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10 Etsy Finds: Sprang Break Edition

1. JoyToy - a novelty item about despair and an aid to finding your way out of it

il_570xN.534089801_7fnw.jpgGone are the months of blackest despair and abject misery (hopefully). After a hellish winter, 50 degrees feels like an absolute dream.

2. Camping Club Iron On Patch

il_570xN.507526464_lbvw.jpgMokuyobi Threads is ready to outfit your preciously twee, Wes Anderson-inspired outdoor adventures.

3. Wavy Chevron Dress

il_570xN.468753209_6qt9.jpgRegardless of whether its actually 40 degress outside, the spring equinox officially means that tights are now strictly for fashion, not necessity.

4. Lindsay Lohan mugshot pinback button set with special friend

il_570xN.447022962_moxn.jpgAs a wise man named Alien once said, it's Sprang Break. Time to get in some trouble.

5. I'm too cool for you brooch

il_570xN.575621017_kjf9.jpg"I'm too cool for you." - October through February

6. Spring Breakers Baseball Cap

il_570xN.542790724_12kp.jpgNow you too can own an official Spring Breakers baseball cap and live out your weirdest James Franco fantasies.

7. Ceramic Skull Planter

il_570xN.476348317_migg.jpgAs the trees are starting to regain their leaves, don't forget to give your indoor plants some extra love. Upgrade the houseplants to these sleek skull planters.

8. Peach Floral Crop Tank

il_570xN.508763105_mfu5.jpgO crop tops! How I've missed thee!

9. Unicorn Tote

il_570xN.442691546_a9af.jpg Warm days will no longer be as rare as unicorns.

10. Peaking Giant Hello Card

il_570xN.542339155_7xhc.jpgThe cutest way to say hello to spring!

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