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Morning Funnies: Super Bowl Edition + More!

enhanced-12988-1391394022-37.jpgBasically this is the face Peyton Manning made the entire night. Sad times. [Buzzfeed]

BfhFENNCMAEwzlL.pngHis bro Eli was just as sad. Your "Fuck this" reaction shot for 2014, right here folks. [@Jose3030]

enhanced-743-1391392396-3.jpgPaul McCartney eating pizza during the game, giving no shizzes. #TeamZa. [Buzzfeed]

Former Paper cover boy Bruno Mars shut it the F down during halftime show. The splits! YSL head to toe! This is how it's done. [Beast17sa]

qSYaIw0.gifOh, also this. Bruno Mars is quickly nearing National Treasure status. [Reddit]

hilarytweet.pngBOOM. [Buzzfeed]

In other news, H&M's David Beckham Super Bowl commercial revealed that he has no body hair. Also, he is a magic sex person. [DailyMail]

That big Seinfeld reunion everyone was freaking about last week was really just for a dumb dumb commercial. Womp womp. Boo!

Did Homer Simpson not call this? [Reddit]

Joe_Namath_Fur_Coat_Super_Bowl_XLVIII_Sidelines_Pictures_Video.jpgOMG, Joe Namath's TRADITIONAL FUR COAT. He looked like a Long Island nana embalmed in self-tanner and hairspray. Get it, gurl! [ABC]

IqIViog.jpgAlso, this. [Reddit]

Meanwhile, it was Seth Meyers' final SNL episode this weekend. Stefon, Amy Poehler and Andy Samberg showed up to bid him farewell and it was the best.

Also, SNL's CVS Valentine's commercial was excellent.

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