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The Roots, Jimmy Fallon and Robin Thicke Perform "Blurred Lines"


The Roots, Jimmy Fallon and Robin Thicke perform "Blurred Lines" with classroom instruments. Need that banana shaker! [LNWJF]
 tumblr_mqv6cwdSbK1qa9siqo1_500.gif You the hottest Mitt in this place! [BobbyFinger]

enhanced-buzz-11357-1375308447-0.jpgBehold, Robin Thicke's early-aughts, luscious Jesus hair. [Buzzfeed]
We generally have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to frats, frat culture and 77% of anything college-aged, straight white men do or say, but this late-80s rush video for a now-defunct USC frat is oddly engrossing and so, so, so California-'80s. [HuffPo]

Two dog sisters dance for their dinner while their owner sings them a jazzy tune. The best! [Gawker]

We're really re-thinking our "ferrets are disgusting and creepy" stance after watching this clip of a cute ferret bandit adorably trying to take off with its owner's wallet. [Hypervocal] T2W8.jpg Keep up the great work! [Mlkshk]
 T36V.jpg Ring-ohhhhh. (Sorry.) [Mlkshk]

cantbelive.pngAugust? What August? [AfternoonSnoozeButton]

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