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Billy Eichner Judges Celebrity Renditions of Les Miz Classics


Ahead of the
Les Misérables premiere on Christmas Day, we've recruited comedian Billy Eichner -- whose quiz show Billy on the Street recently launched its second season on Fuse -- to watch clips of celebrities like Jason Segel, Neil Patrick Harris and Katie Holmes singing renditions of "On My Own," "Confrontation," and "I Dreamed a Dream" and rate their performances. Below, find out whom he thought probably "begged producers to let him sing" and who played Eponine like she "just got dumped at the University of Michigan."

David Wain and Paul Rudd sing "Confrontation."

I love these guys. This is actually from the Judd Apatow version of Les Mis, which is set at the Farmer's Market in Brentwood. Instead of political uprisings and the plight of the poor, it's about how annoying it is to turn 40.

Lea Michele sings "On My Own."

Lea Michele has a great voice and I like her interpretation because it feels like Eponine just got dumped at the University of Michigan.

Susan Boyle sings "I Dreamed a Dream" at her first Britain's Got Talent audition.

In lieu of watching this again, I would just like to say that the woman who originally sang this song in the UK, Patti LuPone, looks a tiny bit like Abraham Lincoln.

Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel sing "Confrontation" on The Megan Mullally Show

Few people know this but "I Dreamed A Dream" is actually about Megan Mullally's talk show. She looks really comfortable here. It's amazing the makers of Les Miserables only need three hours to tell their story but the makers of How I Met Your Mother need nine years.

Aretha Franklin sings "I Dreamed a Dream" at Bill Clinton's inauguration in 1993.

You know who else had dreams? The 17 sables that died to make her coat! Is she on the Shahs of Sunset? Also, Edward James Olmos.

Katie Holmes as Joey Potter sings "On My Own" on Dawson's Creek.

I never knew Dawson's Creek featured a special guest appearance by Jennifer Tilly's character in Bullets Over Broadway.

Debbie Gibson sings "On My Own"

She actually sounds really good. Plus she's the first Eponine to have her clothing provided by Century 21. Let's face it -- without Debbie Gibson there would be no Lea Michele and without Lea Michele there would be no wars. [Ed. note: Also check out Gibson singing "On My Own" on the Geraldo Rivera Show in 1993!]

georgecostanzalesmiz.pngJason Alexander as George Costanza sings "Master of the House" on Seinfeld.
Note: embedding has been disabled but you can click HERE to watch the clip.

You KNOW Jason Alexander begged the producers to let him sing that and is proud of it to this day and talks about it if you let him corner you at a party but you shouldn't let him do that to you and ruin your night. Also, I like this scene because he's decided to use a scene on Seinfeld and act as if he's in Glengarry Glen Ross.

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