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HAPPY B'DAY: 10 of Beyonce's Fugly Fabulous Early 2000's Looks

1. The "Crimped Hair" Look 

beyonce03_gl_19nov10_rex_592x888-2.jpgIt might be the early 2000s if:

  • Your sunglasses are of the rimless variety.
  • Your hair is crimped.
  • And your t-shirt is bedazzled.

You might be Beyoncé if:

  • Despite all of that, you still look amazing.

2. The "Denim on Denim" Look 


While it's no Britney and Justin moment, we still think people should be talking about this a whole lot more because we have some questions. For one, why was Kelly dressed like a chic pirate instead of wearing denim with a subtle pop of color, like Mama Knowles told them to? Beyoncé looks great though, who are we kidding.

3. The "Sparkly Bra, Bandana, and Belly Button Ring" Look

tumblr_n8vnx1eChN1qb8klro1_1280.gifAKA the glitter goddess look. Bow down.

4. The "Shagadelic" Look

nLSOULx.pngBeyoncé having a majestic ombré poodle hair moment while two white guys stand by in awe.

5. The "Denim on Denim" Look, Revisited

jay-and-beyonce-bonnie-and-clyde.jpgWho knew TRL had birthed so many beautifully fugly fashion moments. Justin and Britney who?

6. The "Bootylicious" Look

beyonce-mtv-trl-july-2001-large-msg-130947651307.jpgWhen can we buy this belt from the VFILES store? We NEED it.

7. The "Gucci Visor" Look

tumblr_mree71cK6Y1qf3xzvo1_400.pngPaired with a Bob Marley tank, of course.

8. The "80s Prom Dress" Look

Beyoncé-Knowles-got-together-her-Destiny-Child-band-members.jpgHow to look amazing while wearing the third most tragic dress in the world: See above.

9. The "Rhinestone Thong" Look

rs_634x907-140206123514-634.-beyonce-kelly-destinys-child-cancun-mtv-2000.jpgRhinestone thongs: the only thing you need to bring on a beach vacation with the girls.  

10. The "Class of 2002" Look

tumblr_n87321tXhH1r3iw3do1_1280.jpgSolange, Jessica Simpson, Eve, Nelly, Adrienne Bailon, and some white girl in really tragic corn rows. The gang's all here to wish queen B happy birthday!

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