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9 Vine Accounts to Follow Now

Just when you thought nothing could compete with Instagram, along comes Vine. Vine, the newest and coolest video app for your iPhone, let's you take super short videos that incorporate jump cuts just by holding you finger down. It's really fun! If you're new to the Vine game we have a handy-dandy list right here to tell you who is the coolest and funniest Vine users are. 

Adam Goldberg - @AdamGoldberg
In his Vines, actor Adam Goldberg is a weird version of himself who relies on a blonde wig for confidence. There's also this meta aspect to some of them in that Goldberg in his Vines discusses his addiction to Vine with his girlfriend, Roxanne. All of them are pretty surreal.

David Hershkovits - @DavidReporting
Paper Mag
co-founder David is always Vine-ing us! Follow him to get some VIP access to the super ultra glamorous day to day activities at Paper, like us eating lunch and making oat couture. 

The Man Repeller - @manrepeller 
Sigh. Well, we can't go to all the fashion shows this season but at least we can live vicariously through Leandra Medine's awesome Vine account. Of course, all her videos are accompanied by her signature snark. 


Jordan Burt - @imfauxreal 
We're not entirely sure exactly who Jordan Burt is, but his Vine account (which has over 3,000 followers) is hilarious. He documents his weird antics, which include dangerous zit popping and uncomfortable roommates. Here he shows you how to make pizza!


Tyra Banks - @tyrabanks 
Do we need to go into detail? You need to follow her based on the video below ALONE. Bitch GET ON VINE.


Calvin Klein - @calvinklein
It is literally 100% Calvin Klein models lifting weights. Sweaty, male, underwear models. Do we need to repeat ourselves? 

Jimmy Fallon - @jimmyfallon 
Catch some of the shenanigans that happen backstage at The Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Show. We can only expect great things from this account.


Fashionista - @fashionista_com 
Catwalk montages galore! This is the Vine to follow for peeks at all the shows in action.


Us !!! - @papermagazine 
Because, duh! Here's a Vine of all of us freaking out as we get another beautiful issue of Paper done before our deadline. It's all for you!


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