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Celebrities! How Similar To Us They Are

Welcome to our new series "Celebrities! How Similar to Us They Are," a surrealist send-up of celebrity weekly's' "Stars Are Just Like Us!" features. Each installment is written by Eli Yudin and Carey O'Donnell (of the very hilarious twitter account @NotTildaSwinton and our Real Housewives of New Jersey recaps) and illustrations are by Isabel Alcantara. Join us below to see Gordon Ramsay try to take over his local Goodwill.

celeb_sofiavergara.jpgSofia Vergara stared at her own Pepsi ad on a city street, saying "That looks just like me!" to passersby.

celeb_zooeydechanel.jpgZooey Deschanel laid in the middle of Sunset Blvd, coyly shaking her head when asked to move.

celeb_tomcruise.jpgTom Cruise smashed a bird house at a flea market that he felt was threatening him.

celeb_billmaher.jpgBill Maher walked into Pinkberry and asked every customer "Really?" repeatedly until removed.

celeb_adele.jpgAdele wore a cloak while holding a lantern on a small boat in the middle of a foggy lake at night.

celeb_gordonramsay.jpgGordon Ramsay tried to forcibly take ownership of a Goodwill.

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