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Jimmy Fallon's "Ask A Grown Man" Is Charming (Duh.)


1.  Here's the Jimmy Fallon edition of Rookie's "Ask A Grown Man." Jimmy definitely seems like the type to pass notes, but we're surprised he liked Mario Kart so much. [via Vulture]
tumblr_mjikzp3AU61qa42jro1_1280.jpg2.  After a brief hiatus for hip surgery, Lady Gaga rolled out of the hospital with a custom designed Ken Borochov wheelchair. It's made of calf leather and 24-Karat gold and comes with a removable leather canopy. Ah, to be Lady Gaga. [via MTV Style]

3.  Check out Earl Sweatshirt's new video for "WHOA" featuring a ballerina who's seen better days and a not-so-fun looking pool. [via Press Release]

pantone-pairings.jpegpantone-pairings-2.jpeg4.  Minneapolis-based designer and illustrator David Schwen has been doing an Instagram series called "Pantone Pairings." As soon as prints become available we're getting three. [via Laughing Squid]

2013-03-11-6a014e5f228375970c017d41950cd1970c800wi.gif5.  William Wegman, the great photographer of Weimaraners, made his first GIF and oh boy it's good. [via HuffPo Arts]

Title Tunnel Vision - Artist David Copithorne.gif6.  Speaking of GIFs, BAM's digital screen on Flatbush Ave will showcase Moving the Still -- an exhibition of GIFs chosen by notable people including James Frey, threeASFOUR, Michael Stipe and Rodarte -- from April 1st-June 30th.

7.  Empire of the Sun announced their new album, Ice on the Dune, via...this. [Pretty Much Amazing]

broken-angel-house.jpg8.  Longtime Clinton Hill resident Arthur Wood is going to be evicted from his famous "Broken Angel" house in Clinton Hill -- known for its asymmetrical towers, stained glass and odd editions made over decades -- on Friday. There will be a big block party to see him off. [via DNA Info]

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