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The Best, Worst and Weirdest of the Week

ku-xlarge.jpgBest New Trend: Japanese schoolgirls are reenacting manga-style energy blasts and I can't get enough. -- Rashard Bradshaw

Most Bad Ass Supreme Court Justice: A tie between Sonia Sotomayor & Elena Kagan for schooling the anti-equal marriage side! -- Mr. Mickey

Best YouTube Discovery I Should Have Known About Weeks Ago But Only Watched Last Weekend: This mash-up of Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble" with a paper towel dispenser. Goats were so last month. -- Abby Schreiber

Worst Dental Disaster: Patients of a Tulsa, Oklahoma-based oral surgeon may have been exposed to HIV and hepatitis due to sanitation violations. -- R.B.

Most Interesting Interpretation of Spring Breakers: DJ Pangburn's meditation on the bloated American Dream and how Spring Breakers comments on it. Whoa. -- Max Kessler

98ba34eap1l34renkcdb.jpgMost Rock Star-Style Pundit: Marcia Coyle of the National Law Review for her breaking down the issues on PBS Newshour. -- M.M.

Best Passover Snack: I'm pretty confused about what is or isn't kosher for passover, but I'm pretty sure these avocado oil potato chips, unlike soy-fried alternatives, make the cut. If not, I hope they're at least healthier. -- Jonah Wolf

tumblr_mk25zbZBVF1s77zr6o1_1280.pngBlog That Best Mimics Our Gestalt: Des Hommes et des Chatons, a Tumblr dedicated to excruciatingly hot guys and cats. -- A.S.

Grossest Sex Metaphor From Lil' Wayne's New Album: "That pussy boneless/ That's Chik Fil-A." -- A.S.

The Book That Was Hardest For Me to Put Down This Week: John Green's The Fault In Our Stars. I read it in one sitting last night and really did find myself laughing out loud and crying. Great book. -- M.K.

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