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RuPaul On the New Season of Drag Race + Refusing to Watch Award Shows

rupaul-interview-jan-2013.jpgLast night might've been a big night for TV premieres, but there's one show that's leaving a giant hole in our hearts: RuPaul's Drag Race. The show returns January 28th and, here, we chat with Drag Race's Queen of Queens RuPaul about the new season, what America's sweetheart Latrice Royale has been up to, and why Ru doesn't watch award shows. Read below for the dish.

So what can you tell us about the new season? What are the girls like?
What's interesting is that every time the audition process comes around, I'm always thinking "Oh God, we've probably tapped this well. There can't be any more girls." [Laughs.] But there are, there are! There are tons. And the show is creating more. We're tapping into a resource using seeds we've planted in Season 1. And these kids speak the language, they understand the show and they come prepared. Although, you know, I would love them to be more prepared, because you never know what we're gonna throw at em.

Are there any tense moments in this new season? Any huge fights to look forward to?
Drag queens, on a sound stage with cameras with $100,000 at stake? Yes! It's so funny, every season has a defining moment that sets the tone and we can never anticipate it, but [this season] it comes -- I forget what episode it is -- and where we're gobsmacked at this thing that happens.

What's the tone of the new season? Does the group have a particular feel this time?
Yeah, they always do -- the new groups are always different shades of...shade. [Laughs.] It's hard to put into words, but they're young. They're very contemporary. We've got some girls who are old-school but not as many as we've had in the past.

Are they breaking drag boundaries left and right?
Well, I wouldn't say they're breaking drag boundaries. They leave that to mama!

Do you have a favorite moment from All Stars Drag Race?
Well, it was so hard to see the girls that we love go away. My favorite moment was probably when both Jujubee and Raven lip-synched against each other. It was heartbreaking. And then they both got to stay. I loved that.

And what are some of your other favorite lip-synch moments throughout the seasons?
Well any time Latrice Royale is gonna lip-synch, honey, you're gonna have a real show on your hands, cause that girl's gonna do it! She's one of the old-school girls who can actually do slow songs. You have to cook a little bit longer to do a ballad as a lip-synch, and these younger girls don't have time to learn the lyrics or the nuances and stuff like that. But oh my goodness, Latrice is amazing.

And what is Latrice up to?
Latrice is traveling the world. She was just South Africa, and she's got a new single out with Manila Luzon called "The Chop," with remixes available on iTunes. And she went on the cruise that all the girls went on in December. So she's working -- working, working, working. What I love about this show is that once these girls are on the show they're working non-stop around the world.

And what's new for you?
A new series of EPs that are out on iTunes right now, and I'm just in love with them. And I'm working on a new album right now. Mostly I'm having a really good time with this time in my career.
Do you watch TV outside of Drag Race?

I don't watch a lot of it. I watch Judge Judy and Jeopardy and I watch Turner Classic Movies and QVC and HSN. That's it.

Do you watch award shows?
No, no, I don't. In fact I didn't see the Golden Globes, because the idea of watching the popular rich kids in high school congratulating themselves, the idea of the popular, beautiful rich kids from high school putting on a show to congratulate themselves...oh boy.

Do you have any favorite mainstream celebs?
Judge Judy. That would be it. I've been doing this for a long time and I've met all my idols. What ends up happening is that once Dorothy goes to Oz, looks behind the curtain, sees the wizard is just a guy, yada yada yada, it's not the same. And you realize, "Oh. What I'm looking for, I had in myself."

RuPaul's Drag Race premieres January 28th on Logo.

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