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Celebrity Couples of Yesteryear

We have a new obsession, and it is a Tumblr blog called Old Loves (which we found via Miss Moss), featuring old photos of former celebrity couples. We. Can't. Stop. Looking. At. It. See what we've wasted the past hour staring at, and check out some of our favorites below, a ragtag group that includes  everyone from Pauly Shore & Tiffani Amber Thiessen to Madonna & Vanilla Ice to our favorite surprisingly-sexy couple, Kathy Griffin & Jack Black.

tumblr_lxm7i1KfOl1r5xsw9o1_r1_400.pngKathy Griffin and Jack Black

Ashley Judd and Michael Bolton, 1996

benstillerjeannetripplehorn1994.jpgBen Stiller and Jeanne Tripplehorn, 1994

christianslatersmanthamathis1989.jpgChristian Slater and Samantha Mathis, 1989

gwenstefanitonykanal1987.jpgTony Kanal and Gwen Stefani, 1987

janefondaanthonyperkins1960.jpgJane Fonda and Anthony Perkins, 1960

jewelseanpenn1995.jpgJewel and Sean Penn, 1995

judygarlanddavidrose1941.jpgDavid Rose and Judy Garland, 1941

kirstendunstbenfoster2000.jpgZooey Deschanel and Matthew Davis, 2000

Linda Ronstadt and Mick Jagger, 1978

minkakellydonaldfaison-2004.jpgMinka Kelly and Donald Faison, 2004

nickcavepjharvey1996.jpgNick Cave and P.J. Harvey, 1996

sjprdj1988.jpgSarah Jessica Parker and Robert Downey Jr., 1988

tumblr_kyl1mq0Xce1qzzsb8o1_r1_400.jpgPauly Shore and Tiffani Amber Thiessen

tumblr_l27cphT54b1qzojqro1_400.jpgTupac and Jada Pinkett Smith

tumblr_lhrhmu3V1a1qah2gqo1_400-1977.jpgPaul Simon and Shelly Duvall, 1977

tumblr_lu82zg0zxQ1r5xsw9o1_400.jpgScott Baio and Brooke Shields, 1977

tumblr_lvvlh7yg5U1r5xsw9o1_400-1971.jpgDiane Keaton and Al Pacino, 1971

tumblr_lw4nhwShdl1r5xsw9o1_400-1981.jpgMartin Scorsese and Isabella Rossellini, 1981

tumblr_lw9a53hVOB1r5xsw9o1_400.jpgGlenn Close and Woody Harrelson

tumblr_lwh8crzTxL1r5xsw9o1_4001990.jpgMadonna and Vanilla Ice, 1990

Ryan Reynolds and Kristin Johnson, 1999

tumblr_lw13dhaaAZ1r5xsw9o1_400-1991.jpgLaura Dern and Kyle McLaughlin, 1991

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