York theater fans, years later drama queens proudly proclaim, "I saw Carrie." Jump to March 2012: The MCCTheater company is attempting to resurrect this monster of a show and turn what was considered theatre trash into a sensational smash. In light of the national focus on High School bullying and the It Gets Better campaign, timing might be on their side. Plus, who doesn't like a good underdog story? This bloody musical about a socially awkward girl humiliated by her classmates, whom she exacts brutal revenge upon, has elements of a Shakespearean tragedy. But the stains of this show's past have had a long time to set and may prove too difficult to wash out. Were we "Carried" away or was it just a big bloody mess? Watch our full video review to find out.

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