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A Salute to the Olsen Twins' High-Fashion Lewks

In celebration of the fabulous Olsen Twins' 28th birthday today, we've broken down our picks for the eight most important fashion moments from their overflowing repertoire of important fashion moments throughout the years. If you're anything like us, today is practically a holiday, so we've been parading around New York wearing head-to-toe black, drinking a Triple Grande Latte from Starbucks and perfecting our signature Olsen Twin scowl.

634540127077272500838953_27_AMKOlsen4_101111.JPG1. NYFF screening of Martha Macy May Marlene in 2011

Though we can't imagine the Olsen Twins dancing wasted in the club with a vodka soda in-hand, this oversized fur is begging for an on-camera P. Diddy music video moment. 

Lesson learned: If your arm could be mistaken for a grizzly bear's limb, it's chic.

2. The Metropolitan Opera's gala premiere of Rossini's Le Comte Ory in 2011

Nonchalantly sporting gold-rimmed sunglasses by The Row and dripping in YSL, Mary-Kate and Ashley look funeral-chic and amazingly bored on the Metropolitan Opera's 2011 red carpet.

Lesson learned: Always look unenthused and always dress to depress


3. The Broadway opening of Lend Me a Tenor in 2010

Black lace, black strappy heels, black sunglasses, black lace, black brocade, black bows, and black tights.

Lesson learned: Black.


4. The 2014 Met Ball


The Olsen Twins look like serious business executives in these floor-length vintage gowns. Although these are not the most flattering silhouettes for their small frames, we love anything that dances on the verge of a costume, especially at the Met Ball.

Lesson Learned: Always dress at least 30 years older than your age.


5. The 2006 Costume Institute Gala

Wearing floor-length Badgley Mischka gowns, the Olsen Twins ooze of old money, like classic Hollywood sirens with nothing to do but spend thousands on couture. 

Lesson Learned: If you close your eyes and grab at least thing things from your rich Great Grandmother's closet, you're guaranteed to look like an Olsen Twin. 


6. HBO's annual pre-Golden Globe Reception in 2007 

Ashley looks innocent and cute, but the real star is Mary-Kate, whose oversized fur stole and plunging emerald gown remind us of Carol Burnett as Miss. Hannigan in Annie if she had a rich boyfriend.

Lesson Learned: If your style isn't reflective of Hollywood's favorite drunk orphanage supervisor, you're doing everything wrong. 


7. Elizabeth and James event at Neiman Marcus in 2007

How these girls get their hair so perfectly disheveled, we'll never know. 

Lesson Learned: Your hair should always look like you just stepped out of bed, even if it takes you hours to get the look right. 


8. Launch event for JCPenney's OLsenboye line in 2010

The Olsen Twins look as though they have a cauldron brewing back at home and a spell book waiting to be broken in. Between Ashley's wine-stained lips and Mary-Kate's blood red number, the two make dark magic look undeniably luxurious. The only thing missing, here, is a dead man's toe and a black cat. 

Lesson Learned: Winifred Sanderson from Hocus Pocus is far more fashionable than we've ever considered.

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