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Clams Casino's 5 Favorite Beats of 2011

clams-casino-head.jpgAs one of the hottest hip-hop producers in the game right now -- having worked with the likes of A$AP Rocky and Mac Miller -- Clams Casino, aka 24-year-old Mike Volpe, knows his beats. But what does a producer listen to when he's not producing? He took a minute to tell us his five favorite songs of 2011.

"Stranger," Jhene Aiko, produced by Fisticuffs
"It's haunting and spooky but very relaxing. It's also pretty repetitive which puts you in a zone."

"Zan With that Lean, Part 2," Soulja Boy, produced by DJ Scream and Swamp Izzo
"The drum sounds and programming are great, and the song is just so catchy and addicting."

"Brand New Guy," A$AP Rocky, produced by Lyle

"This beat is just hard. It makes me picture dinosaurs stomping around and shit, like T-Rexes."

"Bossalinis & Fooliyones, Part 2," Main Attrakionz, produced by Ahyve

"It has a beautiful sample, and is uplifting and soothing."


"Up up and Away," Lil Wayne, produced by Wizz Dumb and Timbaland
"I like that I can't figure out what the sample is and how all the different parts of the track keep getting piled on top of each other."

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