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Melissa Coker

Our annual April Beautiful People Issue, celebrating a cavalcade of cuties to watch in different disciplines, has been such a sensation we've decided to showcase noteworthy movers and shakers all-year round on Papermag.com. We kicked things off in the city of Angels, and will be posting an L.A.-based Beautiful Person a-day for the next few weeks.

Melissa_Coker_1.jpgFashion snots who believe there's no worthwhile west of the Pennsylvania state line should meet Melissa Coker. The designer behind the print-centric L.A. label Wren has been turning out separates the cool girls can't resist for 6 years.

Describe living in L.A. in 3 words.

Calm, quiet, peaceful

What are you working on now?

Our Wren x Minnetonka collection just hit the stores, including ours. It's been a whirlwind keeping up with the sales.

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A florist / archaeologist.

Do you remember what your first day living in L.A. was like?

I'm from Illinois originally and moved to LA from New York.  My first day in LA I was shocked at how quiet it was. It's a sleepy town that goes to bed early in a lot of ways.

What's the most touristy L.A. thing you've ever done?

I went to Mann's Chinese theater and looked at all the hand prints in the cement.  It's mainly old Hollywood stars and really fun. Marilyn Monroe for goodness sake!

What's your best celebrity run-in story?

Seeing Fabio at the gym.

If you could be any star from Old Hollywood, who would you be and why?

Audrey Hepburn. I've always loved her style and she was in some of my very favorite movies.  She's so beautiful but also sweet and cute and silly and fun.

What's your favorite street intersection in L.A.?

I like where Western turns into Los Feliz Blvd -- Griffith Park appears as you make the turn.

How do we get from Chateau Marmont to Venice Beach? Give us driving directions.

I say sit back down at the Chateau and forget the beach. 

Dress: Wren
Earrings: Prada
Shoes: Jerome Rousseau
Stylist: Natasha Newman-Thomas
Hair: Sylvia Wheeler
Makeup: Ren Bray

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