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GIFs of the Week: The End of the World Didn't Happen + How to Cut Pizza

Welcome to our Friday GIF roundup, featuring a collection of this week's most important, amusing and/or newsy GIFs and GIFsets by Mike Hayes of Buzzfeed and Gifhound.

iYwiJt7wI9LSN.gifStressed? Please sit back, relax, and enjoy the GIFs of the week. [via Imgur]

tumblr_mfdjo7ZrOt1qb72tfo1_250.gifThis GIF is mesmerizing and I have no idea what it means or is. [via Max Labor]

tumblr_mfbj793zmM1qakrdzo2_250.gifIn other news, something was supposed to happen today that didn't happen. [via Unalike]

tumblr_lmm9r5kC451qg51mgo1_500.gifWhoa. [via Change the World Laugh]

-1.gifThis was one of the best fake things that happened in 2012. [via 4 GIFs]

uPick Win - Trampoline Wall-Walking
When do you go from “like a boss” to “actually a boss”? Because he may have done it.

New sport, kids: Trampoline Wall-Walking. [via College Humor]

the-40-greatest-dog-gifs-of-2012-6z51-1.gifChill, bro. [via Buzzfeed]

Did you know that you've been cutting pizza wrong this whole time? [via Nedroid Comics]

Dachshund-Playing-With-Toy-Penguin.gifI'm terrified of this penguin, too. [via Gifrific]

hZYv9.gifAnd lastly, an inspirational moment... [via Imgur]

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