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The Best, Worst and Weirdest of the Week


Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 7.14.20 PM.pngBest Instagram Of The Week
You know how Macklemore threatens to take our grandpa's style in that one song? Yeah, he isn't even close. The Fashion Grandpa instagrammer takes street style snapshots to a whole new level, taking quick pics of fashionable grandfathers out and about.  -- Mally Espaillat

emojis.jpgBest Emoji News of the Week:
More than 250 new emojis will be added in July 2014 as part the new Unicode Standard update to Version 7.0.0. New emojis will include the middle finger (so you don't have to take time out to type "FU"anymore) as well as a garbage can, that face wind-blowing icon, an Om symbol and tons more. --Elizabeth Thompson [Via MTV]

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 3.45.48 PM.pngThe Most WTF Ticket Announcement: The Hatsune Miku Expo is coming to NYC in October and Hatsune Miku herself will perform at Hammerstein Ballroom. Developed in Japan (natch) Hatsune Miku is  "a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer" aka a singing hologram like Tupac at Coachella or Michael Jackson at the Billboard Music Awards but in real time, like she "exists" now and sells out huge areas (watch video below). Holograms are so hot. This is the future, people. -- Maggie Dolan

KenzoResort.jpgBest Reason To Happy Hour In FiDi: Kenzo's Resort '14 presentation. Humberto Leon and Carol Lim always deliver an experience, not to mention great celeb sitings - hey, Chloë Sevigny and Dakota Fanning - and this week's presentation at 4 World Trade Center was no exception. Beautiful clothes, beautiful location, beautiful people - fashion! -- M.D.

305070.jpgBest Fashion House Tradition: At the start of each season, Maison Martin Margiela chooses one Maison design team member to write the year and season on their hand and record it with a Xerox. The results - from S/S'89 to A/W'98 - are pretty boss. So Margiela. -- M.D.

Most uncomfortable four minutes of the week: Lena Dunham and Sia's performance of "Chandelier" on Late Night with Seth Meyers. I think Lena Dunham was aiming for "carefree child" performance art, but it felt more like "weird drunk Aunt dancing at a holiday party." --Justin Moran

Most important music video you may have missed this week: "Truth Tella" by Cakes Da Killa

Cakes Da Killa's striking black-and-white video for "Truth Tella" is equally aggressive as it is untouchably elegant. "I will point a bitch out," he screams over clips of the rapper wearing Philip Treacy-inspired hats. Get it, Cakes. --J.M.

Vines Still Exist? of the Week
Go watch every single one of Conner O'Malley's Vines. Go do it now. Yay for doing things now! -- Tucker Chet Markus

Best Questions To Ask In A 2-Minute Fashion Video:
Are fried eggs the new accessory? Would you ever wear a purse made of kale? The questions you never realized have been troubling you since at least the beginning of this week have finally been answered by the fifth episode of  Bib+Tuck's "Cash Money Clothes," featuring fashion blogger Arabelle Sicardi. And her lipstick is cool, too.

Rob-Pybus-Lover-1.jpgBest Alternative To Getting A Tattoo
Finally, some permanent ink that actually makes no contact with your skin-unless     you sleep on the floor. Designer Rob Pybus has taken 50s style tattoo designs     and turned them into a collection of rugs for Floor_Story -- from a sailor pin-up girl  -- to the ever-popular arrow-speared heart. The perfectly edgy touch to your Urban Outfitters designed living room. [Via]

Weirdest Celebrity Choreographed Dance

    Kendall, Kylie, and Tyler The Creator team up in this Instagram vid to dance to strange old-timey music. It's like Vaudeville with turquoise ombre and lots of contouring. --M.E.

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