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7 Creative People Making Good and Making Bank.

156450514.JPGOur dear friend Billy Parish along with his collaborator Dev Aujla, recently wrote a book, Making Good: Finding Meaning, Money & Community in a Changing World, about ways in which you can do good in the world, while getting paid for it. Here, they highlight several young creative people who are doing just that. For more Billy and Dev, head to their book party on Thursday, Mar. 1, at powerHouse Arena.

makinggood6.jpgThe Party Supply Specialists
We all have experience cleaning up those red keg stand cups littered throughout the yard the morning after. Emily Douiblet and Jessica Hosely took it upon themselves to rethink the party in a way that does good for the world. Susty Party is a one-stop shop for biodegradable party supplies -- from paper straws to pop-up recycling bins. One key to their success: Jessica and Emily are a perfect business partner match, combining Jessica's MBA and finance background with Emily's sustainability experience. Photo from kanonvodka.com.

makinggood5.jpgThe Fashion Designer
Natalia Allen won the Designer of the Year award at Parsons and parlayed that into launching Design Futurist, a New York Design Studio that has worked with brands from Quicksilver to Donna Karan to create sustainable clothing lines and accessories from concept to completion. One key to her success: Natalia used her interdisciplinary skills in technology, fashion and sustainability to create new fabrics using advanced, eco-friendly manufacturing processes. Photo from blackenterprise.com.

makinggood2.jpgThe Arts Philanthropist
Jason Eano, who helped found the Toronto-based artist agency Herman & Audrey -- made up of photographers, directors, strategists and producers -- spearheads the company's community programming, bringing the arts and philanthropy together. He is a behind the scenes shadow warrior for good, taking on a wide array of clients and forcing collaboration on everything from photography exhibits to fundraisers, all the while advancing the missions of the organizations he works with and raising the money they need to get their work done. One  key to his success: Jason began as a freelancer, building a portfolio of clients that were cause aligned, which enabled him to start an agency, which led to full time work for both him and his friends. Photo from Herman & Audrey.

makinggood4.jpgThe Surfer for Change
Kyle Thiermann, a professional surfer from Santa Cruz, had a wake up call on a trip to Chile when he realized that the surf breaks were going to be ruined by the development of a nearby  coal-powered plant. He did what he knew how to do: mobilize his friends and shoot a YouTube video. He was able to transfer over $345 million dollars worth of lending power away from the banks funding the plant. His group Surfing for Change is just getting started. Next targets: nuclear power plants and plastic bottles. One key to his success: Kyle relied on the strong social network he had built in the surf community to leverage other pro surfers, photographers and media to ensure his message spread beyond the people he could reach alone. Photo from Surfing for Change.

makinggood1.jpgThe Burger Shop Boys
Founded by Derrick Widmark and Eli Bernstein, Arizona-based Diablo Burger uses organic beef straight from the biggest open-range ranch in the region, Diablo Land Trust. Diablo Burger is a gateway to the world of sustainability, tastefully disguised as the best burger shop in the city. One key to their success: by becoming the exclusive distributor of the highest quality beef in a town for eco-conscious consumers, they've cornered a big market and people gladly pay $10-12 for a gourmet burger and fries. Photo by Dev Aujla.

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