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Behold: Gossip Girl Acapulco

ahjiu.jpgWe're all feeling the loss of Gossip Girl, the show which filled our hearts with headband-envy and an unwavering conviction that identities will always be mistaken at masquerade balls. Which is why we were slightly jealous when we found out that within weeks of the American version's finale, a Mexican version (literally titled Gossip Girl Acapulco, by the by) has been unveiled. When we did a little digging, we realized that the show has actually spawned a bunch of foreign remakes -- including a Chinese version, a Turkish version, and an anime version. But the Mexican version seems to be the one that most closely resembles the original show, and has by far the most transfixing head-shots. Scroll below to find out how the Acapulco cast compares to the original.

nX9sv.jpgSerena Van Der Woodsen - Sofía Lopez-Hario
Sadly, the "Serena" character seems to be the one that producers tried the hardest to re-create exactly. But will Sisniega nail Blake Lively's signature twenty-pieces-of-gum-in-my-mouth mumble? Ohhnley tahmm whell tall.

aVi67.jpgBlair Waldorf - Bárbara Fuenmayor
She's not wearing headband, and that's utter sacrilege.

jz9R2.jpgChuck Bass - Max Zaga
We actually feel like this a pretty damn good Acapulco-fied vision of Chuck's style and look, a summer twist on the New York version's luxe, usually dark-hued blazers and neckties (with perfect hair to match). And we've gotta give Vadhir points for the pout. Still, we wish they'd done a literal translation of his name and gone with "Carlos Róbalo."

F4k0j.jpgDan Humphrey - Daniel Parra
Diego Amozurrutia looks a little too smiley and "on" for Dan, who is human Ambien.

Dvd3k.jpgNate Archibald - Nico de la Vega
Speaking of Ambien, Nate has always bored us. The actor who plays Nate similarly bores us (and is American, BTW) so that's a wash.

sYXAh.jpgJenny Humphrey - Jenny Parra
We really hope they stick to the U.S. Gossip Girl roots and goth up Little J -- Pequeña J? We cannot see this girl even approaching Taylor Momsen-level eyeliner craziness.

FSJmy.jpgVanessa Abrams - Vanessa García
Not bad, not bad. Just put Vanessa in an unflattering boho-chic dress and no one will know the difference.

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