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The Best, Worst and Weirdest of the Week

Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 6.03.26 PM.pngBest Use of Celebrity Selfies: Amanda Bynes' Twitter followers have been sending her fan art made using her recent selfies. We're crossing our fingers that this is all a part of a larger satire  Bynes is working on. -- Emma Orlow

Best Web Design: I love this page put together for WIRED's 20th anniversary that has little tiles that expand into boxes when clicked, showing brief analyses of the past two decades' varying technological developments. -- Jonah Wolf

phoenix-r-kelly.jpgMusical Festival Surprise Duet to End All Music Festival Surprise Duets (Yeah, I Said It): R. Kelly's and Thomas Mars, who performed a funny mash-up of "Ignition" and "1901" during Phoenix's set at Coachella this past weekend. Your move this weekend, Daft Punk. -- Abby Schreiber

Weirdest Advice of the Week:
Martha Stewart's. She says she's worried about her grandchildren's safety while they play in her giant garden and that we should all de-thorn our roses. This is not a metaphor. -- E.O.

Best Guitar Playing: This 1985 Richard Thompson concert I recently found on YouTube. -- J.W.

The Worst/Most WTF News Out of the Modeling Industry: Apparently some modeling scouts are searching for models outside of anorexia clinics. This has gone too far! -- E.O.

Best 'Man Wearing Heels' Moment of the Week: The first time New York Magazine art critic Jerry Saltz tried on a pair of heels and learned that hard way that sometimes fashion means pain. -- E.O.

Most Spot-On Description of Canadian Tuxedo-era Justin Timberlake: Moby's description, in which he said that JT resembled a Times Square hooker c. 1980 but also an Eastern European cocaine dealer." -- A.S.

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