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This Museum Director Realllly Mismanaged His Budget


keine_verlaengerung_fuer_makdirektor_peter_noever20101112133613.jpg1.  Peter Noever, the ex-managing director of the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts and Contemporary Art (MAK) in Vienna, is in big trouble for mismanaging the museum's budget. Among other things, he took 79 vacation days a year, spent over $100,000 annually on his travel expenses, billed the museum for 58 bottles of alcohol at an event for eight people, and had 10 birthday parties for his mother on the museum's tab. Woah. [via Artforum]

2.  We laughed out loud at this short about a filter that accidentally puts googly eyes on Barack Obama, Luke Skywalker, and a whole host of TV characters. Damn you, googly eyes. [via Laughing Squid]

23achebe_337-articleLarge.jpg3.  Chinua Achebe, known as the Father of Modern African Literature and author of Things Fall Apart, passed away today at 82. [via NY Times]

man_fire--525x400.jpg4.  A homeless man accidentally lit himself on fire at the Bleeker Street 6 subway station today. Thankfully he's okay. [via NY Post]

5.  Here's a new Jessie Ware track called "Imagine It Was Us" from Devotion, out on April 16th. [via Pitchfork]

egg_2186045b.jpg6.  If you've got a lot of money to spare and love, love, love Easter, Upper West Side confectioner Sugar & Plumm Purveyors of Yumm is selling a 3-feet high, 22-pound, $1000 chocolate Easter Egg. [via Eater; image via Telegraph UK]

ageless-paul-rudd-quiz.jpg7.  Vulture's "Ageless Paul Rudd" quiz is proof positive that Paul Rudd doesn't age (or that there's some Benjamin Button's shit going on there).

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