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Suggested Titles for a Downton Abbey Parody Porn

In recent weeks, the massive popularity of Downton Abbey has spawned parodies including cat spinoff Downton Tabbey, Arrested Development mash-up Arrested Downton and the Eastbound and Down-inspired Eastbound Downton. Which is why we think it'll be a matter of days before it gets the porn treatment a la 30 Rock: A XXX Parody and Not the Cosby Show XXX. We thought the producers might be having some trouble coming up with titles, so we came up with some suggestions for them. You're welcome/we're sorry.

Downton Assey
Countess Cora, the Ass Explorer
O'Face O'Brien
Deflowering Miss Daisy
Master Bates
Goin' Downtown Abbey
Lady Eat-ith of Butt
Humped to Death: Mr. Kemal Sniff MaPoop (Scat)
Sir Big-Dick Carlyle
2 Footmen, 1 Cup
Carson the Butt-ler
The Dowager Cunt-ess of Cooch
The Maids Get Laid
The Crawley Trolley (Ed note: Think about it).
Blind Cooks and Big Cocks
Coozin Matthew: Feeling Below the Waist 

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