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An Ode to Wishing Your Sort-Of Friends a Happy Birthday on Facebook


And ode to wishing people you're not that close with happy birthday on Facebook. [Jezebel]

10EOZ.jpgWish all the Fashion Week parties were happening at Club Whatever. [Mlkshk]

Pretty much every Mumford and Sons song ever. [Uproxx]
A supercut of all the times April insulted Ann on Parks and Recreation.
ANDREW, BE BEST FRIENDS WITH US! [TastefullyOffensive]

CuPkzjq.jpgUPDATE: THE SQUIRREL CAME HOME! Lookin' real cool. [Reddit]

Watch Walter the water-obsessed dog race from his house to the beach with a camera strapped on.

Thank you, photoshop, for all that you do. [FYouNoFMe]

Steve-Buscemi-in-6th-grade.jpgTiny, adorable 6th grade Steven Buscemi wishes you a happy Wednesday! [ThisIsNotPorn]

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